Trump adviser: Trump can defeat ISIS because he built an ice rink in NYC

Former Rep. Jack Kingston, an adviser to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, was just on CNN talking about how Trump could handle ISIS better than Hillary Clinton, when he made a rather odd argument.

Kingston said Trump can defeat ISIS because Trump built an ice rink in NYC.

Oh, he really did.

Here’s Kingston:

“ISIS now, it’s created under Hillary Clinton’s watch, already killed 25,000 people since 2013, and they’re in 18 countries. If we are saying that’s the status quo, and Hillary Clinton keeps coming out with plan after plan, and Barack Obama has all kinds of meetings on this, nothing has happened. Brianna, what it’s like is that ice skating rink in New York City. New York was doing their best to renovate the ice skating rink, but they needed new leadership.”

ISIS. Ice us?

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