Sanders refuses again to release taxes, blames wife

Bernie Sanders told CNN’s Jakes Tapper today that he can’t yet release his tax returns, even though his challenger Hillary Clinton has released eight year’s worth of such returns, because Sanders’ wife Jane does their taxes, and she’s been too busy with the campaign to get to them.

Tapper expressed surprise that Sanders, who is running as a “new” kind of candidate who is super transparent about his finances, is hiding his tax returns at such a crucial point in the Democratic primaries.

From CNN:

SANDERS on his tax returns: “You know, we are not – you know, to be very honest with you, you know who does our tax returns? My wife does our tax returns. We have been a little bit busy lately. So, we will get out as much information as we can. There ain’t going to be very much exciting in that. I get a salary from the United States Senate. You know, there’s not going to be anything new in it that there hasn’t – people haven’t seen for the last many years, but we will get it out as soon as we can.

TAPPER But nobody – nobody has seen them at all, I guess, is the point. And whether or not there’s anything exciting in them…

SANDERS No, that is not true. That is – that is not true. Of course, we have released them in the past. Our financial situation, to the best of my knowledge, has not changed very much, but we will get out all of that information as soon as we can.”

Sanders’ “my wife ate my taxes” defense rings a bit hollow, and a bit hypocritical. Sanders routinely hits the Clintons on their finances, in an effort to suggest that they’re corrupt, yet he is now refusing to release his own financial details.

If Sanders’ taxes are so simple, if they haven’t changed since last year, and if his wife does them herself, then all she need do is update a few data points in her tax software — something that would probably take her half an hour — and she’ll have their returns.

Sanders is stalling. He’s afraid to release his returns. The question is why.


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341 Responses to “Sanders refuses again to release taxes, blames wife”

  1. bromeando says:

    I’m with Hill

  2. Silver_Witch says:

    Are you planning to vote for Trump – that is odd. I thought you supported Hillary?

  3. bromeando says:

    Don’t forget…Trump is right around the corner.

  4. Silver_Witch says:

    Since you support HRC you should totally vote for her. You seem very versed in her life and her experience. So go for it and I shall vote for who I understand and support.

    Sounds fair eh?

  5. bromeando says:

    Try this link from Democratic Underground…

    She became a Democrat around 1968, when she supported antiwar candidate Eugene McCarthy. I suppose she turned against the war like many young people. She also seems to have embraced other leftist views, like many of us did in the 1960’s, judging by the senior thesis she wrote in college. I would not conclude that she still holds the views in the thesis, people mature and change their views. I don’t hold the same views
    as I did 30 years ago. She was working for the impeachment of Richard Nixon when she got out of college.

    Any American who can spend eight years in the White House, and then go on to be a senator, and then Secretary of State, and still want to be president, after all of the slings and arrows shot her, has the guts, savvy, and fortitude I want to see in my president.

  6. Silver_Witch says:

    Your link is not working – and I see nothing on Daily Kos – of which I am a longstanding member, that reflects any speech transcripts from Clinton, I will look deeper.

    This is my stance on the TPP

    Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

    On the TPP, we must take the side of unions and environmental groups who oppose it, not multinational corporations trying to outsource jobs.”

    Clinton called it the gold standard and if it is still viable when she takes office I will bet you dollar to donuts she will sign it and approve it.

    She is a 1970’s republican pure and simple.

  7. bromeando says:

    I read she made three speeches to Goldman Sachs. At the time she was a
    private citizen and was paid to speak at functions. That’s how she earned
    money. She made the speeches before she decided to run for President. I don’t understand how she could promise favoritism and pull it off when President without anyone noticing.

    Here is one of them.

    False! In fact exactly the opposite is true: While that Resolution did indeed authorize President Bush, under strict requirements of the 1973 War Powers Act, to use force, Section 3(b) of the Act also required that sanctions or diplomacy be fully employed before force was used, i.e. force was to be used only as “necessary and appropriate in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq,” and to do so only upon the President certifying to Congress that “diplomatic or other peaceful means” would be insufficient to defang Saddam.

    Despite those legal conditions, the following year we were at war–and millions of us were astonished that the Bush Administration, running roughshod over Congress’s requirements, hadn’t given more time for U.N. inspectors to complete their job of searching for weapons of mass destruction.

    The TPP was still under negotiation when Clinton made the “gold standard” comment. The partners only finalized the deal this year. It’s quite possible the deal looks dramatically different than it did at the early stages of negotiations, when Clinton was at the State Department. The negotiations have been conducted in secret, so it’s hard to assess. Also, as secretary of state, she spoke as a representative of the Obama administration, which was and remains wholeheartedly in favor of the deal.

  8. Caleb says:

    So Bernie says his wife does the taxes and on the tax statement, it says: “Self Prepared”. So why does he list a $204 DEDUCTION for TAX


  9. Silver_Witch says:

    I did NOT call anyone a liar – my post above does not even imply it. Nothing wrong with a summary – I will take a summary of Hillary’s speeches to the wealthy.

  10. Tpgavin says:

    I don’t get it. Aren’t the returns from 2013 going backwards already done and filed? He’s releasing 2014. Where is 2013, 2012, 2011.

  11. RichardLW says:

    Come on! Look at the wording. Please stop ranting. You are:

    A. Lying
    B. Pushing false narratives
    C. misrepresenting information

    Etc Etc

    Why do you continuously lie and misrepresent the truth. Do you lie continuously to your family and friends too?

  12. RichardLW says:

    Well, of course. He wanted Saddam gone. But if you look at the wording

    A. In 1998 Sanders voted in favor of the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which said: “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.”

    B. “Congress reaffirms that it should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.”

    Neither one is an outright invasion.

    So he supported the US’s wanting democracy in a country lead by a brutal dictatorship.

    That is not voting for an invasion.

    So either you are purposely lying, or you are misrepresenting facts. Voting for democracy does not equal voting for full outright invasion that costs 1000’s of US soldiers lives and countless Iraqi lives.

  13. HeywoodJa says:

    He voted for regime change in Iraq not once, but twice. He’s a massive horse shitter.

    Even the rabid haters of the far fringe left take issue with him.

  14. HeywoodJa says:

    Bernie Sanders voted TWICE for REGIME CHANGE IN IRAQ. Funny how people ignore those votes!!!!

  15. HeywoodJa says:

    You are correct Cynthia Williams. Silver Witch is not telling the truth.

  16. HeywoodJa says:

    He did not release his taxes–stop lying and stop calling John a liar. He released a transcript summary with no schedule A or C. He has yet to release ANY tax returns, just a summary that raises more questions than answers.

  17. HeywoodJa says:

    Bull. Normal people don’t exempt a quarter of their income, and pay 13.4 percent on an income over 200K. He is hiding something, or something’s messed up. Someone who makes as much as he does should hire an accountant–BAD JUDGEMENT BERNIE.

  18. James says:

    WOW, that is a DAMNING QUOTE. “My wife does our tax returns”. In what sort of insane context does anyone read that as a sexist and false? If the point here is that you guys want to discover some big secret in his taxes, that is likely to be a serious letdown. I live about 30 minutes from his house in Vermont, see him going to farm stands to ask people what they think about law X or Y, and this guy is not hiding a private island or Chelsea loft, he’s just a guy.

  19. Cynthia Williams says:

    Oh, and it seems Bernie Sanders isn’t giving up his “day job”. Notice the notation under Party.

  20. Cynthia Williams says:

    Hillary Clinton AND Bernie Sanders both have a “Victory Fund” The funds assist the DNC and down-ticket Democratic candidates. Notice which Democrat raised the most.

  21. Cynthia Williams says:

    In fact, Super Pacs DO spend for Bernie Sanders.

  22. Cynthia Williams says:

    First, Bernie Sanders hasn’t been a “private citizen” for 30+ years counting his time in Congress and as Mayor. Bernie Sanders is also running for President. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

    Have you ever asked yourself if Bernie Sanders is a democrat? While the State of Vermont does not require one to state a political affiliation there is nothing preventing Sanders from registering with the Democratic National party. The only time Sanders checked the box as a Democrat was when he filed to run for the Presidency. hmmm. Sanders has received an endorsement from Tulsi Gabbard. She ran as a Democrat because, in Hawaii, her chances to win as a Republican or an Independent were nil. One might say a case of one DINO supporting another DINO. Ms. Gabbard’s voting record speaks volumes of her agenda as does Sanders’ record.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war as did many others. Sanders’ record shows he has opposed literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bills, he was bound to get one of those votes right sooner or later, no?

    As for Henry Kissinger – NOT one of my favorite people – when one considers that the current Middle East situation as well as the aggressiveness of ISIS can be likened in many ways to the debacle that was the Viet Nam era, well frankly, in my opinion, it would be foolhardy NOT to query the man who played such a huge role at the time to, perhaps, avoid making the same mistakes. Asking for advice and TAKING action on said advice are two different things, no?

    The TPP. Yes, Hillary Clinton did characterize it as “the gold standard” PRIOR to its completion. Once the treaty document was complete, she changed her mind. Would you prefer she was as hide-bound as Bernie Sanders is?

    You might take a look at this commentary. All factual statements come with citations.

  23. Teddy27 says:

    Bernie has his wife, Jane’s, do his taxes? All his assets are in her name?!?! I would like to see both of their tax reports for past 8 years— After reading the above blog I now believe Bernie and Jane Sanders are frauds!!!! Sorry Berne you lost my vote!!!!
    Read this:

  24. Teddy27 says:

    Read this:
    Bernie has his wife, Jane’s, do his taxes? All his assets are in her name?!?! I would like to see both of their tax reports for past 8 years— After reading the above blog I now believe Bernie and Jane Sanders are frauds!!!! Sorry Berne you lost my vote!!!!

  25. Cynthia Williams says:

    Romney was a presidential candidate when he made that speech, or did that slip your notice?

  26. Voodoo Chile says:

    I bet you cared a lot about speech transcripts when Mitt Romney was telling a room full of oligarchs how 47% of Americans are deadbeat losers….

  27. Silver_Witch says:

    I believe you are right. And I agree he should release his tax records. Just as much as I believe Hillary should release her speech transcripts – its just me though. I emailed Bernie and told him the same.

  28. Silver_Witch says:

    I never claimed Bernie was a private citizen – it is you that claimed Hillary was. Both should release their speeches and both should release their tax records.

    Daily Kos is for Hillary – even has rules about posting blogs about Bernie – did you know that? I have been a member of Daily Kos for YEARS….and stopped going their because of their bias – which they are entitled to for sure.

    It is just a matter of preference. I can’t support a woman that is willing to trade women’s healthcare with the Republicans to open discussions with them about other thanks.

    Thanks so much for your fine post – it has been fun

  29. Cynthia Williams says:

    Unless I am much mistaken, that information comes from an unsigned summary and NOT from his official tax returns.

  30. Cynthia Williams says:

    Notice that those are not signed. Was that what he really sent in? Hmmm

  31. Cynthia Williams says:

    First, Bernie Sanders has been in Congress for 24 years – rather hard to call him a “private citizen”. See how silly your argument is? Bernie Sanders is also running for President and, as such, we have every right to hear what he has said to any organizations.

    I am very well aware of both Hillary Clinton’s record and that of Bernard Sanders. I am also well aware that Clinton has been raising monies which directly benefit the DNC and “down ticket” Democrats to the tune of approximately $6.1 million. I also listened to Mrs. Sanders state that Bernie Sanders has sent out “fund raising” letters over the years but, at the present time, is concentrating on his campaign. Mrs. Sanders said he will raise money for – and these are her words – “the right candidates”. It was much like Bernie Sanders own statement when he was asked about fund raising for the DNC and “down-ticket” Democrats. That is to say “We’ll see.” Hmmmm.

    You are aware that Bernard Sanders is NOT a registered Democrat are you not? Yes, Vermont does not require a declaration of party affiliation, but that does not prevent him from registering as a member of the Democratic party. For his entire career, Bernie Sanders has declared himself to be an “Independent”. He did state on him FEC filing that he was “Democrat”. Rather a convenient thing to do, in my opinion, but not an unusual tactic for a politician to do. Tulsi Gabbard, one of Mr. Sanders’ endorsers, ran in Hawaii as a Democrat since, had she run as a Republican or an Independent, her chances of winning were nil. You can check HER voting record and determine her “leanings”. One might go so far as to say it is one DINO supporting another DINO.

    As for the TPP, you are correct that Hilary Clinton referred to it as the “gold standard”, however, you conveniently leave out the fact that, once the treaty was fully disclosed, she changed her mind. As for Henry Kissinger, while definitely NOT one of my favorite people – I am old enough to be well aware of Kissinger’s policies and what happened due to some of them – the mere fact that Hillary Clinton asked for Kissinger’s input does not automatically presume she accepted his advice. Frankly, considering the times in which Kissinger was involved which, in my estimation, closely mirror the current Middle East situation both politically and militarily, it would be foolhardy NOT to pick the minds of those who dealt with the Viet Nam era debacle to, perhaps, avoid the same errors.

    Bernie Sanders has opposed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bills, so no surprise he might actually get it “right” once in a blue moon. You might want to check how many times he got it “wrong”.

    I know how good “free college” must sound, especially to young people and college students and those who are weighted down by student loan debt, but to get that passed by Congress? Hmmm. Just as an aside, there is always the option of Germany.

    Universal Healthcare free for all. Yes, wonderful and it should be a right, of course. However, again, the trick is to get that through Congress while NOT gutting the current system until and unless one can actually get a new law passed. The numbers just don’t add up – at least as far as has been presented to date.

    Break up the “big banks” ! A great rallying cry, assuredly. Yet, precisely what IS a “big bank”? Oh, yes, I’ve taken the time to read each and every one of Bernie Sanders “white papers” and policies and have have also read critiques by dozens of economists from across the spectrum with respect to Sanders plans. It basically boils down to a lot of hype with not a whole lot of implementable substance.

    You might take a peek at the following. All factual statements in the article can be verified.

    I will give you my bottom line. Up until just a few days ago I would have had NO problem at all voting for either Hillary Clinton OR Bernie Sanders. NONE. However, come November, IF Bernie Sanders is the nominee, I shall, with great reluctance, vote for him since there is NO Republican worthy to hold the Presidency. I will NOT sit home out of juvenile pique NOR will I do a “write in” vote as many Sanders supports have said the will do because, as Hillary Clinton stated “Bernie Sanders is better than Trump or Cruz”.

  32. Silver_Witch says:

    First, what do the taxes of a private citizen have to do with anything. See how silly your statement is. Hillary Clinton is not a “private citizen” she is running for President and as such we have a right to hear what she says to the rich. If there is nothing to hide then she should release them.

    Bernie should also release his taxes and I have writtne him and said the saem.

    Yes I am aware of Senator Sanders record…are you aware that Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war, has stated that she asks advice from Henry Kissinger regarding foreign policy, that Hillary called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade policies, that she had to “evolve” to accept SMS…and much much more?

  33. Cynthia Williams says:

    First, what do transcripts of speeches made by a private citizen have to do with anything? Second, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, Sanders should release all transcripts of every speech he ever made back to the 1960’s, no? Third: Sanders saying his wife does their taxes and using that as some kind of excuse …hmmm. Fourth, Are you aware that in his 20+ years in the U.S. House and Senate he has only managed to have 4 bills that he wrote/sponsored passed into law; two were naming Post Offices? That is not what I would characterize as a “doer”. Fifth, his recent attacks – yes attacks – on Hilary Clinton which he “doubled down” on were not based on what SHE said. In addition, well here’s his recent interview:

    I base my decisions on what comes out of the mouth of a candidate as well as their records both political – if applicable – and social. What has come out of Bernie Sanders’ mouth of late is more than disappointing as is delving into his political records as is delving into his actions as an adult.

    P.S. Silver_Witch Google and are your friend.

  34. karen says:

    That’s not a requirement. Do you notice that Bernie no longer asks her to release her speeches?? That’s because he does not want to release his tax returns. Probably he has investments in wall street?

  35. Josiah White says:

    Or it seaks to tactics

  36. laineypc says:

    I am not worried about what’s in them, i am sure he is completely virtuous. To me it speaks to the fact that he isn’t really ready. He maybe should have seen this coming. If you pay any attention at all to presidential elections, the release of the tax return is a time honored ritual and so completely predictable that if you can’t produce on request it smacks of being disorganized and small time.

  37. Silver_Witch says:

    I am probably old enough to to be your mother. Boy picas Hillary supporter nothing good to say about your candidate and YOU call people names. Cute

  38. Ray Jones says:

    It clearly hasn’t show the slightest ability to explain his core policy. His recent daily news interview is as shameful as Trumps to the Washington Post. I am afraid to allow either to even drive my car, the nation no way? It just comes now to intelligence…sorry.


    No Bernie is NOT transparent. The point I was making had to do with the fact that we are inundated with syrup soaked versions of Bernie is pure, Bernie is a unicorn, Bernie is rainbows and puppy dog tails, but the simple fact is that the guy is a passive aggressive a-hole that can’t seem to answer any question which does not first preface him as the next messiah regardless of his inability to answer the damn thing.

  40. blue says:

    Lol. So cute you are trying to defend him. Go ahead, you are too young to realize what a summary and actual tax returns mean. But what can we expect from Bernie supporters ? Idiots anyways.

  41. blue says:

    Release your returns ! She already did ! What are you hiding ? You hypocritical idiot!

  42. Silver_Witch says:


  43. PDQ says:

    Goodness! Are you a victim of homeschooling?

  44. kladinvt says:

    So how much is HillaryInc paying you to write these daily negative “tales” about Bernie?

  45. Normastedrow says:

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  46. Normastedrow says:

    “my .room mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

    two days ago new Mc.Laren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Hereo!567➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:::::o!567……….

  47. ray jones says:

    No, no he did not accept the money but went to the parties, the democrats then help him fund his campaign see clean hands!!

  48. ray jones says:

    Of course all the charities she has been supporting are not upset with her speech money!! Millions of dollars going to charities what a horrible person…according to Bernie’s summary page he gave what about 1 percent of his ‘salary to charity’! That’s interesting!

  49. ray jones says:

    For the 100th time that is Summary of taxes not actual detailed copy of his return. Note he did not ‘say when Cnn’s Tapper’ questioned him about it well I have released by 2014 returns already’. Because he know and his campaigns knows that not an actual return it’s couple of pages from actual return.

  50. Demosthenes says:

    Trying to make you feel young!

  51. hiker_sf says:

    He hasn’t released all of them, but here is his return from 2014:$file/B_Sanders_2014.pdf

  52. hiker_sf says:

    FYI, political hackery relies upon obfuscating the truth.

  53. Linda Be says:

    And how about Bernie owing up to these things???

  54. Linda Be says:

    Yes, he has spent years supporting wars. Iraq and Afghanistan. He voted to dump toxic crap on poor Mexicans.

  55. Silver_Witch says:


  56. Silver_Witch says:

    Thanks Demosthenes – no one has call me a little kid in 50 years! Much appreciated.

  57. Silver_Witch says:

    Links to this alleged articles please.

  58. Silver_Witch says:

    Did you even read the article – of course not…Just repeating bullshite.

  59. Silver_Witch says:

    Taxes for Transcripts – sounds fair to me. Bernie has released all his transcripts, so it is quid pro quo.

  60. Darren Madkins says:

    Wish I could shove a load of horse dung down Fidel Sanders crooked stank mouth next time he yells.

  61. Darren Madkins says:

    Good for the Clintons wish I could go from broke to multi millionaire status overnight just shows good business sense. Unlike that commie bastard Fidel Sanders

  62. Darren Madkins says:

    Screw some dumb Goldman sachs speeches I’m glad she took there money just proves she’s smart as a whip not dumb as drum like Fidel Sanders commie Bastard.

  63. Moderator3 says:

    I have a real problem with someone with no history with us (or apparently with anyone) saying that to a regular commenter.

  64. Darren Madkins says:

    Hell good for them I wish some dummy would pay me 5.8 million fat ones to hear me stutter.Money talks purity sucks donkey balls.

  65. Darren Madkins says:

    Screw some stupid transcripts so what she made a paid speech. Hell I’d make a paid speech kissing the KKK rear end if they want to give me millions of dollars to do it and I’m black.So Hillary taking millions from the evil Oligarchs lol isn’t dumb it’s dang financially smart on her part I’d do it and so would all these dummies railing about some supposed oligarch whatever that is.

  66. Darren Madkins says:

    Your God Bernie sanders is a crook that’s why his taxes matter.

  67. Darren Madkins says:

    Yeah we better start a Bernie suicide hotline if Bernie winds up being just another crooked politician the suicide rate is gonna go sky hi.

  68. Darren Madkins says:

    Screw the transcripts to some stupid speeches and if I here one more person say the Oligarchs I’m going to scream.

  69. Darren Madkins says:

    Then don’t let the door hit you on your way out.I finally found a site that doesn’t kiss Bernies butt and I’m glad to be here.


    Here we go again…


    Because Mr Purity Unicorn told him so…ROFL.


    You are making great sense. Keep it up.


    I’m with you. You do not owe him anything, but he owes us 8 years worth and he should have had them ready like she did. End of story.


    Can you just hear the squealing if Hillary gave that excuse. OMG you could hear the BernieBots screaming from coast to coast. Also, Amen to what you said.

  75. Moderator3 says:

    I don’t know. That’s getting really nasty!

  76. Moderator4 says:

    You forgot to say “Aren’t you special?” as well. ;)

  77. Dan Vuic says:

    Sorry — that article is dated from the summer of 2015 — and, as David Cay Johnston has pointed out, the SUMMARY 1040 Form is NOT the same as the FULL return.

    Moreover, Sanders, when pressed by Tapper on Sunday claimed that Tapper was wrong when he asserted that he has never released his full tax returns — something that NO ONE can seem to confirm and that David Cay Johnston has characterized as ‘deceptive’ on the part of Sanders. And let’s not confuse Johnston with a right-wing hack being funded by some cloaked billionaire, as was the case with the Clintons.

    If you didn’t resist the impulse to start believing all sorts of shit about Hillary Clinton based on the persistent manufactured right-wing smears which never revealed a single incident of wrong-doing, but, by virtue of the vast number of the allegations have tainted her character even in progressive circles — and is now being cravenly exploited by the Sanders campaign as it insinuates corruption in the absence of any evidence — I have no sympathy for you or your candidate.

    Bernie Sanders MUST release his full tax return and stop stalling.

  78. francesca_csrwire says:

    As someone who struggles with my own taxes, I can relate that it might take a little while to get your taxes out to the public. Jane and Bernie have been a tad busy lately, so, unless you’re a Hillary troll, just simmer down and wait a little. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. On the other hand, I think the American people have more at stake in learning what are in the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks, since that bears directly on the financial well being of millions of middle class Americans who have everything to lose in another financial crash due to the failure to regulate the banks.

  79. rhqjr says:

    You are so full of S^%T

  80. Demosthenes says:

    It is no coincedence that his biggest supporters are literally children. My 18 and 20 kids voted for “Bernie” in our state prImary, despite me telling them some of the points you make so forcefully here.

  81. HeywoodJa says:

    And where did that money go? To help poor people in destitute living conditions.

    Sanders paid 13.8% in taxes and exempted MORE THAN a quarter of his total salary.

    Release the Schedule A, BERNIE!!!

  82. Tim says:

    Trump publishes less rape fantasies than Sanders… I suppose. /s

  83. HeywoodJa says:

    FIFTY SIX THOUSAND BUCKS??? YEP–that IS a scandal. Something weird is going on — probably with all those funds he invests in that have “BANKSTER” connections. Hypocrite, thy name is Bernie The Bankster!!

  84. HeywoodJa says:

    You don’t have a “right” to see shit.

  85. HeywoodJa says:

    I always said that but now I am wavering. I may just sit it out, and wait for 2020 if he gets the nod. I think he’s a MORON, and every day, his stupidity is on full display with his cheap sexist commentaries and attacks. Blaming his wife for not putting out the taxes HE SIGNED? Brotha, PLEASE.

  86. HeywoodJa says:

    Democrats haven’t made a big deal of his perverted writings–but they should. He’s a twisted guy, who thinks women cause their own lady-parts cancer by not being sexual libertines. Who wants a sick moron like that in the WH?

  87. HeywoodJa says:

    You got that right. When the “rape fantasy/let little kids touch each other’s privates/let teen girls screw their boyfriends in your home, even if they’re under-aged” essays weren’t enough, or the “Women cause their own cancer by not giving up the goods to guys like me” essay didn’t completely destroy his credibility, you have to wonder why fellow Democrats are treating him so kindly. We don’t like to trash talk our own, but he is shoveling lies about HRC and he deserves a little push back. I think it’s time to call a spade a f-cking shovel and hit him over the head with it. This guy is a sick puppy who never cast a vote until he voted FOR HIMSELF. He never had a real job with a regular paycheck until he was elected Mayor of that small town that masquerades as a city in northern New England. Time to start pointing out his bullshit, and time to just push the Bernie Train off the tracks to a side yard.

  88. HeywoodJa says:

    Because he’s got sketchy investments in piggy capitalist corporations, that’s why. He’s a bullshitter and blaming his wife is just beyond the pale.

  89. HeywoodJa says:

    I’m Jane’s age more or less, and I can produce ten years of taxes with just a few clicks. HE IS HIDING SOMETHING–the guy is a damn HYPOCRITE and I’m sick of him.

  90. rickinwa says:

    Here’s a list of some of Sanders’ accomplishments. “…with Sanders we have the fusion of strong principles and the ability to
    forge odd bedfellow coalitions that accomplish historic things…”

  91. Phil in FLL says:

    The phrase “Infighting is fun” is a tag that the blog owner of JoeMyGod uses to tag stories about conservative Republicans, like Cruz and Trump, going after each other. Your commenter, “British Petroleum,” has simply rewritten JoeMyGod’s tag from the Republican viewpoint.

    I don’t envy the hard work you have to go through reading all these comments, but your efforts are heroic.

  92. arleeda says:

    I am 78 and also do my own taxes, which are somewhat complicated due to various sources of income and deductions. I can produce the last 5 years by tomorrow.

  93. momatad says:

    I said I could….If I, a member of the general public CAN, I see no reason why someone who knows from past history, this is a requirement, can’t provide them. I’m not asking YOU for anything, so I owe you NOTHING, not my tax records, not my pay stubs, etc. Bernie is asking the people to ‘trust’ him with the highest position in the country, he SHOULD be more than willing to prove he is worthy of that trust. Hiding taxes isn’t it.

  94. Truth Hertz says:


  95. momatad says:

    Using his own words as evidence…..stalling tactics is what he is using. I copied ONE line from the blog, Bernie’s words. HIS words……..that he ‘hasn’t gotten around to it’….if the IRS came knocking and you said ‘I just haven’t gotten around to it’….you’d be before a judge, not given a pass.

  96. momatad says:

    will feel just fine when the #thebernisextinguished

  97. heimaey says:

    I mean she didn’t know the young woman was from Greenpeace. She was asked a question and got nasty – not a good look for a president, especially one trying to woo young people.

  98. Fid says:


  99. heimaey says:

    You just said you’d do it no problem easy – then do it.

  100. nofauxnews says:

    No, that money did not go to the Clinton foundation, it went into her pocket. I have no problem with Clinton or the Clinton Foundation, I simple question her judgment considering she knew she would be a presidential candidate, and this personal income would be an issue.

    I think it is foolish for Sanders not to have released his taxes for whatever reason, but compared to someone who has made tens of millions in the past decade, I am sure they will be very boring.

  101. momatad says:

    I’m not running for PUBLIC office.

  102. momatad says:

    Greenpeace, the most violent of all ‘peaceful protesters’…….she returned fire. Oh, and she did yell about Bernie’s negative ads…….said she’s sick of them. So, she should be drummed out of the race. He yells when questioned so he doesn’t have to answer. BIG difference.

  103. momatad says:

    At the presentation I went to on the Clinton Foundation, one of the handouts was the income/outlay of the foundation. Every donation was documented and every expenditure was as well. This foundation is VERY transparent.

  104. Moderator3 says:

    Well, bless your heart.

  105. momatad says:

    apparently not. Not a big difference between him and Trump then is there?

  106. heimaey says:

    I seem to recall her pointing and yelling at a young person from greenpeace simply questioning her. So you know…think about that

  107. momatad says:

    has said he ‘will release’ them, hasn’t done it yet……if there is nothing to hide, do it now.

  108. doug dash says:

    I like both Sanders and Clinton. I think we have an excellent chance of winning in November with either one of them.

  109. momatad says:

    her and her little headband too………cackle cackle cackle……(snort). She’s right on point. Want to know when she’s made a direct hit? Bernie starts yelling and waving his finger. Yelling a finger waving does not a president make.

  110. heimaey says:

    So give them to me. Let’s see ’em!

  111. momatad says:

    the money goes into her husband’s foundation, not her campaign coffers. They have released their budgets and spending spread sheets…..and TAX records for this foundation (Charity Watch has it all). So, where are Bernie’s taxes again?

  112. momatad says:

    Money she gets for speeches goes into the Clinton Foundation. I went to seminar on what the Foundation does and is all about. Good stuff. So, if a lot of monied blowhards want to pay her big bucks to hear her speak and the money puts in a well, educates a child or feeds a family……heaven forbid, let’s shoot her now over that, because Bernie’s supporters are butthurt over it.

  113. momatad says:

    if he’s so clean, where are the taxes? I can give you seven years of my taxes in a few hours (gotta go to the files and pull them out, old school paper, you know)…..why, when he knew he would be up for public scrutiny does he say ‘nope, don’t have ’em, can’t give them to you’ and get away with it. Something quite opaque in transparency land.

  114. PDQ says:

    Let me clarify for you: I agree that Sanders should release his taxes and I have no doubt that he will.

    I ALSO feel that Clinton should release those transcripts, however I DON’T think that she will. You want to talk about something that “…they don’t want us to see”? Hillary’s got something that she doesn’t want us to see and your numerous comments on this blog attempting to shift attention to something else will not change my mind on that.

    I’m still looking for John’s article that calls for Hillary to release them…….I’m just SURE it’s here somewhere! After all, as AmericaBlog’s slogan says, “A Great Nation Deserves the Truth”. Right John?

  115. momatad says:

    in Bernieworld is something is amiss, it must be someone else’s fault, not Bernie’s. His wife was convenient for this one.

  116. momatad says:

    probably why he won’t release them….it’s ‘none of that woman’s (Hillary) damn business’……

  117. momatad says:

    when? When he is dead and gone and no one can question him? What’s he hiding?

  118. heimaey says:

    Hold your breath, please!

  119. deblen says:

    Well bless your heart.
    thanks for reading my posts so carefully!

  120. keirmeister says:

    Hey now you’re talkin’! :)

  121. pollysi says:

    Blame the woman. I thought Bernie was better than this.

  122. Moderator3 says:

    Not if you have to read all of it.

  123. Moderator3 says:

    Nine comments in less than half a hour, and they all say essentially the same thing. I think we got the point.

  124. Bill_Perdue says:

    Infighting is fun.

  125. deblen says:

    The whole transcripts thing was a pre-emptive strike by the Sanders campaign. They knew there was something to hide in his taxes, and they wouldn’t be able to release them. So now when someone asks where are Sanders’ taxes their response is where are the transcripts.

    They’re hiding something.

  126. pattyrat says:

    led by Bernie himself!

  127. deblen says:

    Why did he blame this on Jane? This is Bernie Sanders problem. Don’t get distracted by his trying to blame it on his wife.

  128. deblen says:

    $56,000 in deductions on an income of $200,000 is not nothing. Why have they not released the Schedule A to show the itemized deductions?
    And why did he throw Jane under the bus for this? He should take responsibility and not throw his wife under the bus. Again shows his disrespect for women. #dontstandnexttome

  129. John Limbo says:

    Sounds like he’s stalling. Wonder why?

  130. deblen says:

    I think an itemized listing of $56,000 in deductions, 28% of their income, would be very interesting.

  131. deblen says:

    Here it is again.
    See how this works?

    The Sanders campaign pre-emptively introduced this “release the transcripts” so they could use it now; knowing that they did not want to release his full taxes. There’s something in Sanders’ taxes that they don’t want us to see.
    $56,000 in deductions?? Where’s the itemized Schedule A?

  132. deblen says:

    Jane certainly has good company under the Sanders bus: Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, John Lewis.

    Did you see the clip of Sanders giving a speech and grumbling to his wife, “don’t stand next to me” blech

  133. deblen says:

    See there it is again.
    The Sanders campaign planted this seed “release the transcripts” knowing that Sanders had something to hide in his taxes.
    So that every time someone asks to see his taxes they can throw this back as a distraction.

    Very suspicious and underhanded.

  134. deblen says:

    $56,000 in undisclosed itemized deductions?! That’s more than a quarter of his income. Why did they not release a Schedule A that would show what these deductions are?
    He’s hiding something on the Schedule A

  135. deblen says:

    At this point, I am very, very suspicious that the Sanders campaign raised this call to “release the transcripts” pre-emptively knowing there was something about Sanders taxes they wanted to hide.
    So that every time someone asks Sanders to release his taxes he can say: she should release the transcripts.

    this all seems very suspicious.

  136. pattyrat says:

    …then why didn’t he run as an Independent? He has spoken against the Dems many times in the past, yet he decides to run as one. How misleading and controversial and hypocritical is that? His chance for a revolution, a REAL political revolution, would have been to run in his own party and not split the Dems. I’m glad to see an intelligent blog such as this rumble around for the evaded truth about his finances, and indeed, his real reason for being in this race. I think it is an ego driven tirade where he has a bigger stage from which to hear himself yell and point his finger. Read up on the psychology of Bernie Sanders body language – eye full right there! And pay close attention to how he ignores or pushes around his wife!!!

  137. pattyrat says:

    Absolutely the truth, Demosthenes! She is the most vetted candidate for president that has come along in my lifetime, and I wasn’t born yesterday!

  138. ray jones says:

    I will be waiting impatiently waiting!! Bernie is not my first or 5th choice as President but this is not good!! I will vote for him if he is the nominee If he ends

  139. ray jones says:

    I have never smoked a joint in my life. And of course it doesn’t make sense to you? Why is that…again explain to me how you know Bernie is not a multi millionaire?

  140. heimaey says:

    You seem mad and all worked up. Maybe you should smoke a joint and cool off because you’re not making sense.

  141. Demosthenes says:

    There is a reason the GOP pumps up Sen. Sanders. He has a closet brimming with skeletons. In contrast, Secy. Clinton — and all her faults — are well known.

  142. ray jones says:

    You have no idea if Sanders is multi-millionaire !! Bernie has been in Congress for how many years? His Wife making a similar salary for many years? You have no idea about his investments or property ownership. Of course you can’t deal with questions without tossing in Iraq War, well let me add to the insanity and say Bernie supported the NRA and voted against the Brady Bill is any blood on his hands? How about his support for military contractors in Vermont? Oh that doesn’t count…you can’t keep running because you don’t like the conversation.

  143. heimaey says:

    I don’t believe anyone is that righteous – and this is a non-issue because he’ll release them.

  144. heimaey says:

    What nonsense? He’s not a multi-millionare, hasn’t spent years supporting wars in Iraq and hasn’t fed banana republics that have killed tens of thousands. She’s got her hands quite dirty.

  145. ArtRocks says:

    Why should he get a free pass..SHOW US YOUR TAXES BUD!! STOP STALLING!

  146. ray jones says:

    Because you believe in the tooth fairy and you want Bernie to be ‘righteous’ so don’t need bernie to be perfect only for my selfish reasons I don’t want Trump, Cruz or any RNC near the WH for decades to come! But playing that’s not an issue, when the corner stone of your campaign is honesty/too much money, and being transparent.. yet you are not release Taxes for a period of time. Again Accountants are not that costly!!

  147. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    As a Sanders supporter, I say this is a red herring. One of the biggest problems in politics is using someone else’s bad behavior as cover for your own bad behavior.

  148. ray jones says:

    Yet here we are…as democrat if Bernie is nominated I am going to vote for him. But you can’t be serious with this nonsense!!

  149. heimaey says:

    Actually it’s the opposite problem – he’s transparent, he has very little to hide, if anything.

  150. keirmeister says:

    I’m a big fan of Bernie Sanders, but this does illustrate a problem: vetting.

    Hillary Clinton has been vetted to a nauseating degree, Sanders not so much. If Sanders were to secure the Democratic nomination, I really hope a full vetting of his background doesn’t bring up something that would tarnish him. Considering the image he has in liberal politics, it requires him to be “pure” for the most part – and frankly, I want Sander’s image to stay that way.

  151. heimaey says:

    I’m not really concerned since he said he’ll release them and is not saying he won’t. Unlike Hillary who will not release WS transcripts – furthermore, he doesn’t have a lot of money like Hillary – he’s not a multi-milionaire, and he doesn’t have a team of people looking at his taxes and spending hours polishing them so they can hide money over seas, so you know I’m giving him a little extra time on this.

  152. Butch1 says:

    Many people watch cable news.

  153. ray jones says:

    I don’t disagree with your over points I think all are true. Just as democrat it does appear like covering up. The only difference is HC is not screaming for Bernie to release his tax information like he stated regarding her speeches:, outsiders, some reporters and maybe her supporters are in fact asking. It really is just strange how this has never been a priority of Bernie’s campaign. Given the fact that honestly I read about this before he ever released his summary pages in 2015 ? Some people were suggesting that he would never release his full information because he doesn’t want to have to explain the numbers.

  154. ray jones says:

    You realize there are many, many members or Congress who get reelected and are asleep at the wheel. I don’t think that’s Bernie’s issue but I think the people of Vermont love him that has not a thing to do with being effective leader.

  155. ray jones says:

    Again the Kochs have been running pro Bernie ads for almost a year and anti Hillary ads for that same period their not hiding in the shadows. Neither is Karl Rove has been doing the same thing, it’s an open secret!

  156. Houndentenor says:

    I’m going to refrain from speculating about what might be in documents no one has seen yet. But since we Democrats demanded (to no avail) that Romney release his tax returns we should demand no less from our own candidates. As I said earlier, it’s not like he was surprised by this request. He knew this was coming and he should have had whoever would have the copies ready to go from the initial planning stages of his campaign. I do understand why people would speculate that he’s hiding something significant because there is no other reason not to release them. And I also said the same about Hillary’s speeches to the big banks. Just release the material and defend what’s in it (if that’s even necessary). These games are tiresome and one of many reasons that so many Americans think all politicians are crooks and therefore don’t bother to vote. We should demand better across the board. It’s not like any of them are going to volunteer to provide more accountability.

  157. ray jones says:

    So true it really is not a good look for Bernie not matter what happens going forward this issue is not going away. And doing the dance oh my wife does our taxes then your old taxes are done. Accountants are not that expensive for a public servant to use that is crazy. He might not have done anything wrong but it looks bad. And then to not just hire a couple of accountants and lawyers to release years of your return? We are busy? Who is not?

  158. ray jones says:

    Keep acting like this doesn’t matter! Shell game politics from Bernie…wow. Again this tax situation is not going away. In fairness to Bernie, HC is the only candidate in the race in 12′ to release clear detailed tax returns. Integrity is not just about not doing anything wrong it’s also about appearance of doing anything wrong. Recent History shows up that this is not an area that anyone show be playing around with…keep bring up HC transcripts and not presenting detailed tax returns see what happens. Agnew of the 70’s?

  159. ray jones says:

    I would still vote for HC or Bernie over the crazies on the right! But you can’t make this stuff up…Bernie and his team should know better!

  160. ray jones says:

    His taxes from 2013.2012,2011,2010,2009, etc… are done. The problem is not only does it look dishonest. What makes it look so bad is that this the stuff that Bernie rails against in general. There has been inside DC rumors about this stuff, truth or not his attempt last year of releasing summary pages is not transparency. You can’t preach I am the open and honest candidate then act just like what you are ‘preaching against’! Say what you want about HC she has decades of detailed tax returns which go back to the 70’s. But if the shoe was on the other foot, we know what would be said by Bernie! There is nothing special in his returns is political speak!

  161. ray jones says:

    This is why people are upset with establishment politics…and Bernie is doing the same thing. Keep avoiding,pointing fingers…looks like the same dance that you complain about HC doing. How does it feel to look in the same mirror and see hypocrisy?

  162. Bob says:

    WaPo has his 2014 tax return. It’s nothing, middle class income. No wonder I don’t come to this stupid website anymore.

  163. heimaey says:

    He said he’s going to release them. So not sure why he’s so dishonest.

  164. kladinvt says:

    Actually, this “article” is trying to paint Bernie as corrupt as HillaryInc. So where are those transcripts of her multi-million dollar speeches to the Oligarchs of Wall St? We’re all still waiting to see what she did or did not promise them.

  165. kladinvt says:

    And what of the transcripts from Hillary’s multi-million dollar speeches to the Oligarchs of Wall St? What is she hiding?

  166. kladinvt says:

    OK, and when is Hillary releasing ALL the transcripts to her multi-million dollar speeches to the Oligarchs of Wall St???

  167. kladinvt says:

    Once again, how much did it cost HillaryInc to buy up Aravosis?

  168. ray jones says:

    The.evidence is there are no real taxes information has been released , Bernie’s campaign has played fast and lose with this issue. Bernie’s camp knows that HC has a history of releasing her whole entire, tax information for decades. Recall Bernie is running on honesty,transparency, antiestablisment…yet here we call. You are doing hide my money, taxes….information.

  169. ray jones says:

    What if there stuff Bernie can’t explain. This again is not hard math…Bernie didn’t release his full returns even from 2014. It smells of hiding….his old returns are not hard to locate or release. Even Trump created a better lie. Bernie is playing a game no one with an ounce of real sense is falling for lame I don’t have don’t have time. Feet of clay

  170. ray jones says:

    Shell game 101.

  171. ray jones says:

    Bernie releasing past returns does take much effort I don’t believe he will…this is shameful on so many levels. This not even legitimate excuses…

  172. Truth Hertz says:

    You trolls don’t need any evidence to denigrate Clinton’s speeches. We don’t need any to assume Sanders’ underhanded tax filings.

  173. Truth Hertz says:

    It depends on what is in the tax filings.

  174. Truth Hertz says:

    Methinks you are on the same team. Reread Trevor.

  175. ray jones says:

    It kind of hard to do when Bernie has made honesty and judgement part of his campaign. There have been stories around about the Sanders questionable finances, hiding tax information …transparent my big toe.

  176. ray jones says:

    Yet you can’t blame a reporter for not releasing Bernies full tax returns. When you Bernie have screaming about dirty poltics, and being honest and transparent…nothing to hide really. The Shell game will not work…doesn’t make common sense. He can contact the its for full complete copies of his taxes from years back. HC has released decades of full taxes, isn’t HC the disnhonest one? Bernie hypocrisy…

  177. ray jones says:

    Koch brothers and Rove have been running ads against HC and for Bernie for nearly a year. They also hired people to trolling antiC on the internet. Open secret.

  178. ray jones says:

    Excuse number 500, Bernie and Jane are public figures. Accountants will do taxes are not that expensive. This makes no sense…

  179. ray jones says:

    So that explains why Bernie has been transparent? No? You can’t be serious…next

  180. ray jones says:

    Bernie’s campaign is built on him being honest and transparent by his own words repeatedly. Pointing fingers at others…glasshouses. Yet HC is the only one to release an entire completed more than 20 years of her personal taxes. Bernie is clearly planning a shell game…that’s why it’s an issue. You can’t just point fingers about being honest then basically hiding your personal taxes? Why ? I suspect he hiding money..

  181. ray jones says:

    Those are not complete disclosure…not his total filings which raised quetions why he haven’t released the whole returns. Shell game 101…

  182. timncguy says:

    why does he have to finish this year’s taxes in order to release the previous 7 years like Clinton has already done?

  183. quax says:

    Who still gets his news from TV this day and age?

  184. Jim Olson says:

    Have to say, I’m finding the anti-Bernie sentiment here at America Blog this cycle to be a little disappointing. Of course, I will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is in November. But the anti-Bernie animus here is a bit much. Yes, he has a challenging road to the nomination, it may already be mathematically impossible. Yes, he’s not a Democratic party insider; but that’s what is appealing. Party affiliation is becoming largely irrelevant, IMHO. The Democratic establishment is center-left at best, and has left me far behind. Hillary’s incrementalism is not the least bit interesting, and while I do not think she’s nearly as terrible as some; and there honestly has not been a scandal that the Republicans have tried to pin on her that has stuck, I just don’t know if I want four or eight years of Clinton-level scandal again. I’m really a little disappointed that A-Blog has not embraced Bernie. You’re an influential blog, and your voice matters. I’m sorry you’re not using it to back the true Progressive in this race.

  185. Robert Lloyd Jackson says: + + the Panama papers …It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. The Clinton foundation is YUGEEEEEE and way more transparent than the Sanders. At least he won’t be going to the Bastille [since it was destroyed in the 1700’s].

  186. Josiah White says:

    Non-issue. She hires accountants due to the sheer amount of money. Still, point taken.

  187. Josiah White says:

    What an article. Groundbreaking news!!! Such a scandal!!

    “…refusing to release them…”

    Don’t you have anything better to write about prior to April-fucking-15th, when, by Sanders own admission, he’s planning to release them in due course?

  188. Arpaio says:

    What a crock of shit.

  189. Arpaio says:

    Where are his tax returns, the end.

  190. Arpaio says:

    Don’t redirect. Where are his taxes?

  191. Houndentenor says:

    I don’t get it either. I can’t imagine there’s any huge scandal in those returns so why not release them. It’s not like this topic came out of the view. Every candidate except Romney has released their tax returns since at least the 1960s.

  192. Houndentenor says:

    Everyone in this election needs a time out. I can’t say anything positive or negative about either Sanders or Clinton without getting pounced on. it’s ridiculously. Neither of them is perfect and I’m not “in the tank” for saying something positive or negative about either of them.

  193. Houndentenor says:

    Agreed. I put in a call once to the White House and my boss (a CEO) made sure the president was on the line before he was. Made the President wait. (This was a couple of presidents ago, btw.) Yes, that’s what big money buys you. The president will take your call and sit and wait like a flunkie for you pick up. Yes, big money buys access and influence and anyone who tells you otherwise is hopelessly naive or a liar.

  194. UncleBucky says:

    I’m still gonna vote BLUE in November, no matter what, and across the board.

  195. Houndentenor says:

    I am not a Bernie Bro. I even voted for Hillary in the primary, but I do not like that she takes so much money from Wall Street.

  196. Webster says:

    I don’t expect that Hillary will be indicted — that’s just all a bunch of nonsense, as far as I’m concerned. I just think that the body politic is in need of life-saving surgery, not a kiss on the boo-boo and a band-aid. I trust Bernie to be in charge of that operation, not Hillary.

  197. Shainzona says:

    We’re talking about Sanders tax returns here….

  198. S.L says:

    “Sanders flips to delegates at the Nevada convention” This can be found under, Sanders isn’t as pure as people think, if this all unravels its a pretty good con on his voters! I hope Sanders supporters aren’t to disappointed at the end

  199. ADDISON GAINOUS says:

    Well I am sure you will run into my son. He probably hangs out there too. He came home to take care of me for a week. Great son.

  200. timncguy says:

    not really, since it will have absolutely no effect on the total number of delegates anyway

  201. timncguy says:

    ‘against’ is supposed to be ‘again’

  202. Butch1 says:

    “A clock is correct twice per day.” One day there was at least twelve negative things said about Sanders in the Washington Post, so there are those days as well ~ Quoted from the Young Turk’s program.

  203. S.L says:

  204. Butch1 says:

    Yes, you have to “google” it rather than just seeing it on the TV. Don’t you find that the least bit odd?

  205. Webster says:

    Yes, I’m sure we’d all find that reading the tax returns on Bernie’s $175k yearly salary would be much more interesting reading than reading Hillary’s $225k speech to Goldman-Sachs…

  206. Butch1 says:

    I think “blame” is a strong word in this instance. Like it’s “her” fault or something. Did she actually do something wrong?

  207. Butch1 says:

    I remember David Brock when he was a republican paid to destroy Anita Hill when she was telling the truth about Clarence Thomas. He finally “saw the light” after destroying her and her career and wrote a book, “Blinded By the Right.” I understand he IS working for the Clinton campaign, so one knows what he can do to ruin a person’s career with disinformation and outright lies. He’s done it before and it’s documented.

    One more point, there were two other witnesses that were sworn in and ready to testify against Clarence Thomas to backup Dr. Hill’s testimony, but the head of the Congressional Committee, Joe Biden didn’t ask them to testify for some reason. Perhaps, voting down Bork in the previous session was enough and doing it again would be too much, but the tearing down of this woman in front of the nation when she was telling the truth was unnecessary especially when he knew there were two more witnesses that would corroborate her testimony.

  208. alejandro guerra says:

    Can someone tell me why this even matters? This seems like such a non issue that i would have to question the sanity of the person that lets something like this sway their opinion.

  209. Friedrich says:

    Hillary and Bill’s Tax Returns:

    Bill and Hillary got a collective $5.8 million for speeches to banks, investment firms, private equity funds, asset management companies, bank lobbies and the like. Bill Clinton brought in a total of $13.1 million in speech fees that year, while Hillary was paid about $9.7 million.

    Read more:

  210. Phil in FLL says:

    As you seem to be requesting, below is the link to the Washington Post story which gives Bernie’s campaign a boost. (Gasp! The Washington Post!)

    And here is the wrong use for aluminum foil—hats that don’t work:

  211. Phil in FLL says:

    Guess who reported on this story 10 hours ago? The Washington Post. That’s right. The newspaper that some commenters on this thread are trying to demonize because they have reported on news events that are critical of Bernie. And yet, below is the link to their article about exactly the story that gives Bernie a boost. So much as for conspiracy theories. Please use aluminum foil for its intended purpose, which is wrapping food. Those tinfoil hats don’t work anyway.

  212. timncguy says:

    I tend to stay on gay sites

  213. ADDISON GAINOUS says:

    You are much smarter than me. I broke my arm and my leg a few weeks ago so I got lost over there for a few days. At the end I think an ice pick in my eyes would have been less painful.

  214. timncguy says:

    It took me 5 seconds to find lots of news articles about it on google. Not much of a blackout. I heard about it on twitter this morning.

  215. timncguy says:

    Oh, OK. I never go there.

  216. Butch1 says:

    Typical news blackout.

  217. ADDISON GAINOUS says:


  218. timncguy says:

    it makes no sense as most Clinton supporters have said they will vote for Sanders if he wins the nomination. You’d think they would pretend to be Clinton supporters to try and piss of the real Sanders supporters.

  219. Phil in FLL says:

    As I noted in my reply to Webster just below, BeccaM is a Bernie supporter, and elsewhere on this thread she takes Bernie’s failure to release his tax returns seriously. Like most actual Bernie supporters, Becca has an open mind. Your reply above does raise a common issue. I think that Republican trolls occasionally pretend to be Bernie supporters, although I can’t say for sure whether I can spot that at this point. I think that will be clearer a little later in the primaries.

  220. ADDISON GAINOUS says:

    They are former Ron Paul republicans. That is why they sound like them. They even slip and use Democrat party occasionally and the lingo/attacks are spot on.

  221. Phil in FLL says:

    Research and/or supporting data is fine. Um… thanks for giving me the link to Bernie’s website (LOL). Don’t assume that I’m against Bernie winning the nomination. I’m not. It may even wind up being an irrelevant question depending on what recommendation the FBI director, James Comey, makes for or against charges against Hillary. If an indictment causes Hillary to drop out, I’m sure the sun will still rise tomorrow, and I’ll be happy to vote for Bernie.

    You’ll also notice that elsewhere on this thread, BeccaM suggested that Bernie’s failure to release his tax returns at this point “fails the smell test.” Becca is a Bernie supporter. Just because people are willing to consider a news item that is posted everywhere on the Internet, that doesn’t mean that they are polishing John’s shoes, as you put it. We’re just keeping an open mind.

  222. timncguy says:

    the “orange place”?

  223. ADDISON GAINOUS says:

    This is so weird. The whole thing is so weird because I have heard incessantly that Bernie is pure as snow. In fact I have heard it so much it makes my head hurt. You can’t stop by the orange place without being inundated by Bernie the unicorn birther. It’s crazy.

  224. timncguy says:

    And, I think the “against” is a typo that is supposed to read “again”

  225. Phil in FLL says:

    OK, the word “refuse” isn’t accurate. That’s why, when I rewrote the headline in my reply above I wrote “Sanders hasn’t released tax returns—says his wife has been too busy” instead of writing that Sanders was refusing to release his returns.

  226. timncguy says:

    What just happened in Nevada? Did Sanders suddenly beat Clinton?

    Sanders takes the most delegates at Nevada County Conventions. But who
    has won the state? We won’t know that until the Nevada Democratic
    convention in June.

    The February precinct-level caucuses determined the allocation of delegates to the county conventions.

    According to the Las Vegas Sun,
    the state’s congressional district delegate allocation was determined
    at the February caucus. That means that 20 delegates and two (2)
    alternates will be allocated based on Clinton’s 53%-47% victory. [Note:
    the official delegate allocation document does not address this.]

    The allocation of at-large delegates and pledged PLEOs, however, will be determined at the state convention.

    The Nevada caucus selection process has three steps: precinct votes
    (February), the county convention (April), and the state convention
    (May). Horse race reporting doesn’t jibe with caucus nominations.

    At the June 4th state convention, on the other hand, the vote is a binding presidential preference.
    The state convention as a whole — those delegates selected at County
    Conventions on Saturday — will elect the five (5) PLEO delegates as well
    as eight (8) at-large delegates and one (1) at-large alternate. District-level delegates and alternates will be elected by Congressional District Caucuses.

    The final delegate allocation is 31 pledged delegates, three (3) pledged alternates, and eight (8) unpledged delegates, per the DNC delegate allocation document.

    In the end, all of this means that 22 of Nevada’s 35 delegates to the National convention will be allocated proportionally based on Clinton’s 53 – 47 win in step one. The other 13 will be determined at the Sate Convention. What happened this weekend was a selection of who will attend the Sate Convention to select these final 13 of the total 35 delegates. So, at this point we have no idea which candidate will end up with more delegates of the 35 total delegates that Nevada gets.

  227. ginger ale says:

    If Clinton did this people would be frothing at the mouth.

  228. ginger ale says:

    Well, well, well. Clinton is more transparent than Sanders.

  229. Max_1 says:

    There is a reason THIS STORY isn’t being covered…

  230. Max_1 says:

    It’s a byproduct of the Republican generation of, “It’s never when I do it”.

  231. Max_1 says:

    What is it about a free education that scares Hillary supporters???
    Are they, like Trump, in love especially with the undereducated?

  232. Max_1 says:

    Then you’ll gladly pay back any SOCIALIST SECURITY when you retire…
    Oh, and have you stopped paying for the fire department, yet… John? John?

  233. ladywalker68 . says:

    Bernie wants to be President and take over our economy and yet he can’t fill out a tax return and then he throws his wife under the bus for not covering him. Okaaaaaay……

  234. PDQ says:


    I’m sure I’ve missed it, but I can’t for the life of me seem to find a column from you demanding that Hillary release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs in order that questions about her loyalties and priorities can be put to rest.

    After all, “A great nation deserves the truth”, right?

    I guess blogging got lucrative again since you left the site, which prompted your return. How much is David Brock paying you to write these pieces? Hmmmmm?

  235. heimaey says:

    Apparently it’s becoming that.

  236. Friedrich says:

    Thanks! I stopped by this site just out of curiosity. Didn’t realize it was just for Hillary fans!

  237. heimaey says:

    Love how he called you “Bernie Bro” – it’s almost as if Hillary supporters are bullies. No, it’s exactly like that. Also note Bernie has every intention of releasing them – John just thinks it’s funny that his wife does his taxes. I live/work in NYC – deal with Wall Street all the time – it’s 100% about favors and who you know so if the people believe she’s not beholden to them, there’s a bridge I can sell them in downtown Manhattan that connects Brooklyn.

  238. Shoot4themoon says:

    But not as nice as they’ve been for Bernie, giving him $$ for his campaign and all. Or did you forget that part?

  239. trinu says:

    I asked if Daisy Sharp had any evidence that Sanders was stalling.

  240. Friedrich says:

    I guess you never worked on Wall Street. I did. It’s buying favors!

  241. kuvasz says:

    Johnny boy’s headline: “Sanders refuses against to release taxes.” Johnny boy lied to the reader by inserting the word “refuses” when Sanders said nor indicated no such thing.

    Johnny, if your cause is so just you don’t have to make up *hit. Clearly its not, if you stooped to the level of a Republican.

  242. Shoot4themoon says:

    What’s wrong with giving speeches to Wall Street for money? Explain it to me, oh random Bernie Bro.

  243. Webster says:

    I’ve done my research. Perhaps if you spent less time polishing John’s Republican-leaning shoes here and did your own, you could join me over here on the right side of history. But I’m a nice guy and I’ll get you started: Enjoy!

  244. Friedrich says:

    The Sanders didn’t go “from broke to $150 million+” like the Clintons — from speeches to Wall Street and influence peddling through the State Department.

  245. JaneE says:

    Mine is definitely an operator problem. Started with a tax guy when we needed to do my mother’s estate 13 years ago and never went back to doing them myself.

    It isn’t even so much the time, though I am prone to typos and obsessive re-checking after every entry, but the stress factor. I would spend much more than half an hour going over every entry and checking and re-checking, and if I found an error, which I usually did at least once, I would print it out and check it again. Lots more than half an hour, just in printing a copy. Now I just hand him my documents (which are organized) and walk out with a bound, filed set of state and fed in less than an hour. And I still spend at least half an hour reviewing the final copy when I get home. But that is my problem.

  246. Phil in FLL says:

    Listen to yourself. “The Republicans are deluded. Hillary and her supporters are deluded. John Aravosis is deluded.” Your comments consistently lack any support for your opinions. It’s all invective. In other words, why are all these people who disagree with you deluded? Some supporting detail rather than simple name-calling.

  247. timncguy says:

    OMG, if this story is on RawStory, the Sanders supporters must be going CRAZY. I don’t think I want to go read that. They have some of the most rabid supporters I’ve seen over there.

  248. Phil in FLL says:

    I think the commenter, nofauxnews, speaks for several with the comment “What a stupid blog post,” by which, I think, the commenter means an accurate news item that the commenter doesn’t care for. Here are links to a couple more stupid blog posts accurate news articles from Politico, Raw Story, CNN and The National Memo:

  249. heimaey says:

    YOU google Jane Sanders, college and past. If you think they’re done with Hillary, you’ve got a surprise coming.

  250. heimaey says:

    You’re right – why is she even bothering campaigning? She’s so amazing, and everyone knows and loves her so much, why she should just walk in the White House right now.

    I don’t need to listen to Hillary Clinton talk to Charlie Rose – I’ve been listening to her for almost 25 years and I’m sick of listening to her. I remember 8 years ago when America blog was sick of her too.

  251. Phil in FLL says:

    Here is the headline from Politico:

    Sanders: ‘My wife does our tax returns’

    Here is the headline from Raw Story, which also alludes to Bernie not having released past returns (which CNN’s Jakes Tapper also mentions):

    Sanders defends not releasing last 8 years of tax returns: ‘My wife does them’ and we’ve been a bit busy

    Both of those headlines, and the headline of John’s post above, describe the events of the news story. Do you insist on more polite wording? OK, let me rewrite the headline for you:

    Sanders hasn’t released tax returns because his wife has been too busy

    You know, Voodoo Chile, the rest of the world is not going to kiss your ass and rewrite accurate headlines and news stories until the wording is to your liking.

  252. heimaey says:

    They’re not attacking anyone yet – they’re trying to get rid of Trump.

  253. Voodoo Chile says:

    This headline is beneath even the likes of David Brock or Mark Penn.

  254. Phil in FLL says:

    Yes, Trump’s tax returns would be the most fascinating by far.

  255. Voodoo Chile says:

    John Aravosis, I’ve read your blog since the early 2000s and the dark days of the Bush years. I’m sad to say that you’ve become a sad joke. Headlines like this mark you as a cheap propagandist, scummier than the likes of David Brock or Mark Penn.

  256. Webster says:

    That’s all right, DoverBill did just fine.

  257. 2karmanot says:


  258. Webster says:

    It’s not just the headline, wait until you wade into the inanities of the post itself…

  259. 2karmanot says:

    Thank you Hill bot. I’ll pass the barf bag now.

  260. Webster says:

    Would you like a klonopin? Some smelling salts? A fainting-couch, perhaps?

  261. Mark says:

    “Sanders refuses against to release taxes, blames wife”

    Is it just me, or does this headline not make sense?

  262. Doug105 says:

    We’s heard it on the interwebs.

  263. Doug105 says:

    That’s not how it works.

  264. timncguy says:

    I responded to Webster, not you

  265. timncguy says:

    Or, it could be you that is delusional. Have you considered that?

  266. Webster says:

    That’s because the Republicans are as deluded as the author of this blog post. They can’t even run their own primary, for God’s sake.

  267. DoverBill says:

    Hell, I’m talkin’ about a Bernie accusation/deflection, not the Kochs.

  268. nofauxnews says:

    I don’t care what is in the speeches so much as the fact that she gave them, and took $675,000 for them, knowing she would be a presidential candidate, and that it would come up in the campaign. It makes one question her judgment.

  269. rickinwa says:

    Bernie has a D- legislative rating with the NRA. Like I said, he’s not perfect.

    Being against an unnecessary war in the face of the deafening drumbeat coming from the administration, most of the media and fellow lawmakers takes an enormous amount of courage. It’s one of the most heroic things a person can do. He made the tough correct decision, which is critical when it comes to being Commander-in-Chief. When one’s finger is on the button, you want that person to be cool under pressure. I don’t want that person to later try to explain that their decision was a mistake.

    In his executive position as the mayor of Burlington Bernie faced a skeptical business community. He was able to work with them as he addressed his priorities, and won them over to his side.

    If Bernie is not effective in Congress, why does he keep getting reelected by huge margins? Getting things done can be a worthy goal, as long as they are good things.

  270. Gindy51 says:

    It all depends on how prepared you are. I start doing my taxes before Jan 1 of the previous year. I have files for them already to go, slot in my documents as they come in and hit the computer. 30 minutes later I have THREE sets of taxes done. It really is not rocket science IF you are prepared. I you shove all your documents in a shoe box, well there is your problem. Not the software, it;s the operator.

  271. stellalimelight says:

    Thank you

  272. timncguy says:

    If the Republicans wanted to run against Hillary instead of Bernie, they would be running attack ads against Bernie right now to ensure that Clinton wins the nomination. They aren’t doing that. They are attacking Clinton though. There’s a reason that they are doing exactly the opposite of what would support your theory.

  273. Gindy51 says:

    They’ve already slung about as much shit at her as they can hope to find. They are just getting started on Sanders and there is a lot to throw. His mentioning his wife was really stupid considering her financial past. Google college, Jane Sanders and read.

  274. nofauxnews says:

    Keep telling yourself that. Maybe if you repeat it often enough you might even believe it.

  275. Gindy51 says:

    Right now I can easily release the last 7 years of my taxes by sending PDF documents to the internet. WTF is wrong with Sanders’ wife that she can’t do this too. The “I am too busy” doesn’t cut it.
    Maybe she is as inept at doing taxes as she is at running a college…. she bankrupted one.

  276. nofauxnews says:

    What a stupid blog post.

  277. DoverBill says:

    Why bother, seein’ how most people don’t have a clue about socialism in the 1st place.

    I’d stick with what is already working, thank’s to the stupidity of your average long-time-listener, never-time-caller mentality.

  278. Webster says:

    And that’s just the first ad the Koch’s will run — right after Whitewater. The Republicans are gonna run Hillary through a blender and pour her out into a champagne flute…

  279. timncguy says:

    You miss the point. Everyone already is familiar with anything they will say about Clinton. It’s all data that is already baked into her numbers. On the other hand, the few items I listed about Sanders are not widely known, especially with low-info voters. And, they certainly are not the entire record from his past. I’m not familiar with all the wacky, far-left, socialist statements he has made over the last 40 years. But, the Koch’s will find it all and it will all be new revelations to the entire population

  280. DoverBill says:


  281. heimaey says:

    Yeah we know the talking points they’ll have – there are a few, whereas they have a LOT to put on Hillary. Hillary’s hands are way dirtier – I’m scared to see what they bring up on her.

  282. Max_1 says:

    If there is nothing to hide…
    … But, alas, where are those transcripts?

  283. heimaey says:

    No I mean the one that Daily Kos rated 3 Pinnochios about the one that you mean that Bernie told about Clinton that was rated 3 Pinnochios.

  284. timncguy says:

    there’s also nothing new that the Koch’s can attack Clinton with that everyone in the world doesn’t already know and already have an opinion about. ON the other hand they will attack Sanders on communism, on taxes (do some research on how high the tax rates are for everyone in the European Socialist countries he always promotes. Watch them play the video over and over where he praises Castro, etc, etc, etc The country at-large has not been exposed to this kind of stuff at any level yet.

  285. Sally says:

    What evidence? They reported what Sanders said. What do you want-a quote from his wife?

  286. heimaey says:

    Her emails are a non-issue and the left has been making a bigger deal about it than they ought to. I’ve seen too many liberals (real ones not like many writers on this blog) talking about how she’ll be indicted – but that’s not gonna happen and I think we should just drop it. Plus the emails have been released by wiki leaks and there’s what you’d expect anyway.

  287. timncguy says:

    you read Trevor backwards.

  288. timncguy says:

    you mean like the lies Bernie told about Clinton that were rated as 3 Pinocchios?

  289. heimaey says:

    If you want to be picky and start pulling apart grammar here, then it’s “Rein,” not “reign.” Remember to capitalize at the beginning of sentences!

  290. Sally says:

    How about his stand with the NRA? And the fact that he voted against Iraq does not make him a saint either. What legislation did he write and get passed? In 30 years?

  291. heimaey says:

    If she were on the left I’d be happy to support her.

  292. heimaey says:

    I have no idea what to believe from a conservative blog that posts lies – I haven’t watched the interview yet.

  293. Sally says:

    He is???

  294. Sally says:

    What? I haven’t seen Romney, Bush, Obama, Reagan speech transcripts from before they were even a candidate for President. Have you? We get that you will not vote for Clinton. Have fun with the new fascist dictator.

  295. timncguy says:

    you think he may have made up an interview with Jake Tapper? You are paranoid, aren’t you?

  296. heimaey says:

    Won’t give you the pleasure.

  297. Sally says:

    “rein” not “reign,” There is nothing in her record to show that she care any special privilege to WS. Nothing. But keep writing GIOP talking points for them. The poor party is pretty much in chaos right now; they appreciate help from the left.

  298. Webster says:

    Right, and the Koch’s will have no ammunition to use on Hillary — they’ll just let her sail right into the White House. Please.

    And like Bernie, I don’t give a damn about her emails.

  299. heimaey says:

    The Kochs will be sooooo nice to Hillary.

  300. timncguy says:

    no, please leave it. I kinda like it the way you did it originally. It explains a lot

  301. heimaey says:

    I don’t know if I believe John on this – his posts on Bernie have been somewhat dubious. Remember the magic calculator? I’ll look into it – but yeah if he hasn’t realized them he should.

  302. Sally says:

    “People” may have moved on, but watch them shun candidate Sanders once the Kochs get through with him. And are you and the 2 million prepared to raise the billion dollars it will take to counter those lying ads? Bernie will be begging for corporate money then.

  303. doug dash says:

    Unlike you I can’t speak for all of Sander’s supporters. As a Sanders supporter I can only say that I have never talked about her speeches. Can you send me a picture of yourself walking on water?

  304. heimaey says:

    Yeah that’s a typo. I’ll fix it.

  305. Sally says:

    For cripes sake, Hillary has been out there since she was the wife of the Governor of Arkansas. What do you need to know exactly? She has an amazing interview with Charlie Rose if you want to hear from someone who truly understands the global politics and the people involved in them. My guess is that you don;t care; you are determined to vote for the guy on the street, no matter that he’s been in Congress 30 years.
    I also see that you care nothing that he hasn’t released his taxes..why is that? I bet you were screaming for Hillary to release emails a year back. No one is calling Bernie a Marxist, but you can bet that if he gets the nomination, it will be a small step from “socialist” to “marxist” to ‘Communist” in the Koch ads.

  306. timncguy says:

    isn’t that saying the same thing on both sides of her face (whatever the hell that means)? On one side she will attack them, on the other side, she will reign them in. Do you somehow see a difference in those two? Do I need to adjust my foil hat to see what you see?

  307. heimaey says:

    Or if Bernie wins he may not have to get to go to France each year to get his “SOCIALIZED” medicine. Yeah such an anti-socialist but only when it’s for poor people and minorities.

  308. Webster says:

    He’s just happy because Hillary is the best damn Republican in the Democratic primary…

  309. heimaey says:

    No John – you’re center-right now. And you’re not scaring anyone by saying socialist – you’re showing your age and how out of touch you are. This is not the 1980s – people have moved on. Join us won’t you?

  310. heimaey says:

    My tax accountant in NYC is pretty cheap and it’s about $500. This seems about right – especially since he appears to make under $250k

  311. We’re still liberal. Just not socialist.

  312. heimaey says:

    If there’s nothing bad in the speeches why won’t she release them? I’ll tell you why because she says she will attack Wall Street on one side of her face and on the other how she’ll reign them in. Which face do you think she used to talk to the WS crowd?

  313. heimaey says:

    It’s a nice way to mock a grass roots activist. Remember when America blog was liberal?

  314. heimaey says:

    Notice how this blog doesn’t really talk about how amazing Hillary is and why we should vote for her? It just bashes Bernie because even they know Hillary’s a really poor compromise for the DNC. Maybe one day we’ll see a post about why we should vote for her rather than how much of a Marxist Bernie is, etc.

  315. timncguy says:

    good, then you would suggest Bernie and his supporters stop talking about it, right? You let me know when that happens, OK?

  316. doug dash says:

    I don’t care what is in those speeches. I say good for her if some Corporation wants to pay her a lot of money to give a speech.

  317. timncguy says:

    do you have any evidence of the claims made against Clinton?

  318. trinu says:

    You didn’t produce any evidence; you essentially copied and pasted this blog post.

  319. timncguy says:

    I really like that the kickstarter campaign is starting out at $27.

  320. timncguy says:

    But, you believe constantly harping on Clinton’s speeches will help?

  321. timncguy says:

    release the last 8 years the same as Clinton has. How about that?

  322. doug dash says:

    Go ahead and keep posting these petty little tantalizing boring tidbits. I am sure that you can keep a few Clinton supporters foaming at the mouth, if that’s your goal.
    However, I fail to see how this is going to help elect a Democrat.

  323. JaneE says:

    If tax software only takes half an hour it has changed a lot since I gave up on trying to use it. Easy, yes; fast, no.

  324. momatad says:

    Well, you know how that goes…..Hillary should be EXECUTED for giving speeches, but Bernie, he’s such a saint, he does NOTHING wrong and should be running for Pope, forget he’s Jewish, not president. Geez, these Bernie-fwappers get on my last nerve.

  325. Trevor LaFauci says:

    So I guess we’re just supposed to trust Bernie Sanders on not releasing his tax returns (something that every presidential candidate has done in the last 40 years sans Mitt Romney) but we aren’t supposed to trust Hillary Clinton for not releasing her speech transcripts (something no candidate has ever done)?

    Seems legit.

  326. momatad says:

    “My wife does our tax returns. We have been a little bit busy lately. So, we will get out as much information as we can.” They are both such brains, what is the big deal? Copy your statements and release them. It’s not rocket science. If they are ‘so scattered’ they don’t know where the returns are, or haven’t gotten around to doing them, is this someone we want ‘governing’ this country? Something smells rotten in Vermont, me thinks.

  327. 2karmanot says:

    More BS from AB

  328. Max_1 says:

    Can we have a story about that gap in Bernie’s front teeth?

  329. Jimmy says:

    Personally, I just don’t give a shit about candidates’ tax returns. If I found out Donald Trump donated half his yearly income to charity it wouldn’t make me vote him. If I found out Hilary Clinton did’t donate squat to charity and made her money giving speeches to big oil and big pharma it wouldn’t change my vote. The same is true of Sanders. How about we focus on more important issues.

  330. Mass Independent says:

    Last year’s taxes are not due until April 15th, and many do not get them done on time. He has time.

  331. Mass Independent says:

    Obviously the author has never tried to do his own taxes. “all she need do is update a few data points in her tax software — something that would probably take her half an hour”. I do a long form 1040 and mine did not change a lot since last year, but the updating with checking all the receipts, categorizing and checking and rechecking so it doesn’t get kicked back took me two weeks. And that was preparing it for my tax prep lady, who is very critical and law abiding. You really have to sit down, have a lot of table space, be very organized, and have the computer and printers all lined up. I ran out of computer paper while doing mine, but was able to get some in town. So that was an ignorant comment from the author. Just spreading crap.

  332. BeccaM says:

    In this case, it’s probably true…but really, a halfway decent tax accountant doesn’t cost all that much to hire. Thing is though, okay fine, that explains why Sanders hasn’t (or can’t) release this year’s tax returns. But what about previous years? Why not, “Sorry, we don’t have our 2015 tax year returns ready yet, but here’s everything else”?

    I am a Sanders supporter myself, but this excuse doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Personally though, the ones I actually want to see are Trump’s. More than a few folks have suggested they’ll report Trump actually makes less than $500,000/year (since he takes advantage of a special NYC real estate tax break available only to people earning that much or less) and that his net worth is really only a small fraction of the billions he’s been claiming.

  333. trinu says:

    Do you have any evidence of that?

  334. Daisy Sharp says:

    Nope, it sounds like he’s stalling. Because that’s what he’s doing.

  335. KiteFlyer89 says:

    Jesus, you guys are reaching

  336. rickinwa says:

    So, is this issue more important than Bernie’s vote against an unnecessary war that killed thousands of American troops and helped destabilize a large chunk of the Middle East? Are Bernie’s taxes more important than his stance against the anti-national sovereignty, anti-worker and anti-environmental trade pacts? Are his finances more important than his life-long support of civil rights for all?

    Those are the reasons I support Bernie Sanders. He’s not perfect, but he’s the best in this campaign.

  337. trinu says:

    Although I’m surprised he hasn’t released them already. His statement doesn’t sound like a refusal. In fact it sounds like the exact opposite, saying that he will release them.

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