Fox blasts “sexist” Trump after he goes all stalker on Megyn Kelly

In the last three days, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has sent his 7 million Twitter followers 13 derogatory tweets about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

This prompted Fox News to issue an unusual statement today blasting Trump’s “extreme, sick obsession with her,” and his “crude and sexist verbal assaults.”

Trump’s missives repeatedly refer to Kelly as “crazy @megynkelly,” and culminated in Trump’s call early this evening for Kelly’s Fox show to be boycotted.

Trump has had a stick in his craw about Kelly since the Fox GOP debate in August, when Kelly asked Trump some pretty touch questions. Immediately after that debate, Trump tweeted:

I really enjoyed the debate tonight even though the @FoxNews trio, especially @megynkelly, was not very good or professional!

Shortly thereafter, Trump talked about Kelly to CNN:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump had also previously referred to Kelly as a “bimbo.”

Well, the “bimbo” was having none of it the night of that August debate. The NY Post documents their exchange:

megyn-kelly-smallTrump’s fury was sparked by Kelly’s opening question, asking if calling women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals” is behavior befitting a president.

Trump quipped that he had only called Rosie O’Donnell those names, but Kelly said he had bad mouthed other women “well beyond” the comedian.

Before I get into the issue of Fox News’ newfound calling as the great defender of women, you really need to see Trump’s tweets from the past three days. They’re the kind of thing experienced Internet hands might associate with a crazed serial commenter or an angry drunk:

by default 2016-03-18 at 8.23.20 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.23.41 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.23.52 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.23.57 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.24.19 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.24.32 PM by default 2016-03-18 at 8.25.23 PM

Seen on Facebook today.

Seen on Facebook today.

Fox News is right to blast Trump for what surely looks to be sexism, and borders on cyber-stalking. But considering Fox’s abysmal record on women, see below, one has to wonder how long the enlightenment will last.

Media Matters, which has long been tracking Fox, has documented “70 awful displays of sexism on Fox News.” It’s worth a quick look. I only managed to get halfway through it before I couldn’t take any more.

So will this be a new page in Fox News’ sudden defense of women against the onslaught of sexism they face online and on TV?

A girl can dream.

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28 Responses to “Fox blasts “sexist” Trump after he goes all stalker on Megyn Kelly”

  1. gratuitous says:

    Look over most of Trump’s tweets. I realize that Twitter is not the medium for deep, contemplative thought, but so many of Trump’s tweets read like orders to his followers: “Can’t stand her,” “Ted can’t win,” and forth. It’s like the bossy bully on the playground telling his sycophants who to attack and who to hate.

  2. Gerald Parks says:

    This woman is fine as all get out and is wrong as two left shoes politically …and the GOP front runner is pissed because he can’t have his way with her … oh well …guess money and power doesn’t get you everything you want… live with it!

  3. soapboxgirl says:

    He’s already promised to make WashPo and NYT “pay” for their coverage of him when he’s president. Then he threatened Speaker Ryan too.

  4. soapboxgirl says:

    Trumps inability to let slide honest criticism others make of him and subsequent 9-yo temper tantrums is very dangerous “quality” in a national leader.

  5. soapboxgirl says:

    Maybe that explains why he Denis thinks he plainly said loud and proud just a day before as if it’s not documented and virally spread on the net. Either that, or he’s psycho.

  6. John Smith says:

    Looks like The Donald really has the hots for Megyn. Guess he figures that if he is going to be the new President, he needs a new trophy wife on his arm.

  7. MoonDragon says:

    Donald and his followers demonstrate what Jon Ronson in his book, The Psychopath Test, refers to as “the right amount of madness”. They are just a little crazier than the rest of us but not so far gone that we can’t identify with them. It’s an interesting read, and it helps in understanding all of this.

  8. The_Fixer says:

    If that’s the case, then a good portion of the Republican party has some form of Alzheimer’s disease.

    No, this is what happens when you raise a kid in an environment that gives him everything he wants – he’s a rich kid unchecked. He never got beyond 5th grade emotionally.

  9. The_Fixer says:

    Ok, so we all know that there’s a lot wrong with Drumpfo der Clown. I’m a bit past outrage at the things he says and does. He’s like a comedy sketch that is not particularly inventive at this point – nothing new to see here.

    What bothers me more than anything is that his speeches are roughly at a 5th-grade level, and he has a significant (though definitely minority) following. This whole phenomenon is the movie Idiocracy coming to life. Why do we even allow such people to gain national attention and why are they treated as legitimate?

    This is what happens when standards are lowered. This is a direct result of the normalization of such things as The Jerry Springer Show, “Professional Wrestling” and any one of a number of mud-slinging crapola that is promoted and accepted as entertainment. The misplaced pride in being an uneducated “Redneck” and the disdain for “Political Correctness” certainly play a role. Couple that with a profit-centered news media looking to capture the market rather than inform and investigate, and the ability for people to instantly spread rumors and whacko conspiracy theories via the Internet and you have quite a stew.

    It’s a stew that’s poisonous. We’ve poisoned the country, both literally and figuratively, and it’s not being treated as the danger that it is. We’re screwed if we don’t raise the level of discourse and rein in some of more blindly capitalistic behavior that has come to be accepted as normal.

  10. Amiedwhite4 says:

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  11. emjayay says:

    Like that’s the only thing wrong with him…..

  12. emjayay says:

    Again, he’s very much an outer boroughs of the 50’s -60’s product.

  13. emjayay says:

    I’ve said this before: I know a guy who is a lot like the D without the money. From S Brooklyn, not Queens (same thing). Formed in the Italian-NYC-whatever culture of the area at the time, egocentric, half crazed, and never grow up past that. Still mostly middle schoolers of an earlier time.

  14. heimaey says:

    We also don’t know what went on behind the scenes.

  15. Fireblazes says:

    I don’t think he’s very nice.

  16. Zorba says:

    Or, he’s always suffered from an extreme narcissistic personality disorder.
    I don’t think it’s dementia, I think that this is what Donald has always been,

  17. brel1 says:

    It’s possible he is in the early stages of Dementia or ALZ. His father had it. Basically his brain has started to deteriorate which is bad because he has always been a little off.

  18. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    I don’t bother trying to understand what makes Trump tick. Down that road lies insanity. :)

    I just understand that Trump is a mouthpiece for all the angry racist, sexist hate on Team Red. Understanding that makes it much easier to understand Trumpie.

  19. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Hey, John, I think you need to break out the broom and dustpan. Laurine McKim left us a present. :)

  20. dommyluc says:

    I have despised Doonese Trump since the ’80s, but I’ll be goddamned if I am going to defend Megyn Kelly as if she’s some icon of feminism. Fuck her and the Roger Ailes she rode in on (yeah, I know, get out the brain bleach).

  21. Mariahbryant2 says:

    “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

    two days ago new Mc.Laren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Hereo!508➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:::::o!508…….

  22. Phil in FLL says:

    OK, that makes sense as far as the “trigger,” but I still think Donald flies off the handle too easily to have a presidential temperament.

  23. Gotcha.

  24. BeccaM says:

    It was Fox News’ Super Tuesday coverage. He’s been stewing about that for the last four days now.

  25. BeccaM says:

    Funny criticism though, coming from a pseudo-news network whose female on-air ‘talent’ consists almost entirely of blonde women who are banned from wearing pants on the air.

    Still, it’s worth remembering and realizing that Donald J Trump is very likely certifiably mentally ill. Malignant narcissism, egomania, and obsessive-compulsion. The guy who wrote that article decades ago in which he referred to Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarian” STILL receives photos from Trump in which Donald circles his hands with a gold sharpie marker and writes “see, not so small.”

    Trump cannot stand anybody who defies him, especially attractive women. Their very existence seems to threaten him.

    Anyway, to answer John’s question below about what appears to have triggered Trump’s latest twitter-tantrum? It looks like it was the March 15th Super Tuesday coverage on Fox, during which time Kelly apparently committed the unpardonable sin of noting that Trump has not done better than 43% in any of the primaries or caucuses. This likely triggered Trumpy’s recollection that she’d also asked him an impertinent question during the last Fox-hosted debates when she brought up his Trump University fraud case.

  26. That’s a good point. I was ready to write a post yesterday about Trump cyber-stalking her. The Tweets were so bizarre. But I couldn’t figure out what triggered it this time. Then again, she may have said something on the air about him.

  27. Phil in FLL says:

    There haven’t been any recent debate-related confrontations between Trump and Megyn Kelly, have there? As far as I know, there hasn’t been any recent incident that would prompt all of these tweets from Trump. This outburst all of a sudden on Trump’s part seems out of the blue. Democrats will justifiably conclude that Trump is emotionally unstable, which is not the look you’re going for in a president.

  28. Don Chandler says:

    faux news, trumpster, megyn and the gop are all show business–a vile concoction. there is no hope there for a girl.

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