Mrs. Sanders suggests Bernie’s supporters won’t vote for Hillary

Taking a break from completing her 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015 taxes (none of which have been released in full, as is traditional of presidential candidates), Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane said yesterday that few if any of Bernie Sanders’ supporters would support Hillary Clinton in the fall, ensuring Bernie’s induction into the Ralph Nader hall of fame.

If Mrs. Sanders’ threat is correct, then Sanders and his supporters would be assuring a Trump victory in the fall, and would be stepping into the shoes of Ralph Nader, who is roundly reviled on the left for handing the White House to George W. Bush back in the year 2000, when an disgruntled Nader ran as a third-party candidate and stole enough votes from Al Gore to cost him the election.

Here is Mrs. Sanders’ latest, per the Washington Post:

Jane Sanders, the candidate’s wife, made it clear that Bernie supporters won’t simply fall in line with Clinton. “If they have any hope of getting any of Bernie’s supporters, it cannot be ‘Okay, we got through the primary, now I move to the center,’ ” she told The Post. “That is the history of the Democratic and Republican party.”

It’s particularly interesting to note Mrs. Sanders’ suggesting that basically none of Sanders’ supporters would vote for Hillary, and that even if Hillary tries to woo them, only a small number will in the end support the Democratic ticket.

This effort to damage the Democratic party, and set back progressive values — what do you think Donald Trump will do to civil rights, foreign policy, and Wall Street? — is sadly standard operating procedure for the Sanders’. Bernie Sanders and his supporters hurt a crucial state supreme court contest in Wisconsin recently. Even though Sanders won Wisconsin by a decisive margin, Democrats were surprised to have lost the supreme court race. Then they found out why. Many Sanders supporters refused to support Democrats on the rest of the ticket — they simply voted for Sanders, and then left the rest of the ballot blank, ensuring an arch-conservative is now helping push Wisconsin further to the far right.

Then there is Sanders’ incessant efforts to stop Hillary Clinton from raising money for Democratic races around the country. Hillary has been teaming with the DNC in doing a series of high-profile fundraisers with celebrities and others. Sanders chose not to, and now is attacking Hillary for doing what he could have done as well. If Sanders has his way, Democratic races in the states will lose millions of dollars, while Republicans keep raising money and ensuring their electoral victories to come.

Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat, he’s a socialist. (And for those who claim that a “democratic socialist” isn’t the same thing as a socialist, it actually is — if you’re talking about the old hardline European socialists, who are now passé on the European left.) Sanders has no interest in helping Democrats, and has in fact spent much of his campaign attacking the Democratic party, and helping ensure that a new generation of Americans equates Democrats with Republicans.

Ralph Nader, by Don LaVange .

Ralph Nader, by Don LaVange .

So, while sad, it’s not surprising that the Sanders’ are is in essence putting a gun to the head of the Democratic party, by threatening to throw the election to Donald Trump. While Bernie Sanders talks a good talk about “revolution,” he has done little of significance in his long career in Washington. As impotent outsiders do, he complains a lot, and stakes out extreme positions knowing they will never be implemented. There’s no cost to being as extreme, and pandering, as possible when you know you’re never going to win. You never have to face the voters and explain why imposing socialism on America didn’t quite work out the way you promised.

It’s not surprising that Sanders’ most liberal supporters have concerns about voting for Hillary — after all, Hillary has an actual record to scrutinize. Hillary has had to stake out positions, and then follow through on them. And things didn’t always work out as planned, as happens when your theoretical goals become policy. Sanders, on the other hand, has the odd advantage of rarely having put his ideas into action. So there’s little to hold him accountable for, besides his oddly unprogressive embrace of the gun lobby.

In the end, Bernie and Jane Sanders are playing a bit fast and loose with their talk. While Bernie promises to support the ultimate Democratic candidate, Jane goes off and suggests that Sanders’ supporters won’t be as magnanimous. It’s a cute passive-aggressive way for the Sanders to have their cake and eat it too. They can claim to be above the fray and support the party’s candidate, while at the same time knifing her in the back, and the entire progressive cause in the process.

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CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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853 Responses to “Mrs. Sanders suggests Bernie’s supporters won’t vote for Hillary”

  1. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Unfortunately, Bernie supporters feel the same about Hillary. I don’t know how I will be able to vote for Hillary after the behavior of her supporters. I will vote for her for the sake of the country. It’s too bad that Hillary supporters aren’t as concerned about the country. It says a lot about her and her supporters.

  2. adplj0 says:

    I am a Hillary supporter and did plan to support for Bernie if he won the nomination. The hostility of his campaign towards Hillary and her supporters is making me rethink this strategy. If “Bernie or Bust” thinks they can win in November without us, go for it!

  3. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    We consider not voting for Hillary because we have been, are currently, and will continue to be screwed by either party. While we have been making gains on social issues, we have been getting destroyed financially. Those social issues won’t mean much if one does not have the means to support oneself.

  4. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    I did not state that Bernie had more votes than Hillary. I stated millions of people agree with him _more_ than they agree with Hillary. (Which is why they voted for him). While Hillary has more primary votes than Bernie, if one considers that many of those primaries are closed and independents favor Bernie, that 3.2 Million does not really mean a whole lot. This is why Bernie polls better against Trump than Hillary does.

  5. Matthew Bailey says:

    well, i’m a white man with plenty of money, free healthcare, and had a free education. you may be too scared to support bernie sanders, but he’s the best chance against a trump presidency–a presidency I can afford to have.

  6. CrazyChester says:

    So you simply dismiss it out of hand and claim the opposite? Are you too intellectually lazy to try doing a little bit of homework? if you were willing to spend the 5 minutes it took to respond and did a simple search you would find some semblance of the following. Party membership, like church membership has been steadily decreasing for at least 5 years.
    Americans associated as Republican 24-26%
    Americans associated as Democrat 27-29%
    American associated as Independent 42% +

  7. CrazyChester says:

    I’m afraid it is EXACTLY true. What else is true? Your intellectual laziness. Party affiliation is at an all time low in the U.S. Why don’t you look it up for yourself rather than argue the point or implying that someone is lying. Last figures I saw were:
    Identify as Republican @24-26%
    Identify as Democrate @27-29%
    Guess who fills in the rest after accounting for any extremely minor party affiliations such as the greens, constitution, libertarian, etc. ? That’s right INDEPENDENTS make up more than 40% of the American electorate right now. Thank you for wasting my time having to educate you on something so easily discovered and trending since 2008.

  8. Leon Ashbrook says:

    The sad thing is, they honestly do.

  9. Leon Ashbrook says:

    So you’re saying there are more independents than there are democrats or republicans? That is simply not true. Please show me the evidence that “the only reason either party is still standing” is because the independents haven’t unified.

  10. Leon Ashbrook says:

    Then why did she lose to Obama? If she owns the DNC, and can force herself into the nomination, then why did she lose the 2008 primary?

  11. Leon Ashbrook says:

    They would have been able to vote had they understood the voting process and registered to vote as democrats, which should have been obvious considering the candidate they were supporting is running as a democrat. The only reason they couldn’t vote was because THEY didn’t register to vote for him. That’s the fault of the individual, not the system.

  12. Tman says:

    Ralph Nader had nothing to do with Al Gores defeat.* Gore won.

    Blame dick cheney’s hunting partner, Antonin Scalia, for stopping the counting of the ballots when it became certain gore had won, appointing Cheney/Bush President

    The 2000 election proved many things:

    We pay a high cost for allowing corruption to void our votes.

    We lost our one man one vote Democracy. There is no provision in our constitution for appointed presidents. Republicans have done it twice. Nixon, resigning in disgrace, appointed Gerald Ford who promptly pardoned Nixon. Scalia appointed Bush/Cheney president. Corruption at its best..Unchallenged by the media or the Democratic Party.

    We lost our freedoms with Cheney’s off the shelf nazi document “The Patriot Act”

    Cheney engaged us in regime change wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Libya and Syria..all with disastrous effects.

    Cheney added 12 trillion dollars to the war debt the Clinton administration reduced from 8 to 4 trillion.

    Cheney committed war crimes and torture in our name. Crimes continuing to this day.

    Cheney’s company Halliburton “lost” 80 billion in Iraq..never repaid.

    Cheney violated the law by giving his company Halliburton spinoff KBR no bid defense contracts worth 139 Billion Dollars.

    The Cheney5 supreme court legalized bribing public officials in the infamous Citizens United decision.

    America suffered its greatest depression since 1934 in the banking collapse and bailout of 2008.

    Will we get more of the same if we allow rigged primary elections to put hillary in the white house?

    What does she bring to the table beyond her “experience” conducting the wars in Libya and Syria?

    This is the year we take on corruption. We insist on one man one vote. We insist our elections are conducted fairly for all participants, from financing to counting verifiable paper ballots on verifiable paper receipt voting machines.

    It is a mistake of grave proportions for us to accept, coddle and promote corruption by asking the winner by any standard of measure, Bernie Sanders, to drop out.

    Why is the media and democratic party doing this very thing…promoting corruption with articles and airtime demanding the winner quit and turn the presidency over to the loser? Again.

    Delegates and superdelegates will back Senator Sanders because they agree with him and know he will trounce trump who is already leading hillary by 6 points according to the reuter’s poll conducted May 14-19.

    Is it time hillary drop out and avoid the conflict and humiliation that will come with her inevitable first Ballot defeat?

    *Nader is an example of the extreme corruption designed to keep you,me and Ralph Nader from running for office. Nader was the best candidate running by any standard of measure. The parties would not even allow him in the debates.. Ditto 2012 when Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson were on the Green Party ticket..infinitely better candidates than Romney and Obama. They, too, were not allowed in the debates. Democracy Now included them using video techniques. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson clearly won the debate and should have won election..being the best candidates**. Jill Stein is running again on the green party ticket. Have you seen her in the debates? Can you see hillary allowing that? Bernie would likely welcome the discussion.

    See for yourself:

  13. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    @Aquaria – You don’t convince people of your position that people should support Hillary by calling them a moron. I can only conclude you are a Republican.

    While there has been some progress, the most progress has been the fleecing of the middle class by corporations. Now the average American has even less financial resources to make sure our rights are not railroaded. I see no indication that anyone besides Bernie would do anything about that.

  14. Aquaria says:

    Then thanks for putting Donald Trump in office, and turning back decades of progress for women, gays and minorities.

    I despise ignorant, self-serving morons like you.

  15. Temp says:

    No different than rioting in the street and burning your own house down.

  16. Shaky Condon says:

    Lol look who’s full of it. Y’all just keep trashing Sanders campaign, you succeed ya get Trump 2016, like it or not, and you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    Lmao it’s so funny when crooked politicians fail at politics.

  17. Larry says:

    Once again half truths from the $hepublican side. Check your facts (I know it is hard for Clinton supporters) Mrs Sanders (or Bernie) is not trying to “damage the Democrat” party. She’s telling the truth. You personally have helped to convinced me I can not in good conscience vote for Clinton. Thank you. (And have you noticed – that unlike Clinton supporters I have NOT used f*** or any other swear word to state my point?)

  18. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    I did not say MORE agree with Bernie than Hillary. I simply said that millions do. Over 9 million now right? Those people who want Bernie to stop campaigning must convince Bernie and his supporters that the people of this country are actually a priority to the DNC and Hillary. That’s not happening though, is it?

  19. Steve O says:

    Hillary Clinton is paid off Wall Street trash that does not give a shit
    about the middle class.

  20. Steve O says:

    Fighting for? Like Obamacare that screwed me?Like bad trade deals? Tell me what we have gained as the middle class under this pseudo liberal administration? Like drone bombing the puss out of the middle east? Tell me Grace…how has the middle class benefited?

  21. Steve O says:

    Hey troll. Go back under your shill rock. Taking some of that Super Pac money huh?

  22. Steve O says:

    You are counting closed primaries and Red States . Figure in Independents that could not vote and actual votes in caucus states and your figures are meaningless. Bernie matches up with Trump much more favorably.

  23. ILoveBonbons1 . says:

    UK, India, South Africa, Australia, Finland- those are the specific ones I have seen among facebook friends and others, but I am sure there are more. I know for a fact there are people outside the US- non-citizens- phonebanking for Bernie Sanders(they are calling people inside the US who have expressed support for Bernie and reminding them about registration deadlines, voting dates, times, procedures, etc, to help get them out to vote).

  24. tcl08 says:

    @Cash3p, You are not a democrat, you are a republican period. Don’t come on here and pretend to be a Democrat..

  25. Cash3p says:

    I’m a lifelong Democrat and I won’t vote for Hillary. The DNC has proven time and again during this primary season that it supports the status quo at best, and is corrupt at worst. If Hillary gets the nomination and loses to Trump (or whom ever), it’s far from Bernie’s fault. The DNC needs to take a good hard look at itself and it’s policies. It’s become the party of “don’t reach for the stars” and “How dare you dream so big”. The Democratic Party no longer supports my progressive views and doesn’t seem to have my best interest at heart. People deserve a living wage, health care and a decent education. I will vote for nothing less.

  26. Gabe Marquez says:

    Everything you have been fighting for the past 8 years? Like what? Pulling troops from Iraq and letting Iran take control of the middle east? Isis popping up and being a bigger threat the the Iraq/Afghanistan war? Obamacare being pushed on American citizens while the rates are going up faster than it took for them to create it? Going almost 9 trillion dollars more in debt…. I hate to burst your bubble but all “Your’e” fighting has done is get this country in more shit than when Bush left office. Hillary is a scam and you know it.

  27. Dana says:

    She still deserves the respect of her title.

  28. Moderator3 says:

    You’re hearing from another moderator. I’m not sure what rights you are writing about. Mod4 warned you. You didn’t pay sufficient attention. Good bye.

  29. What about our rights? This is like the military. You are the one who insulted me , so back it up. I am not using foul language , only standing up for myself . So what the heck ???Hope that wasn’t to many?

  30. Moderator4 says:

    You have absolutely no earthly idea whom I am “for.” The Moderators are not the writers of the blog. We are here to maintain at least some (very) small semblance of civility among the commenters (as futile as that seems to be at times).
    Keep up the unpleasantness and insults, and you will find yourself banned.
    This is a warning.

  31. Guest 2000 wanted more so that’s what ya get !! But the issues are what is truly important. Oh ya, you are for Hillary, so you wouldn’t understand that.Actually Hillary supporters will never understand the important points many of us on here are trying to make.So i could go until my computer breaks and nothing will ever get through. So many Bernie Sanders supporters on here putting the facts out there yet you continue to live in ignorance !” Pathetic” I say.

  32. guest2000 says:

    You need more exclamation points… to make your point

  33. Louise says:

    Hopefully sensible people recognize propaganda.

  34. Moderator4 says:

    Julzpatt, you have a tendency to way over-use punctuation marks such as exclamation points and question marks. Not only are they not necessary, they are extremely annoying, and also they tend to obscure any of the points you are attempting to make.
    Dial the punctuation marks back.

  35. He would have taken New York if independents would have been able to vote .

  36. So why are you voting for Hillary????????????I see , you Hillary people have NO reasons !!!!!I It’s ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!!! Bernie wants to make your lives easier but you want to vote for a candidate who will make your lives more difficult !!?? She is a known LIAR,and is money hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your’e the last thought in her head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rose says:

    Bernie is better equipped to deal with Trump than is Hillary. The polls I refer to are the election polls, not the primary in which Bernie is winning over Trump by a 15-20% margin. The most recent polls show Hillary as losing to Trump in certain states within the margin of error. Just look at the primary polls as separate from the election polls. This isn’t about mudslinging, its clear that Hillary is going to lose the election even if she does win the primary. Bernie is a better election candidate.

  38. AKRNC says:

    A RWNJ is definitely an authority on Bill and Hillary. Right? Only if YOU happen to be one, also! How dare you accuse her of espionage? Bernie is the one who supports dictators like Castro, despite the people of Cuba basically being held captive for the last 50 years. That’s so damn sickening yet his supporters completely overlook it. Take your St. Bernie and shove him!

  39. AKRNC says:

    Hillary has 3.2 MILLION more votes than Bernie, clearly there are not more people who want Bernie than Hillary. She is also leading him in national polls.

  40. AKRNC says:

    What a ridiculous notion considering there has been no opposition research released

    yet on Bernie by the GOP. Once Trump got his hands on him, he’d fold like a cheap suit. Bernie doesn’t have the temperament to put up with Trump, as he attacks his tax plan, his rape fantasies, his praise of Castro and other dictatorships and his 30 years of only TALKING about a political revolution rather than doing anything. There’s also his being a deadbeat Dad and no full time job until the age of 40 then going to work for the gov’t he claims he hated for a six figure salary for 25 years while claiming he’s only worth $300k yet has two homes worth over $1M with only a $70k mortgage on one of them. Why does Bernie hide his assets in Jane’s name? Where are his tax returns? The GOP will have a field day with him. They’ve attacked Hillary for 25 years with lies and smears and she’s still standing strong. Bernie is NOT ahead of Hillary by 15 to 20 points, Hillary is clearly leading him in the polls. If the people in the U.S. want Bernie over Hillary, why does she have more votes than him, over 3.2 Million more votes than him??

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    Cowee Chrystal

  42. guest2000 says:


  43. Moderator3 says:

    You have made 15 comments in a short period. About four were adding to the discussion. The others were you agreeing with the commenter. Agreeing with other commenters is nice, and if you feel like commenting with a “yup. true.”, that’s fine, but you could also use the up arrows. You are on an old thread, so the commenters may never see your comments.

  44. guest2000 says:

    Nope… just wondered what your answer would be.

  45. guest2000 says:

    yup. true.

  46. guest2000 says:


  47. guest2000 says:

    Major truth! Well said. Thanks!

  48. guest2000 says:


  49. guest2000 says:

    Well said.

  50. guest2000 says:

    So you were born and raised by your parents?

  51. guest2000 says:

    I feel the same way – what you just wrote.

  52. guest2000 says:

    I agree. It’s tragic.

  53. guest2000 says:

    Wow… the Bern-outs are such conspiracy theorists. I think you need a few more exclamation points in your post. lol

  54. guest2000 says:

    I bet you don’t know that many people.

  55. guest2000 says:

    Wow… what an idiot!

  56. Red Cabbage says:

    I believe you should fuck off with the condescending tone.

  57. guest2000 says:

    Maybe you need to read slower.

  58. guest2000 says:

    NPR and Steven Colbert are supporting Hilary. That is good news to most sensible people. You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.

  59. guest2000 says:

    I believe you were asked “which ones?” Which countries?

  60. plannerartist says:

    Seems like the Media , Democratic elites, and Clinton supporters are throwing everything at Trump, trashing police cars, doesn’t seem to be sticking. My guess is the Unconvinced majority at the least aren’t buying what Clinton is selling. Shes always switched issues but this election year shes shifted more than any political front runner in this nations history.When she defends her positions in the general election , she will push right, and Trump will just hit her for that. Clinton is a guarantee for a Trump victory. You need a candidate that has real answers and a pathway out of our dilemma. Someone who has always had the same message, actually passed good bills, and knows how not to make stupid mistakes. Choose Bernie, or deal with Trump.

  61. Hillary can not get in !! Wake up Quilla and all the other annoying Hillary supporters! Vote Bernie if you want a healthy future for your kids and if you care about the future of the generations to come

  62. Quilla says:

    Jane Sanders needs to STFU.

  63. Voiceless1 says:

    Obama got 50% of the Independent vote in 2008 and 45% in 2012. Independents are energized by candidates who are new and different — like Obama was in 2008 and Bernie and Trump are 2016. Hillary will not bring out the left-leaning Indies, but Trump will most definitely bring out the right-leaning ones. Bernie is by far the better candidate to beat Trump, and the polls very clearly and consistently support that.

  64. Voiceless1 says:

    You have to nominate the candidate that can win. And that’s not Hillary.

  65. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Lol becareful of the words you use immediately followed by a direct insult? Such double think makes you a perfect mark for Hillary. Her supporters need the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at once without acknowledging a conflict.

  66. HumanCause777+ says:

    I don’t think many people, supporters or not, know WHAT a Clinton really is. They don’t know what they do with the Clinton fund, where they get the money. You’re talking about someone who is so dissolved in the political establishment, it is as though they never leave office. Has there been a year gone by where Hillary Clinton did not receive huge sums of money from corporations? No. Hillary Clintons loyalty is bought and sold like a commodity on the trading floor. She is the other side of the same coin. Is she even a democrat? NO!! She shares none of the values of traditional democrats. She is a power hungry actress. The role she’s is playing now is that of a “looking out for the little man” liberal, while simultaneously taking hundreds of thousands from wall street, and big business. Her main job is to ensure that everything stays the same. Preserve our oil economy, our low wages, and leave our corporate oligarchy in tact while giving the sheep a warm and fuzzy feeling. People need to ask themselves WHAT IS A CLINTON??? There is a very definite answer to that question.

  67. Rose says:

    You state that “Many Sanders supporters refused to support Democrats on the rest of the
    ticket — they simply voted for Sanders, and then left the rest of the
    ballot blank…” Really, don’t you think this is pushing it a bit far? Is it the responsibility of the Sanders campaign to educate the voters? Did Hillary’s campaign attempt to educate them? You are drawing conclusions from a biased standpoint rather than evaluating all of the data available to you Mr. Aravosis. Try being a professional about hings.

  68. Rose says:

    Bernie is a decent, honest man and he has used all of the funds we have donated in our interest. Yes, to run as an independent is an idea but he is a democrat in the true sense, is Hillary?

  69. Rose says:

    More critical is that Hillary is falling further behind Trump at a consistent rate in the election polls. But Bernie is gaining ground. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump. Bernie can clearly beat Trump, Hillary cannot. Here in CA he is ahead of her by 15-20% yet that is not what is being publicized. What is really going on here? The people of the US want Bernie, why are Hillary and Trump being forced on us by the media? Why is Bernie being cast as “out” of the game when he clearly is not. Hillary cannot win. Let Bernie go on. Stop trying to hinder him with media nonsense.

  70. pbr90 says:

    Even if Sanders supporters don’t vote for Hillary, running as Democrat doesn’t allow Sanders to run off with the money raised as if he wasn’t a Democrat. That would be embezzlement since funds were raised as Democratic candidate, unless Sanders runs as Independent Party but flipping back and forth to what suits him would be rather sleazey.

  71. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    Sanders is basically saying that this country has more money than any other country in history but people assert that it is not possible to provide healthcare and education to everyone here? He believes as do I, that it IS possible to provide for everyone when everyone contributes to society like we did in the 50’s, and virtually every other industrialized country manages to accomplish this. Is the United States that daft?

    Furthermore, should not the checks and balances our government was designed to withstand hold up to anything Trump can throw at it? If Bernie has no chance of accomplishing anything if elected, neither does Trump. They are both outsiders.

  72. Kenneth C Richardson says:

    While Hillary states that Bernie is not a Democrat in a disparaging way,she forgets that millions of people agree with him more than they do with Hillary. Does that make Bernie’s supporters not Democrats as well? I would have to say “Yes”, thus, I guess we all just got an invitation to leave the Democratic Party. It is very nice to hear the Democratic Party feels that way. This is the same kind of misstep Hillary makes all the time. She has poor judgment and she gets into trouble over and over not only by what she says, but what she believes. The Democratic party has only themselves to Blame for Trump’s forth coming election. The Super Delegates should be there to put over the top the nomination of a once in a lifetime candidate like Bernie, but instead the Super Delegates are being used to prevent change. Bernie has almost won the nomination outright despite every possible political weapon being thrown at him. The correct choice is obvious to anyone open to change. Just imagine if Bernie’s name was FDR and that makes it crystal clear.

  73. Neal Barkett says:

    I’m sure you are proud being a lifelong Democrat just as much as someone being a lifelong Republican. I don’t think Thomas Jefferson and many other of the founding fathers would be proud of you. Stay in your herd with the other sheep and soon you can join in as both groups of sheep head for the cliff. You should always question your government and also your own political party.
    “no people can be both ignorant and free.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

  74. Frank Lee says:

    Bernie, know that Drumpf, Putin, the GOP, ISIS and China thank you deeply for the help you are currently giving them.

  75. I disagree. Hillary supported the war in Iraq! Many of our troops died , that didn’t have to die, and she is part of that !!Bernie was 100% against it and he knew what it would cause and he was right. I think that there are so many dishonest Americans , and so of course they would vote for their Hillary . Children are already suffering grim fates because of Hillary ! All the Clintons care about is money ! They don’t care about you and me or your children. But you know who does ?????? Bernie! I am getting so exhausted with all you people who want Hillary in the White House. I have not heard of one GOOD REASON, because there are none. Maybe you like her Kim Jung pant suits or whatever, but I know I will not vote for her or Trump. To settle all of this , vote Bernie because he would beat Trump and our world and our kids would be so much better off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. naturallythe1 says:

    Do some research and look around. Several people in social media chime in all the time about how they love Bernie and wish they could vote but aren’t in the United States

  77. naturallythe1 says:

    Sure she does…sure. CNN of course would try to spin it any way that puts Hillary first. She probably pays them too.

  78. ExpatZ says:

    Well, I can see this blog supports Hillary to the point of printing drivel, attack and fud.
    To that I say get ready for Trump, Hillary spent her time disenfranchising Bernie voters State by State via purges, voting centre deficits and other typical beltway dirty tricks and if she wins it will be because she bought it, not because she earned it.
    That means when Trump become President it will be no ones fault but Hillary and her supporters for shoe horning in such a reviled candidate jusrt because she thought it was her turn.

  79. CrazyChester says:

    This is your “best” post yet. This is the very definition of grasping at straws, as well as false equivocation. Seriously guy, we get it, you like the establishment candidate and you’re unwilling to see the sheer volume of corruption in her record. Please, by all means go ahead and vote for her.

  80. CrazyChester says:

    Being thick-headed and repeating the lie does not make it true.

  81. CrazyChester says:

    So you are in fact refuting the above statistics in favor of some cherry picked comparison designed to imply the opposite, that somehow Hillary is really the grassroots candidate here? That’s just pure comedy my friend, but nice try.

  82. WampusKat says:

    FYI: “Elizabeth Warren praises Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street plan”

    “Europe would elect Hillary Clinton by a landslide”

  83. WampusKat says:

    NJo she isn’t. I doubt any of the teabagging Libertarians and Naderites posting here even have a clue as to her background:

    …her voting record:

    …or her policies:

  84. WampusKat says:

    Yes, we know. It’s perfectly clear that you’re the same Naderites who had no problem throwing the election to Bush in 2000:

    We’re kinda done cleaning up your messes, so we’re voting Clinton… plenty of us remember that we’ve been here before:

  85. WampusKat says:

    You’re not trying to change anything. Bernie has no plan… as was made clear by his interview with the New York Daily News:

    The only thing you’re doing is pulling a Nader 2.0 – same individuals who insisted on deliberately throwing the 2000 election to Bush, claiming people needed to suffer more:

    I call that third party political opportunism (Sarandon and Robbins pulled the same crap with the bid for Nader in 2000):

  86. WampusKat says:

    Nepotism: “Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Used Campaign Donations to Pay Family Members Over $150,000” (Vermont 2005)

  87. WampusKat says:

    It’s almost like you don’t normally read this blog:

    Bernie’s top contributors via Open Secrets: Huge corporations, insurance companies, and the military”

    Clinton’s top contributors: Unions, Foundations, Progressive Organizations

  88. WampusKat says:

    So… this makes you a Bernie Bro, right?

  89. WampusKat says:

    “Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump”

  90. WampusKat says:

    May 4, 2016: CNN: “At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits”

  91. WampusKat says:

    So don’t vote. nobody cares. BTW, let’s also remember that the Naderites and Libertarian posers for Bernie don’t vote Dem anyway. The Libertarians faking their Bernie support woouldn’t vote for him in the general either… and he knows it:

  92. karen says:

    And she’s clueless

  93. karen says:

    You assume that am voting for HC beausevshe’s a woman. It is called democracy…stop trying to dictate to people who they should or should not support. Do you have s reason for voting for Bernie other than you don’t like HC. All you do is talk bad about HC as if that makes Bernie better. What has he done for this country? Why didn’t he get all this agenda through the senate? FYI…. Bernie has investments in many banks that he rails against. Wonder why such a pure candidate refuses to release his tax returns. That’s why I don’t trust him. It’s not what he says, it’s what he hasn’t said!

  94. karen says:

    Really…. Which ones?

  95. karen says:

    What do you know about Bernie? Do you notice that the Repubs have not attacked him? That’s because they would prefer to run against him than HC. His numbers look better against Trump’s that Hc because theyhave not attacked him. He does have skeletons in the closet but HC doesn’t talk about it.

  96. karen says:

    That’s exactly why we are not going to allow people like you to determine the nominee. We realize that you are not thinking straight! You know nothing about Bernie but you are treating him like God and he is loving the attention. Obama is right…. Passion without strategy is meaningless!

  97. yoohoo says:

    I am very concerned with integrity and honesty when a candidate puts forth a plan that has no basis in reality and no chance of being accomplished. Guess you have to pick which version of the dishonesty you can live with.

  98. yoohoo says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote against a President Trump. The future of our children is much more grim should a president Trump occur.

  99. Vote Bernie ! I will never vote for Hillary. People who really love Bernie will not vote for Hillary, period !! A vote for Hillary , is a vote for corruption and a grim future for outrchildren !!!!

  100. Well, first off you have to stop allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the media. Bernie is clear on where he wants to take this country. I don’t quite understand why some African Americans are for Hillary. The Clintons loved Senator Byrd who was a known racist. Just hearing that guy talk sent chills down my spine ! But not all African Americans are for her. It is so sad that Karen and others want Hillary , a person that supports corrupt companies that abuse children and who also supports the most toxic chemical companies that are killing us all. Children are really paying the price .You should know who your voting for ! Give me any reason better than Bernies , on why you think Hillary should be president???????????? And I know most people are voting for her because she is a women , which is the most pathetic bunk of cow dung ever known!!People in other countries must think we are so crazy. It should be easy to vote Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get some of you people. It is scary that we have so many blind people in our country and that voting for Hillary is going to devastate so many lives. Why are people so dang stubborn and annoying ?? Most of all, I am just plain embaressed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Dana says:

    *Dr. Sanders. She holds a doctorate.

  102. Gracie Bean says:

    and you sound like a Bernie Troll. did you even read the article? or did you just read the sentences that make you feel good,

  103. Gracie Bean says:

    that is only a portion, not ALL of them. remember that.

  104. Gracie Bean says:

    FYI – the Independent threat is silly. You realize that Obama only got 5% of their votes and he won, twice. I suggest you start researching statistics rather than listen to the Sanders. There are little facts they tend to leave out.

  105. naturallythe1 says:

    Delusional. Hillary is more of a liar than Trump sadly. You fact check Hillary’s stances and how they have flip flopped on issues and lied about things she has said and done when it’s on video.

  106. Gracie Bean says:


  107. Gracie Bean says:

    that is threat. that is what he is doing. He cant handle that majority of the democratic party doesnt want him. I suggest you fact check Sanders statements. He has been proven to be more deceptive than Clinton.

  108. Gracie Bean says:

    Wake up are realize that you are not that important. With that said, if Sanders doesn’t get nomination (which is what will happen), you will allow Trump to be elected to take away everything we have been fighting for the last 8 years, so you can make some political statement? You must really feel detached from humanity. You really must feel a sense of self-righteousness and entitlement.

  109. Harry Hirsch says:

    If you (the author of this article), Obama, Clinton and the rest of the Dem establishment just assume that you can blow us Bernie supporters off and still get our votes, you’re sorely mistaken.

    Keep this up, and not only will I not vote for Clinton, I’ll actually cast a vote for Trump. Wake up, and EARN my vote!

  110. Caleb says:

    Independents could be for a NUMBER of different parties of which there are many. So, no way you can allocate more of them to Bernie. Of course indies had to change their party to D or R to vote in closed primaries. But Trump also touts getting a lot of them to vote for him.

  111. Laurie says:

    Thank you?

  112. naturallythe1 says:

    Other nations love Bernie over Hillary. Bernie would be a lot more well liked globally which is great for foreign relations.

  113. naturallythe1 says:

    More independents are for Bernie, so Bernie has a much better chance of taking down Drumpf than Hillary does. Especially when Hillary buys her votes

  114. naturallythe1 says:

    Agreed. Bernie fans won’t pick Hillary after all of the videos that show Hillary flip flopping, lying on tape, and just making bogus statements. All people have to do is a little research to see which candidates have remained true to themselves over the years, but they choose not to for some reason.

  115. CrazyChester says:

    I re-read this baseless whinefest and it just makes me angrier every time with the author’s incessant attempts to place blame squarely where it doesn’t belong. Where is the criticism of the Democrat party’s role in it’s own failures? What about Wasserman-Schultz’s repugnant assertions that do nothing to increase the party roles, but instead revels in the ability and desire to exclude independents? No, neither Bernie nor his supporters have stuck a knife in anything except the lies, the deception, the nepotism, corporatism, and the words-above-actions that represents the modern neo-liberal Democrat party. The progressive “cause” is alive and well and sees through these thinly veiled attempts to vilify the only ACTUAL progressive running.

  116. CrazyChester says:

    Many of us know Bernie’s AND Hillary’s records. Just because you have your head in the sand and might be one of those voters who likes her because of her gender or her words over actions doesn’t mean you need to imply that Bernie supporters are somehow just as ignorant as your showing yourself to be with statements like that. Bernie has been very consistently fighting the good fight for actual progressiveness for his entire career. On the flip side, even a casual bit of research could expose all you need to know about Clinton’s connections to corrupt national and world banking and a voting record that makes her correctly perceived as a lap dog of Wall St.

  117. Kaylee Slickis says:

    #milliondollartrolls last I checked, you were just a genderless troll who apparently ran out of child rape porn to post in our Bernie groups. Maybe Bills old buddy Epstein will make more for you.

  118. First_Blush21 says:

    That is so foolish of you. Anytime Repugs are faced with the truth, they all say the same old lines. tsk, tsk, tsk :(

  119. First_Blush21 says:

    ^^^ Proof morons still refuse to know the truth. I feel sorry for you, “Laurie”.

  120. First_Blush21 says:

    Anyone who happens to know the truth is a Rovie? ROFL! Gretchen has done her homework.. Give it a try. Hillary is a criminal. Look it up! ;)

  121. First_Blush21 says:


  122. First_Blush21 says:

    The GOP, had nothing to introduce to America but the Clown Car. They failed themselves. When they wind up with Donald Trump as a nominee , that should tell you, they even bought their own rope. The GOP congress trying to hold Obama back on every move he made was real brilliant, too. People have washed their hands of the entire GOP.

  123. First_Blush21 says:

    Bill and Hillary are criminals. There are many documented books, by intelligent authors who can show you what they have done. Before the world of “Social Media” they were able to hide their crime. Not any more. Look up “Cocaine trafficking in Mena Arkansas”. Look up Bill Clinton’s severe addiction to that drug. About when he was admitted to an Arkansas hospital, and they threatened nurses and doctors to keep it quiet. It doesn’t end. It will NEVER end. They are not FIT to be in our White House.

    Huma Abedin, Hillary’s gal pal, is an admitted member of her parents’ cult “The Muslim Brotherhood”. If you can READ you can RESEARCH. We have brilliant, good people in this country. We don’t need their TRASH.

  124. First_Blush21 says:

    Bullsh*t, Prof. Don’t be blind to the truth. SMH :(

  125. First_Blush21 says:

    We are ‘insulted’ by being offered a proved criminal as a choice for POTUS. Any human, with the ability to read at a 3rd grade level, should know the Clintons’ history, from Arkansas up to and including today. Google: You tubes “Larry Nichols”. He was a Clinton insider, and employee of Bill Clinton’s in Arkansas, when Bill was (a one term) Governor. Larry has cancer now, and is telling it ALL. He was a hit man for the Clintons. Yes, that kind of ‘hit man’.
    He tells about information he has recently submitted to the FBI about loads of crimes the Clinton’s ordered, including the murder of Vince Foster. It’s ALL there. Don’t be afraid to learn the truth.

  126. First_Blush21 says:

    Also, the chaos at the voting booths in AZ, and NY (and perhaps others), lets us know, that where there WAS trouble (machines switching votes, ballots stolen, and other rigged set ups, etc.) each was a big state that Hillary ‘won’. Same thing when she tried to chat on elections in the past against Obama. Not one redeeming thing about her .. NO, NOT ONE.

  127. First_Blush21 says:

    [email protected] : PLEASE MOVE TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS! Bravo !!!! :)

  128. First_Blush21 says:

    One smart lady, Kaylee. I love to see people who can actually still THINK when it comes to Hillary’s cons, lies, and disrespect for America, and her citizens. Good for you! :)

  129. First_Blush21 says:

    Barbara Olson stated in her book “The Final Hours”, that Bill and Hillary ACTUALLY own the DNC. Literally … Bought with the dirty money they have taken from not only foreign donations, but every foreign leader(s), who buy what they want from her. (Arms, information, secrets, etc.) DWS is a shill, and will be forced out of the DNC shortly.

  130. First_Blush21 says:

    Sounds like a hill-troll ^^^ , but Bernie has millions of supporters who are prepared to stand with him ‘UNTIL THAT LAST VOTE IS COUNTED.’ I, for one, can’t see letting the Criminal Clintons back into our White House. They would keep the scandals coming, year after year, and We the People ..would not be of any concern to them. Hillary is merely out to fill her coffers with billions of dollars, and steal from anyone who isn’t looking. She is a big money shill, and if you don’t know that by now, you’re not paying attention. Also, the fact that Huma Abedin has seen every word she’s ever received or sent, should tell you something. The Muslim Brotherhood (Huma’s parents), don’t need to know every word that any POTUS would see, write, receive or be handed. Enough is Enough. No more Criminals in OUR White House.
    Bernie is the last chance America has to correct the mess we are in.

  131. First_Blush21 says:

    Sorry, I just don’t see that. Bernie Sanders supporters are loyal to this campaign, and it will be Bernie or Bust! Never in a million years, say Bernie’s citizens. Some say (actually, a LOT say) … “I would die before I’d vote for HRC.” Count me in as one of those :)

  132. Laurie says:

    I have not seen that. I have seen the reports that she rates more honest than even Bernie, I think she will do the least harm of any of the other, including Bernie. I also wrote to Bernie to ask how much his plan will cost. He has no answers.

  133. Louise says:

    It has been so obvious who the Corporate Media supports with the barrage of gender inequality articles designed to push for Hillary. Even NPR and Steven Colbert are backing Hillary. The DNC decided on Hillary last summer. I wonder what Trump will uncover, or is he a decoy to enable Hillary? I won’t vote for either.

  134. Louise says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for our corrupt Healthcare system! Obamacare does nothing to divorce health insurance from employment. Having to be a wage slave for insurance is immoral. Bernie will push for single payer.

  135. ParadeOfFools says:

    Right, tell that to all the gay people that were denied their freedoms and all of the black people that have spent their lives in prison. Check your privilege, Karen. Public opinion does not dictate right and wrong. The only things she responds to are polls; again, not a good quality in a leader.

  136. CrazyChester says:

    How about Chelsea’s job in itself? Also a disgrace of blatant nepotism. Unfortunately, there’s piles of other connections and dubious dealings, but the Hillary faithful will keep the minds closed to it because, to quote a few: “I want a woman president”

  137. Louise says:

    What about Chelsea Clinton’s husband and Goldman Sachs?

  138. karen says:


  139. karen says:

    Do you take everything so literal? Am not suggesting that a leader changes his mind everyday but we live in a world with changing dynamics and will tequire our leaders to respond to these changes.

  140. karen says:

    Karma is a bitch…. Be careful of the words you use to describe people. Last time I checked…. I was a real woman. You are just a green eyed monster. If HC does not become President, she’ll be fine. Eat your heart out!

  141. Caleb says:

    There are dems who will vote for Trump IF Bernie gets the Dem nomination but will vote against Trump (for Hillary) if she wins the nomination. They are not loud about this but there are plenty of dems who would rather vote for Trump than Bernie.

  142. Victoria O'Donnell says:

    Hey Jane, tell you husband he can’t count on me. Joining the Write Her In Revolution. You also can’t count on Hillary supporters to just vote for Bernie because we are supposed to fall in line either. No we won’t fade gently into that goodnight the way we did with Obama. Your supporters can’t hold our party hostage,and your smugness ensures that fact that I will NOT feel the Bern (they make creams for that shit.).

  143. Shane Conductor Federmeyer says:

    Im voting bernie and i voted Obama both elections. Im a democrat born and raised by my parents.I was taught democrats were “For the people”. That is how i saw it for a long time. But its not just about party anymore its about political agenda. So thats how i vote candidates that are going to support our people and help the citizens progress especially the working class. Not the allowing corporations tax breaks to the extent of not paying a dime toward our country. So my vote goes with bernie.

  144. Shane Conductor Federmeyer says:

    Laurie the problem is simply HC has proven time and time again she is not for the people but for corporation. Time and time again lies and lies to make herself look better when there is videos and documents directly contradicting her. It could be the fact that she has very little topics that i and many other Americans feel strongly about currently. It could also be the fact she takes in more corporate donations then any other candidate in this election and very much so is the corporate candidate and not the peoples. I believe in my heart of hearts that HC is the worst candidate of the 3 that have a shot right now. For me my list is BS by a long shot. Then my deep fear of DT vs HC I don’t like either candidate as people and I don’t like there political agendas very much either. But i believe that HC has more potential to harm this country then DT. As crazy as that sounds its how I and and many other voters feel. Which is why if sanders losses the democratic primary and does not run as an independent in the main election, I end up voting Trump this fall and that does make me want to puke right now. Unless you can convince me of some good she will do for us and agendas shes fighting for the people that are important cause i honestly really do NOT want to live in a Trump presidency. of All this coming from a born and raised Democrat from WA state and would not believe the face of my mother right now if she could hear me say that i would vote for a republican in general let alone DT.

  145. ParadeOfFools says:

    Sure, the leader of the free world should be someone who needs time to grow and evolve on every issue… Maybe a leader should, you know, lead and be on the right side before it’s popular.

  146. Kyle says:

    I voted for Clinton in 2008 state primary. But I will NEVER vote for her or her faux liberal ilk again. Not ever. #BernieOrBust

  147. Kyle says:

    Making an impact. Steadfastly sticking to his progressive convictions while surrounded by politicians who are nearly all bought and paid for products of their party’s machine.

  148. CrazyChester says:

    Hillary Clinton’s top donors (since 1999):

    Citigroup (bank)

    Goldman Sachs (bank)

    DLA Piper (corporate law firm)

    JPMorgan Chase (bank)

    EMILY’s List (Democrat political action committee (PAC))

    Morgan Stanley (bank)

    Time Warner (corporation)

    Skadden, Arps et al. (corporate law firm)

    Lehman Brothers (bank)

    Cablevision Systems (corporation)

    University of California (university)

    Kirkland & Ellis (corporate law firm)

    Squire Patton Boggs (corporate law firm)

    21st Century Fox (corporation)

    National Amusement (corporation)

    Ernst & Young (corporate professional services firm)

    Merrill Lynch (bank)

    Credit Suisse Group (bank)

    Corning (corporation)

    Greenberg Traurig (corporate law firm)

    The author has ties to the World Bank? Funny, so does Hillary Clinton. And so does one of her other big fans, Madeleine Albright, oh and her daughter Alice Albright who has a lead position of VP at the export-import bank. It’s like one big happy, corrupt, finance family.

  149. CrazyChester says:

    That’s true and what is also true is that her raw vote lead pales in comparison to the orchestrated voter suppression that has occurred in this primary.

  150. CrazyChester says:

    Do you understand the concept of projection? You just quite literally denounced her name calling(which there is none of) and then immediately engaged in name calling. You question Gretchen’s facts without actually refuting them or providing your own. Who exactly is the sad-bitter-ignorant person?

  151. CrazyChester says:

    You can’t be for real. Actual progressives are out for the destruction of the Democrat party? No my friend, the party has done that to itself in exactly the same way the Republicans have and why they are now, to their let’s say, chagrin, fronting Trump. The arrogance and condescension(sorry, I meant “pragmatism”) of the center-right establishment Democrats like Bill, Hillary, and Wasserman-Schultz are squarely to blame for the rise of an actual progressive like Senator Sanders. What are they doing about it? Doubling-down like payday loan gamblers at the dog track.

  152. CrazyChester says:

    What other tripe would you expect from someone so closely tied to the exact type of establishment institutions Sanders and the rest of us are trying to change. Repeating the Nader lie will never make it true. No one stole a damned thing, Americans voted, Gore won the popular vote and the system as it stands kept him out of office. Bernie voters will vote their conscience even if it means an independent 3rd party. No one, much less Hillary, can or should assume anyone’s vote. You instead ought to be thankful the independents of America have not unified, because that sir is quite literally the ONLY reason either of these two corrupt parties still exist. (On a side note, “Mr. Executive Editor”, it should be [a] disgruntled Nader, not [an] disgruntled Nader)

  153. Michelle Xavier says:

    Never visited outside the US?

  154. Michelle Xavier says:

    Starting in 1990’s and every election since. Your turn.

  155. Kaylee Slickis says:

    If Bernie isnt nominated, I will vote for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party. She shares Bernie’s stances on important issues and Hillary’s gender, so us women dont have to “go to hell” for not voting for a woman president. I wont have to throw up after I vote for Dr Jill Stein nor feel like I signed off on evil with my vote.

  156. Kaylee Slickis says:

    I wont be staying home, I will be voting for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party. A MUCH better woman for the job in my eyes. Jill shares most of Bernie’s ideas and is a woman like Hillary, best of both worlds to me and I wont have to throw up after I vote.

  157. Kaylee Slickis says:

    Not envy but anger. I think Hillary hurts herself. I will vote for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party, a much better female presidential candidate. If you were a real woman, you would also. What real woman shows solidarity with a slut-shaming rape apolgist like Hillary? I would be ashamed to vote such a corrupt and evil example of a human as Clinton, even if she wasnt going to represent my gender to the world.

  158. karen says:

    Keep them!

  159. karen says:

    yeah…drama queen!

  160. karen says:

    How many times are you going to copy and paste the same thing??

  161. karen says:

    BS had his whole life to make an impact…..what has he been doing?

  162. karen says:

    Now you see why we can’t allow BS and his followers to dictate to everyone else, They think with their emotions.

  163. karen says:

    Stop lying…you were never going to vote for her! Your opinion of her is what it has always been, stop pretending that she did or said something on the campaign trail to change your mind. keep your vote!

  164. karen says:

    My point exactly….she will lose some an gain some.

  165. karen says:

    People can change their views…they grow, they evolve!

  166. karen says:

    So how is BS gonna win without the democratic base especially African American? You and Bernie are all dictators!

  167. karen says:

    You are proof that woman is woman’s greatest enemy. You are consumed by the green eyed monster called “envy”. Go ahead Ms. Kaylee and vote against HC and for Trump. Do you think that you are hurting HC?

  168. karen says:

    Don’t waste your time responding to these Bernie supporters. They are as desperate a Bernie. They are insisting that HC can’t win without BS supporters but assume that HC supporters will vote for him. Let Kaylee and her friends stay home in November. Even “move” is getting fed up with Sanders team. If HC gets the nomination, Obama will throw his coalition behind her.

  169. karen says:

    How can you disrespect HC in such a way? What has she ever done to you to deserve you implying that she is not a decent human being. Support Sanders if you want but talk about Sanders achievement. Or is it that you don’t know his record and so you attack the other candidate to make yours look good.

  170. Dolores Pap says:

    Can’t remember who wrote this but I thought it was very spot on..”Socialists believe that the government should control the means of production
    while democratic socialists believe that government should control the means of
    production, but still let people vote”

  171. ParadeOfFools says:

    Ok, a supporter of Hillary should probably not be criticizing other people’s marriages… and somehow I suspect that you are old and cranky as well, are we projecting dear? Hillary changed her stances on gay marriage, crime issues, etc. so I guess neither can make a good choice the first time.

  172. Laurie says:

    What does that mean?

  173. There is zero reason to vote for Hillary !! She is as corrupt as corrupt gets. She supports the biggest, grandest , corporations like MONSANTO, which Laurie if you have kids this is one HUGE reason ( as Bernie would say ) not to vote for her. She is supporting companies that abuse children like Nestle and Hershey that use very young children for child labor and they suffer and are damaged for life due to the abuses. And she supports Roundup which millions of Americans oppose. There are people suffering and committing suicide due to these extremely toxic chemicals. You want a president in office who is okay with your children being poisoned ???????????????? I am not okay with that!!!! As far as I am concerned, I have not heard one brilliant reason why you would vote for this Corporate , money hungry , LIAR ???? Something is seriously wrong with people ! Maybe it’s all that gmo food their eating !!

  174. ParadeOfFools says:

    Are you serious? There are supporters of every candidate that bully. Bernie’s, Hillary’s, etc. That was my point. You can’t sit there and cry about it because people can say the same about supporters of literally any candidate. Are you honestly so dull that you believe that Hillary has these magical sunshine and rainbow supporters? They’re people. Some people are dicks and that transcends parties and candidates. And yes, I’ve seen plenty of bullying from Hillary supporters.

  175. Profsdottir says:

    “Gretchen.” How’s life at Rove headquarters treating you?

  176. Profsdottir says:

    “Gretchen” is an operative working for Rove.

  177. Profsdottir says:

    Susan is another Republican operative on Rove’s payroll.

  178. Profsdottir says:

    Gretchen is a Republican operative on Rove’s payroll.

  179. Moderator3 says:

    You are thread clogging. You’re very close to being banned.

  180. Laurie says:

    Please list the elections you have voted in.

  181. Laurie says:

    Most Bernie supporters I feel don’t vote. I was there for Obama in Presidential and off Years elections. Where the hell were the Bernie people???? Just were they always were. Not voting.

  182. Laurie says:

    How exactly were you bullied. Please details. I am a Hillary supporter and have been bullied by Bernie supporters, but don’t see any bullying going from this way. Please be specific.

  183. Laurie says:

    Totally agree. Felt the same way. No way now will I vote for him. I used to send him money. Back when he was saying the exact same things he says now, but was supposed to be in the Senate putting them into action. He failed, so now he decides he deserves a promotion. That is failing up in my book.

  184. Laurie says:

    2nd marriage for both of them. I guess not as many as Trump, but that would have eliminated any prior nominees. Can’t make a good choice the first time? I worry about his decision making abilities., Plus he is Old, cranky, and doesn’t know the answers to his own platforms. Keep defending the mistakes, .He is pure though.

  185. Laurie says:

    How so?

  186. Laurie says:

    Right. Bernie should be handed the nomination, because most of us voted for Hillary. What?

  187. Laurie says:

    Really? If she did such a good job, why was there cum on her dress????

  188. Laurie says:

    You are an idiot. Remember people like you voted in Hitler.