How AP published the biggest lie ever about the Clinton Foundation

Let me tell you a little story about how the Associated Press outright lied about the Clinton Foundation in order to smear Hillary Clinton.

AP claimed, falsely, that half the people Hillary met as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. An incredible number! Except it’s not true.

And AP continues to refuse to correct the story.

Please sign our petition telling the AP to correct the story now.

Now, I’m actually a fan of AP. They have a reputation for having the highest standards of journalism. So their ongoing defense of this egregiously wrong story is distressing.

I tweeted about this yesterday, and my tweets caused quite a (good) uproar, so I thought I’d immortalize them here, so that it’s easier for everyone to refer to them in the future.

Before posting the Twitter storm below, I want to make a quick plug for the YUGE fundraising drive I launched yesterday to support my work between now and the election. Ad revenues for the blog cover at best 20% of my monthly expenses, so I rely on your donations to keep my work doing. My recent twitter storm about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation is a good example of the work I do, and what I excel at. I take stories and find the perfect angle to defuse them (if they’re negative stories), and then make them go viral. It’s been an incredibly effective apporach to progressive advocacy, particularly LGBT rights work.

You can read more about my work, my history, and what I plan to do over the next few months to ensure that Trump loses BADLY, Hillary wins, and that a progressive majority takes back the Congress here.

Also, I appeared on Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC recently to talk about this issue. You can watch a portion of my segment here:

Now to my tweets, then I have a Facebook Live broadcast I did last night that walks you through the issue, if you’re someone who prefers videos. Thanks so much for your support, and please do share this story.

Here’s a few other points about the Clinton Foundation, and then my Facebook Live discussion of the Clinton Foundation and the AP story.

Charity Watch gives the Clinton Foundation an A-rating.

And confirms that 88%-89% of the Clinton Foundation’s money is spent on “programs,” aka charity.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Please sign our petition telling the AP to correct the story.

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9 Responses to “How AP published the biggest lie ever about the Clinton Foundation”

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  3. philmguy says:

    I was pleased that you were able to share a good bit of this information on Joy’s show this morning. The media has been letting Trump and his pitiful surrogates totally misrepresent TCF, and most voices on the left are doing little more than shrugging. Thanks for your clear words on this subject.

  4. 米表 says:


  5. 蒂欧娜 says:


  6. I saw one of the AP reporters on TV, and she was young. I had the feeling that she may have had no idea who Yunus was, and perhaps that’s why she fell for this notion that “how could HE ever get a meeting with the Secretary of State. The guy probably deserves a meeting with the President, let alone his cabinet.

  7. Oh that’s weird, let’s me see, sorry about that. During awful right wing twitter attacks I tend to block people left and right, and unfortunately catch a lot of good people. Let me undo that. Sorry

    Fixed, sorry about that.

  8. wfrolik says:

    I was aware that the Clinton Foundation did a lot of AIDS work but I had no idea they were essentially the lifeline for over 11 million people. I’d actually been agreeing with all the voices out there that the Clinton Foundation should close up shop, (if only to avoid giving any ammo to people looking for a scandal) but given the numbers you’ve provided I’ve done a turn around.
    Funny how nobody else debating the ‘controversy” don’t mention that figure. And how ridiculous is it that they’re using meetings with Muhammed Yunus of all people as evidence of corruption?!?

  9. Jonathan Renteria-Elyea says:

    Just noticed today that I’m blocked from following @aravosis on Twitter, which is surprising, because I really dig your stuff. Can I put in an unblock request for @elyeasbane ?

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