Hillary eviscerates Trump over ties to Russia (video)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign published a scathing two-minute video today, attacking Donald Trump for his ties to Russia and its autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin.

The video quite nicely ties together all of the concerns about Trump and his ties to Putin, and includes a number of well-known conservatives criticizing those same ties.

This is really well-done, and easily accessible (easy to understand). It’s an excellent primer on what the concerns really are.

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11 Responses to “Hillary eviscerates Trump over ties to Russia (video)”

  1. War is peace says:

    Our country deserves the truth


  2. Tinaabanks3 says:

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  3. Paulampastore1 says:

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  4. sonoitabear says:

    we understand the desperation of your allegiance, emjayjay…

  5. Phil in FLL says:

    The Russian banks with which Trump deals point to Putin’s influence over him. Deutsche Bank, however, is no angel either. Below is a quote from a piece in Mother Jones (which was also linked to in Breitbart, of all places) about Deutsche Bank’s illegal manipulation of world markets:

    After all, the bank [Deutsche Bank] was recently caught manipulating markets around the world (and had to pay $2.5 billion in fines), and it has tried to evade US laws aimed at curtailing risky financial shenanigans and has attempted to influence the US government via lobbying.

    The Mother Jones article quotes Senator Elizabeth Warren, who issued this statement to Mother Jones:

    The job of the President is to enforce the law fairly. If a serial lawbreaker like Deutsche Bank is caught manipulating markets again, how would Trump hold it accountable knowing that the bank had the power to pull the plug on his own businesses? That’s a question that should worry every American. These financial entanglements—along with many of his other ongoing business concerns and arrangements—present huge conflicts of interest.

  6. Julietakers2 says:

    <<l:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx510a:….,….

  7. Colin says:

    It really is quite suspicious , and I wonder how deep Russia’s involvement goes.

  8. BeccaM says:

    Trump has said he’s willing to dissolve NATO. Obviously he cares not a fig for the mutual defense agreement part of the organization. He’s given Russia a green light to continue its invasion and annexation of the Ukraine and to launch the same against the Baltic nations. And he’s also said nuclear war in Europe would be okay because it’s a big continent.

    That’s not just the stance of someone objectively pro-Russia. This is positively Soviet Union era.

    Deutschebank is the only non-Russian bank willing to do business with Trump. We have no idea how much the Russians have invested in Trump’s businesses or the man himself — but that lifestyle of his takes way more than he seems to have been making over the last decade, especially since the 2007 real estate crash.

  9. Someone with access to his tax returns REALLY needs to leak them to the press.

  10. Phil in FLL says:

    Polls show that millennials already detest Trump, so Hillary needs no help to get their votes. Unlike millennials, older white voters remember the despotic Soviet empire in Eastern Europe, and those same older white voters can see right through Putin’s plans for a neo-Soviet empire in Eastern Europe. Older white voters who are racist will vote for Trump no matter what, but other older white voters will remember the Soviet reign of terror in Eastern Europe with fear and loathing. On top of that, a lot of older white voters have gay children or relatives, and they will despise Putin for his scapegoating of gay people in Russia.

    If the Clinton campaign runs this add in swing states and elsewhere, it will decimate Trump’s support among older white voters. Hammering Trump on his ties to Putin and the Russian oligarchs near Putin is a winning strategy. So where are those tax returns, huh?

  11. emjayay says:

    I’d go with more facts and less silly music.

    For example according to a translation by Russia Insider, which uploaded
    the video, Putin responded, “He’s a very colorful person. Talented,
    without any doubt. But it’s not our affair to determine his worthiness —
    that’s up to the United States voters.

    And about how Trump said he dealt with Putin “indirectly and directly” with the Miss Universe (also nothing sexist there….) contest and implied they were buddies is a another lie.

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