Trump looking into banning Muslims from TSA

In response to a racist question from an audience member during a speech in New Hampshire today, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that he was “looking into” banning Muslims from holding jobs in the US government’s Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

The TSA, among other things, runs security screenings at America’s airports.

The woman asking the question complained about “all these heebee-jabees they wear at TSA.” And suggested that we should hire veterans instead. Her comment about “heebee-jabees” is a reference to the hijab, a head scarf that some Muslim women wear.

Women wearing hijabs, via Shutterstock.

Women wearing hijabs, via Shutterstock.

Here’s the transcript, video below:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Why aren’t we putting our retirees, our military retirees on that border, or in TSA. Get rid of all these heebee-jabees they wear at TSA. I’ve seen them myself. We need the veterans back in there to take… they fought for this country and defended it, they’ll still do it.

TRUMP: You know, we are looking at that.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that a woman with a hijab could also be a US vet. There are American Muslims.

Earlier in the campaign, Trump had promised to ban Muslims from entering the United States. He only recently has begun to backtrack from that promise.

Trump had also weighed in several months ago about Muslim women who wear burqas. Trump expressed support for burqas, saying among other things that women wear them so they won’t have to put on make-up.

But this latest statement, that Trump is looking into banning Muslims from working for TSA, is sure to reignite charges that Trump is running a racist campaign.

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