Huge news: GOPer Meg Whitman endorses Hillary, will fundraise for her

Silicon Valley billionaire, and former GOP gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman just announced her support for Hillary Clinton, and that she’ll help Hillary fundraise.

Meg Whitman is the fourth billionaire this week to endorse Hillary Clinton: Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett, and now Whitman.


The NYT has the full story.

If you remember a few months ago, there were reports that Hillary was going to reach out to traditional Republican funders (and voters). And some on the left got bent out of shape over the reports, even though Bernie Sanders himself last December made a move to court Trump voters. They felt that Hillary was selling out by wooing Republicans, and that this proved she was really a DINO.


Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman, by Eugene Berman /

As I said at the time, it’s a big deal if we can get Republican voters, and Republican donors, to support our efforts to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency and taking down the country. Not just for the money and votes — short of David Duke, I’ll take any votes we can get — but for the message it sends to other Republican voters and donors. If enough top Republicans abandon Donald Trump, it sends a chill through the entire party, through the GOP electorate, and through the donor base. It makes it all the harder for Donald Trump to motivate support for his candidacy, in addition to dispiriting Trump’s own staff.

This is just huge.

mccain-trumpWhat’s going to be interesting is to see how many more Republicans publicly abandon Trump, and when they act. John McCain tweeted yesterday about Trump’s incessant attacks on the Khan family, claiming that Trump’s comments don’t represent Republican values or candidate. But as I noted at the time, Trump is the top of the GOP ticket, so of course his views represent GOP candidates. And as for Trump not being representative of the party, the party, John McCain included, continues to support Trump’s candidacy. Until the Republican party abandons Donald Trump they will be held responsible and accountable for the ongoing sewage that keeps coming out of Trump’s mouth.

What remains to be seen is when top Republicans finally come to terms with the fact that Trump is a disaster, and that either: 1) he’s not going to win; or 2) they can’t afford for him to win, because of the damage he’s going to do the country, and their party, in office. There’s also concern over whether Trump could cost Republicans the House and Senate this November.

And now you’ve got Whitman, and a Republican House member, both announcing today that they’ll be voting for Hillary in November. It’s still a long way to the election, but none of this is good news for Donald Trump.

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