VIDEO: GOP’s Ana Navarro destroys Trump over anti-Latino bigotry

Republican political analyst Ana Navarro just destroyed Donald Trump on CNN right now.

Navarro was asked about Trump’s controversial claim that an American judge of Mexican descent is unfit to hear the fraud case against Trump University because the judge is “Mexican.”

Navarro, who is a longtime GOP politico, and originally from Nicaragua, let Trump have it.

In other news, Trump pointed to “my African-American” in the crowd during a speech in California today. It was an uncomfortable moment.

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40 Responses to “VIDEO: GOP’s Ana Navarro destroys Trump over anti-Latino bigotry”

  1. CB says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest it hasn’t gotten better. Obviously, it has. At one time, it was socially acceptable to scapegoat Blacks and Gays and now it’s not.

    …but I feel like the people doing it are just turning their hatred on smaller and smaller groups… like the trans community, for example.

    That makes me angry. It’s un-American.

    It sounds like your preference is to let the bigots fester in the Republican party and to crush them with turnout.

    I’m definitely in favour of the latter.

    When Americans vote, bigots lose.

    I like election reform too! If we had an open-primary system, I’m pretty sure the general election would be between Hillary and Bernie and we wouldn’t be wasting time talking about an orange clown.

  2. keirmeister says:

    Good question…and I think I have an answer. I think it’s important to remember that people like these Trump supporters have always existed. The difference is that they were marginalized. But for the last 30 or so years, Republicans have started appealing to them in order to win elections – and it worked, particularly when Democrats gave in to them.

    Just like any other market, if you are no longer able to win with crazy people, you stop appealing to them.

    So the only way that works is for Democrats and Liberals to vote in large, consistent numbers. If Conservatives continue to appeal only to their crazy base, they’ll lose; and while they’re sitting on the sidelines Democrats can make sensible policy. As the crazies die off, you’ll have new generations for whom this sensible government is the norm. And if Republicans want any of that action, they’re going to have to “act like they got some sense,” as my mother would say.

    But there’s something missing: media. Media like Fox News need to be reigned in somehow. We need a smart, but more importantly, WELL FUNDED, reservoir to combat the Right-Wing disinformation campaign. But it can’t be head on…better to be subversive. Perhaps humor? Look how The Daily Show and SNL broke through the BS through comedy. Whatever it is, Fox News has gotta go. I’ll be curious to see what happens to it when Murdock and Ailes finally meet Satan.

  3. CB says:

    “We should use everything in our arsenal to destroy this man’s hope of reaching the White House, and use him to destroy every Republican’s hope for reelection.”

    I would agree with that, of course… but I thought of something today:

    What should be done with the treasonous, delusional bigots who make up the Republican base?

    Obviously, one would hope they’d have a sit and think about how self-destructive the impulse to attack their neighbours is… and maybe reevaluate their voting choices.

    …but to a certain minority of the population, violence, hatred and scapegoating even to their own detriment seems to be an appealing option! It keeps coming back no matter how many Holocausts humanity goes through.

    If we want to have a democratic system, where should these people go? Into a third party that can be isolated, blocked and marginalised by more sane parties? Is it better to let them fester in the Republican party and cause periodic meltdowns like they did with Goldwater in the 60’s and like they’re doing with Trump today?

    I really feel like sanity is required for leadership! If a movement does not care what’s true; if it’s motivated only by vicious, dishonest bigotry, why in the world would anyone consider it legitimate?

  4. aktimbo says:

    She said she is DEFINITELY NOT voting for him. and when asked if she would vote for Hilary? she said “Hell no! I am at a loss right now.”

  5. aktimbo says:

    I saw this

  6. Kyleen Easy says:

    Trump signed a petition to have her fired from CNN in 2015.

    “We demand CNN immediately fire so-called “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro based on the falsification of her credentials, her lack of any particular expertise on political matters and her obvious bias toward presidential flame-out Jeb Bush, as well as her general stupidity.

    Should [corporation president] Jeff Zucker and CNN ignore this petition, the next step will be civil disobedience at various CNN bureaus and orchestrated verbal confrontation with CNN on-air talent.”

  7. grannygoody says:

    What’s wrong with this picture? Ms Navarro claims to be deeply offended by Trump’s racist words, but agrees to support his hateful policies & says she will vote for him.

  8. John Collins says:

    dream on race triaitor

  9. John Collins says:

    Would be nice to have someone advocate for whites..what Trump does

  10. John Collins says:

    Go visit Canada asshole..white people do all of that work, I understand why “white folk” like you don;t like want to lay down and see our people are the most sickening of all

  11. John Collins says:

    Trump is right..”latinos” aka Mexicans are behind the riots at his events, that’s how they do things in the third world shitholes they come from. Hey, didn;t the “wise Latina” sonia sotomayor say her ancestry would influence her decisions? But that’s ok, right?

  12. douglas01 says:

    The clip of Ana Navarro should be a Democratic television ad.

  13. 1nancy2 says:

    My mother used to make me swallow some awful stuff when I was a kid; I can’t vote for HRC, same as swallowing swill. I wish I could reconsider, but I can’t. “Flawed: in hundreds of ways. Terrible candidate.

  14. RepubAnon says:

    The Donald’s implication is that only White Males are impartial – which the existence of The Donald refutes.

  15. quax says:

    HRC is a flawed candidate, but if you are in a pivotal state I very much hope you will reconsider.

  16. quax says:

    “It was an uncomfortable moment.”

    Brilliant understatement.

  17. 1nancy2 says:

    John, I’m with you. I loved her anger, true anger and she expressed herself well. She advocated for the Mexican people and Trump should be ashamed, but is not. I detest the D and R candidates. It’s an outrage that these terrible people are going to be on the ballot. For the 1st time, I just may not vote or will write in Bernie.

  18. Demosthenes says:

    Truly the Donald is racist scum.

  19. Cocogirl says:

    Thank you………

  20. Moderator3 says:

    You’re stalking Cocogirl. It’s time to move on to something else.

  21. Cocogirl says:

    NO!!! I have been patient with your psychotic rants but you are certifiable!! Yes, I had a mother (duh!) and all the rest but they are dead. Happy now ?? I did NOT tell you I was against women. You obviously cannot read. My hearing prohibits me from enjoying the pitch. Do not make assumptions. I haven’t worked in 20 years. So don’t be impressed that I am wealthy. Being female DOESN’T make you a woman…not women. What does it make me a man? Time for you to STFU with your idiotic rants!!!!!!!!!

  22. Wildkitty says:

    Soo, Coco – there is a VERY easy way to have me leave you alone. QUIT needing to get the last word.

    Even your user name doesn’t require an assumption that you are ‘female’! And, in case you didn’t know, even women have mothers, sisters, aunts in their family. Maybe you never had one of those.

    By the way, you TOLD me you were against women BECAUSE of their voices so I guess Sarah Palin, Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Blackburn give you a terrible headache??
    Quote – ” I find female’s voices more annoying to my ear.” How do you handle women in your business environment?

    Oh, as for the exclamations points and question marks. I was born in an era (more than 8 decades ago) where name calling and bad language wasn’t tolerated – and so there needed to be a way of highlighting thoughts. But, since this is 2016, I hope you will forgive me if I say – I’m NOT impressed by your mini bio. Being ‘female’ DOESN’T make you a women!

  23. Cocogirl says:

    Well, I have no mother, no sisters, no daughters. I have me and five dogs. I am a female so why are you acting like I am against women? I have been VP of a Fortune 100 company for a long time so that blows you women should be in the kitchen theory. I have never used a stove or oven in my life. You sure are nasty and mean. You do not even know me. I happen to have off the chart hearing. So, please leave me alone, OK Mary? Take your wrath out on someone who deserves it as it is not me. OMG…all the explanation points, question marks. You would think I said she should be shot! You have some serious anger issues.

  24. Cocogirl says:

    It wasn’t what she said, it was her voice. I happen to have extremely sensitive hearing. I have five dogs and I hear better than them! So a lot of noises and voices bother me. It wasn’t the anger.

  25. Oh yeah, she’s said that before, that she’ll never vote for Trump. She hates the man. She won’t vote for Hillary either, she’s said. But the more Republicans we can peel away from Trump, the better.

  26. Really? I loved it. I thought the fact of her anger coming through was exactly what was needed — especially from a Republican.

  27. Wildkitty says:

    Sooo, can I assume that you distance yourself from your mother, sister, wife daughters??? After all WHY would you ever want to listen to a woman’s voice. Women should be in the kitchen and silent! Is that your point???

    ‘Loud and abrasive’ is Trump’s stock in trade – but that’s OK, Right???

    How do you feel about female entertainers? Do you turn off your TV??

  28. Don Chandler says:

    Trump is basically saying that a person of Mexican descent can’t be objective since he is building a wall between the US and Mexico. Ofc, that means he can’t eat any food prepared by Mexicans or Mexican Americans. He can’t buy any produce harvested by Mexicans or Mexican Americans. He can’t live in a house built by Mexicans or Mexican Americans. He can’t have his sheets changed by anyone Mexican or of Mexican Americans…. And there are no Mexican Americans that will vote for the Trump Asshole Brand either. Unfortunately for Trump, there are also a lot of White folk that don’t like him, not to mention Chinese, Latin Americans, Europeans Americans, Muslim Americans or any pocahontases. He’s the consummate dick and Trump Wall is his excuse to badmouth everyone.

  29. Cocogirl says:

    Yes I have; however this was about Navarro. I think it is the shrillness of her voice. I find female’s voices more annoying to my ear.

  30. Wildkitty says:

    Talking about tone – have you EVER listened to Trump at his rallies???
    The man SCREAMS his abuses!

  31. rmthunter says:

    I share your trepidations — the Democrats have become masters at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. However, I ran some numbers recently, and out of 28 million votes cast in Republican primaries, Trump garnered about 11.7 million. Clinton had captured over 13 million votes in Democratic primaries. That doesn’t really tell us much about November, but, to add some perspective, 129 million votes were cast in 2012.

    I’m not going to try to predict November on the basis of this — it’s about as reliable as any other projection right now, especially considering that the GOP will mount a full-scale smear campaign against Clinton, and the press will continue to give Trump billions in free advertising. A lot also depends on how many Sanders supporters decide to act like two-year-olds and stay home and how successful the Republican suppress the (Democratic) vote is.

    But it just doesn’t seem to be that desperate at this point.

  32. goulo says:

    I hope you are right, but I don’t share your optimism. The more Trump shows his rude bigotry, ignorance, fascism, dishonesty, etc, the more popular he becomes. It makes me despair for humanity generally, and makes me worry in particular that he has a real chance to be elected… :/

  33. goulo says:

    I know the point you’re making (and I completely agree that some people have a sexist double standard about this)… but I have certainly heard that complaint many times also about men.

    Out of curiousity I searched with Google for “he is loud and abrasive” and “she is loud and abrasive” and got similar numbers of hits (2000something).

    Of course I’ve heard it in particular about the main man in this article (Trump), and I suppose you have too! (Heck, we’ve probably both said it about Trump…) Google shows 131 hits for “Trump is loud and abrasive”. :)

  34. ninoS says:

    You go girl. It’s about time someone stood up to him.

  35. BeccaM says:

    Odd how men never get that complaint.

  36. Cocogirl says:

    I do not necessarily disagree with her but my God……tone it down!!! I have to mute the sound. She is just so loud and abrasive. Yikes!!!

  37. keirmeister says:

    Democrats are in a uniquely awesome (and dangerous) position here. Trump is a veritable train wreck of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, corruption, and stupidity.

    And he is now the Republican standard bearer.

    We should use everything in our arsenal to destroy this man’s hope of reaching the White House, and use him to destroy every Republican’s hope for reelection. If right-wingers like to play guilt by association, we’ll play that game, and hang Donald Trump around their necks like a dead rotting fish.

  38. BeccaM says:

    Yep, Donald Trump will start acting all dignified and presidential any day now…

    Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are going to eat his lunch and drink the GOP’s milkshake. Yesterday’s foreign policy speech by Clinton, in which she demolished Trump — and the Republicans for letting him be their nominee — was just the start.

    At this point, I honestly think the House is in play, as well as the Senate. Quite possibly a number of governorship and state legislatures, too.

  39. gratuitous says:

    Well, now, let’s not be talking crazy. Sure, Trump may be a racist, xenophobic narcissist, with delusions of grandeur and a hair-trigger temper guaranteed to go off at the slightest provocation real or imagined, but at the end of the day, the Republicans are going to fall in line behind their glorious leader and march directly off that cliff.

    Isn’t it strange how the entire Republican party couldn’t lay a glove on Trump for months, and the Democrats take a couple of weeks off from fighting amongst themselves and carve Trump into itty-bitty pieces?

  40. timncguy says:

    did she say she won’t vote for him????

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