Trump thanks LGBTs for Orlando shooting, says he’s more pro-gay than HRC. He’s not.

In yet another of bizarre moment, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today thanked the LGBT community, in apparent reference to the recent mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to, oddly, thanking the gay community, Trump then suggesting that he would be a better LGBT advocate than Hillary Clinton, whose support for the LGBT community goes back decades. (I’ve documented Hillary’s and Bill’s historic long-time support for the LGBT community here.)

First, Trump’s tweet, then we’re going to have a little talk:

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And lest you think Trump’s tweet was a mouth spasm, he told the same thing in a speech in New Hampshire Monday. Yes, Donald Trump thinks the attack in Orlando is going to help with the gay community.

“Ask yourself, who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community, Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words?” Trump said. “Clinton wants to allow Radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country — they enslave women, and murder gays. I don’t want them in our country.”

A) 49 people just died. Who exactly are you thanking, and why?

B) No one “brought in” anyone. The Orland shooter was an American born in New York City.

C) His parents are from Afghanistan. As Omar was born in 1987 in Queen, his parents were likely allowed into the country by Ronald Reagan.

D) You will fight for the LGBT community? How exactly do you plan on doing that? You’re not even in favor of marriage equality (Hillary is) or domestic partner benefits (which is at this point seriously retro). In fact, Trump has said that he would “strongly consider” appointing judges who would repeal gay marriage.

The rest of Trump’s positions are unclear. While Trump said back in 2000 that he was in favor of amending the Civil Rights Act in order to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, that’s back when Trump was a Democrat praising Hillary Clinton. Who knows what he believes today.

Hillary Clinton meets with AIDS leaders in 1991, in order to call for a Manhattan Project to combat HIV/AIDS.

Hillary Clinton meets with AIDS leaders in 1991, in order to call for a Manhattan Project to combat HIV/AIDS.

As for Trump’s opinion on the Equality Act, umbrella legislation that would protect gays against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations and much more, Trump’s spokesman didn’t respond to MSNBC’s question. In fact, while Trump has said he doesn’t think you should be fired for being gay, it’s not clear whether Trump would support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA, which would ban such discrimination at the federal level.

Even the Log Cabin Republicans, known for enabling some of the worst anti-gay Republicans, tried to walk back an effort by some to claim Trump was the most pro-LGBT Republican ever:

“I think that might be going a little overboard,” said Gregory T. Angelo, executive director of the pro-LGBT Log Cabin Republicans, when asked if it was safe to call Trump 2016’s most LGBT-friendly Republican. Angelo added: “It’s important to point out that Trump is not the first GOP Republican candidate to say he supports nondiscrimination protections for LGBT individuals.”

In other words, is Trump less bad than a lot of Republicans? Possibly. Is he good? As it’s not what if any pro-gay legislation Trump supports, who knows?

And finally, a word about Hillary. Other than her late arrival to marriage equality in 2013 (mind you, Obama didn’t support it until 2012, and even Bernie Sanders wasn’t on board until 3 years earlier), Hillary has a near perfect record on gay and trans rights, as good any other Democrat. Hillary’s record was so good in 2008, that the LGBT community swarmed to her over Barack Obama.

Hillary embraced the AIDS community all the way back in 1991, long before it was politically “cool.” I’ve written at length about the Clinton record on LGBT rights, it was historic. Yes, there were a few setbacks like DADT and DOMA (and mind you, DADT was an improvement from the military’s anti-gay policy before 1993, and we only got DADT because Bill Clinton tried, and failed, to entirely lift the military’s gay ban in 1993, and failed). But the eight-year presidency was beyond historic, in terms of Clinton’s commitment on AIDS, his appointment of openly-gay senior officials (a first), and his overall open embrace of our community (something most senior party officials, of either party, simply didn’t do before Clinton came along).

And one final word about Donald Trump claiming he’s going to keep out all the anti-gay forces from destroying our community. Really, Donald? Along with Muslims, do you plan on banning Republicans too?

Oh, and one more thought about Donald Trump being so pro-gay: Guess who his good friend and mentor was?

Roy Cohn.*

(*Roy Cohn was a closet-case who was Joe “House Un-American Activities Committee” McCarthy’s henchman. Cohn was personally responsible for destroying the lives of countless gay federal workers who he witch-hunted for McCarthy.)

In the formative years of Donald Trump’s career, when he went from a rich kid working for his real estate-developing father to a top-line dealmaker in his own right, Cohn was one of the most powerful influences and helpful contacts in Trump’s life.

Over a 13-year-period, ending shortly before Cohn’s death in 1986, Cohn brought his say-anything, win-at-all-costs style to all of Trump’s most notable legal and business deals. Interviews with people who knew both men at the time say the relationship ran deeper than that—that Cohn’s philosophy shaped the real estate mogul’s worldview and the belligerent public persona visible in Trump’s presidential campaign.

Go away before someone drops a house on you.

UPDATE: Trump’s effort to pinkwash his campaign continues. A top uber-conservative anti-gay blogger, Jim Hoft aka Gateway Pundit, has just come out, and is urging gays to support Trump.

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31 Responses to “Trump thanks LGBTs for Orlando shooting, says he’s more pro-gay than HRC. He’s not.”

  1. HiloBoy69 says:

    that grew out of fierce Republican and conservative Democratic backlash from Clinton’s announced intention of using executive authority to let LGBT soldiers serve openly – ala Truman’s desegregation of the military. Sanders supporters imply the Clinton’s came up with the homophobic DADT and DOMA. Uninformed or short, selective memory.

  2. quax says:

    Begs the question which military intervention you refer to, there have been so many.

    Bush’s Iraq war certainly was one big clusterf*** from beginning to end.

    Lybia is so-so and wasn’t really US driven.

  3. heimaey says:

    There are other parties to support.

  4. rwlorenz says:

    If you think going with the Republican Party is the best path, you are living in a dream world. Good luck.

  5. rwlorenz says:

    Will he keep out the Republicans? Perfect.

  6. rwlorenz says:

    Beyond their candidate for President, Republican record of treating gay people as second-class citizens is going to attract zero support for the party. Is Trump so dense to think that he can in any way distance himself as a candidate from the party he is now leading? (Not rhetorical)

  7. heimaey says:

    True but our military intervention hasn’t helped so far…so…

  8. quax says:

    Hawkishness does not always equate to war in the ME. That’s just the obvious downside of hawkishness. But foreign policy hawks also have no qualms to play hardball diplomatically, e.g. imposing sanction on African nations that execute their citizens for the “crime” of being gay. I think the latter could be quite effective. You could also deny charitable status to American organizations that preach that gospel of hate.

  9. heimaey says:

    Her hawkishness could do good? How so? All our wars with the ME seem to create more distance and tension. Do you think we’re converting them into being more tolerant towards gays by force?

  10. quax says:

    Certainly can see the point. But I think she realized that at this time there is no electoral downside anymore to standing up for gay rights.

    And when it comes to stressing internationally that gay rights are part and parcel of human rights, her hawkishness could actually do some good.

  11. heimaey says:

    I’m not saying Clinton is the devil or even a real enemy. I just think she’s a fair-weathered friend. She done some really good things for the gay community, but it’s almost always cautious, reserved, and done when there is no clear danger for her popularity or reelection. You also have to remember that this was also post-Ryan White CARE Act when straight people had realized it’s not just a gay disease so yes give her props when props are due but let’s not pretend she’s a vanguard in the gay rights movement.

  12. quax says:

    Fair enough, Clinton only turned it into the research power house that it became:

    “In one of his first acts in office, President Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993, placing full responsibility for planning, budgeting and evaluation of the AIDS research program at NIH in the Office of AIDS Research (OAR).”

    “NIH funding for AIDS research has nearly doubled during the Clinton Administration, increasing from $1.1 billion in FY 93 to $2.3 billion in FY 2000.”


  13. 2karmanot says:


  14. heimaey says:

    They’re fair-weathered friends. I had all those feelings too at the beginning and quickly felt stabbed in the back with DADT and DOMA and I understand their challenges. I remember it all – I was there! So yeah she’s better than Trump, but expecting some of us to be happy with her nomination is just not realistic.

  15. Houndentenor says:

    Clinton was the first president to appoint openly gay people to government positions (something he got a lot of opposition for in Congress…remember “that damn lesbian”?) and to talk positively about gay people and gay rights. Yes, Reagan is a low bar but Carter didn’t do squat for us either. Carter wouldn’t even be photographed with a gay person.

    I was and still am angry about DADT and DOMA. But you have to read it in the correct historical context. Clinton probably shouldn’t have promised to list the ban on gays in the military. He was naive not to anticipate the tsunami of anger that would come his way and as it was the first thing that came up in 1993 it pretty much derailed his presidency and galvanized the right to fight him on everything and take back Congress in 1994.

    I remember in 1992 thinking that Clinton was the first presidential nominee to ever say anything positive about gay people or to promise us anything and that if he lost it would be blamed on that and no president would do the same for 30 years. I hate that it took so long to get here. We had to fight every step of the way. It was frustrating then and still is, but we shouldn’t pretend like Congress was going to do nothing in response to an executive order.

  16. heimaey says:

    Yes both choices are sad all around and the better choice is barely better, and I just don’t like many gays rewriting history and pretending she and Bill were some sort of saints; a great blessing for all of us in the 90s.

  17. heimaey says:

    Did Clinton set it up when it was opened in 1988?

  18. Hue-Man says:

    Adding to earlier comments, the most distressing thing about Trump’s “policies” is that they are only valid as long as his lips are moving. Today’s policy may well be completely reversed tomorrow without explanation, indeed, usually with a denial that there had been a change in policy.

    I’m used to politicians who have thought through most of the important issues over the years. Taken together, I can generally work out their fundamental beliefs and motivations based on their policy positions. If and when they make a change in policy, they take pains to explain why they no longer support something they vigorously defended two years ago.

    Trump appears not to have undertaken that kind of reflection. His fundamental beliefs and motivation are Donald Trump and his money. Any policy can be adopted or rejected solely on the basis of whether it is good for Donald Trump or his bank account. Any foreign leader who negotiates anything with President Trump would be a fool because any agreement could be torn up on a whim.

  19. quax says:

    Does setting up the NIH Office of AIDS research count in your book?

  20. Houndentenor says:

    You will get no argument from me that the Clintons’ record on gay rights is inconsistent to say the least, but even with the baggage she comes with, she’s still far better on lbgt issues than Trump. It wouldn’t be that hard to beat her record and yet he fails.

  21. BeccaM says:

    It should be clear to us all at this point that almost nothing Trump says makes sense or is consistent with what he’s said before or is in any way grounded in reality.

    For example here though: One of the potential nominees on Trump’s short list for the Supreme Court is William Pryor, currently serving on the court of appeals for the 11th Circuit. Pryor is notably known for filing a pro-side amicus brief in the Lawrence v Texas case. That is, he thinks it’s fine if states want to criminalize homosexuality. More recently, he’s on record as favoring bans on gay and lesbian couples adopting.

    His list of potential justices is chock full of anti-LGBT ones.

    Although the Democrats have been far from perfect — and in past years and decades prone to spasms of political homphobia — only one group of people have consistently threatened my “freedoms and beliefs.”

    They are, of course, the Republicans.

  22. Alana Anderson says:

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  23. goulo says:

    > And one final word about Donald Trump claiming he’s going to keep out
    all the anti-gay forces from destroying our community. Really, Donald?
    Along with Muslims, do you plan on banning Republicans too?

    Heh, indeed. :)

    It will be interesting to see whether Trump’s clumsy attempts to pander to LGBT voters will piss off his reactionary base.

    PS: I suppose his bizarre “thank you” was for (in his hopes and dreams and delusions) all the support of the zillions of LGBT voters now eager to vote for him to protect them.

  24. Demosthenes says:

    Why is anything said by the vulgar talking yam taken as true? He lies about everything. The truth is no one knows the Donald’s position on any issue other than his racism.

  25. heimaey says:

    I personally, never felt like they had my back in the 90s. Sure they were better than Reagan and Bush, but that’s a pretty low bar. Much of the progress we made in the 90s was despite them not because of them, and walking along and viewing the AIDS quilt was literally the least they could do.

  26. 2karmanot says:

    Exactly so

  27. 2karmanot says:

    Hmmmm Bill and Hillary’s longtime support of the GLTB communities huh? What were DADT and DOMA—-chopped liver

  28. douglas01 says:

    Trump suffers from, among other things, verbal diarrhea. When he opens his mouth shit comes out. Nothing he says can be believed.

  29. heimaey says:

    Depends on your POV. Hillary the hawk doesn’t like gun control in her foreign policy and that kind of agressive behavior finds its way back here and into Western Europe in various forms of retaliation. So while yeah her domestic stance is better on guns, her stance on violence has proven to be problematic in general.

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