Prominent Trump surrogate tweets blackface Hillary; suggests blacks illiterate & hate police

Prominent Trump surrogate, Pastor Mark Burns, posted a tweet today of Hillary Clinton in blackface.

The tweet also appears to suggest that African-Americans are illiterate, and hate the police.

The Trump campaign has been getting increasingly desperate, and vitriolic, in the face of ever-more-dire polls show Trump falling farther and father behind Clinton at the national level and in key states.

For example, the Trump campaign and its surrogates have embraced phony Internet conspiracy theories that Hillary has a secret illness. The “proof” includes videos made by white supremacists of the “alt-right” movement that is embraced by Trump’s campaign head Stephen Bannon.

In addition to depicting Clinton in blackface, the cartoon Pastor Burns tweeted also appears to depict African-Americans as illiterates who hate the police.

blackface hillary

Trump has long been dogged by accusations of racism. In the early 1970s, Trump was sued by the federal government for alleged violations of federal housing laws regarding black and latino tenants in Trump buildings. And when Trump announced his run for the presidency last year, he famously spoke of Mexican immigrants being “rapists.” There’s also Trump’s attack on Mexican-American Judge Curiel, and his proposal to ban Muslims from coming to the US, among other concerns.

UPDATE: This isn’t the first time Burns has posted blackface on his Twitter feed in an attempt to woo Trump voters. Burns also recently retweeted a fake photo, already debunked by Snopes, allegedly showing Bill Clinton as a young man at a party with someone in blackface. It’s a fake. But that didn’t stop Burns from promoting its racist message on behalf of Trump.

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