Team Sanders now demanding Hillary win 59% of pledged delegates

Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, suggested this past week that Sanders will contest the Democratic nomination at the convention in July even if Hillary wins the nomination before that date.

Talking to CNN, Weaver suggested that if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination with pledged delegates alone — the delegates you win in the state primaries and caucuses — Sanders will effectively declare a civil war at the Democrat convention this summer.

When asked about this plan to disrupt the Democratic convention, Sanders refused to repudiate the idea.

Sanders is basing this ploy on the fact that superdelegates don’t get to vote until the convention. So until they vote, Sanders argues, their vote doesn’t count — even if we know already how they’re going to vote. So, Sanders says, there’s no way to know if Hillary will actually win the nomination until the convention, unless she wins the necessary 2,383 delegates with pledged delegates alone.

Just a quick refresher. You have to win 2,383 delegates (pledged and super combined) in order to win the Democratic nomination. There are 4,765 delegates in total, with 712 of those being superdelegates. Team Sanders is now arguing that unless Hillary gets 2,383 pledged delegates before the nomination, he’s going to contest her nomination at the convention.

Traditionally, candidates do not wait until the convention to “prove” how many superdelegates they have. In 2008, Hillary Clinton conceded to Barack Obama two-and-a-half months before the Democratic convention. (The convention started on August 25, Hillary conceded on June 7.)

This year, the Democratic convention starts on July 25. Two-and-a-half months before that date is May 7. That would give Sanders three-and-a-half weeks to catch up on Clinton’s delegate lead. Remember, Hillary’s 2008 delegate count was much closer to Obama’s than Sanders’ delegate count is to Hillary’s today.

As for why Sanders is holding out hope of disrupting the Democratic convention? Because his plan is to steal Hillary’s superdelegates. Sanders’ staff has admitted this plan repeatedly, and at this point we might as well take them at their word. And in fact, Sanders supporters have already launched a Web site with a “hit list” of the superdelegates phone numbers and even some home addresses to “harass” (their word) Hillary’s superdelegates into supporting Sanders.

So what Sanders is in essence now doing is arguing that Hillary no longer needs a majority of the delegates to win the nomination, Hillary now needs a supermajority of the pledged delegates. Sanders now says that Hillary needs to have 2,383 pledged delegates in order to stop him from contesting the convention. But there are only 4,051 pledged delegates, so a simple majority of those would be 2,026 — not the 2,383 Sanders now says Hillary needs. 2,383 of 4,051 is 59%.

Sanders is now requiring Hillary to win 59% of the pledged delegates in order to win the nomination. That’s absurd.

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415 Responses to “Team Sanders now demanding Hillary win 59% of pledged delegates”

  1. Maurice Frediere™ says:

    Where do the rules state that you need 2,383 pledged delegates to win the nomination?

  2. Kick Frenzy says:

    The claim is that he paid one person a lot of money.

    The reality is that he paid a media firm to handle media issues.

  3. Kick Frenzy says:

    If you think Bernie just yells slogans, you haven’t been to one of his rallies or watched any of them past a few clips.
    Bernie is smart and has a history of respect and being well known for being able to work across both aisles in Congress.

    And if superdelegates are most concerned with defeating Trump, you may be surprised at how many would be willing to switch to Bernie by the time the convention rolls around.

  4. Ryan McCauley says:

    There is such a thing as too much democracy, and the parties have the right to structure a process to choose the best candidate, thus limiting populist candidates. Caucuses were originally created as safeguards so that only the most committed democrats would be able to vote, but in this election cycle they have favored Bernie since he has a large contingent of college age supporters who can participate in a 5 hour process. His complaints are opportunistic.

  5. karen says:

    What’s the difference!

  6. geenak says:

    The point is that super delegates should really have a better representation of how people voted. And he could still technically win but the chances are getting slimmer :)

  7. karen says:

    I remember! They did not care because they said those states only vote Repub anyway. Now he is winning very white states with small delegates and solid repub.

  8. karen says:

    And we have done the math in that scenario and he loses. We probably should do winner take all and considering that he won mostly small states other than Washinton, you know how he would do here. Even in OH, he sued the state to allow 17 year olds to vote and that made no difference.

  9. karen says:

    So let me understand. What is going to happen at the convention that has not already happened that will sway the super delegates? He has been trying to make the case for so long. They are not switching. Sanders is not a smart person. He insults the Democrats and they turn around and ask them to vote for him. Part of the reason he is in this race still is because he does not feel the votes earned by HC in the deep south should be taken into consideration because they generally vote REPUB. He is forgetting that most of the states he won are not delegate rich states and are SOLID REPUB!

  10. karen says:

    No one wants welfare….decent citizens want opportunity through education and skills so that they can provide for their family. There are some people who will be poor and need social net based on varying reasons but the majority of us want to work or own businesses to support our families.

  11. karen says:

    And this is exactly why they will not switch to Bernie. Super delegates realized last time that black people would vote in droves for BO over HC and that’s why they were able to switch. Also, Bernie is no Barack. Unlike BS, BO is very intelligent and can answer and understand many complexed issues. Bernie goes on stage every night and just yell slogans

  12. karen says:

    And let me also add that the reason for the number 2383 is because they factor in super delegates. Without Super delegates the goal post would look something like 2026. Any scenario that is used will not elect BS. I watched his CA recently and when he appears on stage people are screaming and cheering as if they are at a MJ concert and he is ever blushing. He loves the attention that these uninformed youngsters give him. Plus they love crowd.

  13. karen says:

    Thank you so much…I have been trying to tell this to people for so long now. There are no true independents…..these are republicans who are helping Bernie to get elected. It is a democratic primary. Why should independents dictate the outcome. BO did not win independents nor whites.

  14. karen says:

    If you have leverage….use it. And no one is saying that Sanders should not try to get something out of the DNC but this is not the way. BO needed HC’s voters and so she used her leverage to get him to pay off her campaign debt. If you are no longer in the race, then you barely get donations to pay off your debt.

  15. karen says:

    And here is why I do not trust Sanders….he was against super delegates but now he wants them. He keeps looking at the polls to say that he fears better against Sanders that HC. I also blame people like Van Jones who continuously go on CNN and criticize the democratic party. Their job is to elevate the party but I don’t see him doing that. I don’t see Rebubs playing the referee game.

  16. geenak says:

    From what I’ve read, no primary election has ever been decided by superdelegates. Obama did not win the democratic primary due to superdelegates. And Sanders won 42% of Ohio, which I would expect to mean he’d get approximately 42% of the superdelegates if it was a fair system.

  17. karen says:

    He became a democrat a year ago! If you look up his record, he has been lashing out at democrats and republicans. Referring to the 2 parties as twidly dee and twidly dum! The reason democrats and HC are not talking about it is because they are afraid of the back lash. But Repubs and not saying it because they want him to win the nomination first.

  18. karen says:

    Remember that super delegates are also people and are also allowed to vote for the candidate of their choosing. Nina Turner is voting for Sanders and he is not asking her to give up her vote considering HC won the state of OH. I have a problem with what Sanders is doing. The rules did not exist just yesterday, they elected Barack Obama!

  19. karen says:

    Makes perfect sense to me!

  20. karen says:

    I find him to be so annoying. He is using his socialist movement to hold DEMS to ramson. He is so dishonest. Who does he think he is to suggest that he can just join a party in 1 year and dictate the rules?

  21. Bruce Lacey says:

    Lmao ..Its not absurd…that is what the rules state…jesus, rules only apply when you want them too?

  22. karen says:

    If Trump beats HC….Bernie will be the douche who caused it. Actually that is what he is doing. He is tearing her down so much that it is near impossible to win….but we would rather lose with a true democratic than give that socialist BS the nomination. If she loses, which I doubt, it will be Bernie’s fault!

  23. karen says:

    The rules have always been there….no one complained when the same rules elected BO. He has a better number against Trump because he has not been vetted. He has always railed against Democrats and Repubs. Why did he not run as an Independent in the first place? He is an opportunist who used the democratic party to get air time.

  24. karen says:

    Why is he arguing for proportional distribution of the delegates after the fact? Why did he not ask for rules to be changed before entering the race? He did not compete well in the early states and that has cost him the race. He did not do so because he thought that having a few well known wackos like Cornel West and Nina Turner that black people will suddenly flock to him. This is a movement without purpose. THe whole world is laughing at us. These young people are supposed to be the future of the USA and they think with their emotions. What a shame! Bernie just loves the attention he gets from these uninformed youngsters.

  25. karen says:

    I thought he did not agree with and thought the Super delegate rule should be abolished. Now suddenly he wants to have their vote?? BS has been so disappointing. This is not about a movement, this is desperation to be POTUS. Where has he been all these years?

  26. karen says:

    You need to look at this in proper context. If Superdelegates were not included…the requirement in terms of pledged delegates would be 2026 no 2383. Sanders wants the rule to be adjusted anyway it suits him. I could understand if he was crying for this change before he entered the race…but he never did. He cannot win the general election, no matter how his poll numbers look against Trump. Isn’t it weird that the polls keep saying that he fears better with Trump and yet the GOP has not attacked him? That’s because they know he cannot win. There’s a lot of stuff out there about Bernie but HC won’t use it because of fear of alienating the BS supporters. He has never been a democratic. He is only using the democratic nomination process to further his warped agenda.

  27. Sol says:

    To be more clear about where you went wrong, el douche, the number to hit with a majority of pledged delegates is 2026, not the full 2383. You would then need half of all superdelegates to reach the 2383. However, nothing stops you from winning with a combination or just by pure pledged delegates. The way that it happened in 2008 is the same way it’ll happen this year. But in no case does a person have to win 2383 with only pledged delegates to get the nomination. Therefore, the 59% is completely incorrect, and you are wrong. Sanders did not iterate the rules correctly.

    I appreciate you inviting me to read more, but it seems as though you are the one who may want to brush up.

  28. Sol says:

    No. The convention happens either way. Someone who gets a majority of the overall delegates is the presumptive nominee. The first call of the vote at the convention usually establishes that, barring some kind of mass superdelegate switch, which has never happened to a leader in pledged delegates, as far as I understand.

  29. ericasoul says:

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  30. ericasoul says:

    Really? Where did you get your information from? You are WRONG! A simple majority is all that is needed to win the nomination, and that means pledged AND super delegates are INCLUDED in the simple majority.

  31. ericasoul says:

    All she needs is the “pledged AND super delegate count” to reach the number needed to win the nomination, not only the pledged delegates. Bernie is trying to re-write the rules because he is losing. Socialist Bernie and his manager are plotting to steal Hillary’s S.D. at the convention. It won’t work. Pathetic!

  32. ericasoul says:

    Sanders is a desperate old guy who doesn’t like to play by the rules if they don’t favor him. So what does this Socialist plan to do….try his darndest to steal Hillary’s super delegates even AFTER she reaches the magic number by or before the convention! That’s pretty low, and it’s not going to work.
    Bernie, go back to the Senate, if they’ll have you. The S.D. have already made their choice and it’s not you.

  33. MargaretEDavis says:

    Who in the devil is Sanders to DEMAND anything . He is beyond Hillary by 3+million votes or more, he is beyond Trump does being behind means you are winning how come Trump is the presumed candidate. By the way Hillary has more delegates than you,. STDU

  34. onyx24 says:

    He really only need to win 65% of the remaining delegates. He’s polling at 71% in Oregon. Then if the superdelegates vote according to the pledged delegate results he wins. I think you’re the delusional douche.

    You’ll probably get your way, but its not over until its over and a Bernie win is still possible. BTW a vote for Hillary is vote for Trump in the end since her chances of beatting Trump are less that Bernies chances. Who will be the douche if that happens? The smart choice is Bernie.

  35. onyx24 says:

    Grow up! If, when the superdelegates vote, Bernie wins, he wins. They haven’t voted yet. There’s a slim chance enough will vote for him, but is still possible. That’s how democracy works!

  36. mike schwarzer says:

    It’s all about word craft – super slimy article and no media integrity – WHATS NEW.

  37. jgmitzen says:

    No, Sanders he suggested he will steal the nomination. The voting public has chosen a nominee – Hillary Clinton.

  38. jgmitzen says:

    Maine’s super delegates will vote however they damn well please because they are not pledged so no one can tell them how to vote. Maine’s stunt was initiated by Bernie Bros who shouted down anyone who opposed them and this thing was passed to get them to shut up and stop screaming at people. It has no legality or power whatsoever.

    The primary has been won. Bernie can’t win. It’s absurd to continue pretending that super delegates aren’t real. As soon as Hillary has enough pledged plus super delegates to win, IT IS OVER.

  39. jgmitzen says:

    No, winning 50%+ of total delegates, not 59% of pledged delegates. Obama didn’t do that in 2008.

  40. Dodgson says:

    Ok, so I posted those about a month ago but no I am not. I don’t think my comment section is protected so you can feel free to go look at past comments I’ve made. I support Hillary because I like her, I don’t understand how people could think that she hasn’t been progressive her whole life. Agree with me or not, but you don’t have to start conspiracy theories.

  41. SWS says:

    No, the primaries are not over, but every reputable news outlet will tell you that there is no math that would grant Sanders the nomination. Sanders said that he should get all the supedelegates if he wins 70% of the vote in a primary, but if you applied that logic Clinton would have won over a week ago. Both Sanders and Clinton agreed to the terms of the primaries and because he is losing Sanders is now complaining. Hillary just won Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and America Samoa. Sanders would need to win 80% of the remaining states whereas Clinton needs only to win 20% for the nomination. She will be the nominee, Sanders will lose. 66% of Sanders own supporters said they are unwilling to pay $1000 or more in taxes to fund his “revolution”. Clinton has 3 million more votes and has more delegates than Obama had at this same time in 2008. Clinton also has a larger lead over Sanders at this same time than Obama had over Clinton in 2008. People need to face the facts and focus on beating Donald Trump. Sanders, the career politician, belongs in the Senate… or perhaps he will be Vice President, but he will never be president of the United States.

  42. SWS says:

    And you are a delusional douche bag.

  43. timncguy says:

    The rule has NEVER been 59% of the pledged delegates. The goal is now and always has been 50% +1 of all the delegates, pledged and super. That’s what 2,383 is. It is a majority of pledged and super delegates combined. The issue here is that the Sanders campaign doesn’t believe that is is allowable for the super delegates to announce their support prior to the convention. And, that has never been a rule either. Iti s perfectly acceptable for super delegates to announce their preference at any time during the process.

  44. NikolaiG says:

    What Bernie is saying is accurate, and it’s the rules. The author is either ignorant or pretending to be.

  45. NikolaiG says:

    The goal post is, and always has been, 59%. That’s the rule. 2,383 delegates. This article was written either by an ignorant author or someone who intentionally pretended Bernie was saying something unusual.

  46. NikolaiG says:

    How about votes of people who have actually met and dealt with Bernie, like over 86% of Vermont.

  47. NikolaiG says:

    If you mean trading political favors for Clinton Foundation donations, then yes, she has accomplished much more!

  48. NikolaiG says:

    NEWSFLASH. WINNING 59% HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE RULE!!!!! What a stupid article.

  49. NikolaiG says:

    He’s not trying to change the rules. The rules state you need 2,383 to win. He’s simply continuing to run because the race is not yet won.

  50. Ty Morgan says:

    And that was part of the democratic process that Sanders saw fit to opportunistically join thinking he’d circumvent the rules: rules HIS OWN CAMPAIGN MANAGER help put in place.

  51. NikolaiG says:

    I’m sure, Alegna, I’m sure. Nice try. Now go collect your check from “Correct the Record.”

  52. NikolaiG says:

    Thumbs up to you!

  53. NikolaiG says:

    They’re paid by “Correct The Record” to be unhinged.

  54. NikolaiG says:

    Right. He has 7% of the superdelegates but 45% of the vote. Who’s the thief???

  55. NikolaiG says:

    You’re talking about Hillary right? Because her supporters are the ones complaining about the rules and demanding nomination before the contest is over.

  56. Ty Morgan says:

    You mean that same Democratic Party that Sanders cut a deal with in order to get their support financially ?

  57. NikolaiG says:

    Well, I can tell you that we don’t appreciate trolls like you paid for by Hillary’s “Correct The Record” $1M troll fund. We don’t appreciate your kind spamming Bernie support sites with porn to get them taken down. We don’t appreciate your long trolling tweets insulting Bernie’s wife. It is clearly Hillary supporters who are full of vitriol, hate, and lies. But thank you for trying.

  58. NikolaiG says:

    He’s not talking about changing the process. You have it backwards. It is the author who is aghast at the process. The rules require 2,383 pledged delegates to win. Did you not know this or what?

  59. NikolaiG says:

    Dogson, are you a paid “Correct The Record” Hillary troll? Just wondering.

  60. NikolaiG says:

    Yeah right. Bernie is supposed to abandon our troops by cutting off funds after a war has begun. Next thing you’ll criticize him for supporting veterans’ rights.

  61. NikolaiG says:

    He hasn’t bullied anyone. He is more of a Democrat than Hillary the stealth Republican, and it is Hillary who race baits, just watch her against Obama in 2008. Bernie’s most ardent and best supporters, most vocal, are minorities from Killer Mike to Rosario Dawson, and women as well, such as Susan Sarandon. Your accusations are ridiculous.

  62. NikolaiG says:

    You want me to explain the path forward? It’s really quite simple. He has to win the remaining states with an average of 65% of the vote. Thus far his average win has been by 65.5%, so while it is an uphill battle, it is realistic. If he achieves this he will have 2,026 delegates when the convention begins, and Hillary will have 2,025. Then both will make their case to the convention. Bernie’s case will include the fact that independents in open primaries have vote for him 2-to-1, which means that of the 12 remaining states where independents were not permitted to vote, those independents (and there are millions of them) will also likely favor Bernie and thus Bernie will be stronger against Trump than Hillary. Really quite simple. This strategy takes into account the reality that super delegates do not pledge until the convention and historically super delegates have never gone against the popular vote.

  63. NikolaiG says:

    What are you even talking about? The rule is that you need 2,383 delegates. Neither yet has that number. In fact, neither will before the convention. So the contest continues. That’s as it should be.

  64. NikolaiG says:

    It is Hillary who is not a true Democrat. Her values are Republican values, and her fundraising is now even turning to Republicans. SHE should be kicked out of the party. Talk about a parasite!

  65. NikolaiG says:

    What allegation? Usually when people attack Bernie they at least have some weird lie or spin cooked up. But you’re not even saying anything.

  66. NikolaiG says:

    Shoot4thmoon. What are you talking about? The rule is 2,383. Bernie did not make that rule. Neither candidate will achieve that prior to the convention, so each has to try for 2,026, which would be a majority of outstanding non-super delegates. Hillary agreed to stop the count in 2008 only on the condition that Obama help her pay off the debt she got into during her campaign. There was nothing magnanimous about it. It was purely a mercenary strategy. She held her campaign as a hostage against Obama to leverage it and get $ out of him. That is NOT magnanimous. And you are right Bernie would never do that because (1) he has plenty of money in his campaign fund and (2) he is not a calculating jerk like Hillary.

  67. NikolaiG says:

    What are you talking about? He’s the one insisting on the rules and the author is the one complaining about them.

  68. NikolaiG says:

    Yeah she’s a successful reformer. She helped her husband gut welfare.

  69. NikolaiG says:

    Sanders did more good for the American people in any random year on Congress than Hillary has in her entire career.

  70. NikolaiG says:

    59% is the rule. Sanders didn’t make the rule.

  71. NikolaiG says:

    Actually Sanders is referring to the rules and the author of this article is the one complaining about them. 59% is 2,383 and that’s the rule.

  72. NikolaiG says:

    Sanders has the vote of young women by a huge margin and won the most diverse state in the nation, Hawaii. He has tons of people of color as supporters. The color gap has almost vanished between him and Hillary. He represents the true values of Democrats prior to the ‘new democrat’ crap Bill Clinton brought into the White House which was just basically caving in to a Republican agenda.

  73. NikolaiG says:

    They need to take them from Hillary and require her to run as the Republican she truly is. Heck not only is her platform Republican in values, now she’s even asking for donations from Bush supporters!

  74. NikolaiG says:

    Hilarious. Hillary is not the nominee. If Bernie wins the remaining states by 65% average (his average win thus for is by 65.5%) then he will be the nominee. Hillary is ahead, but she has not won.

  75. NikolaiG says:

    He doesn’t need 972. He only has to get to 2026 before the convention, so does Clinton. 2,383 is not happening prior to the convention for either candidate.

  76. NikolaiG says:

    With Democratic Parties like the one we’ve got now, who needs Republicans. Thank goodness for Bernie Sanders!

  77. NikolaiG says:

    He has the support of lots of women and Hillary’s lead with the black vote have all but vanished according to polls as the black community has gotten to know Bernie. My wife, a Bernie supporter, is both black and a woman, and she knows many like her. Hillary supporters are the worst trolls of all, spamming Bernie sites with porn to get them taken down, and generating twitter feeds like this attacking Bernie’s wife.

  78. NikolaiG says:

    Hilarious. Hillary was in debt due to her campaign. She agreed not to take it to the convention only on the condition that Obama help her pay off her debt. There is no class in leveraging your campaign to squeeze money out of your competitor.

  79. NikolaiG says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about. You lost respect for Bernie Sanders because he’s suggesting the super delegates commit based upon the popular vote, so that Bernie has 45% of them rather than 7%? Yeah totally impossible to respect. Imagine that, insisting a primary have a democratic outcome.

  80. NikolaiG says:

    Yeah you see. We were all taught about this little thing in school called democracy.

  81. NikolaiG says:

    What the hell are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.

  82. NikolaiG says:

    The primaries are not over. I love the way Hillary supporters talk about the race as if it’s done. Bernie ultimately won Nevada. NY is examining the shenanigans there, and several states including the whale of them all, California, have not voted yet. Right now Bernie is arguing for proportional distribution of superdelegates. There is no reason with 45% of the vote he should have only 7% of the superdelegates. Stating their preference before the raced even started de-legitimizes the party and helps no one but Republicans.

  83. NikolaiG says:

    What a weird article. Maine’s superdelegates have already been instructed to vote per the popular vote. The others will without being told if history is any indicator. Superdelegates have never gone against the popular vote and, in addition, the DNC has instructed the media stop talking about them as if they are already pledged. The whole idea that they are already committed is fiction. The media is using the superdelegates as a way to spin the primary as if it’s already been won. It’s just absurd.

  84. el douche says:

    U fascist turd. What u identify with ole grandma hillhawks dusty vag? U should be muzzled and change parties. Moron

  85. el douche says:

    Hahhaha youre a pretty sad person.

  86. el douche says:

    No the rules are if u dont hit the target with pledged before convention than there has to be a convention which is only when superdelegates votes are official. Thats the rules. Sanders never said hit 59%…the writer did. What sanders did was simply reiterate the actual dnc rules: ‘x’ delegate target by ‘x’ time or else convention is called to determine final vote of all pledged and the unpledged superdelegates. You might want to read more than the above. Go wiki it. Thats literally the rules so the dnc implicitly has already framed the delegate system and process as 59%. Thats absurd but its the dnc own absurdity. Whats absurd is twisting things around and not pointing out that absurdity. Morons.

  87. el douche says:

    Every poll shows he does indeed have the popular vote: nationally against hillary and polling better against repubs. Period. He doesnt have the “popular” vote because many states had rules that made it impossible for independents or republicans to vote without registering as democrat as far back as a year ago. Young people cant vote or werent registered. Hillary only wins concentrated votes in dense areas. Sanders literally won every county in ny but hillary won major votes in manhattan and bronx. So two burroughs decided that popular vote–not multiple countues in unison. She wins big denser populations because there are more rich people that live in cities and bluedogs but if u looked at the map sanders is winning more counties and different constituencies that matter more in the grneral since smaller pop areas tend to vote repub. Hes winning in swing states. She won landslides in the south because of blacks voting against their own interests for no explicable reason, in which red states she wont win in general yet these pointless landslides gave her bigger lead. People are only finding they like bern now that wouldve voted for him in primaries but would now in general. Hes raised more money from individual donors. Hes won nearly 20 states and will continue to win more. He has higher numbers with the youth and independents, two groups that werent elligible to vote or werent registered card carrying democrars and these two groups are they key to winning the general and future elections to come. He is strategically better and polls show hes more favourable and is rated higher than clinton. Its pretty obvious hes the winner and better choice despite mathematical and elitist cgerry picked snap shot of defining the “popular” vote. She will win. But shes a loser.

  88. el douche says:

    Lame article. Someones clearly butthurt and has a hard on for ole grandma hillhawk. How dare sanders suggest that the voting public choose the nominee. How dare sanders critique an elitist unnecessary superdrlegare system that no modern democracy even has including the repubs. How dare he suggest that superdelegates can be persauded to change vote, and say that superdelegates votes only are official at convention just as the dnc rules since the 1980s has created. How dare sanders use the established delegate target number that the dnc created as the target. How dare sanders suggest that voting be above 55% when every bill passed by the senate needs 60/40 votes. Its like hes just making up stuff as he goes along. Yep. Absurd.

  89. Kick Frenzy says:

    First, yes, that is how it works with superdelegates.
    The majority was with Hillary in 2008, but then switched to Obama by the end.
    That’s why they don’t vote until the convention, so they can have the most time possible to see how the candidates perform.
    Right now, smart money says Bernie would win against Trump by a wider margin than Hillary… so it’s not inconceivable that they would consider flipping if he gets enough delegates for them to see him as viable.

    Bernie has also worked for years to raise money for Democrats.
    Also, the money he raised stayed with them, he didn’t get 99% of it back from the states by way of donations to a “victory fund”.

    A true Democrat isn’t afraid to speak their mind.
    I consider myself a Democrat and I agree with Bernie, I think the superdelegate system is messed up.

    As for the tax returns, could you also get them out to the public in 5 minutes if you were several states away from your home?

    Finally, while Hillary may have been a private citizen, she most assuredly knew she was going to run for president a few years later.
    You have to know that would’ve been no secret to anyone she was making those speeches for.
    Bernie isn’t asking because he wants to know, he’s asking because we want to know.

  90. Martha Ray says:

    Well, let’s look at the real numbers. Not including superdelegates Sanders will need 972 pledged delegates to get to 2383. Clinton will need 682 pledged delegates to reach the magic number. Since there are only 859 delegates available to the end of the primary season, it’s unlikely that either candidate, and certainly impossible for Sanders, to get to the 2383 number without superdelegates. And since Bernie only has 40 some supers, now he’s saying he wants the supers that have pledged their support to Clinton. Does he really think this is how it works? For years and years and years Hillary Clinton has worked within the Democratic party to help get other democrats elected. Even during this campaign against the Bern she has helped to raise money for the down ballot elections. What about the Bern? He has been a lifelong Independent Socialist, only becoming a Democrat for the purpose of running for president. He has not, even though the pledged he would, done anything to help down ballot elections except for 3 specific people. He is not, and has never been, a true Democrat. So to now say he doesn’t like the way the democratic national committee has set up the election process is pure crap. I used to like him. Used to have respect for him. Now I can hardly stand to look at him or hear his voice. He reminds me too much of Donald Trump with his incessant whining about everything. And Jane? Well, I think the idea of being First Lady has really gone to both their heads and hers in particular. She has been caught in lies right on the TV screen. And where are their tax returns? I can put my fingers on MY tax returns in about 5 minutes all the way back to 2004. What are they hiding? As for the speeches (I’ll show my tax returns if she shows her speeches)? Bernie’s claim is that he has not made any speeches for money. OK, yeah, Bern, you haven’t because it would be completely ILLEGAL for you to have done so. Hillary, on the other hand, was a private citizen. So quit with the shit.

  91. Sol says:

    No, one must amass a majority of pledged and unpledged delegates under the rules, not a 59% supermajority of pledged delegates. You might want to reread above.

  92. pbr90 says:

    Source of the chutzpah from Sanders, Weaver, and Devine, & wife, Jane, primary surrogates and engineers of the challenge, given the delegate count by May, is worthy of investigation to say the least since it appears to be rooted in anything but historically Democratic issues vs Republican issues.

  93. Zu Byerly says:

    The government (our taxes) pays 72% on up to 75% of his health insurance premium, also.

  94. Shawn A Abdul says:


  95. SWS says:

    At some point Sanders needs to realize that he does not have the popular vote and he will not catch up to Clinton, with or without superdelegates. Clinton is ahead of Sanders over 2.5 MILLION votes and over 250 delegates (over 700 if you count superdelegates) and that lead is likely to increase on Super Tuesday-4/24. Clinton recently gained another 11 superdelegates, and Sanders will not be able to wrest many (if any) away from Clinton. BOTH candidates signed an agreement with the DNC to raise money for down-ballot candidates. Sanders is helping THREE down-ballot candidates who endorsed him (not with money, but with emails asking for donations for those 3 candidates); whereas Clinton has raised millions to help down-ballot candidates win, even if they don’t endorse her and even if she doesn’t become the nominee. Not to mention the fact that Sanders continually bashes the party. So, died in the wool Democrats aren’t going to be tossing their superdelegates over to Sanders, no matter how hard they harass them. Clinton has lived up to her end of the deal with the DNC, Sanders has not. That says a lot about “character” and “judgment”.

  96. Stephan Schwirzke says:

    “Sanders is now requiring Hillary to win 59% of the pledged delegates in order to win the nomination. That’s absurd.” Ummmmmm, those are the DNC rules, nice try.

  97. Teresa Welby says:

    you can bite me and so can the commie!

  98. calimary says:

    The only people I know of who are known for their over-inflated sense of entitlement to rule – are republi-CONS. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the “World’s Biggest Entitlement Program”! Lol! Sad to see Bernie certainly seems to have stumbled down this same path. I used to like the guy.

  99. calimary says:

    From what I’ve read, he and his family and a rather large-sounding entourage did indeed take a private jet to Rome. I’m guessing a charter or maybe a Gulfstream (?) because of the size required for the wife, kids, grandchildren, staffers and some press people. Paid for by his campaign – which I’m not sure is within the rules.

  100. calimary says:

    That George Clooney fundraiser is for down-ticket Dems. Hillary’s attending to add the star power that will attract more people with their checkbooks – again, for down-ticket Dems. Bernie has evidently tweezered out three (wow! THREE!) Democratic House candidates for whom to raise funds – mainly because all three support him. Hillary, on the other hand, raises money for Dems – period. No strings attached, no purity tests required, no loyalty tests necessary. Regardless whom they support.

  101. calimary says:

    And now he’s trying to steal her super delegates. Okay – at least he and his campaign are consistent, I guess. Btw – I’m still frustrated that nobody in the press has ever asked if indeed his campaign still used that stolen data, even after they got caught, feigned an apology, and fired the kid who stole it. But as the thief stole that data, he also made copies, and I’m sure they kept those. And I’d bet they made as much use of them as they could.

  102. calimary says:

    A friend recently characterized Bernie as “a hitchhiker who demands the keys to the car.” Can’t say it any better than that!

  103. lost_grrl says:

    Everything you said. I could not have said it better myself.

  104. Nicholas DeShane says:

    No what’s absurd is Bernie winning a state by 12 points but Hillary still getting more of that states delegates. Hillary isn’t actually winning. Thousands of voters are disenfranchised based on the whims of a handful of assholes the clinton’s have managed to get in their pocket over the years.

  105. andyou says:

    That sure is one crappy private jet.

  106. Silver_Witch says:

    Thanks Moderator3 – you as always are a ROCK STAR!!

  107. vegastearoom says:

    Once the Democratic Socialist does not win, he should be escorted from the convention and be returned to Independent status.

  108. Silver_Witch says:

    She waited until after the last primary – just as Sanders will.

  109. Rhiannon Welles says:

    Bernie is a big, mean baby. The more I hear him speak the less I like him.

  110. tantip1 says:

    Bernie made $150,000+ (after medical and retirement pre-tax deductions) per year in congress and his wife Jane earned $200.000 per year at Burlington College. Where did the money go? And why do they have $50,000+ in credit card debt?

    Inquiring minds want to know how the guy who wants to remake the American economy is spending his own money. He needs to show his tax returns.

  111. Karen Eisen says:

    I agree totally. While I am not fond of Hillary (and it wouldn’t surprise if DNC goes for a third candidate), they do need to throw Sanders out. Sander is not loyal to the Democratic Party, and has alienated women and visible minorities. His supporters are sexist and insulting. Sanders does well at caucuses because the campaign busses in Independents and Republicans who of course don’t want to vote for HRC. Sanders also does well at caucuses because HRC’s supporters are intimidated by sexist humiliation, bullying and aggressiveness. Some of HRC’s supporters don’t show up, because it is not worth the hassle.

  112. Karen Eisen says:

    I consider Sanders to be tool of republicans / sanders voted against health care bills in the 1990’s / Sanders does not have that much support / Sanders has won because Republicans and right-wing Independents are often bussed in, so then he does well because these voters do not support HRC / also at caucuses, Sanders does well because the HRC supporters are intimidated by the Sanders supporters with sexist humiliation, bullying and harassment and general aggressiveness
    Sanders never had that much support to begin with / his supporters have insulted HRC’s supporters by calling them “stupid” if they prefer a female candidate / I am not very fond of Clinton but believe she is loyal to the Democratic Party / it would not surprise if DNC elects a third candidate to be the nominee
    How can the DNC allow Sanders the nomination if he has alienated women and visible minorities? That is the base of the Democratic Party, and they want to keep their reputation as the Party that serves the interests of women and visible minorities. Yes, they should be willing to move to the Left, but not with blackmail

  113. Voodoo Chile says:

    Welcome to the new AmericaBlog – where authoritarians call for their political opponents to be sold off into slavery!

    How incredibly racially insensitive. Not to mention sexist, since you know damn well what happened to the women who were shanghaied. But hey, I guess to you rape and slavery are funny.

  114. Janelle Tyree says:

    I read somewhere that Seattle has some tunnels where men used to get shanghaied to serve on ships headed to China. Does anyone know if we could find a way to send this old fart on a slow boat to China. I have been a faithful, work in the trenches dem for many years. I don’t like this guy and, please DNC find a way to muzzle him.

  115. Greg Singh says:

    My bad, the rest of the world really should pay more attention to anonymous guys on the internet.

  116. Greg Singh says:

    Sure, no problem: are you going to tell Jeff Weaver or should I?

  117. Viir Exeter says:

    Sanders also has made toppling the banks his number one campaign platform priority promise and when pressed BY the press on HOW he was going to do that, he had absolutely no answers. NONE.

    My personal fave: Bernie’s suing the DNC when Camp Bernie was in the wrong—he fired the persons responsible admitting guilt and the breaking of the law—and then is simultaneously SEEKING support FROM said DNC and Democrat voters. You can’t make this stuff up. (i don’t know of any Democrats suing the DNC. Oh, that’s right. Bernie’s not one. Never has been one).

    He has also refused to give over his tax returns, just like Republicans Romney did long ago and Trump currently now is doing—especially poignant in Bernie’s case as he plays, and runs on, the “everyman” role. What is he hiding? Hillary posted her tax returns and medical records online. WHERE ARE
    HIS? Offshore accounts perhaps? Imagine if HILLARY refused to give over HER tax returns! The outcry from Bernie supporters would be heard beyond Pluto. But, with Bernie supporters, ALL of this is not only completely excusable, but JUST FINE; he can do no wrong.

  118. geenak says:

    My husband and I are the same way. We are willing to pay more taxes, our retirements are all in stocks, and I understand how people might think we would support Hillary but we don’t. I came from a poor hispanic family and I want to make sure that other people are taken care of. I live in one of the richest counties in the US and there are a lot of Bernie supporters here so obviously we aren’t that rare.

  119. geenak says:

    Except they aren’t bullying anyone… Sanders is simply saying he is going to stay in until the last primary (which has already been noted that Hillary did as well in 08). He is also urging super delegates to vote the way that their states/districts have voted. There is no demanding, there is no bullying.

  120. geenak says:

    How is it undermining the progressive vote by waiting until all states have voted? I personally still have 2 weeks until I can vote and I’d be very disappointed if Sanders dropped out before I had a chance to let my choice be known.

    Sanders has simply stated this (this is a direct quote from the article linked above)

    “The Sanders campaign has urged super delegates — such as party
    officials or members of Congress — who have said they support Clinton
    to follow the sentiment of their voting districts or states, some which
    may have gone for Sanders.”

    What issue do you have with those who are supposed to represent their areas actually vote the way the people have voted? How is this not reasonable?

  121. geenak says:

    Sanders is saying what I am saying, this is a direct quote from that article that the author is accusing Sanders of stealing super delegates

    “The Sanders campaign has urged super delegates — such as party
    officials or members of Congress — who have said they support Clinton
    to follow the sentiment of their voting districts or states, some which
    may have gone for Sanders.”

    That isn’t stealing, that isn’t demanding, that is simply indicating that those with the power should follow the will of the people that they are representing.

  122. Phil in FLL says:

    People don’t use the term “Goldwater Girls” to refer to any former Republican. Not unless, like Hillary, they were at least in high school when Goldwater ran. You’re the one who seems dense.

  123. Ty Morgan says:

    While much of what you say is true, it appears to me Sanders is saying that superdelegates should vote for him regardless. Some thing about electability or some nonsense. I know of nor have I heard a superdelegate saying they’d vote for Clinton because of “a long time relationship”despite the vote of the people. If that’s the case, isn’t Sanders saying the same thing?

  124. Voodoo Chile says:

    I’ll ask AmericaBloggers again: Do you think progressive Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon is a vile racist and sexist? Do you think he is the scum of the earth and a parasite and a communist? Do you wish he would go away or even just shuffle off this mortal coil? Or be thrown out of the party? Should he be told to get the fuck out of America?

    I ask because he just