CNN’s Dr. Gupta says Trump doctor letter is “absurd,” questions veracity

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta raised some serious questions about the letter Donald Trump released, “proving” he’s fit to be president.

Gupta told Ashleigh Banfield, “I don’t even know what to make of this letter.”

Gupta noted that the letter included things a doctor would never say; and it also used incorrect medical terminology.

Whether you’re a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole [claiming Trump would be the healthiest president ever] and these types of words being used is very unusual. People don’t write like that, that this is ‘the healthiest ever.’ First of all, they couldn’t substantiate. How do you know that someone is the healthiest ever?

There’s all sorts of language with that: “strength and stamina are extraordinary.” What does that mean exactly?

Gutpa said he’d run some tests and then provide objective data on strength and stamina. He wouldn’t simply say “strength and stamina are extraordinary.”

More from Gupta:

sanjay gupta

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, from Dnd523.

“Astonishingly excellent” was another term that was used. These just aren’t terms that are used by the medical community. So I don’t know where they come from.

It says they showed only positive results. Now it’s funny in medicine, because when something is good we say it’s a negative result. Meaning, that it did not appear when we did an exam. Positive results actually means quite the opposite. Calling things “test scores” instead of results. His PSA “test score” was this, as if it was the SAT exam instead of a blood test. It’s a strange letter that’s absurd to look at it on face value.

And here’s my own question — per the letter, below, Trump is on a daily baby aspirin and a statin. Why? You don’t usually go on those for absolutely no reason. I’m on both because of high cholesterol and a history of heart problems in my family. So if Trump’s health is so perfect, and there are no problems, why did the doctor prescribe baby aspirin and statin therapy?

And here’s another question: How healthy is a 70 year old, on baby aspirin therapy and statins, who eats KFC for lunch?


Here’s Trump’s letter from his doctor:

trump doctor letter

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52 Responses to “CNN’s Dr. Gupta says Trump doctor letter is “absurd,” questions veracity”

  1. TZO2K15 says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m googlin’ the info now!

  2. Hanhnibal says:

    Liberals? Dumbass. This is a list of just a few of the “liberal” Republicans who are not supporting Dumpy The Clown. He’s disliked across the aisle:

    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Armitage
    Barbara Bush
    Mitt Romney
    Jeb Bush
    John Kasich
    Sen. Larry Pressler
    Michael Bloomberg
    Sally Bradshaw
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
    Richard Hanna
    Charlie Dent
    Adam Kinzinger
    Bob Dold
    Rep. Scott Rigell
    Rep. Reid Ribble
    Sen. Susan Collins
    Lindsey Graham

  3. Moderator3 says:

    The edit feature is available, and HTML works well with Disqus.

  4. TZO2K15 says:

    “Christ it’s so obvious that trump himself wrote _(hired someone to write)_ that letter…It’s as if I can hear his voice while reading it!”

    There, fixed…We really need a cross-out markup for disqus!

  5. Jeanne Benit says:

    Trump couldn’t write that letter. The words are too big and the grammar too complex for him. I’m dead serious. He hired a writer. By the way, I’ve also studied medical terminology and medical report phraseology in some depth. Gupte is right; no doctor wrote this letter. Not a chance in hell.

  6. jean12 says:

    Yes….Trump himself. Bornstein just signed….we think. We need the ‘person from the limo’ to come forward and admit they brought the letter up to the doc just for his signature. Or the limo driver to reiterate whether or not done one from the limo actually had the letter in their hand. But, I suspect both are paid lackeys of Trump and they don’t want to lose their jobs and won’t come forward.

  7. rwlorenz says:

    Clinton is a competent professional; Trump is a delusional ignoramus.

  8. KarenJ says:

    I don’t consider Hillary Clinton any worse than John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, or even her husband. They all had warts. So did Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes.

    NOTHING in any of their histories or apparent-to-the-public psych profiles is comparable to the Defcon2 level of warning Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy is exhibiting. Even Kasich or Bush3 would have been preferable (although I’d never vote for either b/c of social conservatism pandering).

  9. cat cafe says:

    Yes, exactly. Very well expressed! The whole letter is so obviously fraudulent, only the most stupid people could look at it and think it was real.

  10. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Drinking the Koolaid? No, that’s not what is happening. For the most part, we see Hillary clearly. We know what she is like, and it’s not good. We also see Trump clearly. Seeing both candidates clearly, it’s obvious that Trump has more warts than Hillary.

  11. LeDroit says:

    What part of show me the facts do you not understand?? Liberals are the biggest bunch of mindless drones I have ever seen in my life. You all bought the lie about Obama hook, line and sinker yet you are all lined up to drink the Koolaid again?? It is true, you can fool most of the people all of the time when those people are Democrats.

  12. Hanhnibal says:

    And stop believing everything that comes out of Trump’s campaign instead of being a gullible fool.

  13. LeDroit says:

    So prove it is false. prove the guy who signed the letter is a fraud. Try doing some actual investigative reporting for a change instead of just regurgitating DNC talking points.

  14. john simone says:

    To Whom My Concern??????
    a republicanfucktard wrote that!!!

  15. Alex2 says:

    Has anyone checked with the doctor? Is he real? Now that would be a story. Alternatively if he is a doctor has anyone filed a complaint against him for allowing such a letter in this instance?

  16. Lollypopcm says:

    VERY VERY little. I could have helped them out.

  17. BGreene925 says:

    Well sure, Trump’s staff composed the letter, but they did a little research up front.

  18. Lollypopcm says:

    DIVISION (not SECTION) of Gastroenterology is correct. Why does Dr. Bornstein use the wrong terminology ? And who uses a dead person’s letterhead 5 years later?

  19. craiggnt says:

    The first sign of BS is you can read it. Then it goes into Superman talk and using Trumps 3rd grade vocabulary .

  20. craiggnt says:

    That damn “Liberal” media ;)

  21. craiggnt says:

    It sounds like a letter Putin’s or Kim Jon Un would put out. Anyone remember Marco’s “I’m as healthy at 80 as a 5 year old video

  22. Lollypopcm says:

    plus the other doc on the letter died in 2010. It’s an old piece of stationary Trump found lying around somewhere.

  23. Lollypopcm says:

    Jacob Bornstein MD, father of Harold Bornstein, died in 2010. Why is the dead father’s name on the letterhead 5 years later? Is this an old sheet of letterhead that Trump happened to have on hand when he wrote the letter himself, and somehow bribed the not-yet-dead Dr Bornstein junior to shut up about it? The Section of Gastroenterology does not exist. What a joke!

  24. MyHumbleOpinions says:

    Many of these concierge medical doctors in NYC (Lenox Hill is notorious) that work with the wealthy, are not paid for their medical expertise (which they lack)

    They are an antiquated bunch paid to be at the beck and call of the rich

    “I have back pain after playing golf, give me a prescription”

    “My kid has a sore throat, give me a prescription”

    “I can’t do Jury Duty, give me a letter”

    …then, if something “real” happens, they go to “real” doctors

  25. Ruth says:

    Good one!

  26. TZO2K15 says:

    Christ it’s so obvious that trump himself wrote that letter…It’s as if I can hear his voice while reading it!

  27. TZO2K15 says:

    Christ it’s so obvious that trump himself wrote that letter…

  28. lovelydestruction says:

    The older one died several years ago, which raises more questions.

  29. Teresagwallace1 says:

    <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il737r:….,……

  30. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Is Dr. Bornstein also a historian? This phrase “the healthiest president ever” really confuses me. That would mean Dr. Bornstein knows the health information for men like: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, or Theodore Roosevelt. Does he know their blood pressure readings, their pulse rates, their a1c levels, or even their cholesterol levels? Oh, and by the way, I’m not a Hillary supporter.

  31. crazymonkeylady says:


  32. crazymonkeylady says:

    As a nurse, if I wrote those things in his chart, I would get my butt kicked by the head nurse who would tell me I never went to college and regret not checking my background before firing me.

  33. Older_postie says:

    The letter is so full of hyperbole that it is hard to believe any competent professional, in any field, could have written it. Perhaps, mere association with Donald Trump leads to diminished mental capacity.

  34. WomenForSurvival says:

    The website on the letterhead definitely does NOT exist. Fakery. And THIS man is Dr Harold Bornstein, Lenox Hill Hospital. Would YOU buy a used car from this doctor?

  35. njguy54 says:

    I’m in favor of a law requiring all presidential candidates to submit to an independent physical and psychological exam, with the full results released to the public, HIPAA be damned. Along with tax returns.

  36. njguy54 says:

    You’d think someone would proofread a letter being distributed to the worldwide media. But I guess that’s asking too much…

    In my past life I was an technical writer and copywriter, and if I had written this dreck, I’d have been fired on the spot.

  37. Diva says:

    A gastroenterologist can be an internist/primary care physician. Look at the lists sometime in your insurance plan. Dr. Bornstein’s specialty is gastroenterology but he is a primary care physician/internist. How do I know? Dr. Bornstein has been my and my entire family’s primary care physician for over 25 years. Is he a little quirky? Yes.. But he’s the best diagnostician I have ever encountered. Oh, and by the way, I’m a Hillary supporter.

  38. ultravioletrae says:

    Question: Why aren’t journalists attempting to locate Jacob and Harold Bornstein to ask them about the phoney letter? Do these doctors even exist? Why isn’t anyone lifting a finger to find out who really wrote this phoney document?

  39. Baal says:

    Gastroenterologist would know where to find Trump’s head.

    Maybe he can use a colonoscope to test him for Alzheimer’s.

  40. Allen Gabriele says:

    When will he finally release the colonoscopy videos? What is he hiding?

  41. woodroad34 says:

    I guess that a gastroenterologist would be the perfect primary care physician for Drumpf, given all the crap he spews.

  42. Megalink says:

    A Con MD writing a confidence letter for a Con Man. Perfect.

  43. JaneE says:

    And a gastroenterologist isn’t usually ones primary physician. I have been to one twice – once I had a problem and was referred, and when I had a colonoscopy. Maybe Trump liked the guy’s father so well he kept on with the son, but I would expect a specialist to steer him to someone like an internist for general care.

  44. BeccaM says:

    Got that right.

  45. Naja pallida says:

    Well, it makes sense that Trump, being such a giant asshole, sees a gastro specialist.

  46. Gerald Parks says:

    Oh my …a “real” Doctor using his training AND common sense to make sense of nonsense from a clown!

    Errrrah …THE GOP/Republican Party nominee for POTUS!

    Let’s not forget ….THIS is the nominee that rose to the top out of the “deep” bench of the GOP/ Republican best of the best!

    As one of their own said …”God help US(America)!

  47. BeccaM says:

    The letter is obviously a fraud that was at minimum co-written by Trump himself, and probably composed by some unpaid intern with crappy Microsoft Word skills. It even looks like a shitty default “letterhead template” from Word. Might could be Trump did see a Dr. Bornstein decades ago — but the guy’s specialty as listed above is gastroenterology, NOT general medicine.

    It’s also worth noting that others have looked into the block of text there at the signature, and ‘Department of Medicine, Section of Gastroenterology’ doesn’t even exist at Lennox Hill Hospital, not under that name.

    Moreover, the website at the top of the page doesn’t exist and no doctor would give out their private email address, never mind having one on Gmail. All attempts to reach Dr. Bornstein for direct comments have failed.

    Trump is visibly overweight. By many reports, he’s more of a fast-food hound than Bill Clinton ever was (and Bill kicked that habit a long time ago). When Trump gets going on his long, ranty speeches, his face gets puffy, blotchy, and red — suggesting his BP is actually rather high. As near as anybody can tell, the only real exercise Trump ever gets is on the golf course — and he uses a cart. I wouldn’t necessarily call him morbidly obese, but his BMI can’t be in the healthy range, plus I don’t know if many have noticed, but Trump seems to have his jackets tailored much larger than they ought to be, probably because that makes him look less chubby.

    No doctor says “PSA test score.” If Trump is on a statin, that indicates concern about his cholesterol levels — and again, why did the doctor not name which one. “Low dose of a stain” is what a patient might say when they know there’s some kind of pill they’re taking but can’t remember the name of it. And how’s a doctor going to know with absolute certainty that Donald has never touched tobacco or alcohol?

    One other important question is never bought up or mentioned: Donald’s father, Fred Trump, was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s. Why is there no mention of any kind of testing for this, including the basic genetic ones that could be performed right now to show whether or not Fred’s son is at elevated risk of developing the disease? Because quite frankly, right about now is when it could be kicking in.

    Seriously, everything about this letter reeks of “John Barron” putting on a new pseudonym. And I’m with Naja Pallida: How about a psychiatric evaluation? More than a few have suggested Donald suffers from untreated narcissistic or borderline personality disorder, exacerbated by (as has been reported) alleged abuse of amphetamines. Again, the letter up there said no alcohol or tobacco, but those aren’t the only drugs people will take.

  48. Naja pallida says:

    It reads like Trump wrote it himself, but I honestly don’t believe his physical health is an issue. Any 70 year old man, who has been overweight for most of his adult life, has most likely accrued an array of chronic conditions, that are relatively well understood, and can be treated well, especially with regular monitoring. What I want to see is a letter from a qualified, independent psychiatrist. Maybe even a brain MRI, to check for lesions that might explain his erratic and absurd behavior.

  49. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Dr. Bornstein, do you know what they call the person who graduates at the bottom of a medical program? A: Doctor

  50. Demosthenes says:

    Upon hearing of Dr. Gupta’s statement, Donald Trump asked that all Indian Americans be put on reservations.

  51. goulo says:

    “To whom my concern” is a strange blatant error at the start of the letter.

    PS: speaking of typos, your blog post says “He would simply say “strength and stamina are extraordinary.”” which seems confusingly to be the opposite of what you probably meant (“He would NOT simply say…”), right?

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