Trump foreign policy adviser, in Moscow, says US isn’t “democratic,” praises Russia

One of Donald Trump’s key foreign policy advisers went to Moscow and criticized the United States, while praising Putin’s Russia.

Carter Page, an energy executive, criticized the US’ “often-hypocritical focus on democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change.”

Page then went on to suggest that America is not “democratic.”

From the Washington Post:

When one attendee asked him whether he really believed the United States was a “liberal, democratic society,” Page told him to “read between the lines.”

“If I’m understanding the direction you’re coming from, I tend to agree with you that it’s not always as liberal as it may seem,” he said. “I’m with you.”

This is increasingly dangerous territory for Trump. Americans generally, and Republican voters in particular, don’t take kindly to candidates who root for (who they perceive to be) the enemy. Not only has Trump himself praised Russia’s Putin, but Trump also this week praised former Iraqis dictator Saddam Hussein. And in the past, Trump has praised North Korea’s brutal dictator as well.

But even in those settings, Trump didn’t suggest that the dictators were better than America. Now one of his top foreign policy advisers appears to have done just that. More from the Post:

He gave a lecture titled “The Evolution of the World Economy: Trends and Potential,” in which he noted that Russia and China had achieved success in Central Asia, unlike the United States, by pursuing a respectful foreign policy based on mutual interest.

The Post also notes that Trump adviser Page quoted Putin, in Russian, yesterday saying that Russia “does not intervene in the internal politics of other nations.”

And if you think that was a one-off mistake, Page has written before about how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is America’s fault.

Page wrote that the war in eastern Ukraine was “precipitated by U.S. meddling in the Maidan revolution,” a reference to the 2014 demonstrations that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Someone needs to ask Donald Trump if he agrees with his own adviser’s criticism of America and praise of Russia. And specifically, whether America is “democratic” or not.

And as the Post notes, Page isn’t the only Trump adviser with strong ties to the former Soviet bloc.

It’s really unbelievable that more Republicans aren’t speaking out against this man.

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12 Responses to “Trump foreign policy adviser, in Moscow, says US isn’t “democratic,” praises Russia”

  1. Travis Zly says:

    Everybody, except the dupes in the USA who believe the lies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, know that the Obama State Dept. organised the overthrow of the Ukraine government. It is hard to understand why John Avarosis tries to smear Trump’s aide Carter Page for discussing a widely known fact, unless Avarosis is uninformed or misinformed.

    First, there is the recording of the phone call available on YouTube of US Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland discussing whom she will intall in the new government in Ukraine. She discusses her choice for Prime Minister of Ukraine and his cabinet with the US Ambasador to Kiev Geoff Pyatt before the blood has even dried on the victims of the Maidan Massacre.

    Next on YouTube follows the recording of the phone call by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet to EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Catherine Ashton where he informs her that the newly installed government in Ukraine had employed agitators who fired at both the police and the protestors, provoking the massacre.

  2. Dolores Garcia says:

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  3. Pauline Power says:

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  4. Grant Saw says:

    If he likes Russia so much then he should move there. American Patriots, including republicans, will gladly show him the door to move on, if he wishes to talk garbage like that.

  5. heimaey says:

    He’s right about America not being democratic, it’s more of an oligarchy these days, but he’s not the answer to that problem. He’ll just make it worse.

  6. Deborah Bivens says:

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  7. EdA says:

    Note also the Washington Post article of June 17 laying out the close financial ties between the piece of trump and numerous Russian oligarchs, and I suspect that one does not get to be – and to remain — an oligarch in Russia without the de facto approval of trump idol Vladimir Putin.

    I personally do not think that it is a good idea for a hypothetical future president of the United States, especially a notorious sleazeball and grifter, to have a substantial portion of his personal wealth intimately linked and subject to the whims of a notorious dictator hostile to the United States.

  8. quax says:

    You may need a microscope to look at the bright life that’s going to be left, but hey we need to stay positive, right?

  9. goulo says:

    It is weird how rightwingers kept attacking Obama for years for being too “soft” & “weak” etc against Putin, yet seem to be happy with Trump bizarrely worshipping and praising Putin.

    Seems a classic example of knee-jerk party loyalty. I can only imagine the outrage if Obama would say some of the Putin-worshipping stuff that Trump says.

  10. Badgerite says:

    Well, it figures that the GOP would have a nominee who has gone through bankruptcy many times.
    After all, they are the party of the Morally and Intellectually Bankrupt. Or MIB.

  11. Badgerite says:

    That’s what I call ,,,,,”Always look on the bright side of life”.

  12. quax says:

    Well, at least that means if Trump provokes a nuclear war it will probably not be with the Russians, but the Chinese (I am sure he is deeply distrustful of a “race” that does not seem to be prone to going bald).

    On the upside China’s nuclear arsenal is much smaller. Life on the microbial level may prevail. So there is a silver lining.

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