Trump surrogate posts another (fake) photo of Hillary in blackface

We reported yesterday on Donald Trump surrogate, Pastor Mark Burns, tweeting a picture of Hillary Clinton in blackface.

Burns subsequently apologized for the tweet, and took it down.

But Burns did not remove, or apologize for, a second blackface tweet he posted yesterday, this time involving both Bill and Hillary Clinton. That tweet is still live on Burn’s Twitter feed.

Here’s the picture — note that it’s a phony that was already debunked by Snopes. As the caption makes clear, the photo claims to show Bill and Hillary at a costume party, where Hillary is allegedly in blackface.

bill clinton blackface

So the question remains: When does Burns plan to remove and apologize for this second image of blackface, that in many ways is even worse than the first, as this one is an intentionally race-baiting lie? And this one actually claims to show Hillary Clinton putting on blackface at a costume party — when it’s a lie.

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