Video shows Sanders-supporting chair thrower at Nevada Dem convention


Courtesy of Samantha Bee and CNN, there’s now video of a chair being raised in the air, apparently about to be thrown, at the Democratic state convention in Nevada.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters have claimed repeatedly that there was no threat of violence at the convention, a scene that nearly broke into a riot a week ago after Sanders supporters claimed, falsely, that they had been cheated. Not only was Sen. Barbara Boxer booed at the convention, but the state party chair received threats against her children. Boxer later told CNN that she feared for her safety. Security finally shut down the event when they could no longer guarantee the attendees safety from Sanders supporters.

As background, Hillary Clinton had won the state earlier this year, and Sanders supporters attempted to change the rules so that they could get the most delegates. They lost, and threw a fit.

Sanders and his supporters, when faced with public outrage over their behavior, denied — quite vociferously — that anyone was “throwing chairs.”

In the video, a snippet of which is below, it’s quite clear that a man raises a chair in the air, and is about to throw it before someone else stops him.

As Samantha Bee notes, perhaps the man thought he was at a Jewish wedding.

Here’s the relevant clip from Bee’s recent broadcast.

chair 3

And when you get a chance, it’s worth looking at the rest of Samantha Bee’s report. She’s quite pointed, in only the way she can be, about Sanders’ repeated claims of being cheated out of the nomination.

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