Mrs. Sanders suggests Bernie’s supporters won’t vote for Hillary

Taking a break from completing her 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 taxes (none of which have been released in full, as is traditional of presidential candidates), Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane said yesterday that few if any of Bernie Sanders’ supporters would support Hillary Clinton in the fall, ensuring Bernie’s induction into the Ralph Nader hall of fame.

If Mrs. Sanders’ threat is correct, then Sanders and his supporters would be assuring a Trump victory in the fall, and would be stepping into the shoes of Ralph Nader, who is roundly reviled on the left for handing the White House to George W. Bush back in the year 2000, when an disgruntled Nader ran as a third-party candidate and stole enough votes from Al Gore to cost him the election.

Here is Mrs. Sanders’ latest, per the Washington Post:

Jane Sanders, the candidate’s wife, made it clear that Bernie supporters won’t simply fall in line with Clinton. “If they have any hope of getting any of Bernie’s supporters, it cannot be ‘Okay, we got through the primary, now I move to the center,’ ” she told The Post. “That is the history of the Democratic and Republican party.”

It’s particularly interesting to note Mrs. Sanders’ suggesting that basically none of Sanders’ supporters would vote for Hillary, and that even if Hillary tries to woo them, only a small number will in the end support the Democratic ticket.

This effort to damage the Democratic party, and set back progressive values — what do you think Donald Trump will do to civil rights, foreign policy, and Wall Street? — is sadly standard operating procedure for the Sanders’. Bernie Sanders and his supporters hurt a crucial state supreme court contest in Wisconsin recently. Even though Sanders won Wisconsin by a decisive margin, Democrats were surprised to have lost the supreme court race. Then they found out why. Many Sanders supporters refused to support Democrats on the rest of the ticket — they simply voted for Sanders, and then left the rest of the ballot blank, ensuring an arch-conservative is now helping push Wisconsin further to the far right.

Then there is Sanders’ incessant efforts to stop Hillary Clinton from raising money for Democratic races around the country. Hillary has been teaming with the DNC in doing a series of high-profile fundraisers with celebrities and others. Sanders chose not to, and now is attacking Hillary for doing what he could have done as well. If Sanders has his way, Democratic races in the states will lose millions of dollars, while Republicans keep raising money and ensuring their electoral victories to come.

Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat, he’s a socialist. (And for those who claim that a “democratic socialist” isn’t the same thing as a socialist, it actually is — if you’re talking about the old hardline European socialists, who are now passé on the European left.) Sanders has no interest in helping Democrats, and has in fact spent much of his campaign attacking the Democratic party, and helping ensure that a new generation of Americans equates Democrats with Republicans.

Ralph Nader, by Don LaVange .

Ralph Nader, by Don LaVange .

So, while sad, it’s not surprising that the Sanders’ are is in essence putting a gun to the head of the Democratic party, by threatening to throw the election to Donald Trump. While Bernie Sanders talks a good talk about “revolution,” he has done little of significance in his long career in Washington. As impotent outsiders do, he complains a lot, and stakes out extreme positions knowing they will never be implemented. There’s no cost to being as extreme, and pandering, as possible when you know you’re never going to win. You never have to face the voters and explain why imposing socialism on America didn’t quite work out the way you promised.

It’s not surprising that Sanders’ most liberal supporters have concerns about voting for Hillary — after all, Hillary has an actual record to scrutinize. Hillary has had to stake out positions, and then follow through on them. And things didn’t always work out as planned, as happens when your theoretical goals become policy. Sanders, on the other hand, has the odd advantage of rarely having put his ideas into action. So there’s little to hold him accountable for, besides his oddly unprogressive embrace of the gun lobby.

In the end, Bernie and Jane Sanders are playing a bit fast and loose with their talk. While Bernie promises to support the ultimate Democratic candidate, Jane goes off and suggests that Sanders’ supporters won’t be as magnanimous. It’s a cute passive-aggressive way for the Sanders to have their cake and eat it too. They can claim to be above the fray and support the party’s candidate, while at the same time knifing her in the back, and the entire progressive cause in the process.

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853 Responses to “Mrs. Sanders suggests Bernie’s supporters won’t vote for Hillary”

  1. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Unfortunately, Bernie supporters feel the same about Hillary. I don’t know how I will be able to vote for Hillary after the behavior of her supporters. I will vote for her for the sake of the country. It’s too bad that Hillary supporters aren’t as concerned about the country. It says a lot about her and her supporters.

  2. adplj0 says:

    I am a Hillary supporter and did plan to support for Bernie if he won the nomination. The hostility of his campaign towards Hillary and her supporters is making me rethink this strategy. If “Bernie or Bust” thinks they can win in November without us, go for it!

  3. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    We consider not voting for Hillary because we have been, are currently, and will continue to be screwed by either party. While we have been making gains on social issues, we have been getting destroyed financially. Those social issues won’t mean much if one does not have the means to support oneself.

  4. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    I did not state that Bernie had more votes than Hillary. I stated millions of people agree with him _more_ than they agree with Hillary. (Which is why they voted for him). While Hillary has more primary votes than Bernie, if one considers that many of those primaries are closed and independents favor Bernie, that 3.2 Million does not really mean a whole lot. This is why Bernie polls better against Trump than Hillary does.

  5. Matthew Bailey says:

    well, i’m a white man with plenty of money, free healthcare, and had a free education. you may be too scared to support bernie sanders, but he’s the best chance against a trump presidency–a presidency I can afford to have.

  6. CrazyChester says:

    So you simply dismiss it out of hand and claim the opposite? Are you too intellectually lazy to try doing a little bit of homework? if you were willing to spend the 5 minutes it took to respond and did a simple search you would find some semblance of the following. Party membership, like church membership has been steadily decreasing for at least 5 years.
    Americans associated as Republican 24-26%
    Americans associated as Democrat 27-29%
    American associated as Independent 42% +

  7. CrazyChester says:

    I’m afraid it is EXACTLY true. What else is true? Your intellectual laziness. Party affiliation is at an all time low in the U.S. Why don’t you look it up for yourself rather than argue the point or implying that someone is lying. Last figures I saw were:
    Identify as Republican @24-26%
    Identify as Democrate @27-29%
    Guess who fills in the rest after accounting for any extremely minor party affiliations such as the greens, constitution, libertarian, etc. ? That’s right INDEPENDENTS make up more than 40% of the American electorate right now. Thank you for wasting my time having to educate you on something so easily discovered and trending since 2008.

  8. Leon Ashbrook says:

    The sad thing is, they honestly do.

  9. Leon Ashbrook says:

    So you’re saying there are more independents than there are democrats or republicans? That is simply not true. Please show me the evidence that “the only reason either party is still standing” is because the independents haven’t unified.

  10. Leon Ashbrook says:

    Then why did she lose to Obama? If she owns the DNC, and can force herself into the nomination, then why did she lose the 2008 primary?

  11. Leon Ashbrook says:

    They would have been able to vote had they understood the voting process and registered to vote as democrats, which should have been obvious considering the candidate they were supporting is running as a democrat. The only reason they couldn’t vote was because THEY didn’t register to vote for him. That’s the fault of the individual, not the system.

  12. Tman says:

    Ralph Nader had nothing to do with Al Gores defeat.* Gore won.

    Blame dick cheney’s hunting partner, Antonin Scalia, for stopping the counting of the ballots when it became certain gore had won, appointing Cheney/Bush President

    The 2000 election proved many things:

    We pay a high cost for allowing corruption to void our votes.

    We lost our one man one vote Democracy. There is no provision in our constitution for appointed presidents. Republicans have done it twice. Nixon, resigning in disgrace, appointed Gerald Ford who promptly pardoned Nixon. Scalia appointed Bush/Cheney president. Corruption at its best..Unchallenged by the media or the Democratic Party.

    We lost our freedoms with Cheney’s off the shelf nazi document “The Patriot Act”

    Cheney engaged us in regime change wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Libya and Syria..all with disastrous effects.

    Cheney added 12 trillion dollars to the war debt the Clinton administration reduced from 8 to 4 trillion.

    Cheney committed war crimes and torture in our name. Crimes continuing to this day.

    Cheney’s company Halliburton “lost” 80 billion in Iraq..never repaid.

    Cheney violated the law by giving his company Halliburton spinoff KBR no bid defense contracts worth 139 Billion Dollars.

    The Cheney5 supreme court legalized bribing public officials in the infamous Citizens United decision.

    America suffered its greatest depression since 1934 in the banking collapse and bailout of 2008.

    Will we get more of the same if we allow rigged primary elections to put hillary in the white house?

    What does she bring to the table beyond her “experience” conducting the wars in Libya and Syria?

    This is the year we take on corruption. We insist on one man one vote. We insist our elections are conducted fairly for all participants, from financing to counting verifiable paper ballots on verifiable paper receipt voting machines.

    It is a mistake of grave proportions for us to accept, coddle and promote corruption by asking the winner by any standard of measure, Bernie Sanders, to drop out.

    Why is the media and democratic party doing this very thing…promoting corruption with articles and airtime demanding the winner quit and turn the presidency over to the loser? Again.

    Delegates and superdelegates will back Senator Sanders because they agree with him and know he will trounce trump who is already leading hillary by 6 points according to the reuter’s poll conducted May 14-19.

    Is it time hillary drop out and avoid the conflict and humiliation that will come with her inevitable first Ballot defeat?

    *Nader is an example of the extreme corruption designed to keep you,me and Ralph Nader from running for office. Nader was the best candidate running by any standard of measure. The parties would not even allow him in the debates.. Ditto 2012 when Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson were on the Green Party ticket..infinitely better candidates than Romney and Obama. They, too, were not allowed in the debates. Democracy Now included them using video techniques. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson clearly won the debate and should have won election..being the best candidates**. Jill Stein is running again on the green party ticket. Have you seen her in the debates? Can you see hillary allowing that? Bernie would likely welcome the discussion.

    See for yourself:

  13. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    @Aquaria – You don’t convince people of your position that people should support Hillary by calling them a moron. I can only conclude you are a Republican.

    While there has been some progress, the most progress has been the fleecing of the middle class by corporations. Now the average American has even less financial resources to make sure our rights are not railroaded. I see no indication that anyone besides Bernie would do anything about that.

  14. Aquaria says:

    Then thanks for putting Donald Trump in office, and turning back decades of progress for women, gays and minorities.

    I despise ignorant, self-serving morons like you.

  15. Temp says:

    No different than rioting in the street and burning your own house down.

  16. Shaky Condon says:

    Lol look who’s full of it. Y’all just keep trashing Sanders campaign, you succeed ya get Trump 2016, like it or not, and you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    Lmao it’s so funny when crooked politicians fail at politics.

  17. Larry says:

    Once again half truths from the $hepublican side. Check your facts (I know it is hard for Clinton supporters) Mrs Sanders (or Bernie) is not trying to “damage the Democrat” party. She’s telling the truth. You personally have helped to convinced me I can not in good conscience vote for Clinton. Thank you. (And have you noticed – that unlike Clinton supporters I have NOT used f*** or any other swear word to state my point?)

  18. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    I did not say MORE agree with Bernie than Hillary. I simply said that millions do. Over 9 million now right? Those people who want Bernie to stop campaigning must convince Bernie and his supporters that the people of this country are actually a priority to the DNC and Hillary. That’s not happening though, is it?

  19. Steve O says:

    Hillary Clinton is paid off Wall Street trash that does not give a shit
    about the middle class.

  20. Steve O says:

    Fighting for? Like Obamacare that screwed me?Like bad trade deals? Tell me what we have gained as the middle class under this pseudo liberal administration? Like drone bombing the puss out of the middle east? Tell me Grace…how has the middle class benefited?

  21. Steve O says:

    Hey troll. Go back under your shill rock. Taking some of that Super Pac money huh?

  22. Steve O says:

    You are counting closed primaries and Red States . Figure in Independents that could not vote and actual votes in caucus states and your figures are meaningless. Bernie matches up with Trump much more favorably.

  23. ILoveBonbons1 . says:

    UK, India, South Africa, Australia, Finland- those are the specific ones I have seen among facebook friends and others, but I am sure there are more. I know for a fact there are people outside the US- non-citizens- phonebanking for Bernie Sanders(they are calling people inside the US who have expressed support for Bernie and reminding them about registration deadlines, voting dates, times, procedures, etc, to help get them out to vote).

  24. tcl08 says:

    @Cash3p, You are not a democrat, you are a republican period. Don’t come on here and pretend to be a Democrat..

  25. Cash3p says:

    I’m a lifelong Democrat and I won’t vote for Hillary. The DNC has proven time and again during this primary season that it supports the status quo at best, and is corrupt at worst. If Hillary gets the nomination and loses to Trump (or whom ever), it’s far from Bernie’s fault. The DNC needs to take a good hard look at itself and it’s policies. It’s become the party of “don’t reach for the stars” and “How dare you dream so big”. The Democratic Party no longer supports my progressive views and doesn’t seem to have my best interest at heart. People deserve a living wage, health care and a decent education. I will vote for nothing less.

  26. Gabe Marquez says:

    Everything you have been fighting for the past 8 years? Like what? Pulling troops from Iraq and letting Iran take control of the middle east? Isis popping up and being a bigger threat the the Iraq/Afghanistan war? Obamacare being pushed on American citizens while the rates are going up faster than it took for them to create it? Going almost 9 trillion dollars more in debt…. I hate to burst your bubble but all “Your’e” fighting has done is get this country in more shit than when Bush left office. Hillary is a scam and you know it.

  27. Dana says:

    She still deserves the respect of her title.

  28. Moderator3 says:

    You’re hearing from another moderator. I’m not sure what rights you are writing about. Mod4 warned you. You didn’t pay sufficient attention. Good bye.

  29. What about our rights? This is like the military. You are the one who insulted me , so back it up. I am not using foul language , only standing up for myself . So what the heck ???Hope that wasn’t to many?

  30. Moderator4 says:

    You have absolutely no earthly idea whom I am “for.” The Moderators are not the writers of the blog. We are here to maintain at least some (very) small semblance of civility among the commenters (as futile as that seems to be at times).
    Keep up the unpleasantness and insults, and you will find yourself banned.
    This is a warning.

  31. Guest 2000 wanted more so that’s what ya get !! But the issues are what is truly important. Oh ya, you are for Hillary, so you wouldn’t understand that.Actually Hillary supporters will never understand the important points many of us on here are trying to make.So i could go until my computer breaks and nothing will ever get through. So many Bernie Sanders supporters on here putting the facts out there yet you continue to live in ignorance !” Pathetic” I say.

  32. guest2000 says:

    You need more exclamation points… to make your point

  33. Louise says:

    Hopefully sensible people recognize propaganda.

  34. Moderator4 says:

    Julzpatt, you have a tendency to way over-use punctuation marks such as exclamation points and question marks. Not only are they not necessary, they are extremely annoying, and also they tend to obscure any of the points you are attempting to make.
    Dial the punctuation marks back.

  35. He would have taken New York if independents would have been able to vote .

  36. So why are you voting for Hillary????????????I see , you Hillary people have NO reasons !!!!!I It’s ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!!! Bernie wants to make your lives easier but you want to vote for a candidate who will make your lives more difficult !!?? She is a known LIAR,and is money hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your’e the last thought in her head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rose says:

    Bernie is better equipped to deal with Trump than is Hillary. The polls I refer to are the election polls, not the primary in which Bernie is winning over Trump by a 15-20% margin. The most recent polls show Hillary as losing to Trump in certain states within the margin of error. Just look at the primary polls as separate from the election polls. This isn’t about mudslinging, its clear that Hillary is going to lose the election even if she does win the primary. Bernie is a better election candidate.

  38. AKRNC says:

    A RWNJ is definitely an authority on Bill and Hillary. Right? Only if YOU happen to be one, also! How dare you accuse her of espionage? Bernie is the one who supports dictators like Castro, despite the people of Cuba basically being held captive for the last 50 years. That’s so damn sickening yet his supporters completely overlook it. Take your St. Bernie and shove him!

  39. AKRNC says:

    Hillary has 3.2 MILLION more votes than Bernie, clearly there are not more people who want Bernie than Hillary. She is also leading him in national polls.

  40. AKRNC says:

    What a ridiculous notion considering there has been no opposition research released

    yet on Bernie by the GOP. Once Trump got his hands on him, he’d fold like a cheap suit. Bernie doesn’t have the temperament to put up with Trump, as he attacks his tax plan, his rape fantasies, his praise of Castro and other dictatorships and his 30 years of only TALKING about a political revolution rather than doing anything. There’s also his being a deadbeat Dad and no full time job until the age of 40 then going to work for the gov’t he claims he hated for a six figure salary for 25 years while claiming he’s only worth $300k yet has two homes worth over $1M with only a $70k mortgage on one of them. Why does Bernie hide his assets in Jane’s name? Where are his tax returns? The GOP will have a field day with him. They’ve attacked Hillary for 25 years with lies and smears and she’s still standing strong. Bernie is NOT ahead of Hillary by 15 to 20 points, Hillary is clearly leading him in the polls. If the people in the U.S. want Bernie over Hillary, why does she have more votes than him, over 3.2 Million more votes than him??

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    Cowee Chrystal

  42. guest2000 says:


  43. Moderator3 says:

    You have made 15 comments in a short period. About four were adding to the discussion. The others were you agreeing with the commenter. Agreeing with other commenters is nice, and if you feel like commenting with a “yup. true.”, that’s fine, but you could also use the up arrows. You are on an old thread, so the commenters may never see your comments.

  44. guest2000 says:

    Nope… just wondered what your answer would be.

  45. guest2000 says:

    yup. true.

  46. guest2000 says:


  47. guest2000 says:

    Major truth! Well said. Thanks!

  48. guest2000 says:


  49. guest2000 says:

    Well said.

  50. guest2000 says:

    So you were born and raised by your parents?

  51. guest2000 says:

    I feel the same way – what you just wrote.

  52. guest2000 says:

    I agree. It’s tragic.

  53. guest2000 says:

    Wow… the Bern-outs are such conspiracy theorists. I think you need a few more exclamation points in your post. lol

  54. guest2000 says:

    I bet you don’t know that many people.

  55. guest2000 says:

    Wow… what an idiot!

  56. Red Cabbage says:

    I believe you should fuck off with the condescending tone.

  57. guest2000 says:

    Maybe you need to read slower.

  58. guest2000 says:

    NPR and Steven Colbert are supporting Hilary. That is good news to most sensible people. You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.

  59. guest2000 says:

    I believe you were asked “which ones?” Which countries?

  60. plannerartist says:

    Seems like the Media , Democratic elites, and Clinton supporters are throwing everything at Trump, trashing police cars, doesn’t seem to be sticking. My guess is the Unconvinced majority at the least aren’t buying what Clinton is selling. Shes always switched issues but this election year shes shifted more than any political front runner in this nations history.When she defends her positions in the general election , she will push right, and Trump will just hit her for that. Clinton is a guarantee for a Trump victory. You need a candidate that has real answers and a pathway out of our dilemma. Someone who has always had the same message, actually passed good bills, and knows how not to make stupid mistakes. Choose Bernie, or deal with Trump.

  61. Hillary can not get in !! Wake up Quilla and all the other annoying Hillary supporters! Vote Bernie if you want a healthy future for your kids and if you care about the future of the generations to come

  62. Quilla says:

    Jane Sanders needs to STFU.

  63. Voiceless1 says:

    Obama got 50% of the Independent vote in 2008 and 45% in 2012. Independents are energized by candidates who are new and different — like Obama was in 2008 and Bernie and Trump are 2016. Hillary will not bring out the left-leaning Indies, but Trump will most definitely bring out the right-leaning ones. Bernie is by far the better candidate to beat Trump, and the polls very clearly and consistently support that.

  64. Voiceless1 says:

    You have to nominate the candidate that can win. And that’s not Hillary.

  65. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Lol becareful of the words you use immediately followed by a direct insult? Such double think makes you a perfect mark for Hillary. Her supporters need the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at once without acknowledging a conflict.

  66. HumanCause777+ says:

    I don’t think many people, supporters or not, know WHAT a Clinton really is. They don’t know what they do with the Clinton fund, where they get the money. You’re talking about someone who is so dissolved in the political establishment, it is as though they never leave office. Has there been a year gone by where Hillary Clinton did not receive huge sums of money from corporations? No. Hillary Clintons loyalty is bought and sold like a commodity on the trading floor. She is the other side of the same coin. Is she even a democrat? NO!! She shares none of the values of traditional democrats. She is a power hungry actress. The role she’s is playing now is that of a “looking out for the little man” liberal, while simultaneously taking hundreds of thousands from wall street, and big business. Her main job is to ensure that everything stays the same. Preserve our oil economy, our low wages, and leave our corporate oligarchy in tact while giving the sheep a warm and fuzzy feeling. People need to ask themselves WHAT IS A CLINTON??? There is a very definite answer to that question.

  67. Rose says:

    You state that “Many Sanders supporters refused to support Democrats on the rest of the
    ticket — they simply voted for Sanders, and then left the rest of the
    ballot blank…” Really, don’t you think this is pushing it a bit far? Is it the responsibility of the Sanders campaign to educate the voters? Did Hillary’s campaign attempt to educate them? You are drawing conclusions from a biased standpoint rather than evaluating all of the data available to you Mr. Aravosis. Try being a professional about hings.

  68. Rose says:

    Bernie is a decent, honest man and he has used all of the funds we have donated in our interest. Yes, to run as an independent is an idea but he is a democrat in the true sense, is Hillary?

  69. Rose says:

    More critical is that Hillary is falling further behind Trump at a consistent rate in the election polls. But Bernie is gaining ground. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump. Bernie can clearly beat Trump, Hillary cannot. Here in CA he is ahead of her by 15-20% yet that is not what is being publicized. What is really going on here? The people of the US want Bernie, why are Hillary and Trump being forced on us by the media? Why is Bernie being cast as “out” of the game when he clearly is not. Hillary cannot win. Let Bernie go on. Stop trying to hinder him with media nonsense.

  70. pbr90 says:

    Even if Sanders supporters don’t vote for Hillary, running as Democrat doesn’t allow Sanders to run off with the money raised as if he wasn’t a Democrat. That would be embezzlement since funds were raised as Democratic candidate, unless Sanders runs as Independent Party but flipping back and forth to what suits him would be rather sleazey.

  71. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    Sanders is basically saying that this country has more money than any other country in history but people assert that it is not possible to provide healthcare and education to everyone here? He believes as do I, that it IS possible to provide for everyone when everyone contributes to society like we did in the 50’s, and virtually every other industrialized country manages to accomplish this. Is the United States that daft?

    Furthermore, should not the checks and balances our government was designed to withstand hold up to anything Trump can throw at it? If Bernie has no chance of accomplishing anything if elected, neither does Trump. They are both outsiders.

  72. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    While Hillary states that Bernie is not a Democrat in a disparaging way,she forgets that millions of people agree with him more than they do with Hillary. Does that make Bernie’s supporters not Democrats as well? I would have to say “Yes”, thus, I guess we all just got an invitation to leave the Democratic Party. It is very nice to hear the Democratic Party feels that way. This is the same kind of misstep Hillary makes all the time. She has poor judgment and she gets into trouble over and over not only by what she says, but what she believes. The Democratic party has only themselves to Blame for Trump’s forth coming election. The Super Delegates should be there to put over the top the nomination of a once in a lifetime candidate like Bernie, but instead the Super Delegates are being used to prevent change. Bernie has almost won the nomination outright despite every possible political weapon being thrown at him. The correct choice is obvious to anyone open to change. Just imagine if Bernie’s name was FDR and that makes it crystal clear.

  73. Neal Barkett says:

    I’m sure you are proud being a lifelong Democrat just as much as someone being a lifelong Republican. I don’t think Thomas Jefferson and many other of the founding fathers would be proud of you. Stay in your herd with the other sheep and soon you can join in as both groups of sheep head for the cliff. You should always question your government and also your own political party.
    “no people can be both ignorant and free.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

  74. Frank Lee says:

    Bernie, know that Drumpf, Putin, the GOP, ISIS and China thank you deeply for the help you are currently giving them.

  75. I disagree. Hillary supported the war in Iraq! Many of our troops died , that didn’t have to die, and she is part of that !!Bernie was 100% against it and he knew what it would cause and he was right. I think that there are so many dishonest Americans , and so of course they would vote for their Hillary . Children are already suffering grim fates because of Hillary ! All the Clintons care about is money ! They don’t care about you and me or your children. But you know who does ?????? Bernie! I am getting so exhausted with all you people who want Hillary in the White House. I have not heard of one GOOD REASON, because there are none. Maybe you like her Kim Jung pant suits or whatever, but I know I will not vote for her or Trump. To settle all of this , vote Bernie because he would beat Trump and our world and our kids would be so much better off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. naturallythe1 says:

    Do some research and look around. Several people in social media chime in all the time about how they love Bernie and wish they could vote but aren’t in the United States

  77. naturallythe1 says:

    Sure she does…sure. CNN of course would try to spin it any way that puts Hillary first. She probably pays them too.

  78. ExpatZ says:

    Well, I can see this blog supports Hillary to the point of printing drivel, attack and fud.
    To that I say get ready for Trump, Hillary spent her time disenfranchising Bernie voters State by State via purges, voting centre deficits and other typical beltway dirty tricks and if she wins it will be because she bought it, not because she earned it.
    That means when Trump become President it will be no ones fault but Hillary and her supporters for shoe horning in such a reviled candidate jusrt because she thought it was her turn.

  79. CrazyChester says:

    This is your “best” post yet. This is the very definition of grasping at straws, as well as false equivocation. Seriously guy, we get it, you like the establishment candidate and you’re unwilling to see the sheer volume of corruption in her record. Please, by all means go ahead and vote for her.

  80. CrazyChester says:

    Being thick-headed and repeating the lie does not make it true.

  81. CrazyChester says:

    So you are in fact refuting the above statistics in favor of some cherry picked comparison designed to imply the opposite, that somehow Hillary is really the grassroots candidate here? That’s just pure comedy my friend, but nice try.

  82. WampusKat says:

    FYI: “Elizabeth Warren praises Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street plan”

    “Europe would elect Hillary Clinton by a landslide”

  83. WampusKat says:

    NJo she isn’t. I doubt any of the teabagging Libertarians and Naderites posting here even have a clue as to her background:

    …her voting record:

    …or her policies:

  84. WampusKat says:

    Yes, we know. It’s perfectly clear that you’re the same Naderites who had no problem throwing the election to Bush in 2000:

    We’re kinda done cleaning up your messes, so we’re voting Clinton… plenty of us remember that we’ve been here before:

  85. WampusKat says:

    You’re not trying to change anything. Bernie has no plan… as was made clear by his interview with the New York Daily News:

    The only thing you’re doing is pulling a Nader 2.0 – same individuals who insisted on deliberately throwing the 2000 election to Bush, claiming people needed to suffer more:

    I call that third party political opportunism (Sarandon and Robbins pulled the same crap with the bid for Nader in 2000):

  86. WampusKat says:

    Nepotism: “Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Used Campaign Donations to Pay Family Members Over $150,000” (Vermont 2005)

  87. WampusKat says:

    It’s almost like you don’t normally read this blog:

    Bernie’s top contributors via Open Secrets: Huge corporations, insurance companies, and the military”

    Clinton’s top contributors: Unions, Foundations, Progressive Organizations

  88. WampusKat says:

    So… this makes you a Bernie Bro, right?

  89. WampusKat says:

    “Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump”

  90. WampusKat says:

    May 4, 2016: CNN: “At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits”

  91. WampusKat says:

    So don’t vote. nobody cares. BTW, let’s also remember that the Naderites and Libertarian posers for Bernie don’t vote Dem anyway. The Libertarians faking their Bernie support woouldn’t vote for him in the general either… and he knows it:

  92. karen says:

    And she’s clueless

  93. karen says:

    You assume that am voting for HC beausevshe’s a woman. It is called democracy…stop trying to dictate to people who they should or should not support. Do you have s reason for voting for Bernie other than you don’t like HC. All you do is talk bad about HC as if that makes Bernie better. What has he done for this country? Why didn’t he get all this agenda through the senate? FYI…. Bernie has investments in many banks that he rails against. Wonder why such a pure candidate refuses to release his tax returns. That’s why I don’t trust him. It’s not what he says, it’s what he hasn’t said!

  94. karen says:

    Really…. Which ones?

  95. karen says:

    What do you know about Bernie? Do you notice that the Repubs have not attacked him? That’s because they would prefer to run against him than HC. His numbers look better against Trump’s that Hc because theyhave not attacked him. He does have skeletons in the closet but HC doesn’t talk about it.

  96. karen says:

    That’s exactly why we are not going to allow people like you to determine the nominee. We realize that you are not thinking straight! You know nothing about Bernie but you are treating him like God and he is loving the attention. Obama is right…. Passion without strategy is meaningless!

  97. yoohoo says:

    I am very concerned with integrity and honesty when a candidate puts forth a plan that has no basis in reality and no chance of being accomplished. Guess you have to pick which version of the dishonesty you can live with.

  98. yoohoo says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote against a President Trump. The future of our children is much more grim should a president Trump occur.

  99. Vote Bernie ! I will never vote for Hillary. People who really love Bernie will not vote for Hillary, period !! A vote for Hillary , is a vote for corruption and a grim future for outrchildren !!!!

  100. Well, first off you have to stop allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the media. Bernie is clear on where he wants to take this country. I don’t quite understand why some African Americans are for Hillary. The Clintons loved Senator Byrd who was a known racist. Just hearing that guy talk sent chills down my spine ! But not all African Americans are for her. It is so sad that Karen and others want Hillary , a person that supports corrupt companies that abuse children and who also supports the most toxic chemical companies that are killing us all. Children are really paying the price .You should know who your voting for ! Give me any reason better than Bernies , on why you think Hillary should be president???????????? And I know most people are voting for her because she is a women , which is the most pathetic bunk of cow dung ever known!!People in other countries must think we are so crazy. It should be easy to vote Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get some of you people. It is scary that we have so many blind people in our country and that voting for Hillary is going to devastate so many lives. Why are people so dang stubborn and annoying ?? Most of all, I am just plain embaressed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Dana says:

    *Dr. Sanders. She holds a doctorate.

  102. Gracie Bean says:

    and you sound like a Bernie Troll. did you even read the article? or did you just read the sentences that make you feel good,

  103. Gracie Bean says:

    that is only a portion, not ALL of them. remember that.

  104. Gracie Bean says:

    FYI – the Independent threat is silly. You realize that Obama only got 5% of their votes and he won, twice. I suggest you start researching statistics rather than listen to the Sanders. There are little facts they tend to leave out.

  105. naturallythe1 says:

    Delusional. Hillary is more of a liar than Trump sadly. You fact check Hillary’s stances and how they have flip flopped on issues and lied about things she has said and done when it’s on video.

  106. Gracie Bean says:


  107. Gracie Bean says:

    that is threat. that is what he is doing. He cant handle that majority of the democratic party doesnt want him. I suggest you fact check Sanders statements. He has been proven to be more deceptive than Clinton.

  108. Gracie Bean says:

    Wake up are realize that you are not that important. With that said, if Sanders doesn’t get nomination (which is what will happen), you will allow Trump to be elected to take away everything we have been fighting for the last 8 years, so you can make some political statement? You must really feel detached from humanity. You really must feel a sense of self-righteousness and entitlement.

  109. Harry Hirsch says:

    If you (the author of this article), Obama, Clinton and the rest of the Dem establishment just assume that you can blow us Bernie supporters off and still get our votes, you’re sorely mistaken.

    Keep this up, and not only will I not vote for Clinton, I’ll actually cast a vote for Trump. Wake up, and EARN my vote!

  110. Caleb says:

    Independents could be for a NUMBER of different parties of which there are many. So, no way you can allocate more of them to Bernie. Of course indies had to change their party to D or R to vote in closed primaries. But Trump also touts getting a lot of them to vote for him.

  111. Laurie says:

    Thank you?

  112. naturallythe1 says:

    Other nations love Bernie over Hillary. Bernie would be a lot more well liked globally which is great for foreign relations.

  113. naturallythe1 says:

    More independents are for Bernie, so Bernie has a much better chance of taking down Drumpf than Hillary does. Especially when Hillary buys her votes

  114. naturallythe1 says:

    Agreed. Bernie fans won’t pick Hillary after all of the videos that show Hillary flip flopping, lying on tape, and just making bogus statements. All people have to do is a little research to see which candidates have remained true to themselves over the years, but they choose not to for some reason.

  115. CrazyChester says:

    I re-read this baseless whinefest and it just makes me angrier every time with the author’s incessant attempts to place blame squarely where it doesn’t belong. Where is the criticism of the Democrat party’s role in it’s own failures? What about Wasserman-Schultz’s repugnant assertions that do nothing to increase the party roles, but instead revels in the ability and desire to exclude independents? No, neither Bernie nor his supporters have stuck a knife in anything except the lies, the deception, the nepotism, corporatism, and the words-above-actions that represents the modern neo-liberal Democrat party. The progressive “cause” is alive and well and sees through these thinly veiled attempts to vilify the only ACTUAL progressive running.

  116. CrazyChester says:

    Many of us know Bernie’s AND Hillary’s records. Just because you have your head in the sand and might be one of those voters who likes her because of her gender or her words over actions doesn’t mean you need to imply that Bernie supporters are somehow just as ignorant as your showing yourself to be with statements like that. Bernie has been very consistently fighting the good fight for actual progressiveness for his entire career. On the flip side, even a casual bit of research could expose all you need to know about Clinton’s connections to corrupt national and world banking and a voting record that makes her correctly perceived as a lap dog of Wall St.

  117. Kaylee Slickis says:

    #milliondollartrolls last I checked, you were just a genderless troll who apparently ran out of child rape porn to post in our Bernie groups. Maybe Bills old buddy Epstein will make more for you.

  118. First_Blush21 says:

    That is so foolish of you. Anytime Repugs are faced with the truth, they all say the same old lines. tsk, tsk, tsk :(

  119. First_Blush21 says:

    ^^^ Proof morons still refuse to know the truth. I feel sorry for you, “Laurie”.

  120. First_Blush21 says:

    Anyone who happens to know the truth is a Rovie? ROFL! Gretchen has done her homework.. Give it a try. Hillary is a criminal. Look it up! ;)

  121. First_Blush21 says:


  122. First_Blush21 says:

    The GOP, had nothing to introduce to America but the Clown Car. They failed themselves. When they wind up with Donald Trump as a nominee , that should tell you, they even bought their own rope. The GOP congress trying to hold Obama back on every move he made was real brilliant, too. People have washed their hands of the entire GOP.

  123. First_Blush21 says:

    Bill and Hillary are criminals. There are many documented books, by intelligent authors who can show you what they have done. Before the world of “Social Media” they were able to hide their crime. Not any more. Look up “Cocaine trafficking in Mena Arkansas”. Look up Bill Clinton’s severe addiction to that drug. About when he was admitted to an Arkansas hospital, and they threatened nurses and doctors to keep it quiet. It doesn’t end. It will NEVER end. They are not FIT to be in our White House.

    Huma Abedin, Hillary’s gal pal, is an admitted member of her parents’ cult “The Muslim Brotherhood”. If you can READ you can RESEARCH. We have brilliant, good people in this country. We don’t need their TRASH.

  124. First_Blush21 says:

    Bullsh*t, Prof. Don’t be blind to the truth. SMH :(

  125. First_Blush21 says:

    We are ‘insulted’ by being offered a proved criminal as a choice for POTUS. Any human, with the ability to read at a 3rd grade level, should know the Clintons’ history, from Arkansas up to and including today. Google: You tubes “Larry Nichols”. He was a Clinton insider, and employee of Bill Clinton’s in Arkansas, when Bill was (a one term) Governor. Larry has cancer now, and is telling it ALL. He was a hit man for the Clintons. Yes, that kind of ‘hit man’.
    He tells about information he has recently submitted to the FBI about loads of crimes the Clinton’s ordered, including the murder of Vince Foster. It’s ALL there. Don’t be afraid to learn the truth.

  126. First_Blush21 says:

    Also, the chaos at the voting booths in AZ, and NY (and perhaps others), lets us know, that where there WAS trouble (machines switching votes, ballots stolen, and other rigged set ups, etc.) each was a big state that Hillary ‘won’. Same thing when she tried to chat on elections in the past against Obama. Not one redeeming thing about her .. NO, NOT ONE.

  127. First_Blush21 says:

    [email protected] : PLEASE MOVE TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS! Bravo !!!! :)

  128. First_Blush21 says:

    One smart lady, Kaylee. I love to see people who can actually still THINK when it comes to Hillary’s cons, lies, and disrespect for America, and her citizens. Good for you! :)

  129. First_Blush21 says:

    Barbara Olson stated in her book “The Final Hours”, that Bill and Hillary ACTUALLY own the DNC. Literally … Bought with the dirty money they have taken from not only foreign donations, but every foreign leader(s), who buy what they want from her. (Arms, information, secrets, etc.) DWS is a shill, and will be forced out of the DNC shortly.

  130. First_Blush21 says:

    Sounds like a hill-troll ^^^ , but Bernie has millions of supporters who are prepared to stand with him ‘UNTIL THAT LAST VOTE IS COUNTED.’ I, for one, can’t see letting the Criminal Clintons back into our White House. They would keep the scandals coming, year after year, and We the People ..would not be of any concern to them. Hillary is merely out to fill her coffers with billions of dollars, and steal from anyone who isn’t looking. She is a big money shill, and if you don’t know that by now, you’re not paying attention. Also, the fact that Huma Abedin has seen every word she’s ever received or sent, should tell you something. The Muslim Brotherhood (Huma’s parents), don’t need to know every word that any POTUS would see, write, receive or be handed. Enough is Enough. No more Criminals in OUR White House.
    Bernie is the last chance America has to correct the mess we are in.

  131. First_Blush21 says:

    Sorry, I just don’t see that. Bernie Sanders supporters are loyal to this campaign, and it will be Bernie or Bust! Never in a million years, say Bernie’s citizens. Some say (actually, a LOT say) … “I would die before I’d vote for HRC.” Count me in as one of those :)

  132. Laurie says:

    I have not seen that. I have seen the reports that she rates more honest than even Bernie, I think she will do the least harm of any of the other, including Bernie. I also wrote to Bernie to ask how much his plan will cost. He has no answers.

  133. Louise says:

    It has been so obvious who the Corporate Media supports with the barrage of gender inequality articles designed to push for Hillary. Even NPR and Steven Colbert are backing Hillary. The DNC decided on Hillary last summer. I wonder what Trump will uncover, or is he a decoy to enable Hillary? I won’t vote for either.

  134. Louise says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for our corrupt Healthcare system! Obamacare does nothing to divorce health insurance from employment. Having to be a wage slave for insurance is immoral. Bernie will push for single payer.

  135. ParadeOfFools says:

    Right, tell that to all the gay people that were denied their freedoms and all of the black people that have spent their lives in prison. Check your privilege, Karen. Public opinion does not dictate right and wrong. The only things she responds to are polls; again, not a good quality in a leader.

  136. CrazyChester says:

    How about Chelsea’s job in itself? Also a disgrace of blatant nepotism. Unfortunately, there’s piles of other connections and dubious dealings, but the Hillary faithful will keep the minds closed to it because, to quote a few: “I want a woman president”

  137. Louise says:

    What about Chelsea Clinton’s husband and Goldman Sachs?

  138. karen says:


  139. karen says:

    Do you take everything so literal? Am not suggesting that a leader changes his mind everyday but we live in a world with changing dynamics and will tequire our leaders to respond to these changes.

  140. karen says:

    Karma is a bitch…. Be careful of the words you use to describe people. Last time I checked…. I was a real woman. You are just a green eyed monster. If HC does not become President, she’ll be fine. Eat your heart out!

  141. Caleb says:

    There are dems who will vote for Trump IF Bernie gets the Dem nomination but will vote against Trump (for Hillary) if she wins the nomination. They are not loud about this but there are plenty of dems who would rather vote for Trump than Bernie.

  142. Victoria O'Donnell says:

    Hey Jane, tell you husband he can’t count on me. Joining the Write Her In Revolution. You also can’t count on Hillary supporters to just vote for Bernie because we are supposed to fall in line either. No we won’t fade gently into that goodnight the way we did with Obama. Your supporters can’t hold our party hostage,and your smugness ensures that fact that I will NOT feel the Bern (they make creams for that shit.).

  143. Shane Conductor Federmeyer says:

    Im voting bernie and i voted Obama both elections. Im a democrat born and raised by my parents.I was taught democrats were “For the people”. That is how i saw it for a long time. But its not just about party anymore its about political agenda. So thats how i vote candidates that are going to support our people and help the citizens progress especially the working class. Not the allowing corporations tax breaks to the extent of not paying a dime toward our country. So my vote goes with bernie.

  144. Shane Conductor Federmeyer says:

    Laurie the problem is simply HC has proven time and time again she is not for the people but for corporation. Time and time again lies and lies to make herself look better when there is videos and documents directly contradicting her. It could be the fact that she has very little topics that i and many other Americans feel strongly about currently. It could also be the fact she takes in more corporate donations then any other candidate in this election and very much so is the corporate candidate and not the peoples. I believe in my heart of hearts that HC is the worst candidate of the 3 that have a shot right now. For me my list is BS by a long shot. Then my deep fear of DT vs HC I don’t like either candidate as people and I don’t like there political agendas very much either. But i believe that HC has more potential to harm this country then DT. As crazy as that sounds its how I and and many other voters feel. Which is why if sanders losses the democratic primary and does not run as an independent in the main election, I end up voting Trump this fall and that does make me want to puke right now. Unless you can convince me of some good she will do for us and agendas shes fighting for the people that are important cause i honestly really do NOT want to live in a Trump presidency. of All this coming from a born and raised Democrat from WA state and would not believe the face of my mother right now if she could hear me say that i would vote for a republican in general let alone DT.

  145. ParadeOfFools says:

    Sure, the leader of the free world should be someone who needs time to grow and evolve on every issue… Maybe a leader should, you know, lead and be on the right side before it’s popular.

  146. Kyle says:

    I voted for Clinton in 2008 state primary. But I will NEVER vote for her or her faux liberal ilk again. Not ever. #BernieOrBust

  147. Kyle says:

    Making an impact. Steadfastly sticking to his progressive convictions while surrounded by politicians who are nearly all bought and paid for products of their party’s machine.

  148. CrazyChester says:

    Hillary Clinton’s top donors (since 1999):

    Citigroup (bank)

    Goldman Sachs (bank)

    DLA Piper (corporate law firm)

    JPMorgan Chase (bank)

    EMILY’s List (Democrat political action committee (PAC))

    Morgan Stanley (bank)

    Time Warner (corporation)

    Skadden, Arps et al. (corporate law firm)

    Lehman Brothers (bank)

    Cablevision Systems (corporation)

    University of California (university)

    Kirkland & Ellis (corporate law firm)

    Squire Patton Boggs (corporate law firm)

    21st Century Fox (corporation)

    National Amusement (corporation)

    Ernst & Young (corporate professional services firm)

    Merrill Lynch (bank)

    Credit Suisse Group (bank)

    Corning (corporation)

    Greenberg Traurig (corporate law firm)

    The author has ties to the World Bank? Funny, so does Hillary Clinton. And so does one of her other big fans, Madeleine Albright, oh and her daughter Alice Albright who has a lead position of VP at the export-import bank. It’s like one big happy, corrupt, finance family.

  149. CrazyChester says:

    That’s true and what is also true is that her raw vote lead pales in comparison to the orchestrated voter suppression that has occurred in this primary.

  150. CrazyChester says:

    Do you understand the concept of projection? You just quite literally denounced her name calling(which there is none of) and then immediately engaged in name calling. You question Gretchen’s facts without actually refuting them or providing your own. Who exactly is the sad-bitter-ignorant person?

  151. CrazyChester says:

    You can’t be for real. Actual progressives are out for the destruction of the Democrat party? No my friend, the party has done that to itself in exactly the same way the Republicans have and why they are now, to their let’s say, chagrin, fronting Trump. The arrogance and condescension(sorry, I meant “pragmatism”) of the center-right establishment Democrats like Bill, Hillary, and Wasserman-Schultz are squarely to blame for the rise of an actual progressive like Senator Sanders. What are they doing about it? Doubling-down like payday loan gamblers at the dog track.

  152. CrazyChester says:

    What other tripe would you expect from someone so closely tied to the exact type of establishment institutions Sanders and the rest of us are trying to change. Repeating the Nader lie will never make it true. No one stole a damned thing, Americans voted, Gore won the popular vote and the system as it stands kept him out of office. Bernie voters will vote their conscience even if it means an independent 3rd party. No one, much less Hillary, can or should assume anyone’s vote. You instead ought to be thankful the independents of America have not unified, because that sir is quite literally the ONLY reason either of these two corrupt parties still exist. (On a side note, “Mr. Executive Editor”, it should be [a] disgruntled Nader, not [an] disgruntled Nader)

  153. Michelle Xavier says:

    Never visited outside the US?

  154. Michelle Xavier says:

    Starting in 1990’s and every election since. Your turn.

  155. Kaylee Slickis says:

    If Bernie isnt nominated, I will vote for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party. She shares Bernie’s stances on important issues and Hillary’s gender, so us women dont have to “go to hell” for not voting for a woman president. I wont have to throw up after I vote for Dr Jill Stein nor feel like I signed off on evil with my vote.

  156. Kaylee Slickis says:

    I wont be staying home, I will be voting for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party. A MUCH better woman for the job in my eyes. Jill shares most of Bernie’s ideas and is a woman like Hillary, best of both worlds to me and I wont have to throw up after I vote.

  157. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Not envy but anger. I think Hillary hurts herself. I will vote for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party, a much better female presidential candidate. If you were a real woman, you would also. What real woman shows solidarity with a slut-shaming rape apolgist like Hillary? I would be ashamed to vote such a corrupt and evil example of a human as Clinton, even if she wasnt going to represent my gender to the world.

  158. karen says:

    Keep them!

  159. karen says:

    yeah…drama queen!

  160. karen says:

    How many times are you going to copy and paste the same thing??

  161. karen says:

    BS had his whole life to make an impact…..what has he been doing?

  162. karen says:

    Now you see why we can’t allow BS and his followers to dictate to everyone else, They think with their emotions.

  163. karen says:

    Stop lying…you were never going to vote for her! Your opinion of her is what it has always been, stop pretending that she did or said something on the campaign trail to change your mind. keep your vote!

  164. karen says:

    My point exactly….she will lose some an gain some.

  165. karen says:

    People can change their views…they grow, they evolve!

  166. karen says:

    So how is BS gonna win without the democratic base especially African American? You and Bernie are all dictators!

  167. karen says:

    You are proof that woman is woman’s greatest enemy. You are consumed by the green eyed monster called “envy”. Go ahead Ms. Kaylee and vote against HC and for Trump. Do you think that you are hurting HC?

  168. karen says:

    Don’t waste your time responding to these Bernie supporters. They are as desperate a Bernie. They are insisting that HC can’t win without BS supporters but assume that HC supporters will vote for him. Let Kaylee and her friends stay home in November. Even “move” is getting fed up with Sanders team. If HC gets the nomination, Obama will throw his coalition behind her.

  169. karen says:

    How can you disrespect HC in such a way? What has she ever done to you to deserve you implying that she is not a decent human being. Support Sanders if you want but talk about Sanders achievement. Or is it that you don’t know his record and so you attack the other candidate to make yours look good.

  170. Dolores Pap says:

    Can’t remember who wrote this but I thought it was very spot on..”Socialists believe that the government should control the means of production
    while democratic socialists believe that government should control the means of
    production, but still let people vote”

  171. ParadeOfFools says:

    Ok, a supporter of Hillary should probably not be criticizing other people’s marriages… and somehow I suspect that you are old and cranky as well, are we projecting dear? Hillary changed her stances on gay marriage, crime issues, etc. so I guess neither can make a good choice the first time.

  172. Laurie says:

    What does that mean?

  173. There is zero reason to vote for Hillary !! She is as corrupt as corrupt gets. She supports the biggest, grandest , corporations like MONSANTO, which Laurie if you have kids this is one HUGE reason ( as Bernie would say ) not to vote for her. She is supporting companies that abuse children like Nestle and Hershey that use very young children for child labor and they suffer and are damaged for life due to the abuses. And she supports Roundup which millions of Americans oppose. There are people suffering and committing suicide due to these extremely toxic chemicals. You want a president in office who is okay with your children being poisoned ???????????????? I am not okay with that!!!! As far as I am concerned, I have not heard one brilliant reason why you would vote for this Corporate , money hungry , LIAR ???? Something is seriously wrong with people ! Maybe it’s all that gmo food their eating !!

  174. ParadeOfFools says:

    Are you serious? There are supporters of every candidate that bully. Bernie’s, Hillary’s, etc. That was my point. You can’t sit there and cry about it because people can say the same about supporters of literally any candidate. Are you honestly so dull that you believe that Hillary has these magical sunshine and rainbow supporters? They’re people. Some people are dicks and that transcends parties and candidates. And yes, I’ve seen plenty of bullying from Hillary supporters.

  175. Profsdottir says:

    “Gretchen.” How’s life at Rove headquarters treating you?

  176. Profsdottir says:

    “Gretchen” is an operative working for Rove.

  177. Profsdottir says:

    Susan is another Republican operative on Rove’s payroll.

  178. Profsdottir says:

    Gretchen is a Republican operative on Rove’s payroll.

  179. Moderator3 says:

    You are thread clogging. You’re very close to being banned.

  180. Laurie says:

    Please list the elections you have voted in.

  181. Laurie says:

    Most Bernie supporters I feel don’t vote. I was there for Obama in Presidential and off Years elections. Where the hell were the Bernie people???? Just were they always were. Not voting.

  182. Laurie says:

    How exactly were you bullied. Please details. I am a Hillary supporter and have been bullied by Bernie supporters, but don’t see any bullying going from this way. Please be specific.

  183. Laurie says:

    Totally agree. Felt the same way. No way now will I vote for him. I used to send him money. Back when he was saying the exact same things he says now, but was supposed to be in the Senate putting them into action. He failed, so now he decides he deserves a promotion. That is failing up in my book.

  184. Laurie says:

    2nd marriage for both of them. I guess not as many as Trump, but that would have eliminated any prior nominees. Can’t make a good choice the first time? I worry about his decision making abilities., Plus he is Old, cranky, and doesn’t know the answers to his own platforms. Keep defending the mistakes, .He is pure though.

  185. Laurie says:

    How so?

  186. Laurie says:

    Right. Bernie should be handed the nomination, because most of us voted for Hillary. What?

  187. Laurie says:

    Really? If she did such a good job, why was there cum on her dress????

  188. Laurie says:

    You are an idiot. Remember people like you voted in Hitler.

  189. Laurie says:

    Right. Bush was so much better. Loved losing my job in 08. Go Bush. What a moron.

  190. Laurie says:

    I think Kaylee is a Troll.

  191. Laurie says:

    Liar. You should stop watching Fox News.

  192. Laurie says:

    Takes one to know one. Kaylee you are spitting vile, to bad for you. All these women that can never support another woman. You make me sick.

  193. Laurie says:

    He has already shown that. Sorry. He wants to win as bad as anyone and he is behaving as he said he never would. Lies!

  194. Laurie says:

    She has gotten millions of votes more than Bernie. Why can’t he or any of his supporters do simple math? She is winning all the way around. Where is the Revolution?

  195. Laurie says:

    Thank you Truffles. Someone with a sane post. How refreshing!

  196. Laurie says:

    Facts please. Or are you just a disgusting liar????

  197. Laurie says:

    Trump has no core. Your point????? You are very misinformed. Go back and study Trump please. He has no redeeming qualities. I guess you will make some good choices in your life. NOT!!!

  198. Laurie says:

    Really? Did she do that as President? Oh you mean she is running Obama’s show? Do you get your facts for FOX by chance???? Facts please you confused person. Sounds like you are a bit bitter. Just because you will never be half the person she is, I guess all you got is name calling. You are a sad and bitter ignorant person. The world would be better off without your kind.

  199. Laurie says:

    A lot of us were alive during the Clinton era. We don’t believe all the crap the media tells us to. You on the other hand seem to believe everything you hear. Where is all the facts to back up you tall tales? I kind of hope all of you get to live in a Trump world, unfortunately there are good people out there that don’t deserve it. YOU DO!!!!!

  200. avion2828 says:

    You seem to be very privileged and not caring about others to be excited to watch “Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton”. You are not a democratic socialists based on your comment and more of angry reactionary immature voter. And this is coming from a Bernie supporter.

  201. T112598 says:

    “Bernie is nothing like Hillary? You sound off the wall?”
    Drunk? These are questions?

  202. int19h says:

    I have to ask whether you are actually capable of parsing English, because the quote that is at the center of your article says literally nothing that the rest of the article claims it does. In particular, it doesn’t “suggest that basically none of Sanders’ supporters would vote for Hillary”. What it does say is that Hillary doesn’t get all these votes _automatically_ just by virtue of being a Democratic nominee. She has to actually work for them – as in, acknowledge that Sanders supporters have legitimate gripes, and perhaps adjust her platform such that they don’t feel completely excluded. Most importantly, she should not suddenly abandon her current left-leaning positions in the general.

    But, yes. If you expect party loyalty above all, then you will be disappointed – and it’s a good thing. Parties exist for the people, not the other way around. People shouldn’t blindly support parties – they should support issues, and when parties refuse to back the issues that people find important; well, that’s too bad for the parties.

  203. ParadeOfFools says:

    Likewise dummy. Literally anybody could say that about any candidate’s supporters. For the record I think that Hillary supporters are arrogant bullies who have major blinders on. See how that works? Just because we don’t whine nonstop about Hillary supporters like you do about Bernie’s doesn’t mean that you people are wonderful.

  204. Gretchen says:

    Great article! Comparing Bernie to Hillary is totally outrageous. I just don’t get it. Furthermore, she had committed voter fraud AGAINST Bernie. She is oppressing Bernie and the entire party with that act alone. We only know about some voter fraud but there is good reason to believe that it’s way more prolific then what has been uncovered thus far. Hillary already showed all her cards, her character, and her agenda. If Hillary wins, there is no Democratic Party, only the illusion of one. If Trump can stop her, assuming fraud doesn’t continue sends the party a message they need to hear. Bernie is the only Democratic Candidate. Jane & Bernie can’t say this but they know there last TRUMP card–IF Bernie supporters unified and vowed to vote Trump over Hillary then HC not be a viable nominee and the Dem’s would not give her the nomination.

  205. Susan says:

    Hi Gretchen, someone passed this article on to me. It makes a great case for voting Trump in the event that Bernie does not win the nomination, you may find it helpful in making your case:

  206. Truffles says:

    Your fanaticism over Sanders is staggering. It really is. How much do you believe in this supreme man that you see evil in someone, who has very similar plans than him. This is exactly how nazis won the election back when. The fanatical followers of a leader who portrayed himself to be perfect in every aspect. Do I think Hillary Clinton is perfect? Not by far. She has flaws, everyone has flaws. And honey, Sanders is not perfect, not by a long shot, no matter how much he and his wife and his followers stomp their feet and yell it till they are all blue in the face :) But to say that Trump, who is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic narcissist is better than Hillary Clinton… WOW. Just WOW.

  207. Gretchen says:

    Bernie is nothing like Hillary? You sound off the wall? What year, or issues are you referring to? What is your point? Are you pro Bernie or pro Hillary?

  208. Gretchen says:

    With all due respect- they have not been in office so Trump does not know exactly what is going on because he has no access to security clearance lets base decisions on what we know for sure, and not on conjecture. To assume Trump is Hillary is preposterous. Hillary advocated Libya’s overthrow fo feed off its resources. Not only did Americand die but those Americans were in Libya funneling weapons to extremists in a country she just destroyed, laughed while their leader was tortured on National TV. Trump’s message is he wants to “speak softly and carry a big stick” to save American live’s, not torture innocents for profit. Yuge difference!

  209. Jim Stoner says:

    Why doesn’t it? Aren’t the Bernie people saying if they don’t get Bernie now the resulting Republican government will be the fault of those who supported liberalism without Bernie?
    My question was “How did we suddenly find ourselves in an America that is certain the only way for progressives to move forward is by destroying the left and supporting conservatism?”
    The answer was quite clear. “Blame Hillary and the establishment democrats and demand a decent human being for a candidate.”
    How does “So if we end up with a Republican government it will be the people that voted Democrat that gave it to us” not make sense after that?
    Bernie seems to have convinced a lot of his followers that in order to progress, they have to destroy the left. I have yet to hear a single Bernie supporter even mention the Republicans let alone bitch about their corruption. They seem to be intent on destroying the left. I am not sure they even know the Republicans exist.

  210. Gretchen says:

    Hillary advocated for the US to overthrow the Libyan State to feed off its oil and resources. It’s not just that she allowed Americans to die but that those Americans were there funneling weapons to extremists in a country she had just helped destroy. She laughed on TV while their African American leader was tortured on national television, carpet bombed the country and ejected its government. She destroyed so many lives it’s unprecedented in recent times. Obama calls Libya his it biggest mistake as President!

  211. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Your first sentence does not make any sense.

  212. Gretchen says:

    Truffles, I understand your fear. I also had relatives that died in the holocaust. Comparing Hitler and Trump is not reality based. I do understand your concerns. Hitler was an occultist, who was power hungry and corrupt to his core. Truly, I base this on years of studying history and thorough research on Hillary Clinton. Hillary is very similiar to Hitler and just like Hitler- she fools everybody and projects herself into her political rivals and she’s an unbelievable liar. Unlike, during Hitlers time, today we have videos and the Internet and we can research anything. I hope Bernie Sanders wins and beats Hillary or runs independent but he doesn’t, the only other non establishment candidate is DT and with his flaws– he’s still MUCH better then Hillary.

  213. Jim Stoner says:

    So if we end up with a Republican government it will be the people that voted Democrat that gave it to us?
    Liberals always vote liberal. Conservatives always vote conservative. When we end up with a conservative government, the Independents put them in power. Not the liberals. It will be the same this time.

  214. Truffles says:

    So many comments just proves how ignorant americans are when it comes to political parties that are not names Democrat and Republican. Ya’ll really think that social democrats are any better than Democrats and Republicans? You think that they will parade the streets and throw honey and milk and gold and goodwill? LOL

  215. Truffles says:

    Eh, my grandfather was taken by nazis and was imprisoned and forced into labor. He was tortured, he was beaten, he was starved… so no I would never embrace Hitler incarnate. But you go ahead. While you are at it, start practicing salute, many of Trumpletes are already doing it you might as well start. Remember, practice makes perfect.

  216. Sun says:

    Whatever. Vote for who you want. This is a democracy so I don’t have to go with your cult. Have a great life.

  217. JusticeB says:

    I didn’t defend Hillary so…no.

  218. Gretchen says:

    Labels are meaningless if there is no substance or integrity.

  219. Sun says:

    Sigh! Okay. Whatever you want. Really. So you are telling me after being all my life a democrat to just go with someone as Bernie from where the hell he was in the last 20 years and now I hear all this promises, are you fucking kidding me! I have never been an independent I thought he run with the democratic party to have a chance and he is not having it and you expect me to go and vote Stein? No fuck way. I vote Blue no matter what. That is the difference with you and the rest. WE have said we vote blue hiim or her Traitor!

  220. troy weatherford says:

    If all the Bernie supporters most independents voted green. Then we would not have to either corrupt disgusting party

  221. troy weatherford says:

    So true

  222. troy weatherford says:

    Why would u vote blue rather than someone you agree with. I would vote Stein over Clinton. We have our reasons for not voting Democratic if he loses

  223. troy weatherford says:

    Maybe we should have a three party system and if Bernie loses I would vote green party or write him in and he has a reason to attack the Democratic party it’s corrupt…he helped the Democrat party by bringing in millions of new voters… And socialism is when everything is owned by the government whilst Democratic socialism is capitalism with socialist policies

  224. Sun says:

    You are so full of crap.

  225. Sun says:

    Please Gretchen.

  226. Sun says:

    I think the same. If you get the information where to dig up a nuclear shelter let me know.

  227. Sun says:


  228. Gretchen says:

    You defending Hillary is the “nuttiest” thing in these comments.

  229. Gretchen says:

    Watch the video and research everything on it and I guarantee you would embrace Trump If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination he deserves- there is no choice. Don’t vote at all- but never vote for Hillary.

  230. Sun says:

    I’m done with googling. Okay!! And whatever, I vote for who I want. Agree to disagree. Have not drink too much of the kool aid.

  231. Gretchen says:

    Blame Hillary and the establishment democrats and demand a decent human being for a candidate.

  232. Gretchen says:

    Bernie knows no one is worse then Hillary. It takes twenty minutes to understand their comments. If you have trouble believimg it like I did, Google each thing or look them up on Wikipedia. (You will find there are 40-100 sources on each one) watch the video and look them up.

  233. JusticeB says:

    I’m not trashing her looks. However, she just made me REALLY not want to vote for Bernie in June. If she and the more fanatical followers of Bernie would just knock off the hysterical ranting I might have voted for him because I was on the fence. I’ve come to dislike him and all of you so much because of the wild eyed fanaticism worthy of the right wing Christian Taliban that I don’t think I could ever vote for him now. You come off like nuts and you’re making him look like a nut too.

  234. JusticeB says:

    Hitler is so much better than Hillary, right Charles?

  235. JusticeB says:

    As a white woman of Judeo-Christian background tho I don’t practice, I’m not going to take the risk for people of color and for Muslims that maybe Donald Trump won’t follow up on his implication that he will persecute them when he’s in office.

  236. JusticeB says:

    Do you criticize pro-Bern opinion pieces for being biased or is it only people who don’t love Bern who aren’t allowed to express their opinion without being called biased?

  237. David Martin says:

    So the reason Sander’s supporters won’t vote for Hillary surely is because Sander planned it that way and not the dripping arrogance and infuriating condescending attitude of “democrats” like the author of this post? Maybe we are just tired of the establishment liberal bubble.

  238. Jim Stoner says:

    “Obama wasn’t horror show criminal lying corporate-bought warmonger…” There isn’t a conservative alive that could have said it better.
    So Hillary alone is far more corrupt than the party that lied us into a war, gave us racist voter ID laws, discrimination by legislation and so on is she? BS.
    Did you know that Hillary and Bernie’s voting record over the years are almost identical?
    Maybe if Bernie supporters give the White House back to the conservatives they can finally repeal the ACA. Then you guys will have shown us how progress is accomplished won’t you?

  239. Jim Stoner says:

    That’s why I am feeling Bern and voting for progress right down the ticket. Go GOP!!!
    The next 3 Supreme Court Justices in a row will be conservatives.
    More Voter suppression.
    More discrimination by legislation.
    More money in politics.
    I agree. The only way we progress is to throw the left under the bus in favor of conservatism.

  240. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Obama wasnt a horror show criminal lying corporate-bought warmonger with a history of corruption so bad that she lost her legal right to practice law for being too dishonest and unethical. Nor did he slut shame his partners rape victims. Or sell chemical weapons to dictators that used them against protestors, but only the dictators that donated to the Clinton foundation. I seriously dont think there is enough time in a day to detail all of the scandelous and corrupt situations that Clinton has been involved in. You think Trump will just politely let all those skeletons rest? You might not be swayed by learning of her evil, but I sure was, and I’m not alone. If such things can sway a liberal democrat like me, just think how the general public will see it when it’s presented by Trump. Clinton hasnt even been attacked by republicans yet and she is already losing a ton of support from people in her own party. This election cycle is going to be demeaning, demoralizing, and degrading.

  241. Jim Stoner says:

    Do you remember all of the Hillary people refusing to vote for Obama so the Republicans won that election?

  242. Jim Stoner says:

    The Republicans are not the plutocratic oligarchs all of a sudden? What the hell is going on? How did we suddenly find ourselves in an America that is certain the only way for progressives to move forward is by destroying the left and supporting conservatism?

  243. Truffles says:

    So what you are saying is, you want Trump for president. Red all the way! Well okay. Hey does anyone here know what is a good ground to dig up a nuclear shelter? I have a feeling that Sanderlines and Trumpettes want to give the codes to USA nuclear arsenal to Trump.

  244. Moderator4 says:

    Stop posting the same comment more than once. Your others were deleted. If you do this again, you will be banned.

  245. Moderator4 says:

    Your duplicate comment was deleted.

  246. Bam Bam Art says:

    Another BAM rant:
    Many progressives are refusing to vote for Hillary.
    It’s not biting off your nose to spite your face, it’s looking down the road at future elections and at the future of the Democratic Party. . . . do we give Clinton a pass as a “lesser of two evils,” voting for her, as a way to vote “against Trump,” or do we excise this cancerous corporatist nose, to save the rest of our Democratic face, our party’s future, our liberal soul, and our planet’s life? We choose to remove this malignant lesion and teach the Democratic leadership the hard learned lesson, that we want real liberals, not conservatives and scandalous sell outs, and if we don’t get that from the DNC, we’ll write in Sanders or we’ll vote Green party (Stein). We’re not spitefully biting off our nose . . . we, the brave progressives, are subjecting our party to chemotherapy and radiation, to kill the cancer growing inside of it.
    We’re not going to vote for Trump to “spite” Hillary and we won’t stay home out of apathy, we’ll vote “FOR someone”, we won’t vote “against someone” by voting “the lesser of two evils” like we’ve been told to do for the last 30 years. . . . we’ve finally wised up, voting for a lesser evil doesn’t work, it allows big money to push the Democratic Party further to the right and lets the Republican Party drift even further. It teaches the DNC leadership that as long as their sellout candidate is left of whomever the GOP is running, they can still win. In essence, it’s teaching the Democrat leadership that they can serve their corporate masters 95% of the time and pay the people some mind 5% of the time, and as long as that’s 4% more than the GOP does, come election time, everything will be fine. This paradigm is only a win for the plutocratic corporatocracy and “We the people” just keep losing. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Doing it again would be the very epitome of insanity. Don’t vote for ANY evil, vote for good. “But Bryan,” you may say, “that strategy will ensure that Donald Trump is our next president.” That well may be. If the DNC loses the presidency because a large enough margin of normally Democrat voters opt to write in Bernie Sanders or to vote for Jill Stein or someone similar, you can bet your ass that the next time the DNC puts up a candidate, it’s going to be someone a hell of a lot to the left of Hillary Clinton. Parties can and do change . . . remember the GOP was the party of Lincoln, the party of abolition. . . Remember when the GOP was the party of Teddy Roosevelt and the Fair Deal? And remember later still when Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican party and started his own party (the Progressives) as his beloved party became a corrupt shell of its radical past? That’s right, Theodore Roosevelt ran for president, independently, against his own former party. Remember when the Democratic party was the party of racist whites and pro-slavery, of Andrew Jackson and Indian removal? Well, the Democratic party has been going in the wrong direction again for a long time now, it either needs to cease to exist or it needs to turn in the right direction, or to the left directon rather. If the Democrats need to lose a presidential election for the Democratic Leadership to learn that, then it’s a sacrifice we brave progressives are willing to make, not a spite we aim to take. #feelthebern #greenparty #jillstein #berniesanders #neverhillary #releasethetranscripts

  247. Bam Bam Art says:

    That’s Dr. Sanders to you.

  248. Bam Bam Art says:

    Another BAM rant:
    Many progressives are refusing to vote for Hillary.
    It’s not biting off your nose to spite your face, it’s looking down the road at future elections and at the future of the Democratic Party. . . . do we give Clinton a pass as a “lesser of two evils,” voting for her, as a way to vote “against Trump,” or do we excise this cancerous corporatist nose, to save the rest of our Democratic face, our party’s future, our liberal soul, and our planet’s life? We choose to remove this malignant lesion and teach the Democratic leadership the hard learned lesson, that we want real liberals, not conservatives and scandalous sell outs, and if we don’t get that from the DNC, we’ll write in Sanders or we’ll vote Green party (Stein). We’re not spitefully biting off our nose . . . we, the brave progressives, are subjecting our party to chemotherapy and radiation, to kill the cancer growing inside of it.
    We’re not going to vote for Trump to “spite” Hillary and we won’t stay home out of apathy, we’ll vote “FOR someone”, we won’t vote “against someone” by voting “the lesser of two evils” like we’ve been told to do for the last 30 years. . . . we’ve finally wised up, voting for a lesser evil doesn’t work, it allows big money to push the Democratic Party further to the right and lets the Republican Party drift even further. It teaches the DNC leadership that as long as their sellout candidate is left of whomever the GOP is running, they can still win. In essence, it’s teaching the Democrat leadership that they can serve their corporate masters 95% of the time and pay the people some mind 5% of the time, and as long as that’s 4% more than the GOP does, come election time, everything will be fine. This paradigm is only a win for the plutocratic corporatocracy and “We the people” just keep losing. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Doing it again would be the very epitome of insanity. Don’t vote for ANY evil, vote for good. “But Bryan,” you may say, “that strategy will ensure that Donald Trump is our next president.” That well may be. If the DNC loses the presidency because a large enough margin of normally Democrat voters opt to write in Bernie Sanders or to vote for Jill Stein or someone similar, you can bet your ass that the next time the DNC puts up a candidate, it’s going to be someone a hell of a lot to the left of Hillary Clinton. Parties can and do change . . . remember the GOP was the party of Lincoln, the party of abolition. . . Remember when the GOP was the party of Teddy Roosevelt and the Fair Deal? And remember later still when Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican party and started his own party (the Progressives) as his beloved party became a corrupt shell of its radical past? That’s right, Theodore Roosevelt ran for president, independently, against his own former party. Remember when the Democratic party was the party of racist whites and pro-slavery, of Andrew Jackson and Indian removal? Well, the Democratic party has been going in the wrong direction again for a long time now, it either needs to cease to exist or it needs to turn in the right direction, or to the left directon rather. If the Democrats need to lose a presidential election for the Democratic Leadership to learn that, then it’s a sacrifice we brave progressives are willing to make, not a spite we aim to take. #feelthebern #greenparty #jillstein #berniesanders #neverhillary #releasethetranscripts

  249. Bam Bam Art says:

    Another BAM rant:
    Many progressives are refusing to vote for Hillary.
    It’s not biting off your nose to spite your face, it’s looking down the road at future elections and at the future of the Democratic Party. . . . do we give Clinton a pass as a “lesser of two evils,” voting for her, as a way to vote “against Trump,” or do we excise this cancerous corporatist nose, to save the rest of our Democratic face, our party’s future, our liberal soul, and our planet’s life? We choose to remove this malignant lesion and teach the Democratic leadership the hard learned lesson, that we want real liberals, not conservatives and scandalous sell outs, and if we don’t get that from the DNC, we’ll write in Sanders or we’ll vote Green party (Stein). We’re not spitefully biting off our nose . . . we, the brave progressives, are subjecting our party to chemotherapy and radiation, to kill the cancer growing inside of it.
    We’re not going to vote for Trump to “spite” Hillary and we won’t stay home out of apathy, we’ll vote “FOR someone”, we won’t vote “against someone” by voting “the lesser of two evils” like we’ve been told to do for the last 30 years. . . . we’ve finally wised up, voting for a lesser evil doesn’t work, it allows big money to push the Democratic Party further to the right and lets the Republican Party drift even further. It teaches the DNC leadership that as long as their sellout candidate is left of whomever the GOP is running, they can still win. In essence, it’s teaching the Democrat leadership that they can serve their corporate masters 95% of the time and pay the people some mind 5% of the time, and as long as that’s 4% more than the GOP does, come election time, everything will be fine. This paradigm is only a win for the plutocratic corporatocracy and “We the people” just keep losing. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Doing it again would be the very epitome of insanity. Don’t vote for ANY evil, vote for good. “But Bryan,” you may say, “that strategy will ensure that Donald Trump is our next president.” That well may be. If the DNC loses the presidency because a large enough margin of normally Democrat voters opt to write in Bernie Sanders or to vote for Jill Stein or someone similar, you can bet your ass that the next time the DNC puts up a candidate, it’s going to be someone a hell of a lot to the left of Hillary Clinton. Parties can and do change . . . remember the GOP was the party of Lincoln, the party of abolition. . . Remember when the GOP was the party of Teddy Roosevelt and the Fair Deal? And remember later still when Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican party and started his own party (the Progressives) as his beloved party became a corrupt shell of its radical past? That’s right, Theodore Roosevelt ran for president, independently, against his own former party. Remember when the Democratic party was the party of racist whites and pro-slavery, of Andrew Jackson and Indian removal? Well, the Democratic party has been going in the wrong direction again for a long time now, it either needs to cease to exist or it needs to turn in the right direction, or to the left directon rather. If the Democrats need to lose a presidential election for the Democratic Leadership to learn that, then it’s a sacrifice we brave progressives are willing to make, not a spite we aim to take. #feelthebern #greenparty #jillstein #berniesanders #neverhillary #releasethetranscripts

  250. John says:

    I know Trump talks to you people with the vocabulary of a fifth grader but sound out the words and you can do it. Also post something relevant. Dude.

  251. sandersdogman says:

    And you gave us Bush and 5000 dead Americans in Iraq. Thanks pal.

  252. Sun says:

    Agreed! That is why I don’t get it with them. They prefer to sink everyone!

  253. Sun says:

    So you are a Republican?

  254. Sun says:

    So you are a Republican then.

  255. Sun says:

    The hypocrisy of this people is outstanding. I just don’t understand. I did have at some point believe in him that he was running for the party and the good for the party, but now that he is not winning he prefer to give the election to Trump than to see a Democrat president in the White House. Never again I will trust this liar and bitter old man. So he wants us to suffer after he promises all his goodies.

  256. Charles Joseph says:

    It’s her turn AND she has a vajayjay. Vajayjay 2016!

  257. Charles Joseph says:

    Oh the drama of the hillary feminazis. Lesbihonest, why do you really want Shillary?

  258. Charles Joseph says:

    It’s sad that everybody can’t see Hillary for the plutocratic corporatist oligarch that she is. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Wall Street and maintaining the status quo.

  259. Charles Joseph says:

    Yes, it’s worth it! No Bernie? Trump you! America is a big turd, flush it down with a vote for Donald Trump.

  260. Charles Joseph says:

    Gore was a punk. He wanted to maintain the status quo. He did not want to shake the boat. I’m glad he was never our president.

  261. Charles Joseph says:

    Bernie pulled a lot of independents over to his side. Independents will NOT vote Hillary. I can’t wait to watch Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. If I have to endure another 4 years of Bill and Hillary in the news, I will be miserable. Retire those plutocratic oligarchs from the public eye. I’m beyond over them and their obnoxious politicking.

  262. Charles Joseph says:

    Dude, proofread, then post.

  263. John says:

    Your arrogance and sense of entitlement are exactly what alienates independent voters from your candidate. We owe you nothing. When she loses it will be because of her appalling voting record, her endless stream of scandals and because 57% of the country thinks she is dishonest and trustworthy. Deal with it.

  264. Pamela Cook says:

    Bernie and the Black vote:

  265. Cliff Smith says:

    Spoken like a true corporate shill. Nobody is sabotaging Hillary, but if she doesn’t have enough support to win because of her lack of integrity and because the platform she is running on does not appeal to enough people, that’s not Bernie’s wife’s fault. For most of us voting for Bernie, the Democrats are really not much differnet from the Republicans. Both serve the same coporate masters. Both exploit the populus, while pretending they are trying to solve problems. They always blame the other party for the havoc they wreak and never take responsibility for their own failures or
    when things don’t pan out as promised. Taking responsibility is something a career politician will rarely do. But then again, solving problems is not their objective. Thier objective is to divide.

    They’ve been playing this game for a long time and the “sheeple” are by and large to ignorant to catch on. Divide and conquer is the goal of the two pary system. Keep the people fighting each other so that the real problems of the nation and their solutions never come to light and never get solved. Bernie’s people tend to see through this subterfuge and want real change. Why would they vote for the Democratic establishment?. Nothing significant will change with the Democrats because like the Republicans, they will only answer to the billionaire clasa that put them in power. The DNC obviously just doesn’t get it. Not voting for Hillary has nothing to do with Bernie. Bernie people are not interested in supporting the establishment. They want to bring it down. Serve them a Revolution and they will back you, but it has to be real and not just lip service. People are waking up now and they are tired of all the BS. This Revolution is going to continue with or without Bernie and with or without the Democratic Party until money is out of politics and we have our country back and out of the hands of the rich and corrupt. This Revolution will not end with Bernie. It is only just beginning. The Genie has been let out of the bottle and now no one can put the Genie back.

  266. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Remember when Hillary stayed in the race til the bitter end just in case Obama was assassinated? PUMA – party unity my … Was formed by her crowd to protest the convention. And the Clinton campaign was the origin of the whole birther movement, talk about damaging your opponant in a primary. No wonder she’s so terrified of Bernie, she is afraid he might be as mean spiteful vengeful and vile as Hillary is herself.

  267. Jack Meov says:

    Gore was trying to use the Bobbi Fielder method – use targeted recounts and then declare victory if he ever got ahead. All irrelevant, because the state legislature was having none of it and was in the process of exercising its constitutional authority to directly choose the Electors. Even if the SCOTUS had tried to stop that, it would have been up to Congress to select which slate of Electors. If they disagreed, by law the tie-breaker would have been the governor of the state. Whom would Jeb have supported?

  268. whirlaway says:

    That is their only selling point. “We are not as crazy as those guys”. I have had it with that.

  269. whirlaway says:

    Actually it is the “most liberal senator” tag that is unadulterated GOP nonsense. They use it against anybody who runs on the Democratic ticket – be it Obama or Kerry or Clinton.

  270. jesusandthepirates says:

    Whoa. Another hillbot who thinks whatever the party orders you to do is good for america, so shut up, swallow any sense of morality you might have, and vote for WHO WE TELL YOU TO! And remember: hill might be a corporate product, for sale to the highest bidder, but she’s OUR CORPORATE PRODUCT GODDAMMIT!

  271. jesusandthepirates says:

    Anyone who thinks Bernie supporters will swallow their instinctive revulsion and automatically vote for cthulhu clinton is not paying attention

  272. jesusandthepirates says:

    Dont think Sanders eould be easier to beat. All polls say he’d be HARDER

  273. jesusandthepirates says:

    Really? How is Sanders corrupt?

  274. jesusandthepirates says:

    Really? You think Trump is worse than CHENEY?! And his little butt-boy? Take a look back at the cheney years. No. 1, trump wont even have the SUPPORT of repubs, who hate him almost as much as the black guy. Okay, maybe not as much as hillary, but even satan cones in 2nd to hillary..

  275. T112598 says:

    Sorry, but the proposal of voting for the GOP or supporting them in any way, whether it be writing-in, not voting, or voting for them directly, should be completely out of the question for anyone that considers them self a democrat, progressive or liberal.
    If you really stood for what you say you do then you would agree.

  276. jesusandthepirates says:

    Doesn’t sound like a child holding its breath to me. Sounds like a realistic response to the DNC’s failed lunacy.

  277. jesusandthepirates says:

    But hillary will unite the country?! I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy…

  278. jesusandthepirates says:

    Um..what accomplishments? Voting for the war. Her Libya play? Or maybe her ‘Russia reset?’ How’s that one working out? Oh, yes, her health plan–another great accomplishment..

  279. jesusandthepirates says:

    They lost because people like you (My party, UBER ALLES), can be counted on to vote for any pathetic loser the DNC decides to shove down your throat.

  280. T112598 says:

    So you’re the perfect democrat and anyone with even the slightest difference in beliefs is a centrist illiberal and should be viewed as an enemy to the party (or at least progressive liberals) even more so than the GOP?
    Come on…Bernie and and HRC voted the same way 93% of the time while in the Senate together.
    Your comments show that you’re more fixated on vilifying and beating HRC then you are on the actual issues.
    There’s no room for that when facing the real consequences of the GOP taking over the WH while having majorities in the Senate and House as well as their pick of the new Supreme Court Justice. We on the left are sure to lose considerable ground if that occurs.
    Vote for the nominee regardless. .

  281. jesusandthepirates says:

    The nat org of women were the ones who made up a sudden rule that a candidate had to poll15% to participate in the 2000 debates, eliminating Nader and Buchanan. Anyone who doesnt think those 2 would have destroyed bush and gore and turned the election upside down is dodging reality.

  282. jesusandthepirates says:

    Rand paul was THE anti’war candidate. That’s why many dems (not just Nader) supported him. Bernie is the other anti-war candidate. Hillary has never seen a war she didnt like.

  283. jesusandthepirates says:

    If hillary is the nominee, the majority that distrusts her slimy ways will probably be less enthusiastic about people riding her coattails than they would for Berine…hence, a less democratic congress, to go along with her neocon tendencies

  284. jesusandthepirates says:

    Bobby was cohen’s right hand man during the mccarthy BS. When jfk stood up for MLKing when he was in jail, bobby went ballistic, thought they’d lost the election. Of course, getting the black vote WON him the election. Bobby was no liberal, until Eugene McCarthy started winning primaries in ’68, as an anti-war candidate, and he saw whichway the wind was blowing.

  285. jesusandthepirates says:

    Well, the fact that a huge majority of independents voted for Bernie over Hillary. They didnt seem to mind his being a socialist.

  286. jesusandthepirates says:

    Bernie has predicted the outcome of that war and others, and has been remarkably accurate. When he gave a speech about the probable consequences, both parties laughed at him and walked out. So, yeah, i DONT forgive her for voting for that ridiculous war.

  287. jesusandthepirates says:

    Uh-huh. Except in little things like WAR. did she and Bernie vote the same on that little issue? Uh…no.

  288. jesusandthepirates says:

    The DNC always counts on people to ‘get over it,’ and vote for THEIR choice’–after they screw the real democrat in the race (see Nader, H Dean, etc), and put in the corporate shill (see gore, hillary, etc), but this time people are finally fed up, recognize the little plan, and refuse to go along. If it results in a repub, maybe the DNC will change their arrogant strategy.

  289. jesusandthepirates says:

    How stupid are the godzillary chumps to assume,after 50 years of lying, money-grubbing and and (according to the secret service memoir) domestic violence, that she’s now a warm, fuzzy human dedicated to the betterment of the human condition!?

  290. jesusandthepirates says:

    Haha; keep dreaming. Hillary only cares about stuffing her ass with money and periodically beating the shit out of her hubby

  291. jesusandthepirates says:

    All Godzillery has to do to stop Sanders from implying she’s on Sach’s side is LET THE SPEECHES COME OUT. If she’s not their bumboy, it’ll show, correct?

  292. Di says:

    To John:
    What a biased article.. Hillary would be proud and CNN.

  293. Di says:

    CNN is already trying to embrace Sanders supporters for Hillary while at the same time criticizing them. What difference will it make the powers that be will put in whoever they please and there will no trace on those hack-able machines.

  294. Di says:

    So much election fraud that this is ending my career as a voter unless the nation returns to paper ballots.

  295. Di says:

    did some research on obamacare…is in fact a republican plan and was endorsed by obama. LOL

  296. Di says:

    I dont think it makes a damn bit of difference…been here awhile and closer to the end than the finish and can say with much conviction that there is election fraud and it is massive. The next president has most likely already been chosen and has been for some time and he will not be in charge.

  297. Di says:

    I refuse to hold my nose and vote for someone who will not overturn citizens united, a monsanto advocate, voted for all the trade deals that have ruined this country, will not reinstate glass close…also a war monger.

  298. Di says:

    Hillary will not reinstate Glass Steagall which puts our country in the pre depression era of the 1930’s, will not overturn Citizens United because she benefits from it, she favors monsanto and their gmo’s and the research shows we are eating poisonous glyphosates in most of our foods, good way to control the population is with food and water…everyone I know is sick these days…don’t like these chemtrails either that are everywhere some days. Sick of the lies and being told I am not seeing what I am seeing and am a conspiracy theorist. The 1 percent likes to use these 2 words when one is starting to become a critical thinker. Bernie is not in favor of Monsanto and GMO’s and am sure he knows of the chemtrails also. Bernie is very scary for the 1 percent and he was not expected and will be eliminated but hopefully it will not be like JFK who was getting ready to return the nation to the gold standard, end the war in Vietnam, and made a speech on secret societies…gosh he should have seen it coming.

  299. Di says:

    If the media wants the citizens to believe something they give all kinds of little mind sparks of what they want to happen and in most cases it works. Some of the folks on CNN remind me of robots. Especially the middle age little fellow who would go to his grave for HC and of course his masters.

  300. Di says:

    This is my last time to vote…am up in years anyway…the election fraud in this country has reached a massive level and without a paper trail which is not in my state or paper ballots this is ending my voting. My gut instinct is that the next president has already been chosen and has been for some time now.

  301. Di says:

    Al Gore was in fact winning and the supreme court appointed Bush the president.

  302. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I thought the SCOTUS caused Al Gore to lose to George Bush.

  303. Phillip Wexler says:

    Ralph Nader caused Al Gore to loose to George Bush. I guess Al Gore wasn’t pure enough in the eyes if Nader and all his supporters. Just today I realized that Ralph Nader Kept the future Climate Change Guru out of the white house! How many Bernie Sanders voters were Nader supporters ?
    How many Sanders supporters don’t support HRC because she is not pure enough? is it worth having Donald Trump in the white house?

  304. Gloria Morisaki says:

    I am (or will have been ) a life long democrat and proud of it. HOWEVER, LAST YEAR I wrote the DNC and told them I would never vote for Hillary and I wanted them to stop pushing the clinton agenda down the throats of respectable democrats.
    My stance is the same, I will not vote for Hillary. and I will vote for Bernie should he run as an Independent.and goodbye Democrat Party….

  305. Scott Root says:

    It’s good to hear that there are people that will stick to their principles rather than throw their vote behind the lesser of two evils – not sure which one that is though.

  306. jesusandthepirates says:

    So, the fact that the DNC has stacked the deck in favor of their corporate shill should have no bearing on how one should vote? Just shut up, get in line and vote for who we tell you to vote for? Screw hillary. The fact that 25% of repubs say they’ll vote for hillary over trump should tell you something–that she’s more of a republican than trump is!

  307. ParadeOfFools says:

    Lunch lady? I thought Bernie’s supporters were supposed to be the sexists, but all I see is Hillary supporters trashing Jane’s looks. Jane is beautiful and intelligent. As if any of that mattered because she is a freaking doctor. Feminism is more than putting one woman in power. It is empowering all people, especially women like Jane Sanders who have historically been discounted based on callous and superficial beauty standards. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a lunch lady, so shove it Maggie.

  308. Axel says:

    Oh Shillary!

  309. Kansachusetts says:

    In which John Aravosis continues his campaign to out-troll the Bernie Bros on behalf of Hillary.

  310. Allie says:

    Don’t be fooled. She’s not a lunch lady She’s a hypocrite, and a wealthy one at that. From 2004 to 2011 she was President of Burlington College, a small private degree-granting institution.
    She earned more than $160K a year, plus benefits, all funded by (gasp!) student loans, ie individual student debt that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy by the debtor, the predatory program that her husband is so eager to eliminate. In that part of the country, $160,000 plus the $174,000 her husband receives as a senator = serious money.
    Jane was fired from that job, with severance of $200K, for nearly destroying the college: under her leadership the college undertook a major project – purchasing a large tract of land from the local Archdiocese for $10 million to be a new campus – with repayment over time to be funded by tuition increases and a plan to enroll more tuition-paying students.
    Unfortunately for everyone involved, this project effectively bankrupted the college, which lost its accreditation for “failing to meet the accreditor’s standards regarding financial resources.” The college couldn’t attract enough new students to meet its budget projections, especially with the higher tuition that the plan required. So, instead of receiving its much-needed $10 million for the land it had already transferred to the college, the Archdiocese ended up taking a loss of more than $900,000. And instead of securing the College’s financial future while improving its academic reputation, ex-President Sanders dug a hole so deep that Burlington College may never recover; it’s been 5 years since she was asked to resign, and the college is still in serious trouble.

  311. ComradeRutherford says:

    I live 50 miles from Canadia…

  312. Kyle says:

    The deceptively monikered centrist faction of the Dem party, led by the Clintons, is the most dangerous enemy true progessive liberals face. They are wolves in threadbare sheeps clothing. Hillary’s positions do not evolve; they shift or reverse according to what is most politically expedient for her personally. To refer to me or Sanders supporters in general as “power hungry” with little interest and no real plan to implement progressive policies is absurd, especially because its a tried and true Hillary tactic to say one thing and then later claim she either didnt say it or meant something else entirely. While the likes of Cruz and co. are also liberals enemies, we at least know up front exactly what we’re dealing with and that helps us draw stark contrasts and strengthen our segment of the Democratic party. Centrist illiberals, however, are underhanded shapeshifters who claim to be Dems but behave and vote like Repubs with a few exceptions in terms of social policies. Their inherent phoniness and dishonesty makes them a more formidable, insidious element to overcome as long as they continue to falsely hold themselves out as progressive liberals.

  313. Have you seen her record ?????? The Clintons’ are very corrupt people. I used to call myself a democrat and thought I liked the Clintons back than, but than I started doing research on them and absolutely will not vote for her. So the voters are the biggest problem and who knows if there was any cheating behind the scenes. With all the money in politics anything can happen ! Hillary is saying what Bernie is saying now because that is what people want. But ,no way, she will implement Sanders strong message !Hillary doesn’t care about the environment. She is a huge supporter of Monsanto, which is making all of us sick, especially kids !!! Don’t give in to the Clintons. That is their whole plan. Some people think this election has already been written in stone for Hillary . And the delegate situation is nuts. It makes people not want to vote.Like I have said, I know so many people who will not vote for Hillary if she gets the nominee. Isn’t she under investigation ? And what about her secretive transcripts ? Don’t people care about honesty anymore ?? Apparently not ! So if Trump or Hillary gets in, my husband and I have discussed moving to Canada. If Bernie wins, we will stay!!! I refuse to give up on Bernie like the media has brainwashed some to do, but I still believe !!

  314. Mad Maggie says:

    Vermont. America’s “heartland.” LOL

  315. Mad Maggie says:

    Didn’t make the junior high debate squad, huh? Ad hominems rule!

  316. Mad Maggie says:

    Bernie abandoned New York 56 years ago…That makes him a very white Vermonter!

  317. Mad Maggie says:

    How about Dr. Paul Song?

  318. Mad Maggie says:

    Just get in line with Paul Song!

  319. Mad Maggie says:

    So the lunch lady wants to be Queen?

  320. ComradeRutherford says:

    Bernie beats everybody! I’m from Vermont, so I’ve been voting for Bernie for decades. I volunteered for him in NH in January. I even drove a disabled Marine to the polls to vote for Bernie.

    All I’m saying is that if Bernie is not the nominee in November, we have to remember that Hillary is *less* worse than the *other* Republicans. If my voting district is not going to obviously go the Hillary, I’ll vote for her.

    I haven’t voted for the Mainstream Democrat since 1992, when we were betrayed on every level by Bill Clinton. I vote every single election, but I vote for the Socialist, Greens or Progressives. I have always said I’ll vote Dem *IF* it might look like my district won’t go for the Dem automatically, and it never has yet. As I said previously protest voting doesn’t work if you lose to the far right…

  321. So now your for Bernie ?Confused am I ! Trump wins if you vote for Hillary. Bernie beats Trump ! I rest my case !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. T112598 says:

    Power hungry much?
    You make it sound like progressives are the scorned ugly duckling that never got asked to a school dance and are now plotting their revenge at the 20 year reunion.
    How about working to advance the actual ideals and beliefs of progressive liberals rather than worrying about recognition and validation of the movement itself?
    The left has spoken (for the most part) and they’re not ready to support a progressive liberal yet in the WH.
    I know the likely nominee is not your ideal candidate, but she’s the best chance you have to advance the progressive agenda for the next 4 years. If you really care about that agenda, you’d realize as much and vote accordingly instead of promoting a fantasy civil war or coup in an attempt to “rule” the dem party.
    The dem party has always been and will always be made up of people with varying degrees of left leaning values from moderate to extreme. Each end of the spectrum may duke it out during the primaries, but we come together for the general because we all have a common cause and we are stronger together than we are apart.
    We aren’t enemies but allies. The real enemy is far worse.

  323. I am all Bernie !!Every person I know, will NOT support Hillary if she gets the nomination. Remember Bernie is not out of this. The media is keeping him out of it and it is in the medias heads that Clinton is the nominee. I think the Hillary supporters had better switch to Bernie because we Bernie supporters will never budge. If you want an honest president in office who isn’t owned by toxic and corrupt corporations than vote and stand firm with Bernie !! Lets get this REVOLUTION going!!!!!

  324. ComradeRutherford says:

    Nope, sorry, protest votes don’t get the results you think you are going to get. All that happens is YOU LOSE.

    I agree with you here, This country has to come together for Bernie and get him in office

  325. And can you give me ONE reason you are voting for Hillary ????? And please don’t make this any worse by saying ” so we can have a first woman president”. That is the SAD reality of what is happening in this election. I hate to rattle your balls ,but Hillary could care less about what happens to you. Are you a millionaire or a CEO of some large corporation like Monsanto,?etc , Because if your not than your screwed, along with the rest of us. So my Great , intelligent advice is, vote for Bernie, the guy that does give a damn about you and the rest of us. And get your little followers to get on the Bernie train too!

  326. No way ! I f you vote for her , that just is giving in to the democratic party which is as corrupt as the republican party. Now if you truly give a damn about this revolution , Sanders is trying so hard to make happen, than you have to send a message to the democrats and their corrupt ways and not vote for Hillary. This is teaching kids that it’s just fine and dandy to put someone in office that is HUGE liar. What kind of message are we sending ?This country has to come together for Bernie and get him in office ! Screw Hillary !!

  327. I know , vote for Bernie ! All of you annoying , ignorant Hillary supporters. Give the honest man a chance. Vote for Bernie ,not the consistent liar. Than we can guarantee Trump will not get in ! Not only that but she is boring as heck. Now Sanders and Trump (2 real New Yorkers) that will be quite a show!

  328. Moderator3 says:

    To see who made an upvote, just hover your cursor over the upvote arrow. It seems scipiodreams80 was correct.

  329. Andrew says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Of note, he hated Hillary in 2007/8. What changed. I asked on Twitter and he blocked me. No pony!

  330. Busch says:

    My honest hope was that the GOP would somehow force Trump oit, he would run as third party, then Bernie would reconsider his promise and run as a 4th party, in which case I believe he would runaway with the Presidency.

    A long shot, I know.

  331. T112598 says:

    I think we’re closer than you think on Bernie. I agree that the numbers don’t lie…they’ve validated that a significant portion of dems want more than Republican lite in the next 4 yrs and that’s good because it will make HRC work, should she get the nomination and win the general. But the delegates don’t lie either and if HRC secures the nomination like it appears that she will do, then what? Bernie as third party, God forbid, will only split the votes on our side and serve up the election to the GOP, which hurts the entire left for the next 4-8 yrs.
    If we all get behind the nominee then we have a better chance of preserving the work that has already been accomplished. Otherwise we’re likely to lose the general and give up significant ground to the right.

  332. Busch says:

    You have a well thought out post, so I won’t attack anything you say, but I’ll just say we agree to disagree on the matter of Bernie. The sheer numbers supporting him tell me it’s time to consider his politics seriously.

    Also, the mainstream GOP does Support Cruz. While I agree he is too far right to sway the middle, judging from past candidates like Romney, that isn’t really a concern of the current ultra conservative GOP.
    Trump is not too controversial to sway the middle, however. At least, I don’t believe so. I actually think that he will beat Hillary in the general election. The Hillary supporters are closing their eyes to all the flaws and for some reason see her as bulletproof. Bernie has taken it easy on her running a classy campaign. Can you imagine the kind of ads Trump will run against her??? Throw in the fact that there is still a possibility of indictment and you’ve got a big road ahead of you.

    Here is another way I see it: The people who voted for Cruz will still most likely vote for Trump over Hillary, as most Republicans seem to hate her…a majority of the people who voted for Bernie also dislike her, so where is she going to get the votes?

  333. T112598 says:

    Mainstream GOP doesn’t really support Cruz or Trump b/c they’re both controversial and have little chance of swaying the undecided middle in the general.
    Unfortunately the DNC and many dems feel the same way about Bernie and on many levels, I agree. There is fear when proposed change is too radical.
    That said, I think Bernie’s campaign thus far has brought significant credibility to the progressive movement and ideals and has a real opportunity to positively influence the party’s agenda throughout the next 4-8 yrs should the Dems win in Nov.
    That’s why I don’t agree with the all or nothing stance of Bernie-or-Bust.
    Isn’t half of something better than all of nothing?
    IMO the real work begins for Progressive’s now and especially after the nomination is secured. Continue to use the leverage and attention garnered through Bernie’s campaign to keep Clinton honest throughout the General and to keep the progressive movement at the forefront.
    Following the election work like hell to get like-minded congressmen elected that will continue to put pressure on the DNC and WH (should Dems win) to move the national agenda to the left. If these things can be achieved, then its a whole different ball game in 8 yrs for progressives.
    Therefore, vote for the nominee on election day regardless as your agenda has a much better chance of advancing with her in the WH than it does with anyone from the other side.
    Don’t let Bernie’s campaign go to waste by giving power back to the GOP. Because if that happens the entirety of the left will spend much more time over the next 4-8 years fighting to keep what little we have already achieved. Wouldn’t that time be much better spent advancing the progressive agenda with HRC in the WH.

  334. emjayay says:

    With ten times the maximum comments and 100 times the comments of some AB posts, plus mostly names I’ve never seen before, I guess this was linked on or something. It’s sad really to see the cut off my nose to spite my face level of narcissism displayed here.

  335. Busch says:

    Delusions of grandeur is a common term associated with crazy folks who lie…

  336. Busch says:

    Lmao, do you really have such a fragile and self inflated ego that you can’t see why other people upvoted me and accused me of doing it myself? Talk about a lack of self awareness… I got upvoted because you are a tool and people saw it, mate.

    “gradually gave it away..”

    Doesn’t sound like someone with a strong finance background, does it? Hilarious.

  337. Stephen DeVoy says:

    The arrogance of Democrats, thinking they own our votes, betrays their disrespect for democracy.

  338. T112598 says:

    You’re going about this the wrong way. The frustration toward Hillary and the DNC is understood and appreciated, but why make the general election the Alamo for the progressive movement? Why not make it the starting point? You have a much better chance of advancing your agenda with a Dem in the WH than you do a Rep. Work to get more congressmen elected down the line that support your beliefs and then you can put real pressure on the DNC and the WH to push the national agenda to the left. If its really about issues and the cause (rather than sour grapes over your candidate not getting nominated), then what good comes from suppoting the GOP in the general(by staying home or directly voting for them)???
    Do you think the Libertarians will stay home or write-in on election day b/c Trump isn’t their perfect candidate? No b/c they know they can push their agenda further than ever before if they get a Rep in the WH while having majorities in the house and senate. They’re not caught up on the purity of their nominee as its of little importance.Their real power comes from like minded congressmen that can pressure the rest of the GOP to move the agenda further right.
    Progressives have the same opportunity with HRC in the WH, but they lose everything with the GOP taking over. Make sure your motive is clear when considering these radical actions. We dont have to burn it down to change it. A win-win is possible

  339. Busch says:

    If you truly think Trump is unintelligent we can stop this conversation right now, because you’re letting your moral and political views of him cloud your vision of who he actually is. I apparently know more about Trump than you do, since you see him as some sort of far right nut job.

    Why don’t you explain why his tax plan is far more progressive and beneficial to the middle class than Hillary’s “same old story” plan?

    Regardless, it’s kind of pointless to be so anti Trump if you support Hillary… After all, he spent years donating to her and being buddies.. Why do you think she was at his wedding? There won’t be much difference between them, with the exception that Hillary might throw us into an unnecessary war and cost more Americans their lives in addition to the fact she would be more beneficial to Wall Street than Trump would, as he is anti-establishment and she is a corporate candidate.

    I will say this: if Hillary actually released the transcripts of her speeches I would read them and open my mind to the possibility of giving her a vote, depending on what they contained. However, if she won’t, it’s fairly obvious she is hiding what she said for a reason and I will never vote for her.

  340. Busch says:

    No, I’m not. You are a naive fool, if you believe everything you just wrote, however. Here’s why: Yes, Trump has said some incredibly stupid things. He has also admitted he says those thingd just to rile up the voters and get free press. Guess what? It’s working flawlessly. If you think Trump really thinks he will get Mexico to build a wall, or that he truly gives a shit about Mexicans or any other racial group, you’re as naive and foolish as the people who vote for him for those reasons. It’s called lying and pandering. Hillary does it all the time when she suddenly flip flops and “evolves” on a subject because Bernie “pushed” her. It’s merely to get votes. Think about it like this: once he gets the nomination, even if he never mentions Mexico, a wall, or Muslims again, do you think ANY of the people who voted for him in the primaries are going to switch to Hillary?

    Trump is more of a Democrat than a Republican, whether or not you believe it or care to research his history. He has maintained in the past he even supports single payer universal Healthcare. He also stated how important planned parenthood was. There is a reason the GOP is fighting tooth and nail to get him out… Did you ever stop and think about that?

    Regardless, I would rather choose someone lying to a bunch of dim witted tea partners than a person lying to a bunch of Democrats when she is actually a Warhawk Republican.

    You can do as you like, but you sound unintelligent spouting off the way you have, so maybe stop and think a little before your next post.

  341. Ninja0980 says:

    You are arguing with people that are no different then the far right folks.
    It’s a waste of breath, it truly is.

  342. Ninja0980 says:

    And 30-40 years of a far right Republican Supreme Court that will gladly turn the clock back on any of your progressive ideas.

  343. ohioan says:

    Well she’s got the Koch brothers behind her now – so that ought to make you proud.

  344. ohioan says:

    And what will you be complicit in? How about the deaths of Palestinians funded by American dollars. Your candidate of choice has promised Israel all the bombs and bullets they need … is that now on you too?

  345. Kyle says:

    Well, Ive read and heard a few wildly inaccurate, disingenuous insults hurled at Sanders (mostly from Shills for Corrupt Clinton) but “fake” and “in it for himself” havent been among them until now. Thats how utterly ridiculous your claims are. If Sanders were in politics or this election for personal gain then what’s one to make of his life spent fighting for the underdog, sticking to unpopular yet deeply held convictions and refusal to curry favor with the deep pockets of corporations and the rich? See, JMack, you continue to see things ass backwards. It is Hillary Clinton who is the very embodiment of fake and in it for herself. It is she who lies and shape-shifts effortlessly and frequently. It is Clinton and her super pacs who gladly suck up millions of dollars from Wall St, huge corporations and obscenely wealthy individuals. If Clinton is your definition of a candidate who is genuine and honest, one who has dedicated her life to serving the people as opposed to pursuing her own self-aggrandizement, then I crown you King of Bizarro World, where everything is the opposite of what it should be. A world where modesty and humility make one a self serving fake, and avarice and underhandedness make one, well, the Democratic nominee for president apparently.

  346. Mondovibe says:

    Oh, the drama of Jane’s threat;D “So we will keep people, whether Bernie’s the nominee or Hillary’s
    the nominee, we will keep people focused on issues that are important.” Jane Sanders

  347. T112598 says:

    When in the senate, she voted the same as Bernie 93% of the time….that’s fact. Thats far from Republican.
    If you’re willing to risk sacrificing all that has been defended by Dems and liberals in the last 3-4 decades b/c you don’t like the nominee, then roll the dice on voting third party or write-in or sitting on the sidelines. The risk to the country is too great IMO though. I like Bernie and side with him on most issues, but I don’t see how anyone that calls themself a liberal or progressive doesn’t vote for the nominee when it comes down to decision time considering SCOTUS.

  348. J MacK says:

    His doesn’t help down ballot Democrats. He’s in it for Bernie. And he doesn’t take fees for speeches because no one wanted to hear him and it’s illegal for members of Congress to do so

  349. J MacK says:

    As I said her whole adult life Hillary has been a Democrat…Bernie has been a Democrat for a year when he decided to run for President. Bernie lost the nomination because he’s a fake and is only in it for himself, he hasn’t helped Democrats.

  350. Busch says:

    I, too, have not heard a single Sanders supporter say this, outside of a couple posts on Disqus that merely claim to be from Sanders supporters.

  351. agentlemuse says:

    I am sure some Sanders supporters will not vote for Hillary but my guess is they would have never done so one way or the other. According to recent polling most will especially when faced with the prospect of Donald Trump. As a matter of fact polling indicates that 25% of Republicans will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee….She will be our next president and I have no doubt.

  352. Busch says:

    I wonder what the parents of fallen soldiers would say to that after one of her wars..

  353. Mondovibe says:

    Keep the eye focused on the prize…Socio Eco Economic Justice Issues are winning! “In the Post interview, Jane Sanders made it clear that her husband’s
    supporters won’t simply fall in line with the Clinton campaign….”So we will keep people, whether Bernie’s the nominee or Hillary’s
    the nominee, we will keep people focused on issues that are important.”

  354. Cha Cha DiGregorio says:

    The Paris Agreement is a kabuki show – if the TPP passes during a lame-duck session, corporations can and will sue every environmentally-friendly law that cuts into their profits out of existence.

  355. Moderator3 says:

    In Belgium?

  356. Bill_Perdue says:

    Between 2013 and April 2015, Clinton was paid $21.7 million in fees for 92 speeches that she delivered to various Wall Street firms, major corporations, and trade associations. During a Democratic presidential debate on February 4, Clinton was asked if she would release the transcripts of all her paid speeches. She furtively responded, “I will look into it. I don’t know the status, but I will certainly look into it.”

  357. Michelle Xavier says:

    Sanders supporter here. Will absolutely NOT vote for Clinton. I don’t know where these polls come from, that ‘most’ Sanders supporters will vote for her, but this is certainly not what I’m hearing from anyone I know.

  358. Marion the Librarian says:

    The biggest reason I cannot vote for her: she wants a Syrian no-fly zone. My anti-Hillary vote will be due to her own warhawk record and stances, which are not Bernie Sanders’ responsibility.

    If the DNC and media continue propping up Hillary, voters will have to guess which general-election candidate would produce the smaller body count. Voters should be disgusted with the DNC and RNC for putting us in this position.

  359. Kyle says:

    Try again J Mack. Hillary started out as a committed Young Republican. Bernie has supported down ticket Dems. Its just that he doesnt have the $$$ from banks, corporations and filthy rich donors that Hillary has – he can’t draw so easily from rich people living in say, Texas, to support local candidates running in Vermont. Is this the way we want our democracy to run? On the basis of who can raise the most money? No, we want big bucks OUT of our voting process. So, yes, in terms of money given by the wealthiest among us, Hillary can more easily “help” get down ticket candidates elected. Bernie can and has truly help by showing up, endorsing and writing letters of support. Ill take Bernies way of helping any day over Hillary’s because his is in keeping with true democracy.

  360. doug dash says:

    You must not be bothered by the fact that he insults Muslims, Mexicans, Women. Do you really believe that Trump will be able to unite the country the way he talks? He has riled up his white uneducated base to the point of extremism. If that is what you want for the country then, yes, you are a ignorant dirtbag loser.

  361. Kyle says:

    When Hillbots for Shillary puke out the sort of condescending nonsense you just did, Fran, wherein you accuse Sanders supporters of abandoning Bernie’s progressive, legitimately liberal ideology if we do not vote for corporate sponsored, malignant prevaricator Clinton in November it only serves to strengthen our resolve. This is about more than just the election itself. We are fighting for the Democratic party to return to its core values as the party of the people, for the people. Bill Clinton’s presidency went along with the “liberal is a dirty word” tactics of the Repubs before him and stuck a fork in us and Obama’s was proof the so-called centrists (neocon Repub lites more like it) had declared us done. Its time to bring their collective warping of our party to an end. A vote for Hillary means one is too weak, scared, misguided or Republican to do that. Keeping her out of the White House does mean 4 years of a Republican administration but it also would be a coup for progressive liberals and democracy.

  362. doug dash says:

    As a New Yorker and a person who keeps abreast of current affairs, I have read about Trump most of my life. Trump is considered a joke. He is not a good person. He has no class; not much intelligence. He is not in the same league as Clinton. Anyone who believes Trump is more qualified that Clinton has not done their homework. There are several good biographies done about him and I suggest that you read them before voting for him.

  363. doug dash says:

    “the perfect is the enemy of the good”

  364. Kyle says:

    As a Sanders supporter I was early on still open to voting for Clinton if she became the Dem nominee. Now? Never. Her behavior, stances and commentary on the campaign trail have only served to harshly underscore how much a vote for her is regressive, anti-populist, self-flagellating and representative of a broken liberal’s resignation and ideological defeat.

  365. Busch says:

    We agree to disagree. And yes,I very much remember the supreme court gifting Bush a Presidency in 2000.

    I do not want Hawkish Hillary leading us to more wars, sorry.

  366. Axel says:

    False-positive by a Clinton parrot. The construct remains she’s science fiction based on the corporate state and the alienation of the populace – unregulated capitalism run amuck by her and her husband has been an utter disaster for the American worker. You’re merely a mouthpiece for the puppeteer – carry on…the bulwarks of democracy will cease to exist if this transient person becomes the POTUS.

  367. Rainbird says:

    The only results he has gotten are, compromise, compromise, compromise. I didn’t miss the passage of the ACA. What I did miss was the public option and single payer.

  368. Rainbird says:

    Well, take your 10+ million voters and put her in office then. I am really not willing to waste my vote on Republican Lite, so I expect I will be doing a write in.

  369. Fran says:

    What do you really stand for? From one of Bernie’s biggest advocates, Cenk Uygur:

    Uygur’s audience tends to lean to the far left and have been vocal
    supporters of Bernie Sanders and his campaign. However, Uygur pointed
    out that the #BernieOrBust movement was dangerous and would only help Trump secure a potential victory.

    “I’ve been to too many Holocaust museums. You read the history of it,
    and they didn’t start by saying ‘Hey, I’m going to do gas chambers.’ If
    they’d said gas chambers, they wouldn’t have won,” he started. “Instead,
    what they said is ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, I hate the Jews,’ and what does
    Trump say? ‘I hate the Muslims. I hate the Mexicans. Yeah, yeah, I hate
    ’em. I hate ’em. Now, I mean, I’m not gonna do violence, but if people
    did violence on my behalf, I would understand.’ I mean, it’s nearly

  370. Fran says:

    Because SCOTUS is at stake. Not just 1 nominee, possibly as many as 3 or 4. That means policy will be made for an entire generation affecting millions of people, mostly poor. This is not about Bernie or Hillary. This is gravely dangerous to the entire country for the next 30+ years.

  371. Fran says:

    Here’s how: if he really cares about progressive goals and values, he will not jeopardize everything he claims to champion by enabling a GOP president.

  372. Fran says:

    You completely undermine your credibility with statements like that. I’ll repeat it again: Hillary and Bernie voted THE SAME WAY 93% of the time and she was ranked one of the most liberal senators, to the left of Obama. Stop with the GOP nonsense, it’s just not true.

  373. Fran says:

    I guess you missed the passage of ACA, and the Paris Agreement. All you keyboard warriors who are not in the trenches fighting every day have lots of righteous opinions, while Obama & Co. are the ones taking it in the teeth every day trying to get some actual results.

  374. Fran says:

    They lost because dogmatic purists like yourself didn’t vote. And then you complain because Obama couldn’t do more with an obstructionist Congress and now with the severely gerrymandered districts that will make taking back the House nearly impossible? Grow up.

  375. Fran says:

    More empty talking points like “coronation” and “Clinton Machine,” but you ignore the 10+ million voters who chose her. News flash: it’s not about you. Or Bernie. Or Hillary. If you really support what he stands for, you are throwing it all away by enabling a GOP candidate. Bernie will never get another thing done in Congress, even after he has raised his profile. Worse, millions of people will suffer for an entire generation if the GOP makes SCOTUS picks. If you don’t care about that, you never really cared about progressive goals in the first place.

  376. Fran says:

    “Coronation” based on over 10 million voters? Just another lazy slogan passed around on the internet with no basis in fact. The ultimate Victim Campaign – always unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and someone else to blame so people can complain and not do anything. Hillary has built Obama’s coalition, and you can continue to ignore and insult those millions of voters because they don’t choose your preferred candidate. Hillary & Bernie voted the same way 93% of the time in the Senate and she was ranked on of the most liberal Senators (

    so what do you really stand for? Is it all about Bernie or progressive goals? If you do not vote in November, you are killing his agenda too and more importantly, if the GOP wins, SCOTUS nominations will be made that will cause devastating consequences and real suffering that will land most heavily on the poor and disenfranchised. You can rationalize that any way you want but you will be complicit.

  377. Proteus1 says:

    Hillary Clinton – has never found a corporate contribution she didn’t like. I love it. We’ll be engaged in so many wars once this monster takes office. We’ll have Libya’s’ all over the globe. Disgraceful.

  378. doug dash says:

    Elections Matter. Maybe you don’t remember what happened in 2000 when ignorant people didn’t bother to vote or wasted their vote on Ralph Nader.
    Clinton is by far the second best choice.

  379. SL Abrin says:

    Ok. So your metric is “At least she isn’t as bad as the worst thing ever possible.” My guess is that you don’t make all your life choices based upon ‘just slightly better than worst possible’. Hillary follows the same model. I think she calls it ‘pragmatism’. We call it LOW EXPECTATIONS.

    Why now?

  380. SL Abrin says:

    Please tell us all how Bernie is in it for ‘himself’.

    Could it be the huge speaking fees he receives for secret speeches to big banks? His multi-billion dollar charity that doesn’t do any charity?

  381. Axel says:

    Sorry we don’t all fall in unison when the Clinton Machine demands us to.

  382. SL Abrin says:

    Hillary Clinton does not represent the ‘progressive’ cause. Where does this nonsense come from? Giant money interests have invested heavily in Hillary’s coronation. I ain’t gonna be party to that sorta chicanery.

  383. Tmark Keefey says:

    She would know Hillary has won the Electoral College and is next President. It’s been wrong April of election years ONCE in 120 years so regardless of pop polls or votes Hillary is next President estimated with landslide of 348 EC votes of 270 needed to win.

    That having been said and actually factual, Mrs. Sanders should remember Democrats need to unit behind Hillary as soon as she has her numbers for nomination in a few weeks so Hillary gets the most votes thus; giving her a political mandate as President. EC is never going for one party system so Republicans have no chance this year and Trump has least chances in general election because two Houses of Congress are Republican and majority of States have Republican govs. Democrats won’t be too happy since no way they take Congress back this year so basically in January things stay the same with Democrats in executive branch while Republicans continue in Congress etc. This changes in 2024 but not too likely before then so says political science as some of you college students in that already know.

    I won’t vote and don’t care who wins since being my own person, I live, work, make my own money am in no need of a boss or anything from Republicans or Democrats so my life stays the same with me doing as I please as usual. So long as I pay taxes, I have a right to speak out though and boy do I pay taxes. I won’t even be in the States during the election. Autumn in the Netherlands is wonderful but if you feel need of someone running your life, I hope you all get who you want as the figurehead etc.

  384. revbones says:

    Facts don’t fit the narrative John wants to present. Funny how most of the comments are pro-Sanders and defend Jane, since John seems to now always go directly against the site’s base he developed over the years.

  385. revbones says:

    Jon went off the rails a long time ago. I used to check Americablog every day, first thing. Apparently something happened and Jon sold out. It’s be worse with his pro-Hillary stance. Wonder if he’s getting some of those Correct the Record bucks now.

  386. revbones says:

    What little truth is in that list will also come true under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    – Abortion – it’ll be nipped at around the edges as it is today. She’s said she would be willing to compromise on abortion
    -Huge tax cuts – Obama already made permanent 94% of Bush’s tax cuts. Hillary is in the tank for the wealthy and will leave that in place and do one better
    -Her support for fracking and other disastrous environmental policies will hurt the environment.
    -Once we read the speeches you’ll see how she isn’t against income inequality
    -Obama tried to get a “Grand Bargain” already on SS. Hillary will means test it.
    -Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed. It’s ridiculous to think so. It’ll be tweaked by her or tweaked by a Republican. It will still suck and be a Republican-lite policyprogram.
    -Hillary will end up with a Congress cutting entitlement programs as well as push for some herself.
    -Veteran’s programs, well I know she lied about being under sniper fire so maybe just maybe she’ll keep some Veteran’s programs since she may lie and say she’s a vet later.

    Sheesh. It’s like you people don’t actually look at her actions and instead only rely on beltway insiders and the Hillary website blurbs.

  387. Pam Tournier says:

    I’ve been an involved Democrat since I was able to vote in the 70s. This attitude of “good riddance” to those of us who have worked for progressive causes all our lives embodies the party’s recent authoritarian intolerance. The 2016 party has stifled internal debate, stuffed ballot boxes with early voting, and used lobbyists (er, superdelegates) to force a flawed nominee with Republican leanings into the top position. Calling those who disagree with one’s choice “brain dead” “spoiled brats” is a sign of people unable to make a convincing case for their candidate and so must resort to name calling.

    In any case, whoever the nominee is will need to win hearts and minds come November. You may not realize it, but Independents at 43% of the electorate (and rising) represent the fastest growing voter segment. They are thoroughly turned off by both parties. After being subjected to overt media bias, horse race analyses in lieu of substantive issues discussions and all manner of nasty ire spewed against Sanders and his supporters, I can’t say I blame them. I’d like to see the quality of discussion turn to issues rather than name calling. I had thought there was room in the party for many points of view about how we can achieve common ideals and goals. Evidently not.

  388. Busch says:

    I agree with you if it were Cruz, but I believe Trump is far more liberal than you give him credit for.

    Don’t believe the “build a wall and Muslims” rhetoric… That’s just pandering to the idiots and he isn’t dumb enough to believe he could actually make Mexico build a wall.

    Think about the fact that the GOP is doing everything they can to stop Trump… That should tip you off to something.

    Cruz is a monumental butthead, however.

  389. T112598 says:

    Have you considered the alternative? The current republican front runners support foreign invasions right now in Syria.
    There’s no way she even compares to the republicans as far as military use is concerned. Support the nominee regardless.
    Otherwise, you will be supporting the Republicans taking hold of the government and courts without any checks and balances as they already have majority ownership of the house and senate and with the white house will also get the added bonus of appointing the new Supreme Court Justice. If that occurs, you can expect to be deployed in no time as war will undoubtedly come early and often as well as the following:

    – Abortion will be illegal for the foreseeable future
    – Huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans
    – Encouragement of Climate Change
    – Enhanced fracking and drilling and oil pipelines from coast to coast
    – Increase of income inequality
    – The end of social security and medicare as we know it
    – Repeal of Obamacare and the loss of health insurance for millions of Americans
    – Across the board cuts of any and all social programs.
    – Continued reduction of veteran and GI benefits.

  390. rationalgrandma says:

    It is very true that Bernie has very little control over his supporters – for good or bad.

  391. 1nancy2 says:

    Correct. No thank you.

  392. 1nancy2 says:

    Dem’s and Deb-Downer Schultz are terrible, awful people. No way are they Dem’s. Corporate bought and owned. Disgusting.

  393. 1nancy2 says:

    I love, love Jane and Bernie. Keep going, I say. Make Hill support the Lib’s. O. kicked us in the teeth after we gave our $ and stumped for him. He pushed us to the side and made his henchmen disrespect us and say hideous, nasty comments. It is no wonder Dem’s lost in ’10 and ’14, as they stood for nothing, zip, nada, nope, no, zero. Millions of Dem’s stayed home. Dem’s s*ck, big time. Only Bernie got my fourth $ bomb and he will until the very end. Detest Hill, can’t vote for her.

  394. Dolan55 says:

    Nope. Hillary represents real progressive change, not pie-in-the-sky, unicorns, and fairy tales.

  395. J MacK says:

    And you will be worse with a guy in office that says “Americans are paid too much” and don’t need a raise. But its your prerogative. I hope most common sense left leaning Americans get it…I think most will but there will be those indifferent like you. And I’m doing fine and want to keep doing fine. I wasn’t fine under Bush.

  396. J MacK says:

    Then join the millions of Americans that don’t vote….and don’t complain if the other side gets in and rolls back the progress made under Obama and appoints justices that would ensure progressive values never have a shot. Totally logical.

  397. T112598 says:

    Only one is needed my friend:
    To keep the evil empire from taking over and totally fing up everything.
    I like Bernie and side with him on most issues, but I’m not willing to sell the farm for him and risk the republicans running the country and the courts without any checks and balances. Its hard to imagine the repercussions that would have on the country, but here are a few things that you can almost bank on if Trump or Cruz are elected while the reps still own the majority in the house and senate and receive the added bonus of appointing the next supreme court justice:
    – Abortion will be illegal for the foreseeable future
    – War and lots of it
    – Huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans
    – Encouragement of Climate Change
    – Enhanced fracking and drilling and oil pipelines from coast to coast
    – Increase of income inequality
    – The end of social security and medicare as we know it
    – Repeal of Obamacare and the loss of health insurance for millions of Americans
    – Across the board cuts of any and all social programs.

    So there’s not that much at stake…only everything we have defended over the past 3-4 decades.

  398. whirlaway says:

    I am no longer supporting the “Vote for me because I am not nearly as horrible as the other guy” ticket.

  399. J MacK says:

    Compare them to the GOP then get back to me. This isn’t that hard.

  400. whirlaway says:

    Most of these Democrats are not even as progressive as Eisenhower was. They are Third Way Democrats, which means aiding neoliberal economic policies and abetting neoconservative foreign policies.

  401. whirlaway says:

    Mrs. Sanders is correct. Playing hardball is the right strategy. As opposed to the Obama Democrats touting “historic victories” over the Republicans where they cut “only” 10B from a food stamp program for poor kids when the Republicans were asking for 20B in cuts.

  402. J MacK says:

    Not “nonsense” its fact. Bernie is in it for himself. While Hillary is working to get herself elected along with DEMOCRATS all over America down the ballot Bernie is busy criticizing Democrats. Why is Hillary working so hard for the party???.. Because to get things done it will take DEMOCRATS in office.

  403. whirlaway says:

    Nonsense. Sanders is an FDR-style Democrat. Clinton is a Nixon-style Republican. The fact that the party is still labeled “Democratic” does not make it the party of FDR, anymore than the label “Republican” makes that party the party of Lincoln.

  404. ohioan says:

    I’m guessing you’re doing okay now and will be just fine no matter who gets elected. And that’s probably why you can’t understand his supporters. A lot of us are not doing okay. And we have no hope at all of it getting any better ever under a status quo administration like the one a corporate sponsored candidate will provide. A lot of us are already living the life you’re afraid of living. And we’re tired of it. If I’m wrong and you’re not doing okay, I apologize for the assumption. But that’s where I’m coming from — not doing okay and tired of it.

  405. J MacK says:

    No she’s a Democrat her whole adult life…unlike Bernie Sanders who is in it for himself. He doesn’t even support Democrats down ballot.

  406. J MacK says:

    Brought to you by common sense progressive American.

  407. ComradeRutherford says:

    I know, right? How dare the people expect a person running as a Democrat to espouse the values of the Democratic Party! Everyone knows that Hillary is the True Democrat because she’s a moderate Republican.

  408. Gabriel says:

    This campaign ad brought to by Hillary Clinton for President.

  409. ComradeRutherford says:

    Probably the greatest Republican president America has had since Abe Lincoln.

  410. ComradeRutherford says:

    If only Hillary would support the leftist values of the Democratic party, instead of staying in the position of a Moderate Republican. Then she’d get those Bernie voters who want an actual Democrat to be the President, instead of all these fake-Dem Neo-Liberals.

    That being said, I know LOTS of Bernie supporters, and ALL of them WILL vote for Hillary if Bernie is not the Democratic nominee. Everyone I know recognizes the threat the GOP represent. I might even be convinced to vote for Hillary if my voting district seems like it’ll be close. I haven’t voted for the Mainstream Democrat since 1992 when we were all betrayed by right-of-center, Neo-Liberal Bill Clinton and is eagerness to help – not fight – the GOP.

  411. J MacK says:

    3 Supreme Court Justices. Its way more at stake than 4 years of a Trump disaster.

  412. Busch says:

    That’s completely fine. However, we disagree on who the best candidate is. That doesn’t make me a dirtbag or an idiot. Why don’t you try and find me a bit of compelling evidence why I should vote for her?

  413. ohioan says:

    Yet another republican comment. You will survive a republican administration just fine.

  414. J MacK says:

    Life isn’t fair. If one wants a “revolution” he should have done it under the banner he has been under his whole career. ON HIS OWN. Instead of hijacking a party he apparently despises as much as he does the GOP which is flat out misguided.

  415. ohioan says:

    Which is such a fair system; when the media decides who gets their message covered and the dnc and rnc control all aspects of debate. Spoken like a true republican.

  416. T112598 says:

    Admirable to say the least.
    I cant argue with your position. You obviously have every right to feel the way that you do and to fight for what you believe in.
    Thanks for sharing as I now have a greater appreciation for those that support Bernie or Bust. I have to admit that I previously thought it was mostly based on sour grapes b/c Bernie is not looking good to win the nominee. I now see its much much more than that and cant blame you for not voting for the nominee.
    I completely agree with you on all items that are in need of reform as I think most dems do. Hopefully one way or another (yours or mine), that reform will come sooner rather than later.
    I still don’t think I could ever stand by and willfully allow the GOP to take power back as I feel the risk is too great to our country, especially this election. Good luck.

  417. J MacK says:

    What does “rallies” have to do with it? Getting a bunch of kids to come out to a concert and hook up with Bernie bros doesnt mean anything. Who has millions of more votes? Hillary! That is what matters.

  418. scipiodreams80 says:

    Well, I’m not going to tell you I’m a fan of revolving door politics. But I’m interested to hear what you think would have actually happened differently with different appointments. Obama always had a conservative temperament and so he appointed people he thought had the requisite expertise. It’s hard to find sufficiently disconnected people who still possess the required knowledge and familiarity base – but I suspect the profile of the people in these positions is going to change markedly under any future Democratic rule.

    This does not mean that Obama hasn’t pursued important progressive policies, like the creation of the ACA or Dodd-Frank or the CFPB. But not every candidate is the right candidate for every person in the primary electorate. See, for me, Bernie’s dishonest/ludicrous math, his lack of experience, his display of painfully limited grasp of foreign policy throughout multiple debates, his faulty temperament (this is a man who does *not* hold up well under contentious questioning), his inability to articulate concrete steps toward accomplishing all the things he says he can get done, his inability to forge legislative majorities, his choice of purity over progress, his scapegoating, his dismissal of minority populations – he’s most certainly not the candidate for me. Can you imagine that guy standing for even five minutes in front of Parliament? Hillary, on the other hand, would outlast everyone in the benches.

    But what’s so insane is choosing to sit out an election with so many consequences for the Court. What’s something really progressive that Obama has done? Given a Congress he could get them through, he appointed Sotomayor and Kagan. They are both fantastic. If you actually want the progress you claim to seek, the most obvious precondition is that the Republicans don’t get to make the next 3-4 nominations – which will occur during the next four year term. If you wanted to sit out an election just to make a point, you practically could not choose a worse election. A Republican win will turn the Court into a major impediment for progressive change for at least twenty years. Anyway, I doubt I’ll convince you of anything, but I suspect many will see the light on these terms.

  419. ohioan says:

    She isn’t qualified to lead progressive change. She is qualified to preseve the status quo. That appeals to you. It does not appeal to me. Point your fingers all you like but the loss of progressive and independent support is her own doing.

  420. J MacK says:

    Bernie and is minions are the most selfish and worst of the far left in America. They are only in it for themselves. Bernie shouldn’t have been allowed to change is affiliation to Democrat to run. That way he would have got no attention.

  421. Dolan55 says:

    Now you have Donald Trump’s blessing:

    “I’d like him to keep going because the longer he goes the more I’m going to like it,” Trump told thousands of supporters during a campaign rally in Harrisburg.
    “So Bernie Sanders, not me, said she is not qualified. So now I’m going to say, ‘She’s not qualified.’ OK?” Trump said.

    You must be proud.

  422. LuigiDaMan says:

    Mrs. Sanders needs to go back to her tie dye shop and quit playing politics. Hillary is by far the best candidate of any party. She deserves to win and I’m proud to vote for her. She’s going to be a great president!

  423. doug dash says:

    Regardless of your reasoned and documented opinions, if you don’t vote for the best possible candidate for President you are ignorant, a dirtbag, and shirking your duties as a citizen.

  424. Dolan55 says:

    Yeah sure, I’m not very smart and you’re a genius…too bad you can’t express your own ideas.

  425. Vepton says:

    I will never support Hillary. It’s a matter of life and death for me. She is a highly militaristic politician who has always supported ground troops in the middle east, even now in Syria. Even more militaristic than a lot of republicans. Of course she has no idea what war is like from the comfort of her cozy office. It’s people like me who will have to risk our lives getting shot at and blown up by IEDs half way across the world for people who show us no gratitude.

  426. ohioan says:

    Yes, I believe the GOP will take the country down so hard that the DNC will recognize that it must listen to the voters on the left to win elections. Isn’t that what has happened to the GOP? Look who’s running on the right this year – and who do you think pushed them farther right? We can’t afford to “incrementally” approach our problems anymore. We need drastic change. We can’t afford to let the wealthiest (particularly corporations) not pay taxes while enjoying the benefits of American citizenship. We must address our failing mental health system, our failing infrastructure, endless war and it’s toll on veterans, the inability of wages to keep up with the costs of BASIC necessities, like housing and food and health care. We are in a crisis. I know – because I have worked my entire life – I’m 52 – and I still skip meals because I can’t afford to eat, share a tiny apartment because I can’t afford the ever increasing rent. Have no savings – because I raised two children on my own and made too much for any help and too little to save a dime. My salary went up 1% this year — my rent went up 10%. I haven’t been to the dentist or doctor in a decade. I broke two teeth this year. They’re still broken. This is effed up. There are so many people who are living like me – with no way out. So yes, let the Republicans take it down and then let’s put it back together the right way, not with incremental baby steps – but with real policies that offer people a way up.

  427. Boy Blue says:

    I wouldn’t vote for this shill for anything. She’s disastrous for the country. She may be the first that has attempted to hijack the voter and the process.

  428. Dice Cameron says:

    Bernie or Trump is the only choice for true voter freedom. Otherwise, it’s an illusionary process of “democracy”.

  429. Axel says:

    There it is.

  430. Axel says:

    As a Sanders’ Supporter. Jane Sanders’ is unequivocally correct – why on earth would I dispense my valued vote to this charlatan, Hillary Clinton? She’s proven to be draconian and nefarious. She’s about Wall Street and militarism — the two-party dictatorship is a sham. Voting for her is the status quo of filthy, dirty monies, corruption and a broken system against the middle class. No thank you.

  431. T112598 says:

    Yea, but whats the difference in voting record between Bernie and Cruz? There’s a big difference between an ally and an enemy? Is a mis-step or two on a few votes really worth providing power to a person like Cruz or Trump? Hillary has said many times over that her greatest political regret was voting for the Iraq war in 2002. Can you really not forgive her for falling for the lies and deceit of Bush/Chaney during that time? I know I was guilty of falling for their claims of indisputable evidence of weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam was complicit in 9/11. She wasn’t the only dem to take the bait…many did the same. Good for Bernie for getting it right. That said, 93% is pretty close to homeboy. Support the nominee regardless. I’m sure even Bernie supporters disagree with each other at least 7% of the time.

  432. tttvance says:

    Absolutely right, Marie. Me, too.

    The #1 thru #10 top reasons for me to vote for ANY Democratic presidential candidate is that’s person’s ability to shape the Supreme Court for decades.

    Those who disparage Hillary also tend to think even worse of Bill Clinton. And for all his faults, Bill Clinton gave America Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, consummate, progressive gifts that keep giving to this very day.

  433. ohioan says:

    Lol. The article is kind of long and they use big words with no pictures. So I understand your reluctance to pursue it.

  434. ohioan says:

    Obama has participated in the same revolving door politics as all the other moneyed-interests’ approved “representatives of the people.” The Republican congress has had nothing to do with that. He chose to do things that way all on his own – by being beholden to the highest donors. The dems should stop pointing fingers and take a look in the mirror. They’ve lost their way. And now they’re losing support.

  435. Dolan55 says:

    If you can’t articulate your own ideas and need some hack at Politico to speak on your behalf, then yes we’re done here.

  436. Busch says:

    Hm.. considering I’ve posted my opinions on this matter throughout this article’s comment thread, complete with sources and the reasoning behind my opinions… I’m going to have to say you’re probably the ignorant dirtbag.

  437. scipiodreams80 says:

    Well, I’m sure someone who passed more of your purity tests would have gotten so much more through a Congress that includes Republicans.

  438. doug dash says:

    Ignorant dirtbag

  439. scipiodreams80 says:

    Um, if all those “claims” are true, and, you know, they are true, because, reality, then, by definition, my actual life = grandeur. I know analytical thinking is very, very hard for you.

    Now the moderator asked me and that delusional donkey to leave each other alone (you know you’re delusional when you *still* think it’s just that the minority electorates just “don’t know” Bernie well enough yet – you wouldn’t think that if you did something crazy like actually putting in the time to talk to voter after voter from those demographics) and I suspect he or she would prefer we don’t go any further with this ridiculousness. Sorry for your logic fail.

  440. T112598 says:

    Lets say I’m interested in your movement…
    What’s the next step if you’re successful in allowing the GOP to take the general? Is there some sort of revolt that will be planned shortly thereafter (like Occupy x 100) or are we waiting for the next election and nominating a true liberal or socialist? If the latter, what makes you think a true liberal or socialist will be able to beat the incumbent or whoever the GOP nominee turns out to be? Are you banking on the idea that the GOP candidate will take the country down so hard that the majority of the country will realize the need to support such beliefs?
    I’m being earnest in my inquiry as I want to know the long term plan, if there is one. Ideally I support voting one’s heart, but when put into practice in the existing system, it unfortunately doesn’t usually pay dividends. Where is the silver lining in allowing the GOP to win…especially considering their knucklehead front-runners? Life’s short, which makes it hard for me to see the trees through the forest in this movement as it could take decades to come tio fruition, if ever.

  441. ohioan says:

    He said your claims of grandeur – not that he sees your life as grandeur — but I’m sure the nuances of concept and context are difficult to perceive when you’ve make a habit out of hearing only your own rhetoric and shut your mind to any information that might challenge it.

  442. Busch says:

    100 percent agreement with you.

  443. Flori-DUH says:

    Citing support from the website of an “Oath Keeper” in an unconvincing effort to retort to comments from supporters of Bernie Sanders. Wow!!!

    Btw, when did Frank Luntz start moonlighting for Hillary? Who else would have tested “BernieBros” for use by her supporters?

  444. ohioan says:

    I appreciate your tone. It’s a refreshing change from most Hillary supporters. However, please read the article on revolving door politics — This is just one example of why I can’t do it. It’s not ever going to stop unless we stop voting with held noses. Yes, it may result in some hard times ahead — and I’m sorry for that – truly. But millions upon millions of us have been left out of the “benefits” of our capitalist (oligarchy run) society. This will not improve unless the Democratic party moves definitively left – or a third party is allowed to be formed that will not be marginalized by the DNC and corporate media – and allowed to participate as a full player in debates and get the necessary coverage to truly compete. Our system is broken. We can’t fix it by doing what we’ve always done. Again, thanks for your approach.

  445. Flori-DUH says:

    And I take it that your comments posted on this site demonstrate how you are an integral part of “SMART America”. Well at least you apparently know how to use the edit feature here, and change ‘Merikuh’ to America.

  446. Flori-DUH says:

    Please crawl back under that rock. You truly demonstrate our lack of both compassion and understanding. The Democratic Party should be inclusive of all persons interested in helping America progress, and shine brighter than ever. Not one where people are categorized, branded and warehoused.

    “and I say good riddance to you and your type…” And by this you intended to mean what?

  447. T112598 says:

    She’s our best chance of avoiding more tax cuts and trickle down economic schemes to make the rich richer and poor poorer.
    I hope you all realize the real consequences of returning power to the GOP when the general comes around. Its certainly not something that I’m willing to risk happening. Support the nominee regardless.

  448. Flori-DUH says:

    Unintentionally projecting your true bias against liberals and progressives?

    I, my wife and daughters all proudly voted for Bernie in Flori-DUH during the primaries, and will likely all vote for Hillary. I am an attorney, dedicated to representing workers and their unions down here in a Right to Work with NO Rights state.

    What you, and many others who are acting as Automatons for Hillary fail to realize (yes, to paragraph W, thinking is hard work) is that Hillary has to earn the votes of voters who supported not only Bernie, but Governor Mallory and other primary candidates. Unless of course, she really doesn’t care about the concerns of ALL voters, but only those who are willing to act as her court stenographers.

    Btw, the article that all of these posts are replying to, only evidences that Dr. Jane Sanders is stating that Bernie supporters will not automatically vote for Hillary come November. As the candidate and his campaign should be doing, Dr. Sanders is simply staying on message to prod Hillary further to the left (rather than her expected pivot right after the national convention), to motivate Bernie’s voters to go to the polls and vote for her, not stay home, nor vote RNC candidate.

    Too much thinking for you? Sorry!

  449. ParadeOfFools says:

    As if Dr. Sanders priorities are home decor…

  450. ParadeOfFools says:

    Jane Sanders is the true queen.

  451. T112598 says:

    I hear you and understand and agree with your frustrations. I just hope you’re weighing the real consequences of the actions that you support. Bernie’s campaign and supporters have already brought about positive change within the party and can continue to do so by keeping their proverbial foot on Clinton’s throat throughout the general and beyond. Do not let the good that has been created through his/your efforts go by the wayside by not supporting the nominee or worse, voting GOP. There is no good that can come of that as doing so means that you support Bush tax cuts, baseless wars, trickle down economics, marriage inequality, wage inequality, elitism, etc, etc.
    It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  452. ParadeOfFools says:

    Who cares about parties if the values they are supposed to espouse are forgotten?
    This isn’t sports and these aren’t teams, this is our voice within our government.
    We wouldn’t accept an oligarchy anywhere else, yet we accept just two organizations running our entire country.

  453. ohioan says:
    In my opinion, we don’t elect someone outside the money machine’s interests, we may as well not bother voting at all.

  454. ohioan says:

    I know you wish that were true — but it isn’t. Many of us life long dems have had enough. Hillary does not have this – “YOUR” party has lost a lot of support.

  455. ohioan says:

    You do what your conscience allows. I’ll do what mine allows – and I won’t be supporting any more candidates while holding my nose. We deserve better and we’re not going to get it unless we demand it. The politics and policies of the current ruling class have created so much unnecessary hardship for so many people. Maybe you have been fortunate enough not to experience it – but millions upon millions don’t share that fate. My family has suffered greatly due to these policies and I see the effects of them all around me through my line of work. I will no longer participate and be a part of encouraging such a broken system.

  456. donna says:

    Let’s keep it real. Hillary’s LACK OF LEADER is the real problem here. Bernie didn’t take anything from her. She was inevitable, presumptive, with every advantage, yet she will walk into the convention in July without winning the required number of pledged delegates. How did a 74 year old Senator from Vermont one up the queen? It is not him, it is her. She is not the one.

  457. Busch says:

    Right back at ya.

  458. Busch says:

    Absolutely true post. Except for one thing, Gore DID win that election fairly, but we all know what ended up happening. He wasn’t a terrible candidate and actually earned the Presidency, but there are multiple documentaries explaining just how he had it stolen from him. I’m sure you’re aware of that, though, and the truth is he shouldn’t have even been close enough to Bush to let that happen, but what you’re saying is more or less spot on.

  459. ohioan says:

    Yep. And I voted for him twice. I wouldn’t do it again. In fact I voted for Hillary in 08 primary. Now I’m awake. Never again will I support a candidate while holding my nose simply because they have a d after their nam . The dem party has lost the loyalty of this progressive voter.

  460. T112598 says:

    Being rigid, intolerant and unbending in our beliefs and requirements creates gridlock…not progress.
    Hasn’t the GOP congress proven that already over the past 6 years?

  461. Busch says:

    Maybe you should read some of the posts where I gave valid reasoning for the decision before being a condescending jerk. You might just learn something.

    Trump is more liberal than HRC. Just look at his tax plan if you don’t believe me. It’s far more progressive.

    Better yet, give this a read:

    Stop listening to the pandering stupid stuffing says about building walls and blocking Muslims. He doesn’t really think like that

  462. ohioan says: She will be no better than this — and that’s not good enough. Maybe for you – but not for me. So keep your crappy government candidates who sell power to the highest bidders – despite the overwhelming evidence that it does not bode well for policy that is in the best interest of average Americans. Read the article and don’t reply to me unless you do.

  463. T112598 says:

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but I don’t think its productive to alienate or discredit Bern’s supporters because for the most part, we all want the same things. I just strongly hope they’ll reconsider their position if their candidate doesn’t win the nomination. The all or nothing rhetoric by Bern-or-bust folks is nothing more than intolerance, which is extremely hypocritical given their supposed beliefs. Nobody gets everything they want in a candidate. One that aligns with your underlying values is the best that you can usually hope for. To support your moral opposite out of spite is not productive. We cant afford to act like sore losers when facing the real consequences of putting the GOP back into power. Positive change within the party and supporting the party’s nominee do not need to be exclusive of each other. We can have our cake and eat it too. The pressure Bernie’s campaign and supporters have put on Clinton will keep her from moving to the center in the general (should she win the nomination), which I am happy about. Berns peeps must realize, should Bern lose, that their efforts have already brought about positive change on the dems side and will continue to do so, but all that will be lost (and then some) if the GOP wins the general.

  464. Gareth Fenley says:

    I don’t see what is incorrect or negative about the actual text of Jane’s comment. To say otherwise would simply be lying.

  465. Badgerite says:

    Bobby would probably have disagreed with you.

  466. Di says:

    Her policies align with the republicans such as glass steagall, citizens united, war in iraq, no health care that anyone can afford, …where is there a different? I am not sure about social security..she could try to preserve it or could upon the urging of wall street privatize it which would be the end of it as the republicans have been trying to bury it for decades. Privatizing it would be an endorsement over to the greed of wall street where the seniors would get only a small percentage of what they would have without privatization and would be responsible for repayment with interest. This is what I read in Bush’s plan to privatize social security.

  467. Badgerite says:

    And by the by, Nader accomplished what? Speaking of a crappy candidate, the ‘Green’ Party has not been heard from since. I was actually alive for the election off 2000 and paid close attention both to Nader and his surrogates.
    When people would raise the issue of the Supreme Court with them they would positively wax poetic about “settled law”. Now Nader is a Harvard Law graduate and even someone who is not a Harvard Law graduate but has the tiiiiiniest understanding of law knows that there is no such thing as “settled law”. Law, like life and the society it serves, is dynamic. It has to be or it becomes irrelevant. He, Nader, basically lied to get people to ignore the dangers ahead and vote for him. He attacked the politician who first raised the alarm about global warming and its effect on the earth’s climate.
    Al Gore did that. Not Nader. Nader started the consumer movement. But Al Gore was the visionary who talked about the issues that were important to the future. Nader accomplished what? Nothing. He could have thrown his support, which in those days counted for something, toward the one candidate who had raised the issue of carbon pollution as opposed to the OIL MAN FROM TEXAS, but no, he was going to build the Green Party into a viable third party. I am tired of people making excuses for his damaging decisions. And one of the excuses for his damaging decision to not support Al Gore was ….wait for it….that there was no difference between Bush and Gore on the environment. Personally, I think Nader acted out of personal pique that he felt snubbed. And when it comes to the future of the Earth, those kinds of considerations should be secondary. Or thirdary, even.

  468. Di says:

    Strange that with all the support Hillary has that I could only find one rally that produced 5K. Sanders had up to 26K in the Bronx and the same in Los Angeles. We all know that election fraud is alive and well. I am nearing 70 and had 40 percent of my retirement stolen by Wall Street. You know, the Wall Street, where she gets huge donations and this will not let it effect her decisions. LOL The next president has probably already been chosen, you retard, and I don’t think it will be yours. By the way, insulting the young folks in the country is not going to win your lady any votes and I dare say those would not be purged! I know, none of this makes any sense because we seniors are spoiled brats and should have embraced being robbed of our life savings.

  469. Michael Sweeney says:

    I stood in line in ARIZONA for four hours to vote, and then learned my 37-year registered Democrat status had been changed to “Other” without my consent or notification. Turns out the state DMV had done this to untold thousands upon thousand of voters. Now we see similar stories emerging elsewhere. I was intent upon backing whomever emerged in November, as I have done all my life for the Democratic candidate. But your article just convinced me, John Aravolis. #BernieOrBust!

    Your snide remarks concerning tax returns – which will be published, is arrogant as Hell considering we’ll never see HILLARY release her three Goldman-Sachs transcripts. You know, where she was paid $225k per speech? She made more in an hour than Sanders made in all of 2014. Because HILLARY is a Corporate Socialist – there’s that word you hate and try to demonize; but it’s really not that scary John. All BERNIE is suggesting is that tax dollars be used for valuable public services instead of wasting billions of dollars on Wall Street bailouts, oil wars, and corporate subsidies. Because it’s the wealthiest 1% who are getting the “free stuff.” Btw, CRUZ’ wife worked for Goldman-Sachs; I wonder if she happened to get ahold of those transcripts? She may be holding onto them for down the road.

    What a surprise that you would use a gun analogy, given HRC’s craven and despicable use of dead children & Sandy Hook as a campaign tactic; the single most repugnant insult I’ve ever seen in politics.
    It’s also hypocritical as Hell to link Sanders and his NRA “D-” grade to the gun lobby, given that as Secretary of State, HILLARY sold weapons; LOTS & LOTS of weapons. For under her stewardship, $165 Billion dollars in arm sales were authorized to 20 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, and another $151 Billion in separate Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 of the 20 countries was then approved by State.
    That’s $316-BILLION DOLLARS in weapon sales to those 20-countries which all became Clinton Foundation donors. Sure, that’s a great idea; is everybody on board for perpetual war?

    I hope my “tone” isn’t bothering you?

    As to Sanders never putting ideas into action, Sanders hasn’t adopted ONE HRC position – but HILLARY has had to come left time and time again. Sanders even gave her a pass on her shady email dealings, and “high road” HILLARY then went negative first. But she’s used to saying one thing and then doing another, because she’s been caught LYING so much, that there are dozens of YouTube videos demonstrating her doing it – in her own words.

    Yes, but don’t worry John Aravolis; maybe you can write up another article to piss-off even more Sanders supporters.

  470. AlexanderHamiltonsGhost says:

    So refreshing to hear you on Sanders, John. It seems half the Internet has lost their mind about this guy.

  471. Busch says:

    It isn’t about believing whether or not he can pass things. It’s about voting for what we believe in and not voting for someone who stands against the things we believe in.

    You’re essentially telling us to vote for a Republican who calls herself a Democrat. Sanders supporters are fed up with that mentality. We don’t want another in a long line of mediocrity.

  472. Busch says:

    Sorry. I let the troll get to me.

  473. Busch says:

    Harass? You have a weird definition of harass. I simply gave an opinion and supported it throughout the thread. It isn’t “clickbait” and I don’t think you realize the definition of that word if you think it is.

  474. Deiniol's Mandolin says:

    There is no way I’ll vote for Hillary and I suspect that many others feel the same way.
    And it’s Dr. Sanders, not Mrs. Sanders.

  475. scipiodreams80 says:

    I’m assuming you feel Obama has been useless to the progressive cause, right?

  476. scipiodreams80 says:

    I see below that you’re rational, so I may have jumped the gun. But please help me understand why it’s not okay to “have a problem with (Bernie’s) beliefs”? You say you “hope” that’s not the case, after all. But there are plenty of his beliefs he can be challenged on. For example, I challenge his belief that our party should support gun makers’ immunity from lawsuit. And I surely question his belief that an economic program can be built around four years of 5.3% annual growth (w/ anti-business policies, no less!), which is, at best, totally fantastical and, at worst, an outright lie.

  477. ohioan says:

    Jfk was an ass. His brother Bobby was the real deal.

  478. ohioan says:

    Gore made it close enough to steal by being a crappy candidate.

  479. ohioan says:

    Lol. You believe the candidates propped up by corporate finance are going to further progresive causes. That’s just pathetic.

  480. seeeteee says:

    That’s just stupid. Like republican level stupid. Hillary would be worlds better than any republican. If you’re willing to lose the environment and the Supreme Court because you want to be a giant fucking baby about your candidate losing, then you are a danger to the planet and shouldn’t waste the precious IQ points you have left voting.

  481. seeeteee says:

    Lol…first of all, fuck you. Second of all, way to be an unspecific dick. I asked a simple question about the opposition to Bernie and you think that’s an attempt at thought control? It’s obvious that you don’t have enough thoughts bouncing around in that empty, parroting head of your to control. And you call me a lemming when your first creepy internet instinct is to attack and name call a stranger? That’s just weird.

  482. Moderator4 says:

    You and scipiodreams80 are engaged in thread-clogging. Take a break from all the back and forth.

  483. Moderator4 says:

    You and Busch are clogging the thread. Start ignoring each other for awhile.

  484. Voodoo Chile says:

    Completely unhinged.

  485. suesista says:

    So your melodramatic warning about never voting for HRC is just clickbait—what you mean is that you will continue to troll and harass anyone who disagrees with your opinion, because nobody cares who you vote for.

  486. syl1969 says:

    Mrs Sanders need not measure any windows for curtains…

  487. TyrellCorp says:

    Unlike Hillary, Bernie has been advocating the same policies for 30 years. It is about principles. He has them.

  488. TyrellCorp says:

    He got a lot more done in his time in Congress than Hillary did in hers.

  489. TyrellCorp says:

    Ms. Sanders was merely stating a fact, not urging her husband’s supporters to do one thing or the other. Your article is based on a faulty premise, and therefore your conclusions are completely unfounded.

    If you want to see another 2010-type outcome, watch what happens when Hillary pivots to the center. She will, it is in her nature. She has been ping-ponging between centrist and progressive poles during the primary, which is what annoys even people who support her. If she does that, as opposed to standing up and making an bold, unapologetic case for progressive democratic values and policies, much of the base, especially the millenials who have so enthusiastically embraced Bernie, will stay home, and then yes, you can say hello to President Trump. But it will be entirely Hillary’s fault, not Bernie’s.

  490. zuzumamu says:

    Bernie Or Bust fuckheads

  491. nofauxnews says:

    I have no idea what that has to do with my comment, but citing his position of one issue, as the representative of a rural state with a long history of gun ownership, does not obviate the FACT that his votes on social issues have been far more progressive than Clinton’s.

  492. doug dash says:


  493. Dolan55 says:

    She took ‘buckets of money’ for speeches to Realtors, the American Camping Association, eBay…did they bribe her too? What do you assume she promised them?
    What do you think the Massachusetts Conference of Women expect from her ‘in return’?

  494. DGT says:

    Hillary Clinton supporters absolutely hate it when someone points out facts that reflect poorly on their candidate.

    Bernie Sanders has campaigned on a message that Washington has been corrupted by money from lobbyists and Wall Street, and his supporters share those concerns. They see a Democratic establishment completely disconnected from progressive policies, a corporatist Republican-lite party that does the bidding of banks and lobbyists at the expense of its traditional constituency. They want an end to neo-con military adventures abroad.

    Is it not an open question whether these Sanders supporters would vote for Hillary Clinton, the living embodiment of all of these things? The Clintons, more than any other political entities, are responsible for moving the Democrats to the right.

    True, the alternative is even worse. And yet, to clutch one’s pearls and feign outrage that Sanders supporters wouldn’t just automatically vote for the antithesis of their candidate is typical of the attitude of entitlement that Hillary Clinton and her supporters have displayed throughout this campaign. If Hillary Clinton wants the votes of Sanders’ supporters, she has to earn them. Just like any other candidate who wants votes.

  495. MrsWindy01 says:

    Don’t be fooled. The ones railing against the Democratic Party, “claiming they are lifelong Dems” who will no longer be a member, aren’t Democrats. And they never WERE. Our Party is doing just fine, and we don’t need interlopers like Sanders thinking he can tell us all what we need to “change”! He’s never been a member and done nothing but railed against our Party for decades! Hillary is the TRUE Democratic candidate and she doesn’t need the support of those far-left “progressives” who actually hate our party even more than they do Republicans! They think the Democratic Party is all about THEM and their wants! Our party has many factions. And it should represent them ALL! Not JUST the far-left fringe! Don’t want to vote for Hillary? Then don’t! But don’t blame anyone ELSE for the choice YOU make. It’s all on you! Hillary has this and is going to take it all the way to the White House! #StandingwithHillary

  496. DGT says:

    Fair enough. You see no problem with your preferred candidate taking buckets of cash from banks and lobbyists, because there is no direct evidence of a quid pro quo.

    However, you should extend the same standards to the GOP. Don’t criticize them for taking Koch money … or Sheldon Adelson money … or other billionaire money. There’s an equal lack of evidence there.

  497. heimaey says:

    Yeah I’ve noticed the attacks are up too. And that video leaked of voter fraud in Illinois where they are caught on tape rigging everything in HRC’s favor is gaining a bit of traction.

  498. Dolan55 says:


  499. Dolan55 says:

    He’s not telling any truths, he’s making implications without evidence or facts, smears and slanders to win at all costs:
    “-She was paid a lot of money for her speeches, so she must have promised them something”.
    Where is your evidence?
    “-Millionaires and billionaires! Wall Street!”

  500. Thomas J Williams says:

    Votes aren’t always about personal conscience. You sometimes simply have to vote to protect rights and freedoms of friends and family that will lose them if the GOP can sweep into power and destroy the progress we have all fought for over the last 8 years.

    The next president can appoint up to four Supreme Court justices that could sway the future of our nation for the next 3 decades. This isn’t an election to sit out or protest. If you want to protect your very own women’s rights, you’d best vote for the person most likely to support your decision to rule over your own body … and it won’t be Trump, Cruz or the Green candidate Jill Stein who has no chance at winning.

    You’ll have to suck it up and vote blue even if your top pick isn’t on the top of the ticket. This is about more than just you.

  501. Thomas J Williams says:

    Uh, Christina, you need to check out Bernie’s interview with Chuck Todd in mid-March on Meet the Press. He said he ran as a democrat for “the media coverage”.

    It is a hard pill to swallow … but it is true. He has survived in DC longer than the Clinton machine because he is a very shrewd politician. He is such a good politician he has convinced millions he’s “not like the rest of them” when he is actually just like the rest of ’em. He’s a politician … don’t believe half of what he says. I look at all of them that way.

    He isn’t who he pretends to be.

  502. scipiodreams80 says:

    Ha, what a tool – you upvoted your own post! I never said I gave it all away at 24. I said *over* a life of charity, progressive causes, and humane projects I gradually gave it away. And now it is time to try to acquire a second, bigger fortune, some for myself, but most so I can give that away, too. It’s really intriguing how poorly you seem to grasp what a charitable, frequently selfless life looks like. Probably has something to do with your support for Bernie, who is notoriously allergic to charity.

  503. Christina Maximova says:

    I think you need to get your facts right about Bernie. He didnt do this for the media attention and money. I’m hapy to hear you Hillary supporters saying that you don’t need or want our votes come the general election. You aren’t going to get them :))).

  504. scipiodreams80 says:

    Well, it’s been very flattering to hear you refer to my actual life as “grandeur.” I mean, it’s been alright, but grandeur seems very generous of you. Thanks, I guess?

  505. Christina Maximova says:

    Perfectly said! Thank you.

  506. Christina Maximova says:

    Me neither!

  507. scipiodreams80 says:

    Why would I google this when I actually went there? I can’t even. Wrong and insistent. The classic bro combo.

  508. Busch says:

    No, they do not. Why don’t you just Google it?

  509. Busch says:

    Yes, I’m the one living in fantasy land… Ha!

  510. scipiodreams80 says:

    You’ve already shown that you are actively opposed to reality. I don’t care what you believe. You don’t know it, but you’re the tool and anyone reading this conversation can see it. Now you probably have dragged me down in the mud with you, but that’s another story.

  511. scipiodreams80 says:

    I continue to find it hilarious that you have such a narrow definition of “success” (buying sports tickets! That makes me better than you!) and claim to subscribe to whatever the hell Bernie’s ideas were before this became about his ego and your stupidity. The irony is real here, and yes, that is used correctly.

  512. scipiodreams80 says:

    Alright, night, f boy. That is certainly an acceptable way to set off the reference. No one actually says “A Harvard Yale Princeton.” They do say “an HYP” or “the HYPs” and when they say it, they are referring to an acronym pronounced by the letter.

  513. Busch says:

    Lmao. Such ignorance in this post… Journalism isn’t dying, it’s evolving into new forms and has been for years with the Internet… Come on, now..At least try.

  514. Busch says:

    It is indeed hilarious that you’re so insecure that you need to keep spouting this line to try and get someone to believe it. Thanks again!

  515. scipiodreams80 says:

    I also was a journalist (like a real one!) for a time, because, you know some people go into journalism because they think it is a noble calling. People certainly don’t go for the money. Anyway, it’s not even clear what you think you’ve proved here or what you’re responding to – you really have a frighteningly narrow mind. Not sure how you don’t understand that a stint in journalism isn’t discordant with anything else I said. I left because journalism is, sadly, a dying industry, and has lost much of its soul and standards. But US Uncut is booming business!!!! Yay, crappy web “journalism”!!!

  516. Busch says:

    Oh, I believe they do… But you? You most certainly are not one of them, lmao.

  517. Busch says:

    Hahaha, you’ve amused the heck out of me tonight. Thank you for all the ignorant posts and wild claims of grandeur.

  518. Busch says:

    Uh huh. Keep on talking Mr Richie rich on the Internet who can’t afford sports tickets in his past posts… :)

    PS “an HYP.” Think about that, grammatically. Think about what HYP stands for and why it’s incorrect… And before you try to come up with an argument know that it is indeed incorrect.

  519. scipiodreams80 says:

    Oh, I don’t even agree with that effort. It’s a waste of time to engage you people right now. I don’t think anything positive came out of communicating with you tonight and I’m certain you didn’t learn a thing. You just really annoyed me with your arrogance and ignorance and I was self-indulgent.

  520. scipiodreams80 says:

    That’s cute. Cute that you claim to be a bleeding heart disciple of Bernie and don’t understand that real people exist who really give away their money in pursuit of a better world before setting out to make some more.

  521. Busch says:

    I’ve read enough of your post history to clearly see you did not get any of what you claim… Unless, of course, you incurred some massive head trauma in the last few years. If that is the case, I apologize for being rude.. You can’t help yourself.

  522. scipiodreams80 says:

    Wrongity wrong wrong wrong again. My dad went to UM and I grew up a UM fan from age 3. I got into much better schools. I went to one of them. I have a finance background and traded options for three years until I quit to become a writer/do-gooder. It’s hilarious? sad? depressing? that you so get off on not believing things that are entirely true.

  523. Busch says:

    Right, and that’s why you said you were a former journalist in some posts.

    God, you’re so full of it. Please, you want Bernie to quit because he is behind… Follow your own advice.

  524. scipiodreams80 says:

    I literally got the biggest non-aid scholarship offer they could extend for academics and a personal recruiting pitch from the head of the department, but it seems you don’t know what an HYP is, anyway. Michigan’s an excellent school, but believe me, early admits to the school I eventually attended get into Michigan on a 1:1 basis if they choose to apply and bank a good school that does rolling admissions.

  525. Busch says:

    Considering how full of crap you are I’m not sure how anyone would believe anything you say…

    “I was recruited by Michigan, but didn’t go there, even though I am completely obsessed with them in my post history.”

    “I was a millionaire at 24 and gave it all away.”

    Thanks for the laughs, crackpot.

  526. scipiodreams80 says:

    Uh, I’m not lying. Seriously, you’re wrong. But it’s not unlike a Bernie supporter to seek out false narratives as explanations for a painful L.

  527. Busch says:

    Hahahahaha. OK. Now I can leave.

    “I was a millionaire and gave it all away.”

    Thank you for showing everyone just how wildly crestive you actually are.

  528. Busch says:

    Keep lying, bud. It suits you. It really does.

  529. scipiodreams80 says:

    PPS: The fact that you spend that regularly on sporting events, when I’ve spent everything I have on humane and progressive causes and projects tells me one of us may actually be more compassionate than the other poster here – but yes, keep telling me I’m not a real progressive.

  530. Busch says:

    BTW, you shouldn’t have a comma after someone… But coming from someone with such skilled grammar I’m mightily impressed myself that you can operate a computer.

  531. scipiodreams80 says:

    I didn’t edit any numbers. Man, that is sad. You really do see blue bunnies and little green men all around you. It’s a fact I didn’t edit a damn thing. And I’d bet your life on that. You’re wrong here, as you are everywhere else.

  532. Busch says:

    As a basis for my credentials? Can you read? I cited it as an example of how liberal I was to someone calling me a right winger.

    Serious question, are you retarded?

  533. scipiodreams80 says:

    Uh, I was a millionaire at 24 and gave away everything I made (you know, like a true progressive), and now I’m starting a new company. This was your most pathetic response yet.

  534. Busch says:

    And yet it was far less apparent than your own…

  535. scipiodreams80 says:

    Your insecurity is hilarious.

  536. Wally Oyen says:

    Coming from from someone, who cites having posters in their dorm room as the basis for their credentials. I am mightily impressed.

  537. Busch says:

    PS – fact – you have trouble affording 400 dollar sports tickets and I’m a successful engineer in Silicon Valley who pays that regularly for warriors games. Keep telling yourself you’re really smart while you live your “successful” life.

  538. Busch says:

    You didn’t go to Michigan because they wouldn’t accept you. That’s the truth, bud.

  539. Busch says:

    Give up. You lost. Period. Editing your posts to change the numbers won’t fool anyone.

  540. Busch says:

    Coming from the guy who wouldn’t even watch the video. Sigh.

    You are the one out of your depth, son. I won’t bash you like you continue to bash me. It’s clear how ignorant you are. Hopefully, you’ll learn one day. Keep thinking you’ve made good points here, tonight. It will help you sleep at night.

    The truth is you’re very ignorant and some of your posts didn’t even make sense grammatically.

  541. scipiodreams80 says:

    No dummy, I said it will be EASY TO SAY that Sanders loves communism and wants to turn us into a communist nation. I know Bernie and Jane can’t handle negative attention or criticism, so it’s no surprise that many Sanders supporters just can’t quite seem to figure out how advertising in a general election works.

    What does a bunch of inaccurate polls, in a state that hadn’t had a real primary in 12 years have to do with anything? It’s amazing – you don’t even seem to understand that 1.5% pales in comparison to 30%, 14%, and 30%!!!! Ha ha ha! That’s amazing. You suck at this.

  542. scipiodreams80 says:


    Seriously, stick to engineering. You are way out of your league dealing with actual people stuff. And politics. And political theory.

  543. scipiodreams80 says:

    Ha ha, you lose and lose badly. Nice attempt to change the focus. First, you can’t read. I started at 5-600, and I remained at 5-600. It’s right above, so, try your hand at reading one more time. If that number has risen to 1,000, that hardly changes the shape of the argument. That wouldn’t change the final outcome one wit. And if you’re talking about Arizona, again as to party switches, show me any proof that number’s even 1,000! And not some crappy speculation from a weak sauce source like “5 things you need to know from Heavy” or the laughable US Uncut (you have the temerity to site US Uncut and, in the same day insult the sources people use?! LOL).

    But no, continue with more BS, like the polling place fiasco being good for Hillary, even though Hillary was winning votes in Maricopa county at a 57-41 count.

    You use accurate sources and data?! Laughable.

    And I damn well did get accepted to Michigan – and academically recruited by Michigan – and instead I went to an HYP. I need sleep, you need a brain. Adios.

  544. Busch says:

    PS – next time you see a fire truck or a police officer, remember how much you hate democratic socialism. Sigh.

    Now I’m out. Couldn’t help myself, it’s fun putting your ignorance on display.

  545. Busch says:

    I knew you wouldn’t watch it. You wouldn’t want to step out of your blissful ignorance comfort zone.

    You’re a close minded fool. Educate yourself. Goodbye fool.

  546. Busch says:

    NO, you attempt to lay out why you THINK I’m stupid while only making yourself look terrible. Stick with commenting on sports, that seems to be a much easier subject for you to grasp.

    Honestly, we’re done here. You already displayed your ignorance completely when you tried to say Sanders loves communism and wants to turn us into a communist nation. I posted a video you should really consider taking to heart. Unfortunately, since ignorance is bliss and you seem pretty happy, you’ll probably stick to status quo… you sure support a candidate that does.

    PS – saying a come from behind win in Michigan, where they had him down 20 points 2 days earlier in some polls, paled in comparison to any win, just shows how stupid you really are. EVERY news article called that unprecedented for a reason, you complete and utter tool.

  547. scipiodreams80 says:

    Ay yi yi. First of all, the campaign he’s running really claims to be about Social Democracy, so no, I will not watch your stupid video. I’m not going to watch some white kid tell me about stuff I know plenty about.

    Regardless, you entirely miss the point. Which is not surprising. Bernie is easily tied to governments that are far less cuddly than whatever that Bro is trying to pass off as democratic socialist (I’m fairly certain he’s trying to explain Social Democracies, of course). And Bernie himself can be tied to statements in favor of government control of the means of production. I’m done with you tonight, fool. You’re out of your depth.

  548. scipiodreams80 says:

    Oh no, I lay out in detail why you’re stupid in other posts. However, if you’re looking for specifics, I refer to your inability or unwillingness to recognize that with the exception of caucus Hawaii, Bernie has not won a state with substantial diversity besides Michigan (and that win paled in comparison to Hillary’s big, diverse state wins) and you and I both know how desperate Michigan is economically and how receptive that makes it to even fantastical promises.

    I do love that you’ve taken middle school debate, though. I’m sooooo impressed.

  549. Busch says:

    One of us has been made dumb by this primary, but it sure isn’t me. So, even though I posted a direct response to you showing over 1,000 complaints, you went from 300.. to 5-600… in the span of 10 minutes? You’re just making things up on the fly here, aren’t you?

    Why don’t you look at Arizona. Anonymous is making the claim Sanders was hacked. I would honestly believe it.. but here, let’s post some sources for what’s been going on:

    Honestly, you’re so full of it here that it’s just nuts. I’ve said time and time again I wasn’t just talking about NY. This whole primary season has been nothing but shenanigans out of the Clinton camp. Why don’t you tell me why Sanders supporters were turned away at polls early on for wearing t-shirts, but Bill Clinton was allowed to CAMPAIGN in the polling locations for Hillary, even though you’re not supposed to be able to do so? Don’t actually try to answer, we all know the real reason and don’t need a BS response.

    Anyhow, my use of accurate data and sources IS quite engineer like. Please try harder to be accurate in your response if you really expect to put me down next time.

    Also, once again I beg you to tell me that you didn’t actually get accepted to UM with this kind of intelligence.

  550. Booba Big says:

    Totally Agreed

  551. Busch says:

    Oh good lord you are dumb. Do I really have to point out the differences between a democratic socialist and friggin’ communism to you? I mean, honestly… if you’re that ignorant at this point, what’s the use of even trying to educate you? Do I need to explain the difference between the Westboro Baptist Church members and your average Christian, while I’m at it?

    Here, you like video… get educated:

    You didn’t school me on jack! I posted an article showing your data was completely off, fool!

  552. scipiodreams80 says:

    I sure as hell have seen that video. And saying that breadlines are a good thing is a statement that would all be part of the GOP’s effort to portray Bernie’s campaign as designed to turn America into a gray communist gulag. It’s not going to matter, anyway, because he’s not going to win. I would have dreaded trying to answer “Make America Great Again” with “Make America Denmark,” but they would have dug in on him even harder than that. Btw, I schooled you below over your ridiculous ignorance of the New York Primary and I’m pretty sure I left a mark.

  553. Try to be thoughtful says:

    I think that Bernie had a good run and he has done a lot to help shape the Democrat platform this election. He has certainly pushed Hilary more to the left. All well and good. But his time has essentially run out and he has gone from an inspiring candidate to a bitter old man it seems. I hope that I am proven wrong.

  554. scipiodreams80 says:

    You really have been made dumb by this primary. You conflate the voter purge and the complaints of switches in party registrations which are two entirely separate things. Sad, to be so blatantly flummoxed in your argument so early here, considering your obvious high opinion of yourself. You specifically referenced “voters turned away at the polls when they were suddenly listed as independent or Republican.” Those number 5-600, last I heard. Boy are you quick with the trigger and low on information.

    The voter purge is an entirely separate issue. Some of that number is entirely normal in any given election cycle. People die and inactive voters are purged at a certain point. None of that number can be pointed to as people who would have specifically favored Hillary or Bernie, unless you like math, in which case, you might notice that these areas all voted heavily for Clinton, so if anything the purge might be seen as hurting her final result (basically all areas of the five boroughs favored Hillary). Now, there is a chance that those are dead voters who were kept on the rolls to support shenanigans in lower level judgeship elections and the like – but that hardly has anything to do with either campaign or with favoring either campaign. Class has been in session.

    On the one hand, I’m from her and you’re not, so some ignorance is excusable, but the mistake of conflating two entirely separate voter pools (the tiny one that faced party switching errors) and the large one (part of a purge that is, in part, quite ordinary) is quite un-engineer like. Seriously, do better.

  555. Arturo Sierra says:

    The truth? How stupid are you to believe that the old fart that has been in Congress 20 plus years will be able to pass anything as President? The stupidity of the bern-out-bots continues to baffle SMART America!!

  556. Arturo Sierra says:

    bitter much? Your comments like many other brain dead bern-out-bots make no sense and I say good riddance to you and your type…

  557. Busch says:

    Dear child,

    There was nothing wrong with what he said in the video.

    Did you even watch it, you idiot?

  558. Busch says:

    Amen. These idiots want us to bend over and “take one for the team” just to put a Democrat in office while completely ignoring the fact that she’s very much a Republican in 85% of her actions. Talk about ignorance.

  559. Busch says:

    Good ad hom attack with no data to back it up. Guess that makes you the stupid one.

  560. Booba Big says:

    In what world is bernie not establishment after more than 30years holding office, and so little accomplishment.
    Hate to say it but the only one close to not being establishment is the fucking loser trump.
    Bernie , certainly NOT !!!

  561. Busch says:

    Well, considering your data is completely off, you need to start respecting data and reality.

    And I was referring to Arizona, where there was massive fraud, as well.

  562. Arturo Sierra says:

    Thank you for being the voice of reason…I too will donate money to defeat b.s. in Vermont!!

  563. scipiodreams80 says:

    My problem with Bernie is that he would make a fantastically terrible president and an equally bad candidate, but thanks for the attempt at thought control. Lemming.

  564. Arturo Sierra says:

    I have read the comments by the bern-out-bots and it does not make sense that they would NOT vote for Hillary…but then again nothing about them makes any sense. These spoiled brats, half are brain dead, have never really been involved and will probably never get involved again…so, I say good riddance and NO we will not beg them to support our candidate. Smart America will rally behind our Lady and WE will WIN in November.

  565. scipiodreams80 says:

    I know it’s just because it’s hard to lose a primary, but your commentary is disgusting. How condescending and dismissive of you. This smacks of the arrogance that leads some Bernie supporters to still not understand that minority communities utterly reject the fantastical flim flam campaign of their candidate, and do so from a base of knowledge and long involvement in politics. It’s the arrogance that pretends that only lack of information could lead to such rejection, when the opposite is truly the case.

    It’s the same arrogance that pretends that you and only you are the keepers of purity and the progressive flame and despicably dismisses people who have worked in the progressive trenches for decades as “Republicans” who just don’t know “who are what they are.” How dare you. Take your smug superiority complex and your terrible candidate and knock yourself out however you please on election day. Better people than you – who actually care about the people in the country who will be hurt by Republican rule, who actually care about the future of this country, and who actually care about progress will move through their stages of grief and do what is right for America.

    Or not. Because nothing will usher in progressive progress in this country like losing the Court for a generation and cementing the place of Citizens United and voter suppression in our politics. Perhaps your daughters prefer the losing fight and the torment of hopelessness to actual progress. If so, that’s a sad commentary on your commitment to those you profess to stand for.

  566. ohioan says:

    Clinton supporters no longer know what or who they are. They are so much like the Republicans. I don’t know if they really stand for anything at all.

  567. ohioan says:

    LOL – I can see you’re nervous. And you should be.

  568. ohioan says:

    In other words, he shouldn’t tell the truth…. because it hurts Hillary’s chances….

  569. ohioan says:

    I’ll call myself a feminist and write Bernie’s name on the ticket – as will my daughters – who are also feminists. You should take a long look in the mirror if you want to see yet another reason your candidate is losing support from progressive voters.

  570. ohioan says:

    That is truly laughable. No one can hold Clinton’s feet to the fire unless they have a ton of money. If she won in November (which she won’t) she would govern like a centrist Republican.

  571. ohioan says:

    What a load of crap. The progressive cause has been set back by democrats themselves – not “impotent outsiders.” It’s been set back by greed and money. Democrat voters have turned a blind eye to this for so long, they no longer have candidates that aren’t part of the problem. And by the way – Ralph Nader did not cost Gore the election. Gore was a crappy candidate. He had zero charisma. The DNC tried to marginalize Nader – and effectively did so by not allowing him to debate – literally threw him out of the audience of a debate. Had Nader been allowed to debate – he may have not only beaten Gore – but Bush also. It is the DNC (followed by the RNC) that cost the left the presidency in 2000. The fact that you won’t stop pointing your finger at everyone else for the party’s failure is why there is no hope for it’s survival. And it’s people like YOU that make voters like me CERTAIN they will not participate in the dem party any longer. Life long dem here – and not voting for Hillary. Take a long look in the mirror next time you want to blame someone for losing an election.

  572. Jana Peterson says:

    I get where you are coming from, I find your candidate equally repulsive. I don’t understand where you are coming from either frankly but I won’t call you names over it. This isn’t about Bernie for us, it’s what he represents. It’s actually gone beyond Bernie. He pulled pack the curtain, we just chose to finally see. We don’t care about the freaking “party”we care about the country and it’s people.Both of them are antiquated jokes and it’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart. How embarrassing. Supposed to be the greatest country in the world and one of our two frontrunners is quite possibly going to be indicted and the other can’t speak in full sentences yet. What in the serious F? No, I will not HOLD my nose and vote for her and she SHOULD be concerned. I’m far from alone in throwing my vote into the pit of “lesser evil” this time around. Not contributing to that. Both she and Trump would be unmitigated disasters for this country. Hers would just be a slower burn, like hitting the snooze button on an alarm for four years watching her repay all these campaign favors at the expense of the American people. No thanks.

  573. scipiodreams80 says:

    Man, get a hold of yourself. She crushed him in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia – you know, states that kind of really matter in November and you dismiss her big wins as “(from) Southern red states that won’t matter in the actual election.” Then you cry conspiracy, when the number of complaints Schneiderman received about registration mishaps was in the 5-600 range. You’re a f’n engineer from Michigan. Act like it, ffs, and start respecting data and reality. It’s embarrassing.

  574. scipiodreams80 says:

    Dear Child,

    Video is video. You clearly know nothing about journalism and sourcing. Enough. It’s one thing to criticize a source. When the source includes a video whose provenance and authenticity is not disputed, calling out “source! source!” makes you an idiot.

  575. Busch says:

    lmao.. I must admit, you were a decent troll… but when I googled your name, it actually came up “joshua brennig hillary clinton” in autocomplete… Then, I found this:

    A personal named account with not a single post aside from Bernie Bashing and HRC love? Truly, you are liberal and not paid by her…. not at all.

    Go to H*ll you sell-out.

  576. scipiodreams80 says:

    You must be trolling. I refuse to believe anyone is actually this stupid.

  577. Busch says:

    Rove? Wow, you’re really reaching. I was a true Bush hater.. I had posters all over my dorm door back in 2002/3 protesting the Iraq war… you know, that awful (and wrong) thing your favorite candidate voted for?

    Rove… you don’t get to throw that insult around supporting HRC… you hypocrite.

  578. Busch says:

    What an argument….

  579. Busch says:

    Good thing your post was from January and here’s one from March from the same site, LMAO.

  580. Busch says:

    I love you right now. Awesome comment!

  581. Operatenor says:


  582. Pat Myers says:

    Vote Blue, no matter who!

  583. Operatenor says:

    No, Busch, you don’t understand. What the troglodyte above said was that Hillary has a much better chance to BE Trump than Bernie does. Of course, that;s absolutely true.

  584. Busch says:

    What are you talking about? That isn’t proof of anything. It’s a poorly edited image you uploaded.. do you know anything about what constitutes a legitimate source? Not only that, but I already posted a REAL article earlier about how Hillary IS paying people. Seriously, you are terribly dense.

  585. Busch says:

    We aren’t creeps and we aren’t rare. Keep thinking that way, though. You’ll find out soon enough and don’t think I won’t be back to rub your face in it.

  586. Busch says:

    OMG.. this is insane. You are posting sourceless no name site after no name site. Are you really this stupid?

  587. Busch says:

    You are CLEARLY a republican or paid. Look at your posts. This is horrible.

  588. Operatenor says:

    I will never vote for any establishment piece of shit again as long as I live.


  589. Busch says:

    That’s the best you got, huh?

  590. Busch says:

    Fox news, huh?

    You’re really making a solid argument here, hahahahaha.

  591. Busch says:

    LMAO… zfacts? Did you even click that joke of a site’s link that you posted?

  592. Former Educator says:

    Good luck with that…

  593. Busch says:

    Um, clearly not. If you’re going to make up something so ridiculous you should probably fact check it, first. It’s been said for months that Sanders has a better chance in EVERY poll. You’re terrible at this whole debate thing, aren’t you?

    Yup, guess I will use my wit and my facts. Where are yours, “Dipshit?”

  594. Busch says:

    Yes, you’re doing so well in those areas, yourself. I’ve posted sources in replies to you, fool.

  595. Busch says:

    Simply untrue.

    You’ve been here two months and done nothing but campaign for Hillary. Get a real job, man.

  596. Busch says:

    Are you insane? Bernie pays people? You’ve seriously just disqualified yourself from any serious intellectual debate. No way in Hell are you anything but a paid commenter for HRC spouting nonsense like that.

  597. Joshua Brennig says:

    No, actually half of them are former Republicans and will not vote for a socialist under any circumstances. Most Bernie supporters will vote for Hillary to block Trump in the general election. Creeps like you are fortunately rare.

  598. Busch says:

    Lmao, not educated? Do you see the icon next to my username? That’s not exactly a bad school to get an engineering degree from, you fool. Clearly, I am informed, as I’ve not gotten one reply to the actual topics I’ve discussed and only ad hominim attacks.

    Why are you here, aside from being a paid commenter by Hillary’s campaign?

  599. Joshua Brennig says:

    Bernie pays people and buses them to his rallies. But they don’t vote. Go figure. It’s almost as if some kid from Delaware doesn’t want to go back and try to register in NY to vote. How weird is that. LOL

  600. Busch says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe calling someone a moron for having nothing to say but an ad hominim attack is “losing.” It’s calling them out for what they did.

    However, your response truly added nothing. Kind of what I expect from someone who would support HRC, though.

  601. Joshua Brennig says:

    Not one vote was stolen from Bernie. He has been depending on cross overs from conservative independents and Republicans in the open primaries, and he apparently can’t win without those. Boo-fucking-hoo.

  602. Joshua Brennig says:

    With what? Your charm? Your wit? Your facts? We have yet to see any of those from you.. lol. Dipshit.

  603. Joshua Brennig says:

    The polls show Hillary has a much better chance to be Trump than Bernie does. Moderates will NOT vote for a socialist, period.

  604. Joshua Brennig says:

    Bernie has never been more progressive than Hillary- that is a myth he invented himself. He is actually conservative and as a states’ rights advocate, he is closer to being a Libertarian than a Democrat. Ralph Nader was trying to get liberals to support Rand Paul in this election. Think that through. Far-left zealots are rarely liberals.

  605. Joshua Brennig says:

    The GOP is spending millions SUPPORTING Bernie, you fucking idiot!

  606. Busch says:

    Ignorance must truly be bliss for you to laugh like that when confronted with the truth.

    Why don’t you start by telling me why we should elect a person who, as SoS, allowed one BILLION dollars to simply vanish? Someone who acts as if they are above the law and disobeys orders like using a personal unsecured email server to send critical information and might even still be indicted for doing so? Why don’t you tell me why I should vote for someone who stands on the wrong side of issues time and time again only to later say, “oops, sorry, didn’t realize that would cost me votes, I don’t really think like that!” Someone who runs a campaign smearing a good man and trying to call him sexist while standing next to people on her own stage who make the claim women “should support a fellow woman or face Hell” or that “girls only support Bernie because that’s where the boys are?” How about you explain to me why we should elect a hawkish person who will clearly lead us into more wars instead of the one who wishes to lead us against them? The same hypocrite who sent Bernie Sanders a signed photo of admiration to him as thanks for his fight for a single payer universal Healthcare system over a decade ago, but now stands on stage and says, “universal Healthcare will NEVER happen.” Someone who is owned by Wall St. Why don’t you try and give me a single positive trait this woman has?

    Better yet, why don’t you try to stand up to me in a political debate? I think you simply cannot. Why else would you resort to ad hominim attacks?

    I’ll leave you with the same response you left me. Unfortunately for you, when comparing replies, it would seem I actually deserve to have a laugh at hour expense.

    “Bwah hahahahahaha”

  607. Badgerite says:

    Read the whole article. There were certain counties where she did surprisingly well. And that continued for Sanders in this recent primary.
    So there is a trend afoot. But trends don’t come to fruition in one election or through ” revolution ” . It is incremental.

  608. Joshua Brennig says:


  609. Joshua Brennig says:

    You aren’t educated or informed so why are you here???

  610. i s says:

    Hillary and Dm party are doing it to themselves.

  611. Joshua Brennig says:

    Bernie Sanders is a commie-loving jackass who thinks bread lines are a good thing. NO ONE could win the general election with this crap hanging over them. Give up, loser.

  612. Joshua Brennig says:

    Responding to an ad hominem with the same. You lose again.

  613. Raylan Givens says:

    You’re funny – and your deductive abilities are more than slightly lacking. How long have you been on Rove’s payroll?

  614. Joshua Brennig says:

    All of your posts are nonsense, therefore, Dolan wins.

  615. Joshua Brennig says:

    We aren’t being paid, and we aren’t Republicans. It’s likely that YOU are both, though.

  616. Joshua Brennig says:

    Winners don’t have to pay for comments. Here is PROOF that Bernie does pay- 48% of his supporters on social media are shills paid to troll for him.

  617. Joshua Brennig says:

    The GOP has not attacked Bernie because they want him to be the nominee because he would be easier to beat. The media has not VETTED Bernie for the same reason. Fuck Bernie, and fuck YOU. The few hostile shitheads online do not represent the majority of Bernie supporters. 80% will vote for Hillary. You’re done.

  618. i s says:

    bla bla bla Hillary .. fall in line.. bla bla bla…

  619. Joshua Brennig says:

    Don’t you dare call yourself a feminist if you’re supporting that misogynist piece of shit. How stupid that you jokingly call yourself a Berniebro, admitting you understand the woman-hating vibe of his entire campaign. Hillary did NOT vote to go into Iraq, but Bernie did, he actually voted for regime change back in 1998. Ashley Williams is NOT a member of BLM, she’s a friend of Cornel West, and was sent to disrupt Hillary’s rally by Winnie Wong of Occupy. Here’s a pic of them together, planning it. What I loathe about Bernie’s bots is that you are all so fucking gullible and you have been trained like a bunch of fucked up little parrots to repeat all of the ugly GOP-manufactured lies and smears that Karl Rove has been creating about Hillary for the past 50 YEARS. Excuse me, but attacking a DEMOCRAT with GOP talking points is the furthest thing from progressive.

  620. Joshua Brennig says:

    Hillary Clinton is far more liberal and progressive than Bernie Sanders. No one is holding her feet to the fire. A loser has no leverage.

  621. PrahaPartizan says:

    That was clear when she made the claim just a few weeks back that, with only two candidates sharing all of the pledged delegates, neither of the candidates would have a majority. Huh? I guess a miracle could happen and the two candidates could evenly split the number of pledged delegates available, but probability would dictate that one or the other would have a majority of delegates and the nomination. She’s either stupid beyond belief or does not shrink from just lying to further her own ends to have made such a statement. What’s amazing is how so many of Sanders’ supporters came to her defense over that statement. I just use it as a data point for evaluating their judgement about the entire Sanders campaign.

  622. Joshua Brennig says:

    Excellent article. It cuts right to the heart of the Sanders campaign and why it was a mistake from the very beginning. Any election but this one would have been a fine race to test third party strength- but not NOW, not with 3 – 4 Supreme Court appointments up for grabs in the next 8 years. What a stupid, selfish, arrogant jackass to risk so much for his own glory. For Bernie to hijack the Democratic Party instead of running as an independent is another despicable act within itself. He finally admitted he did it just for money and media exposure. We need to cut this bastard off at the kneecaps and send him packing back to Vermont. We don’t need his voters, we can get by with moderate votes and the sensible Dems who didn’t fall for the empty promises of the carpetbagging viper. Kiss your Senate seat goodbye, Bernie. Enough of us hate your guts to support your opponent to victory.

  623. Martha Genn says:

    The great thing is in Washington we don’t have to pick a party then pray they produce an acceptable candidate we can vote for whomever we have found to be the best candidate. We don’t follow like sheep but study and make the best informed decisions based on the information and our values. We may not have all agreed on a single candidate, but guess what? We swept $hillary under the rug…So there’s that.

  624. Former Educator says:

    No, I’m well aware you must NOT be a Democrat. The great is, though….there are so many more REGISTERED DEMOCRATS than you Independents, or Republicans.
    Case in point…PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA.

  625. Tara True says:

    Take a deep breath, relax.

  626. Tara True says:

    Like New York? Ohio? Florida? Nevada? P.A.? (ahead by 25 points) Maryalnd? (ahead by 25 also). Illinois? Southern states like those? Idiot.

  627. Tara True says:

    F*ck Busch You all are idiots.

  628. Dolan55 says:

    “I can destroy you in a political debate. Just try me”

  629. Busch says:

    Just don’t think all these shills are real. I’ve been on disqus all year supporting Bernie and I’ve never been attacked for it like tonight.. Then I saw this on the Frontpage of reddit…

  630. Busch says:

    Thst would be the only way she would get a vote from me.

  631. Busch says:

    You make the claim I spout nonsense and attack me, but make no real argument as to what nonsense I’m spouting. One might believe that you really have no true argument. Guess that’s why I got “upvoted” by people and you didn’t.

  632. Martha Genn says:

    You, like quite a few other vocal types keep presuming we are Democrats. The voter suppression will only aid her in stealing the first round of votes; However when the delegates have to actually show up $hillary delegates start to thin out. And even if $hillary manages to get the nomination due to the rampant voter suppression and fraud when the general election happens the majority of Bernie’s supporters will either write him in or vote for D. Trump because we would rather see our country torn by a Trump presidency than bend our knee to $hillary.

  633. chedd says:

    You don’t have to get so snippy about it, Jane.

  634. Marie417 says:

    I don’t care about the next four years anywhere near as much as I do the next twenty years. At 45 years of age I have become a single-issue voter: SCOTUS. SCOTUS. SCOTUS. I will vote for whomever gets the Democratic nomination because picking justices has become the greatest power a president has to influence the lives of Americans long into the future. I beg of all of you to keep the Supreme Court in mind as you vote.

  635. Busch says:

    She can barely get 50 percent of the Dems while possibly rigging elections and is alienating the other half and you think she is a shoe in? Right…

  636. Raylan Givens says:

    They’re the green tea party

  637. Busch says:

    Enjoy the money HRC paid you for that comment.

  638. Raylan Givens says:

    Bernie’s Lord of the Flies zealot wing is becoming a green Tea Party – with all the sycophantic cultic delusion that comes with it. It’s doing Bernie no favors.

  639. Essus says:

    I have lost all respect for you. Such asinine mendacious garbage. I didn’t think I’d say this to anyone, so feel special you ass, I hope everything you touch turns to crap you shill. Enjoy spending some of that money from Hillary’s Correct The Record (CTR). I wouldn’t piss on you to put you out if you were on fire. Yellow journalism has no place and you have thrown away your brand,

  640. Busch says:

    Nope, not good enough. I will actively try to change people to not vote for her.

  641. Busch says:

    Bring it.

  642. Busch says:

    Lmao. Riiiight.

  643. Busch says:

    Independents are all going Bernie. Please… Give up this nonsense.

  644. freelancewriternyc says:

    Go for it. She’s going to win regardless, fortunately.

  645. Busch says:

    Ad hominim attack that doesn’t cite a single source or fact. You are a moron.

  646. Busch says: Enjoy that money. I’ve been commenting on here for months and never seen so many HRC supporters until today… Interesting coincidence, lmao.

  647. Busch says:

    Nope. I will actively campaign against that horrible candidate because I DO NOT want her as our president. Too many lives will be lost in her wars.

  648. SophieCT says:

    Like Utah? Like Oklahoma?

  649. SophieCT says:

    Are you on drugs?! Hillary is kicking his ass. He’s a negative, destructive loser running a toddler’s scorched-earth campaign. Bernie isn’t even qualified to retain his Senate seat. Few people realized just how much he hates this country and everyone in it until this election.

  650. SophieCT says:

    Mrs. Sanders is a moron.

  651. freelancewriternyc says:

    Except that Cuomo swamped Teachout.

  652. freelancewriternyc says:

    OK, OK. Don’t vote for her. Just quit making such a show about it. It’s boring.

  653. freelancewriternyc says:

    The last refuge of scoundrels is citing “stolen” votes. That’s the GOP’s game.

  654. freelancewriternyc says:

    Right. She has no chance, but an avowed “socialist” will carry Middle America. Got it.

  655. freelancewriternyc says:

    I read that as saying that her husband’s supporters would continue to hold Clinton’s feet to the fire vis-a-vis progressive principles. Rather a stretch to say that she implied they wouldn’t vote for her.

  656. Dolan55 says:

    For one claiming to be “well versed in politics” (LOL) you spout a lot of nonsense. But for a Trump shill, you put up an OK show: transparent, but OK for a Trumpee-pee.

  657. Dolan55 says:

    Do explain how those in the evil conspiracy to deny Sanders his voters knew which registered Democratic voters were Hillary supporters, and which were Sanders supporters to turn them away.
    Unless they were NOT registered Democratic voters…

  658. Dolan55 says:

    Ah yes: Sanders fans love to rally, Hillary’s love to VOTE.

  659. devlzadvocate says:

    Said Trump.

  660. Kitty says:

    What a slanted article. Jane Sanders is not “threatening” anything nor is she trying to destroy the Democratic Party, she is simply saying what she believes is so. Speaking as an over 50 feminist “Bernie Bro” (I used to be an Obama Boy, I guess, in Hillary world) Hill has turned me off by her style of campaigning — in 2008 against then Candidate Obama and now against Senator Sanders . I just don’t like it. I also didn’t like her vote to go into Iraq and more recently I have not liked her treatment of young women, one from Black Lives Matter and one from Greenpeace — and then there was the young Somali-American. In fact, I think Hillary has issues with young women — speaking of sexism and misogyny.

  661. suesista says:

    So OK, don’t vote for Clinton! That ought to settle things for everyone.

  662. Karen Tahir says:

    Busch you must be JOKING! She is so far ahead of Bernie in popular votes, and delegates he could never catch up to her…The numbers don’t lie…sorry Bernie needs to end his campaign now…and take all of your 27.00 contributions to fund another vacation to the Vatican.

  663. Former Educator says:

    Really?? Did you not do the math, Dear?? In New York alone, Hillary received more votes than ALL the GOP contenders, COMBINED.

  664. Former Educator says:

    You seem so intent in researching Trump for his “stand” on issues (which are JUST words), than looking at Clinton’s “record” of ACCOMPLISHMENTS…which, if you actually research & NOT just listen to the false rhetoric that’s been spewed forever…will show actual ACCOMPLISHMENTS. But, regardless…you do what you think is the right thing to do. As will I. The thing is…there ARE far more registered Democrats in this nation & as long as they vote they will defeat Trump.
    Hope your face won’t hurt too much, after you’ve bit your nose off for spite.

  665. devlzadvocate says:

    I can’t believe you are actually posting your bullshit here attempting to get respect for an overtly violent, racist, homophobic BILLIONAIRE and at the same time SHILLING for Bernie Sanders!!!! And all the while excusing Trump’s horrors because “he really doesn’t mean it” and trying to change the narrative to “Hillary is a racist”. Who the FUCK do you think you are dealing with? Get the fuck outta here.

  666. Busch says:

    And how many of those large wins came from Southern red states that won’t matter in the actual election?

    Keep drinking the Kool aid.

  667. TheAngryFag says:

    I gracefully accept your surrender.

  668. Busch says:

    You’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how delusional or ignorant of facts it may be.

  669. Busch says:

    PS – way to go ad hominim about it since you have no true argument!

    Stay out of politics.. They are for the more educated.

  670. Busch says:

    Lmao, I can destroy you in a political debate. Just try me.

  671. devlzadvocate says:

    Bare those teeth! Snarl! Let’s see those claws! You just go and show us! Harumf! Hint – Stay out of politics. It is killin’ ya.

  672. Busch says:

    Ridiculous comment yourself.

    You assume I’m using the votes as a weapon because you make wrong assumptions about my political knowledge and beliefs. I’ll just copy and paste this from another response for you.

    Trump’s tax plan is actually more progressive than HRC’s and helps the poorest Americans the most of any of the proposed plans, unless you count the fact that Sanders’ plan is counting on the notion of universal Healthcare, which would offset the increase you pay in taxes.

    Do you really think Trump believes the stupid stuff he says about building walls/Muslims, etc? He has stated before thst he says that to fire people up and pander… You know, the same way HRC lies and “evolves” on issues to win Bernie supporters. Trump has actually been closer to a Democrat than a Republican and has donated to Democrats for years. So, would you rather have a Republican lying to you about how. Liberal she is or a Democrat lying to Republicans about how right wing he is? Don’t you think there is a reason the GOP is trying so hard to keep him out?

    Regardless, Trump isn’t owned by anyone, which we all know you can’t say about Clinton.

    It isn’t about my preferred candidate not winning… It’s about someone I will never vote for under any circumstances being forced down my throat by an ignorant Democratic party. I can’t stand Hillary.. And you expect me to vote for her, a Republican in all but title, because there is a D next to hername? How ignorant.

  673. Busch says:

    Right, but we are hanging on everything else she has done and said… What about all those guns coming in from Vermont? Also, it was a senior aide and whether or not you want to be ignorant about it, it pisses Sanders supporters off and they will not vote for her. Just watch.

    Such a hypocritical liar.. I honestly don’t know how anyone with any self respect can listen to her blatant lies and still give her a vote.

  674. gaylib says:

    Lol more CT bullshit

  675. Busch says:

    Obviously, you haven’t really read up on Trump. I would wager I’m much more well versed in politics than you judging by your response. Trump’s tax plan is actually more progressive than HRC’s and helps the poorest Americans the most of any of the proposed plans, unless you count the fact that Sanders’ plan is counting on the notion of universal Healthcare, which would offset the increase you pay in taxes.

    Do you really think Trump believes the stupid stuff he says about building walls/Muslims, etc? He has stated before thst he says that to fire people up and pander… You know, the same way HRC lies and “evolves” on issues to win Bernie supporters. Trump has actually been closer to a Democrat than a Republican and has donated to Democrats for years. So, would you rather have a Republican lying to you about how. Liberal she is or a Democrat lying to Republicans about how right wing he is? Don’t you think there is a reason the GOP is trying so hard to keep him out?

    Regardless, Trump isn’t owned by anyone, which we all know you can’t say about Clinton.

    Now, as far as what the general would look like with Trump on one side and Bernie on the other, pretty sure polls have shown for months thst Bernie would absolutely own him. Whereas, HRC barely edges him out… And that’s before she alienated all the Sanders fans. She is unelectable.

  676. Cattywampus says:

    I’ll be thinking of you in January when HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON is sworn in for the first of her two terms as PRESIDENT!

  677. gaylib says:

    You just said a whole lot of nothing.

  678. gaylib says:

    Anonymous aides cited in politico! These Bernie rubes are dumber than teabaggers.

  679. TheAngryFag says:

    Really? We had the general election already? Jeeze, I thought that was November.

  680. Cattywampus says:

    Add Stupid to your stupid username.

    Get over it, your grasping Grandpa and his gross wife will never get near the White House except to wash the dishes. You Bernie Bros are really nuts. You’re due for cult programming immediately.

  681. Busch says:

    Are we counting all the votes that were stolen from Bernie in those numbers? You know, the ones where voters were turned away at the polls when they were suddenly listed as independent or Republican?

    Please. Sanders has 30k show up to rallies while HRC can’t get 2k.

  682. Cattywampus says:

    Geez, get a grip. It’s just an article. You Bernie Bots are truly scary. When will you go for your cult deprogramming? You’re definitely due.

  683. gaylib says:

    Yeah. The one with more actual votes. Almost 3 million more (more than the pop of entire states he has won) should drop out. You are delusional.

  684. devlzadvocate says:

    She isn’t haveing trouble “mustering votes” or are you not really paying attention? Shit. I get it! Poor losers. Bernie is losing and you’re angry. You’ll either get over it or adjust. We will all go on. In fact, a few weeks from now, it will be “Jane said what?” and “Bernie did good”. And he did.

  685. 2karmanot says:

    Go Blue!

  686. Dolan55 says:

    Sanders can stay in the race all he wants and keep promoting his ideas in a positive way like in the first few weeks of his campaign, when he had a lot of success.
    But knowing there is no path for him to be the nominee and to continue with the slanders, smears, and personal attacks of late, at this point would be working for the GOP. There’s no other way around it.

  687. devlzadvocate says:

    Yep, everyone is hanging on the words of “aides”. Probably not.

  688. Dolan55 says:

    10.5 Million Democratic voters actually think Hillary is more electable.

  689. devlzadvocate says:

    “I’ve never voted for a single republican in my life.” So, you’ll vote for Trump. That’s well reasoned. Have you volunteered in past elections? Do you have any idea what the general would look like with Trump on one side and Bernie on the other?

  690. timncguy says:

    You can convince me. You can convince other supporters. But, none of that will stop the republican machine of editing it to say what they want it to say and playing it over and over to define and beat Sanders over the head with it. And, it will work on all the low-info voters. They managed to turn John Kerry, a decorated war hero, into a traitor with their swiftboat lies. They will do the same with Sanders whether it is accurate or not.

  691. TiberiusB says:

    Clearly you are a time traveling wizard and have seen how the election turned out when the Nader voters had to choose between Bush and Gore. It must have been awful since Bush still wound up our President.

    All you know for sure is that Nader got a piddling number of votes while several hundred thousand Dems turned to Bush. No consideration for such a massive exodus can break through the Nader-ade that poisons some minds. How can you know that those people wouldn’t have voted for Bush or not at all? It’s simple. You can’t.

  692. tgefilms says:

    Riduculous comment. Your vote is your responsibility, not a weapon to peevishly threaten to withhold because you’re a crybaby over your preferred candidate not being selected. Grow up.

  693. Busch says:

    Hillary could say anything and it wouldn’t “win” my vote. You know why? Because she’s a liar and words are just that: words.

  694. Busch says:

    Yes, because Sanders is the one knifing Hillary in the back… what a load of crap. If Hillary cared about the Democrats winning the actual election, she would end her run. She has NO chance, especially after her senior aide comes out and says “F*ck Bernie” right after the New York primary ended. Good job alienating the very base you need to support you…

  695. Busch says:

    If someone actually thinks Hillary is more electable in a general election they are nuts. Every poll shows the opposite and the way she has run her campaign and attacked Sanders has almost assuredly alienated more than enough of his supporters to cost her the election. Heck, I’ve already stated numerous times that I will absolutely vote Trump if Hillary gets the nomination, and I’ve never voted for a single Republican in my life. I WILL not vote for the Clinton machine.

  696. RickRollington says:

    Listen to the entire press conference and you will hear for yourself that at the beginning of it he was highly critical of Castro and Ortega. Any such ad could be easily refuted, unlike Hilz indefensible speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.

  697. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    Poor poor guy. Read my post history if you think I support Trump.

    I will either not vote, write in Bernie, or vote Green party if Hillary wins.

    Besides, if I was a Trump supporter, I wouldn’t be able to write complete sentences or I’d use 5+ exclamation points in a post.

  698. nofauxnews says:

    Those being?

  699. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    While I understand your stance, I consider my vote an endorsement of her values and character. I can not do that, as I see her as a ruthless woman that will do anything to gain power. Its never been about the people for her, its about HER.

  700. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    I can point to dozens of Hillary examples. How about you support your claim with some evidence of Bernie “corruption”.

  701. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    I agree. Because there is no logic to suggest she is a better candidate outside of Women’s rights (for one issue voters). At least I can understand that argument.

  702. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    You mean his Progressive agenda? The one that the majority of Dems want?

    Hillary is more Republican than Dem on any issue except women’s right. Bernie is more Dem than she is.

  703. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    Ha! Anyone that thinks I am a GOP troll, feel free to read my post history.

  704. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    For example… took very little time to find.

  705. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    You keep telling yourself that. Truth is, it is between 25% and 35%, and that doesn’t count the independent voters that were in closed primaries and couldn’t vote. Hillary was terrified enough to try to not have her typical smut fest campaign until she realized she couldn’t beat Bernie without slinging mud.

    Hillary will lose to Trump. She is no longer a viable candidate. Bernie needs to be the Dem nominee or the Dems will lose.

  706. Martha Genn says:

    Hillary Clinton

  707. Demosthenes says:

    I didn’t care then. Mr. Sanders is an honest guy.

  708. Demosthenes says:

    ” She has little to no chance against the Republicans . . . ”

    You lost me there.

  709. Martha Genn says:

    Why should we ” Tone it down “? She has little to no chance against the Republicans and true Bernie supporters are neither Democrat nor Republican we are American and we want our country back. Why should we Americans sit back and allow the rich to keep feeding off of us like the leeches they are? I for one ( amongst many others ) will write him in should the $hillary machine steal the nomination, another large portion would vote D. Trump, and a small handful would give into $hillary. She really should just step down if she’s afraid that not getting Bernie Sanders supporters votes will give the Presidency to the Republicans. Because clearly that says she has no chance of winning and is the only one dividing the party. She is ” The Problem ” and we don’t want another ” Problem ” in the white house, we want the solution ( Bernie Sanders ) and we will not just shut up and continue to get screwed.

  710. Webster says:

    Aravosis has taken his recent posts down some monumentally ridiculous and twisted paths recently, but this one is beyond the pale. Disingenuous and ludicrous to the point of being intellectually grotesque. There is nothing more ugly than seeing someone you once admired abandon all integrity. What a disappointment.

  711. timncguy says:

    In one of the debates the moderator played an old tape of him praising Castro and he refused to backtrack from it. That would become an ad that would run all day, every day.

  712. Mango Chutney says:

    Me too.

  713. Mango Chutney says:

    You sound like an infant.

  714. Mango Chutney says:

    Speak the truth. It’s easier.

  715. Mango Chutney says:

    Maybe you don’t care because you saw his taxes for 2014 and there was nothing to get excited about.

  716. Mango Chutney says:

    What about the lies promulgated by ms. Clinton?

  717. Bill_Perdue says:

    They don’t have to. They have the same policies.

  718. Bill_Perdue says:

    In all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

  719. Bill_Perdue says:

    Wrong. I despise bigots and racist warmongers.

  720. nofauxnews says:

    It is a shame that even progressives buy into the lies and BS the GOP has been spreading about her. I am no fan, but I am not foolish enough to fall for three DECADES of lies and misinformation promulgated by the opposition.

  721. Glad to hear that, but I believe you need to issue a correction to this post. She said Hillary will have to win our support, same as Bernie did. She did not say we’d never support her.

  722. nofauxnews says:

    I am certainly no fan of CIinton, but if it comes down to her or some marginal candidate, it is far more important we have a progressive in the WH, no matter how moderate, than to waste my vote on some silly protest candidate. The very future of the SCOTUS for the next decade or more hangs in the balance.

  723. I scoured his/her comment history and found not a single evidence of pro-Trump posting. I didn’t even see any evidence of concern trolling. So where do you come off posting this accusation?

  724. I’ve voted Democratic in every election since 2000 (McCain in the GOP primary, Gore in the general) save one local race in DC (I voted for Patrick Mara). I’ve never once voted third party.

    Hillary Clinton and her surrogates and supporters (like the author of this idiotic and disingenuous blog post) are literally doing every single thing they can to lose my vote. These fuckers are blatantly dishonest, incredibly condescending, and have absolutely no clue the level of anger there is toward the establishment. If she wins the nomination and tacks to the right, she WILL lose my vote, plain and simple. She’s already lost any chance of me volunteering for her. I’ll focus all of my energies down-ballot and building a bench of real progressive who will take our party back and put it in the hands of the people again.

  725. heimaey says:

    I will be voting Jill Stein or writing Bernie in or voting for him as a 3rd party candidate. But yes I will be voting.

  726. TheAngryFag says:

    But maybe this country deserves those types on the Supreme Court. Maybe if their noses are shoved down into the feces like a dog they’ll finally see it.

  727. seeeteee says:

    I hope your problem with Bernie is that you think Hillary is more electable and not that you have a problem with his beliefs.

  728. TheAngryFag says:

    Welcome to the world of American Politics where a crappy voting system gives rise to a two-party system and candidates that only have to appeal to a majority of the minority.

  729. Oh, FFS! That is not what she said or even implied and you KNOW THAT. She said we won’t just blindly fall in line. Hillary will have to EARN our vote. It’s not that Hillary can’t get our vote, it’s that she actually has to try for it. If she does move to the right after the convention as the Clintonites typically do, she’ll lose large numbers of us. If she stays to the left, she’ll do just fine, except for a handful of diehards.

    She will lost some of us in solid blue states where even a sizable falloff from Sanders protest votes won’t cost her the state, but that’s very different from a Nader style desertion, which will happen if she tries to triangulate.

  730. TheAngryFag says:

    If Hillary’s having trouble mustering the votes to win, she only has herself to blame.

    She’s a liar, a crook, and a warmonger and people know it.

  731. ParadeOfFools says:

    I think he means if you don’t vote at all. Everyone needs to vote. Even if you don’t vote for Hillary or a Republican. You can always write in Bernie or vote for the wonderful Green Party candidate Jill Stein. It’s just important to vote for the rest of the ticket even if you abstain from voting for president.

  732. doug dash says:

    No really, I was stationed in Germany and I discovered that unlike most American women German women do not shave their legs. I actually got to respect them for it and prefer women who go au-natural.

  733. nofauxnews says:

    What a STUPID misrepresentation and misinterpretation of what Jane Sanders actually said.

  734. timncguy says:

    a full throated endorsement will be rather difficult to produce while you are challenging her nomination AT THE CONVENTION as his entire team is now stating as the plan

  735. timncguy says:

    Most likely the Bernie supporters who will refuse to vote for Clinton are voters who would NEVER have voted for any dem other than Bernie and probably would have voted Green party anyway.

  736. Badgerite says:

    You hate all things American. What else is new.

  737. Demosthenes says:

    Okay, I don’t care about Sen. Sanders and his tax returns since he won’t be the Democratic nominee for president. That said, it’s now time for Mr. Sanders and his campaign to tone it down a notch or two.

  738. Badgerite says:

    In Florida? Uh huh. Don’t bother, Perdue.

  739. heimaey says:

    Nice misogyny.

  740. Badgerite says:

    Mostly. Democrats will take his money but they will not put him on the ballot.

  741. Badgerite says:

    Did he say that. The JFK thing. Good grief. I shake my head.

  742. heimaey says:

    If they were to run together they’d be unstoppable.

  743. heimaey says:

    Who cares what he has to say. He’s a lousy comedian that I have never laughed at.

  744. heimaey says:

    I won’t – and it’s people like John Aravosis who have been so nasty and condescending, with their cheap attacks and red baiting, that have helped push me and many others this way. I’m voting Jill Stein if he doesn’t get nom and I’m hoping he contests the convention. Screw the DNC – they have done nothing to earn my respect or support should he lose. In fact I hope he runs independent and wins that way.

  745. MargeSimpson27 says:

    Excellent post. And you are right. Sanders hasn’t been attacked. If he were the nominee, all we would hear 24/7 is COMMIE, “JFK makes me sick”, rape fantasies, Soviet Union honeymoon, 90% tax rate, Praise for Castro, etc etc. I am not saying all of these are true. What I am saying is that this is what we’d be hearing.

  746. Amwatching2c says:

    Bern for Trump

  747. doug dash says:

    Patton Oswalt Wants You To Know ‘You’re A F**king Child’ If You Don’t Vote Because You Hate Hillary

    “I will vote for whoever the Democrats nominate against either of those two psychopaths.”

  748. Amwatching2c says:

    Breaking News Action Alert,… Jane Sanders endorses Trump.

  749. Badgerite says:

    Mother Jones actually has some very good articles this edition. One of them debunks the idea that the “polls” as they stand now for a non vetted candidate such as Sanders , ( much as the Sanders campaign likes to pretend that Clinton has attacked him, she has treated him with kid gloves, to say the least) mean pretty much nothing. One of the things I found interesting was that of all the labels that independents say they would not vote for, religious, ideological, philosophical, the one that has the highest would not vote for was… wait for it….Socialist. That would be below the percentage that said they would be willing to vote for a Muslim or an atheist. Sanders has apparently improved the numbers, but if 60 percent of independents said they would vote for a Muslim and only 49 percent said they would be willing to vote for a Socialist. Well, that’s pretty bad. Here is the link to the article.

    The other article details a trend in the Democratic party that Sanders is perhaps the most prominent example of, and that is a ground swell of changing opinion coming from the base. Another words, Sanders is not the only example of this trend. And it is, I believe, a trend.
    The article details the success of Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham law professor, who ran against Cuomo two years ago. Both articles are worth a read. Because, put together, they demonstrate how you go about change in a country like America where checks and balances are baked into the system and for good reason. Change, in America, is a group effort. And for that you need a political organization and a big one to actually get anything done. And you persist. Always. Toward the goals that are best for this country. That is how civil rights came to be a real legislative thing in this country. And that is how gay rights came to be real as well. I think the Democratic party is trending toward what was started some election cycles ago by Howard Dean. It will continue, either way.
    Sanders or no Sanders. I think he has made a valuable contribution toward pushing it in a more progressive and liberal direction, but that process will not end if he is not the nominee. But the trend is not him. It pre-dates him. And will continue after him.

  750. Bill_Perdue says:

    ” April 17, 2016 – Both parties’ presidential front-runners are growing increasingly unpopular, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds, with Hillary Clinton showing an especially steep decline over the past month. Among voters in both parties, 56% hold a negative view of Hillary Clinton and 32% hold a positive view. That 24-point gap is almost twice as wide as in a Journal/NBC poll last month, when 51% viewed her negatively and 38% positively, a 13-point gap.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to be the candidate in either party viewed most negatively, with 65% of registered voters viewing him unfavorably and 24% favorably, a 41-point difference. Unlike with Mrs. Clinton, those numbers haven’t changed much over the past month.”

  751. devlzadvocate says:

    And one who eats small children and scrounges for small animals in the forest at night. I mean, if you’re gonna bash someone, why not go for the gold!

  752. doug dash says:

    Of course, If I insult a few people so much the better.

  753. doug dash says:

    Maybe little levity on the subject will help.

  754. doug dash says:

    I like Vermont women. They don’t shave their legs.

  755. ParadeOfFools says:

    Not adopting policies that will win you progressive votes is the real political suicide.
    The DNC does not own our votes.

  756. Bill_Perdue says:

    That doesn’t answer the question. HRH HRC was the Senator from Walmart. Shes a rigid war monger. She’s a racist. Shes a barely rebranded bigot.

    David Nassar of the AFL-CIO’s Wal-Mart Watch said “We respectfully disagree with former President Clinton’s characterization of Wal-Mart as a benign, benevolent corporation striving for self-improvement either during Sen. Clinton’s tenure on the board or at present…” and “while we don’t have any insight into what Sen. Clinton advocated for while on the board of Wal-Mart, we do know that Wal-Mart has made no meaningful progress regarding the company’s poor business practices, including gender discrimination, low wages, inadequate health care, overseas sourcing or environmental degradation…” ABC New Jan 24 2008

  757. ParadeOfFools says:

    Nobody has Democrat or Republican coded into their DNA.
    Why on earth should anyone support any candidate they don’t agree with?

  758. RickRollington says:

    It’s funny that Barney Frank understood this before he became her cheerleader:

    “People say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t have any effect on me.’ Well if that were the case, we’d be the only human beings in the history of the world who on a regular basis took significant amounts of money from perfect strangers and made sure that it had no effect on our behavior.”

  759. ParadeOfFools says:

    Jane Sanders is certainly not the woman “knifing progressives in the back.”
    John Aravosis has lost 100% of his credibility.
    I mean support who you like, but wtf is this nonsense.

  760. Badgerite says:

    I believe that is what Sanders people did in Wisconsin by not supporting the candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court who would have supported union rights in this state. Exit polls say most of the Bernie voters voted only for Bernie. Which doesn’t surprise me.

  761. Bill_Perdue says:

    Not just Republicans.

  762. RickRollington says:

    I should know better than to use polysyllabic words and complicated sentence structures when communicating with low-information voters.

    My b.

  763. Bill_Perdue says:

    Clintons racist policies, supported by Gore, decided the outcome.

  764. Bill_Perdue says:

    Gore was defeated by Bill Clintons racist gutting of welfare, his racist police buildup, his racist and genocidal attacks on civilians and his total support for NAFTA, DOMA and DADT.

  765. Badgerite says:

    The GOP loves an empty suit. In Trump’s case, a rich empty suit. The very best suit available.
    A beautiful suit and very classy. Bloated, orange comb-over.

  766. Badgerite says:

    Nader made it close enough to steal. And that is what GW did. The GOP went out of their way to get him on the ballot in any state they could. And why do you think that is? Because they agreed with his politics? They saw an electoral advantage in that. Don’t take our word for it Take the money dolled out by the GOP in 2000 to him get the Nader name on any ballot that they could.

  767. Badgerite says:

    Spoken like a child holding its breath.

  768. Bill_Perdue says:

    Why on earth would anyone vote for a union busting, racist war hawk.

  769. Phil Ostrand says:

    Identified Trump Troll!!! Be alert to this troll. He is a Trump supporter posing as a progressive. Flame him!!!

  770. Phil Ostrand says:

    More like 95-98%. Once the CONs choose their nominee and start getting asked questions about policies progressives support, if anyone then still says HRC is the same they are truly nuts.

  771. Phil in FLL says:

    The fact that Mrs. Sanders is female is irrelevant. She’s trying to move Bernie’s campaign toward breaking a core agreement that you don’t actively work against the party whose nomination you’re seeking, in the case that you don’t win the nomination. I think anyone around Bernie who is suggesting that should back off.

  772. Phil Ostrand says:

    Best post I have seen all year!

  773. Voodoo Chile says:

    You know what would stop sowing the flames of discord? If you stopped calling liberal politicians and voters a bunch of racists and sexists and homophobes.

  774. Voodoo Chile says:

    Maybe by observing how the Democrats (and Clintons in particular) behave in every election since at least 1992?

  775. hiker_sf says:

    Look, I actually HATE Clinton. I disliked her before her despicable 2008 campaign against Obama and that quickly tuned to hate after seeing her lie and distort the truth about Obama.

    That said, voting for the lesser evil is what I will be doing. Also, who do you think will respond to activists – Trump or Clinton? I believe that once Clinton is elected – assuming that she is the Democrat in the November election – we can then hammer her to do the right thing.

    And I mean hammer her by using excessive, clever and sometimes mean activism the first time she screws us. My hope is that she will do the right thing. But my gut tells me that it is foolish to think that she will.

  776. RickRollington says:

    That’s a fantastic point.

  777. Gindy51 says:

    They’ve been on the trail for how long? This shit should have been bottled and ready to go before he started to go out on the trail for his campaign. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get those tax returns ready to go unless they had to do some rigging to make them cleaned up. Turn on computer, find files, print. BOOM done.

  778. Naja pallida says:

    Unfortunately for those who continue to bring up long-disproven nonsense, these are not unknowable things. There have been many indepth analyses made. I have no interest in rehashing them all, a simple Google search will find them… but something like 12% of registered Democrats in Florida voted for George W. Bush. That alone makes it pretty obvious that it was not Nader who turned the election, but the failings of the party and candidate. But it’s easier to pick on someone else than to do any kind of self-reflection.

  779. Gindy51 says:

    You think he is going to reciprocate? I sure don’t. Not one tiny bit.

  780. hiker_sf says:

    You’re both wrong. It was Bill Clinton’s fault. Because focus groups showed that Gore needed to distance himself from Clinton, rather than allow Clinton to campaign for him and rather than campaigning on some of Clinton’s success, Gore was put in the awkward position of having to tip-toe around Bill and his inability to keep his zipper up. Had Bill chose not to have sex, he could have been a tireless advocate, and given both Clintons penchant for ‘below the belt’ politics, he could have really helped Gore win.

    So not having Bill campaign made the race closer than it needed which allowed the idiotic SCOTUS decision that really decided who won the election.

  781. Gindy51 says:

    They’re ALL corrupt one way or another, even Mr. Sanders.

  782. Gindy51 says:

    Mrs. Sanders is as short sighted as Mrs. Romney was. All inside that bubble is fine, but reality says otherwise.

  783. Iowa_Hawkeyes says:

    I think Hillary is a horrible candidate for the general. She won’t do well in my swing state. I bet anything WI and IA turn red this election. The issue discussed in our states is that Trump promises no bad trade deals. Obama fast-tracked TPP and we believe Hillary will support it.

  784. RickRollington says:

    Nope. Gore’s and the state of FL.

    Presuming Nader’s voters would have voted for Gore is delusional.

  785. RickRollington says:

    In terms of general election prospects I think Hillary *is* a suicidal choice for the DNC.

  786. RickRollington says:

    That 7% includes the Iraq war and making it harder for ordinary people to file for bankruptcy. Not to mention her extremely hawkish record as Secretary of State, which doesn’t have a voting record attached. Not to mention her full-throated embrace of neoliberal economics.

  787. Brian says:

    She’s exactly right, go Jane! We will not fall in line. We demand that Hillary move to the left on economic issues for real, not just try to woo us.

  788. dcinsider says:

    Yes, political suicide is always the best option. Good grief.

  789. RickRollington says:

    Are you saying women need to take a quieter role? That’s quite sexist, bro.

  790. dcinsider says:

    If you see Hillary as the same threat or bigger than Trump, logic cannot dissuade you of your delusion.

  791. Brent Showers says:

    To assume we would support Hillary based on Bernie or his wife is laughable and shows how cult of personality Hillary supporters truly are. We vote on ideas not because someone’s a woman, or looks smarter on issues she’s really convoluting to answer in 2 minutes rants that don’t go anywhere or answer questions. We won’t vote Hillary. We will vote Jill stein before Hillary . I hope you stupid bastards like losing to a republican. We are done with the status quo and would rather lose than see this nation go down the toilets in our name. On your head be it. Your the ones who want a republican third way democrat. With republican policys that even undo obamas message on climate change and big money in politics

  792. dcinsider says:

    It WAS Nader’s fault.

  793. RickRollington says:

    Obama was offering more liberal proposals than Hillary. Hillary is offering Republican Lite. Big difference.

  794. Zandrew Sonnemaker says:

    That was clear English, obviously you don’t read much

  795. dcinsider says:

    They will come around. We all learned in kindergarten that you cannot have everything you ask for. You think Hillary’s people were excited about Obama? But they ended up supporting him, and so will Bernie’s people (at least the adults).

  796. RickRollington says:

    The feeling’s mutual.

  797. RickRollington says:

    And a shitload of life-long Democratic voters who deeply resent the party’s rightward tack were and are right there with him.

  798. Angela Walker says:

    They apparently have no staff that could pick them up or don’t know the IRS could supply them rather quickly. :D

  799. timncguy says:

    where did Jane get any indication that Clinton plans to pivot to the right? Are there little voices in her head?

  800. Angela Walker says:

    If Clinton is ‘already there’ then we should look into Bernie’s record as they’ve voted the same way 93% of the time. IS BERNIE A SECRET REPUBLICAN? Film at eleven.

  801. RickRollington says:

    I don’t see how that’s relevant, since it’s a variation of Aravosis’ comments here. They are demanding allegiance despite offering policies that are only to the benefit of the rich and powerful. They seem to believe they are entitled to our votes.

    Did the “fuck him” guy say, “gee, he has a lot of vocal and energized supporters, what can we offer them to win their votes”?

  802. dcinsider says:

    Look, Bernie’s people are not likely to come around until September or October. Hillary will control the convention. Bernie knows this. He begins by backing Hillary in a full throated endorsement, then he speaks to his own followers on the campaign trail to get them behind the ticket.

  803. TiberiusB says:

    Sigh, here we go…again.

    Jane Sanders merely said that Sanders supporters were not going to flock to Hillary if she thinks she can pivot to the right and resume her neoliberal ways. Keep in mind that many Sanders supporters are Independents and not Democrats, or only Democrats insomuch as they wanted to join the party to vote for Bernie. Do you think that if Bernie wasn’t running that 15% of voters would have immediately voted for Hillary and filled out the full ballot, hitting all the down ticket races? It’s more likely they wouldn’t have voted at all. The Dems came up short, either thanks to voter suppression, some flaw in the campaign to get Kloppenburg elected, or any of a number of other factors. You can even complain that Bernie didn’t push his supporters to vote down ticket hard enough, but you can’t blame him for the failures of the local Dem party or the DNC.

    And then there’s the Nader stupidity. Nothing sinks an argument like raising the ghost of Nader’s 2000 run at the Presidency. First, Nader didn’t “steal” any votes from Gore. Those people voted for Nader and there’s no reason to believe they would have voted for Gore otherwise. Like the Super delegates, unless you think that votes are “owned” by
    particular candidates and only a criminal can take them away (which, if
    we are talking about election fraud, is certainly possible), then what
    we have are people exercising their right to choose. That’s not
    stealing, that’s supposed to be Democracy.

    Nearly a quarter million Florida Democrats voted for Bush, but forget that, it was Nader’s fault.

    Forget the terrible Gore campaign. It was Nader’s fault.

    Forget the notorious voter purges in Florida (and all the other crooked voter suppression tactics). It was Nader’s fault.

    Forget the unprecedented interference from the Supreme Court. It was Nader’s fault.

    Forget the Democrats complete failure to fight the results. It was Nader’s fault.

    Nader thought he could participate in our Democracy. That was definitely Nader’s fault.

  804. timncguy says:

    but, you were replying to me and I was talking about what Jane said. Don’t really care what you say

  805. dcinsider says:

    Because he was willing to use the Democratic Party to advance his agenda. The party was within its right to refuse his participation in their primary, and they did not do that. In fact, he was welcomed. You do not get to use the machinery and money of the party (guess who pays for the primaries?) and then take your ball and go home.

  806. Angela Walker says:

    GOP troll here. Ignore UA.

  807. timncguy says:

    the 08 primaries ended 2 months b4 the convention. This year it is much less time. And, Sanders is saying he won’t stop at the end of the primary to start building unity. He’s planning to go all the way to the convention fighting the entire time. Big difference between now and 08

  808. Angela Walker says:

    So share. Spell out the ‘corruption’ or we’ll just have to assume you’re a GOP troll who knows Sanders would be easier to beat than Clinton.

  809. Angela Walker says:

    English is not your first language?

  810. timncguy says:

    you do know the “fuck him” quote wasn’t a stand-alone statement., right? It came at the end of another statement calling for Bernie to start attacking republicans and tone down the attacks on Clinton. And, if he won’t, then fuck him.

    Let’s not, once again, just go with the headline from a journalist instead of what was actually said like Sanders did with the quote/unquote unqualified charge that wasn’t true.

  811. Angela Walker says:

    The good news is, as it currently stands, at least 85% of Sanders supporters will vote for HRC (despite all the ignorant and uninformed bashing she’s received from Bernie and his bots), and it’ll probably get closer to ninety percent come November.

    The remaining, loony ten percent will not be missed.

  812. RickRollington says:

    And they should take it to the convention. Her supporters are delusional to talk about her margin of votes while ignoring just how many people are supporting his candidacy. If you want to write off all the Democrats who are sick of Third Way you’re going to find yourself short of voters.

  813. Phil in FLL says:

    Spot on.

  814. RickRollington says:

    Seems to me both sides are doing that. You’re playing your part, whichever staffer it was who said “fuck him”, the decision to defeat, discredit, divide.

    This is not beanbag.

  815. dcinsider says:

    Preaching to the converted. But Hillary went to June in 2008. In April she was calling out Obama for his famous remarks about religion and guns. They were still battling. That pivot should be after next Tuesday.

  816. dcinsider says:

    Yeah, I know, but what do you expect them to say? I would not put much stock in it.

  817. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    Why? There motivation is not prop up the Dem party. You misunderstand the whole reason he is running in the first place.

  818. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    Then your issue is “anyone but Trump”.

    I vote for other reasons, like “only non-corrupt candidates”. So Hillary is not an option.

  819. RickRollington says:

    I know. It’s what I said.

  820. timncguy says:

    that’s not what Jane said.

  821. RickRollington says:

    As much as I dislike Hillary, I am not down with “Bernie or Bust”.

    “Bernie or Bust” is foolish. The next Pres will be making possibly three Supreme Court appointments. As horrible as she is, we know Hillary won’t appoint anti-choice religious zealots or Federalist Society picks to the court.

  822. timncguy says:

    That’s not what Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine are saying. They continue to say they will take the fight to the convention. Exactly the opposite of what Clinton did in 08

  823. devlzadvocate says:

    The rubber meets the road in the summer when it becomes apparent that 1) HRC can win and bring the Senate with her or 2) Trump or Cruz somehow gets an advantage and we see that we lose the Court, any possibility of the Senate, marriage equality is threatened, women’s health is on the ropes and we face a wall to the south. Bernie’s people may then say something different about voting for HRC. If not, there was never really a “movement” to do anything except move their own selfish, childish “wants” and not create a better world. If you are willing to throw away what you already have in hand or add power to your side, keep working for your ultimate goal and have a temper tantrum instead, you were never serious. You were just practicing grade school politics.

  824. Unrepentant Atheist says:

    It is not the responsibility of Bernie followers to ensure that Hillary beats Trump. It is the responsibility of those who vote only blue to pick the candidate that will be able to unite the party.

    She is right. Many of Bernie followers will not vote for Hillary on the basis that she is corrupt any part of the system. That goes directly against the reason why they are voting Bernie in the first place. If the Dems are really interested in the uniting the party then perhaps people going forward should vote for Bernie as many Hilary followers are people who tow the Democratic party line. So come November you get not only the Democrat votes but the independent votes too.

    I can tell you this. In November I am likely to vote Bernie or nothing. I see Hillary as as big a threat As Trump and as for scotus nominations I’d rather have and independent nomination pick by Bernie then some moderate establishment pick. Many people feel the way I do.

  825. RickRollington says:

    The only sexists are Bernie supporters. Didn’t you get the memo?

  826. RickRollington says:

    She doesn’t need to tack to the right. She’s already there.

  827. RickRollington says:

    Of course he is. He’s a cynical demagogue who “used to be” a Republican.

  828. RickRollington says:

    We all owe Mr. Aravosis a great deal of thanks for his unintentional honesty here. He is probably the first Clinton surrogate to admit that she has no plans whatsoever to offer any policy proposals that will help the average working family in this country, and to admit that her only plans are to further the interests of her corporate sponsors.

    How else is one to read his comments when Jane Sanders makes it clear that if Hillary wants to attract his voters she needs to offer them something to vote for?

  829. But Jane and Bernie need to take responsibility and stop fueling the flames of the discord. They need to start slowly pivoting to getting their supporters to accept that he’s lost. They’re not doing that.

  830. I agree. I clearly don’t like Sanders, but I’d certainly support him over any GOP candidate.

  831. dcinsider says:

    I suspect Bernie will do the same thing for Hillary if asked. These two have known one another for years, and Bernie is not going to sit on the sidelines.

  832. dcinsider says:

    I agree with that, but of course we are hoping that EXACTLY what we don’t want Bernie to do is EXACTLY what we hope the GOP candidates do if Trump is nominated.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    When the GOP closes ranks around Donald — and they will right down to the lowest town committee person — we can all expect a very close election.

    Both candidates start with 45%. The battle is for the other 10%. And that 10% who decide elections are always the least informed. I mean if you cannot see the difference between Trump and Hillary, you are intellectually challenged.

    So hold onto your seats, because if we thought Mitt Romney as President was a nightmare, this one is Armageddon.

  833. timncguy says:

    The problem that comes up when comparing this year to 2008 is that there are some difference. Clinton ended her campaign in 08 the day after the last primary. Instead of taking the fight to the convention, Clinton placed Obama’s name into nomination at the convention. And, the timing is different this time around. The 08 convention took place later than it will this year. There was more time to come together between the last primary and the convention that there will be this year. The coming together needs to start earlier this year than it had to in 08.

  834. Mrs. Sanders is dead wrong—at least in my case. I’m a Bernie supporter, but I will vote for whoever has a (D) after their name come November—because we CANNOT simply hand the presidency to Trump or Cruz. You thought GWB was a disaster? Trump or Cruz in the White House will send us back to the 1800s both socially and economically. Fast track to third world status…

  835. timncguy says:

    Has Clinton made any statement to-date that indicates she has any plan to “tack to the right”? She has not. So, what is Jane talking about? She is just making things up out of thin air to complain about.

  836. dcinsider says:

    Puit on your armor John, here come the Bernie folks. :)

    Of course, you are 100% correct. Many folks who back a candidate, including Bernie’s supporters this year, and Hillary’s supporters in 2008, are frustrated and disappointed when their candidate comes up short. It’s only natural. It takes some time to come over to the other side, and the truth is many will never be happy about it, but most (like 80%) will end up doing so because they are not total idiots. They DO understand what is at stake, and they will support Hillary, however grudgingly.

    Bernie’s followers need some time to mourn. They will do that. The candidate’s responsibility to the party (although Bernie has none technically) and to the country (and he certainly has that responsibility) is to make sure he does everything he can to help his supporters make the leap. Jane Sanders has the same responsibility. My expectation of both is that they will fulfill that responsibility when push comes to shove.

    So Jane mouths off out of frustration and disappointment. It happens.

    I’m willing to cut them all some slack. But after June 7th, it is time for the healing to start. Time for everyone, including Jane and Bernie, to put their big boy and big girl pants on, and make sure that we don’t turn the White House over to the GOP.

  837. timncguy says:

    I’m expecting those returns to be published any day now. Sanders kept saying they just needed to get home to be able to get them. And, they flew home to VT after the NY primary. So, they had the opportunity to pick up those returns and get them out to the public.

  838. Jonah says:

    With all due respect, I think you’re misinterpreting Jane Sanders’s quote.

    I don’t think she’s saying, much less encouraging, that Sanders voters not throw their support behind Clinton come the general. I think she’s merely suggesting that Hillary cannot treat this substantial bloc of voters as an afterthought by tacking to the political center after the primaries are over.

    And you know what? She’s right.

  839. JB20010 says:

    Shouldn’t Jane be looking for those missing tax returns that are lost somewhere on TurboTax?

  840. hiker_sf says:

    “While Bernie promises to support the ultimate Democratic candidate, Jane goes off and suggests that Sanders’ supporters won’t be as magnanimous. ”

    And isn’t it sexist to be troubled by a wife who may not choose to do exactly as her husband does?

    This isn’t Stepford. Nor is Sanders an Alaskan Republican. Women are free to differ from their husbands, or anyone else for that matter.

  841. hiker_sf says:

    Way to distort what she was saying – that Clinton can’t move to the right and expect to pick up Sanders voters.

  842. timncguy says:

    Here is a quote from my local newspaper on Wed morning after the NY primary.

    Sanders’ advisers had said that “beating Clinton in her adopted home state represented one of their campaign’s best opportunities to damage her candidacy and sew doubts about her strength as a general election nominee.”

    So, exactly what the Sanders camp was claiming Clinton was trying to do to Bernie after Wisconsin is what the Sanders campaign was trying to do to Clinton. And, they continue with their efforts to damage the Clinton campaign as of today and it damages the Democratic party at the same time.

  843. Phil in FLL says:

    Mrs. Sanders is forgetting that Bernie has chosen to run as a Democrat. People are judged by the promises they keep. Mrs. Sanders needs to take a quieter role in Bernie’s campaign, which will likely continue until the last group of primaries on June 7 in order to ascertain Bernie’s total count of pledged delegates. When you run for the ticket of a political party, there is an implicit agreement that you will not actively work against the party’s ticket in the general election. In other words, Mrs. Sanders, turn the volume dial down.

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