Trump tweets criticism of Cruz’s wife’s looks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump late Wednesday appeared to attack Ted Cruz’s wife for not being pretty enough.

Trump made the attack in a tweet just before midnight.

Trump retweeted someone else comparing Trump’s wife Melania to Cruz’s wife Heidi. The tweet says: “A picture is worth a thousands words” above two photos of the candidate’s wives. The photo of Trump’s wife is glamorous, while Cruz’s wife appears to be snarling.

The clear implication is that Trump’s wife is pretty and Cruz’s is not.


Ted Cruz responded a half hour later:


Trump had threatened on Tuesday that he might attack Cruz’s wife in response to a Super PAC ad that reprinted a photo of a nude modeling spread that Melania had done for GQ back in 2000.



Trump has been criticized before for his sexism in this campaign. But this takes it to an entirely new level for Trump, and for any presidential candidate, let alone the GOP frontrunner.

Perhaps it’s time someone asked Mr. Cruz once again if he plans on supporting Trump if the mogul wins the nomination.

At some point, the Republican party needs to go all in against Trump, or accept the fact that this is the new face of the Republican party, and write-off women, gays, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and young people forever.

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48 Responses to “Trump tweets criticism of Cruz’s wife’s looks”

  1. Baal says:

    Leftist! Ha ha. From where you and the other GOP supporters are sitting you would probably call Gerald Ford a leftist. Personally, for me the idea that anyone would support a Christian dominionist religious maniac whose idea of political maturity is to shut down the government at every opportunity seems the equivalent of voting for the Taliban, only the religion is different.

    For what it’s worth, I think Cruz has the high ground in this particular piece of shit- flinging, but it’s not like Cruz has been particularly honest in this campaign, has he? Just ask Ben Carson.

  2. penpal says:

    Both of those women are trash.

  3. angryspittle says:

    Who gives a shit about her looks, I am more concerned with her taste…..particularly in men.

  4. timncguy says:

    A Super PAC supporting Cruz started this latest round of lunacy by publishing an old nude modeling photo of Trump’s wife Melania in Utah suggesting voters there support Cruz to avoid having a nude model as First Lady.

  5. nysticks says:

    Keep telling yourself that…..

  6. Stephanie Turner says:

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  7. SkippyFlipjack says:

    If we judged candidates by the hotness of their wives we’d elect nothing but golfers and holy hell that would suck.

  8. conium says:

    Cruz and Trump almost make Romney’s “binders full of women” seem gentlemanly.

  9. david ramseur says:

    Just look up the facts. You are just spouting utter nonsense.

  10. nicho says:

    And Don Corleone never killed anyone. Of course this is a pro-Cruz PAC. This is why we need to get money out of politics — so this stupid phony anonymous PAC shit can stop.

  11. Nelson Kerr says:

    Mad magazine would be more suitable,,Marvel tries for more believably than what we see here

  12. Doug105 says:


  13. Doug105 says:

  14. david ramseur says:

    I can understand a leftist like you. What really pisses me off are my supposed compatriots that are being so freakin foolish it is beyond belief!

  15. Entheo says:

    you know what they say: tiny hands, big comb over.

  16. Big hands, tiny tweets :)

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhh says:

    Oh Daniel, that’s cute…you actually believe these guys tell the truth! So sweet!

  18. Ahhhhhhhhhh says:

    Any Female who plans on voting republican is only encouraging this kind of GOP misogyny.

    These tweets reveal what the GOP front runners (a reflection of the Repub party) think of all women.

    Notice Cruz called Drumpf’s wife lovely, but said that he loves his wife. Not only did he not defend his wife’s looks, but he didn’t even say his wife was smart, or kind, or courageous (for staying with him).

    Because, in reality, they don’t value women….period. It all comes down to a woman’s looks.

    They don’t think we are worthy enough to make choices for ourselves, to be fairly paid, or to have equal opportunity.

    Wake up women, while we still have the right to vote!

  19. Jimmy says:

    What a sad day for our Democracy.

  20. 2karmanot says:

    Big hands, tiny fingers…..not Presidential. so there!

  21. timncguy says:

    Was Trump asked to condemn the KKK and David Duke when they professed their support for him? Same thing here.

    News flash. I don’t want anyone to beat Trump. I want Trump to be the nominee. He is the easiest to beat and will lead to a Dem landslide.

  22. david ramseur says:

    Ok, general knowledge that only Cruz can beat Trump. Cruz still had nothing to do with it… was a separate entity! No blame belongs with Cruz. Trump’s attack was 100% out of line and cannot be justified!

  23. timncguy says:

    That Facebook add didn’t just attack Trump, it also said you should vote for Cruz instead of Trump.

  24. david ramseur says:

    Did Trump condemn the Wall Street Journal when they attacked his children in December? No he did not. In fact, he jumped on the bandwagon. Despicable. It is not Cruz’s responsibility to call out another party that is attacking Trump. That is what Trump has to deal with. And just because Cruz doesn’t stick up for Trump does not make Cruz’s wife fair game for Trump to attack. How is this not obvious?

  25. david ramseur says:

    It is empirically not his superpac!!!! This is verifiable!!!! You….some blogger, or even the Donald himself saying that it is, does not make it so! Trump accuses Cruz of lying when he points out the truth!

  26. nofauxnews says:

    TRUMPy is the one who got his trophy the naked modeling job, and he loves the idea of his followers fondling their flaccid members while looking at her pictures and fantasizing about being him…

    Like everything else, his offense is just an act.

  27. heimaey says:

    I do not understand this video – it is so strange.

  28. nicho says:

    And Jeb claimed there was no connection between him and his superpac. There was. Hillary claims there is no connection between her and her superpac. There is. This is why superpacs need to be banned. Citizens United needs to be done away with. And we need to get money out of politics. Period.

  29. nicho says:

    Of course it is. For heaven’s sake. I hope you don’t believe that shit. If you do, I have a bridge you may be interested in.

  30. nicho says:

    And you just outlined perfectly the case for why PACs need to be banned and why we need to get money out of politics. Until we do, nothing will change.

  31. Hue-Man says:

    I keep hearing that this is the New Normal, that the genie has been let out of the bottle. I can believe it – the GOP will race to the bottom because they see that slime is successful. It started with attack ads…

  32. timncguy says:

    OK, a super pac which is suggesting voters support Cruz over Trump. Did Cruz condemn the ad or not???

  33. david ramseur says:

    Not his superpac!!!!!!!! It is not affiliated or connected to Cruz in any way! Yes it is anti-Trump but not affiliated with Cruz.

  34. david ramseur says:

    It was not Cruz’s camp. It was a non-affiliated PAC!!!! Yes, the PAC is anti-trump. Yes, the PAC is using Cruz to beat Trump. No, the PAC is not actually pro-Cruz. Cruz did not start anything. Cruz had nothing to do with this. Cruz is right to stand up for his wife against a bully. There is no moral equivalence! Trump is supposed to be a counter-puncher…..but he attacks Cruz out of the blue in this case! It is true that real men don’t attack women. Cruz has stayed classy throughout this whole spat!

  35. nysticks says:

    If real men don’t attack women Ted, why did your camp start the shit with Donalds wife?? Ans as far as the Dems jmping on the band wagon, did you forget what Obama’s wife profession was??

  36. Mike G says:

    This is getting crazy. Check out the Bernie Sanders Theme Song –

  37. Buford2k11 says:

    well, in all fairness, how do you think you would look like if YOU had to have sex with Teddy?…as for Melania, she really didn’t have too much to worry about…with those small hands of Donnie’s…

  38. Daniel Lee says:

    Hmmm. Whatever happened to that hand-raising pledge from the first debate, where every candidate (including DJT at a later date) pledged to support the Republican nominee, no matter who it was? Several of those nominees now seem to be violating that pledge, or at least threatening to do so…

  39. timncguy says:

    I guess I missed the part where Ted Cruz condemned his super pac for their actions against Melania, huh?

  40. Sally says:

    Notice that Teddy called Heidi “the love of my life,” but neglected to call her beautiful?

  41. Zangetsu zangetsu says:

    When do the Yo Mama jokes start?

  42. Glen Thompson says:

    Saw a picture of Cruz and his wife together. My gawd, they look like brother and sister. Come to think of it ………..

  43. lilyannerose says:

    At this point I’m thinking that Marvel can do a graphic novel on this election. This has gone beyond the crazy stage.

  44. Duke Woolworth says:

    Sorry, but life is illusions. Trump wins.

  45. heimaey says:

    This is like junior high level behavior.

  46. Alyce Owens says:

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  47. johnmartin says:

    These guys just keep proving they are incapable of being the Chief Executive of Anything Trump is the biggest liar, con artist and whore America has ever seen in politics. Ted Cruz did not put out that ad, maybe Trump is totally incompetent and doesn’t know what a Super Pac is but I doubt it. his response is disgusting, the ad he put out of Ted’s wife is vicious and the fact that he put another whore picture of his wife next to it is even more disgusting. A picture is NOT worth a thousand words unless you are a vain, shameless, narcissist who only cares about money, sex and power.

  48. The_Fixer says:

    Drumpfo der Clown is not even as advanced as a 9 year-old in his thoughts. This is stuff that kids even younger than that say when they’re all out of reasonable arguments – “Oh yeah? Well, my dad’s better than your dad and your mom is ugly!”

    It simply boggles the mind that an emotionally immature person with a narcissistic personality disorder and tiny Vienna Sausage fingers has gotten so far in a Presidential race.

    Given what passes for the news media in this country, I really should not be all that surprised.

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