Trump campaign publicly throws spokeswoman Katrina Pierson under bus

The Trump campaign threw their well-known national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, under a very large bus today, then backed up a few times for good measure.

What brought on the public rebuke of Pierson were some bizarre comments she made a few days ago, and then stuck by, that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were responsible for the death of US Army Capt. Humayun Khan from a car bomb explosion in Iraq in 2004.

At the time, Obama was a state senator from Illinois, and Clinton was the Senator from New York.

Nonetheless, Pierson stuck to her guns, as she does, and insisted that Obama and Clinton were to blame.

Katrina Pierson

Trump national spokesperson Katrina Pierson.

Pierson was also wildly off about the number of US troops killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan during Obama’s tenure. She claimed that tens of thousands of Americans were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan under Obama, and that a million were wounded. In fact, fewer than 7,000 Americans died throughout the entire war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some 50,000 were wounded.

Well, the Trump campaign apparently had enough of Pierson, and publicly repudiated her remarks. Trump aide Sam Clovis went on CNN today and blasted Pierson:

“I think we’re fixing it, I guarantee you that won’t happen again with her, that’s for sure. And it won’t likely happen with anybody else,” Sam Clovis told CNN’s “New Day.”

“When you do go out, you have a responsibility. … I think it’s important to come on here and have accurate information,” Clovis said.

While aides want to be as assertive as possible, he said, “I think facts always help you, the truth always helps you and I think that’s always where we ought to be.” …

“I don’t know where Katrina gets her information,” Clovis said. “Facts are important to me and I do my own research.”


Just one more sign of the wheels coming off the Trump bus.

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74 Responses to “Trump campaign publicly throws spokeswoman Katrina Pierson under bus”

  1. Nora Carrington says:

    15 days after this article she is still one the air, now playing doctor about HRC’s health. She’s a disgrace to women, to political surrogates, to the whole damn human race.

  2. Jim says:

    She has sold out completely and her decision to represent Frumpy should have consequences. She is a bimbo with a record who gets paid to lie,spin, and is basically a HO! What happened to credibility, honesty, and facts? Never mind I guess congress and Fox News have sold out as well. We need to start a new political party named the middle class moderates!

  3. Gerald Parks says:

    Dang it …hold out your cup …I’ll put a penny in it!

    After all …that’s the going rate for what you call a “thought”!

  4. Yay Bubbles says:

    I guess when you drag a couple thousand Soros dollars through a third world slum, you never know what you will come out with.

  5. Gerald Parks says:

    For THIS …you want to be paid???

    LOL …”there you go again!”

  6. Yay Bubbles says:

    Wow the Zingers! They just keep coming. zero content, zero facts….

    …but more of the “you’re weird” characterizations. perfecto!

  7. Yay Bubbles says:

    SO….. let me see, your solution is to ignore the problem, and just say F IT! …instead of solving the problem legally, and fixing the system, you want to make the law a further joke, just like drug laws have become.

  8. Tony Bell says:

    Wow, your 8th grade English teacher should be bitch slapped.

  9. EllaFino says:

    She will probably get a job at Fox news.

  10. Ignatz says:

    Of course they have. And those people know, better than anyone, how arbitrary and ridiculous the system is. Do you know how many of those people have wives who have filled out the same paperwork and been refused, for reasons that make sense to absolutely no one?

    Conservatives apparently believe that the Government never does anything right, but immigration rules have no problems whatsoever.

  11. Gerald Parks says:

    We see why you are NOT paid for posting …go sit your sorry ass down somewhere …be sure to put your dunce cap on!

  12. Yay Bubbles says:

    oh good the conspiracy line, that’s always a good one. any other gems?

  13. Yay Bubbles says:

    oh god, here we go again. MILLLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS LEGALLY.

  14. DoverBill says:

    “…and publicly repudiated her remarks.”

    So… we can still expect to see her on all the cable channels spouting her bullshit?

    Thats it?

  15. Yay Bubbles says:

    oh okay, well then it’s okay, because if you don’t get what you want then you should just do it illegally, that’s good, I’ll use that next time I download an episode of game of thrones.

  16. Airdad says:

    She was a complete moron anyway.

  17. mrspeel2 says:

    Thank you.

  18. Ignatz says:

    Good point. I agree with the distinction.

  19. Moderator3 says:

    Documented and undocumented, not legal and illegal.

  20. Ignatz says:

    ” former Mexicans who, OMG, filled out some paperwork in order to LEGALLY come to this country and are now Americans,”

    It doesn’t work that way. If it did, they would do it. Obviously.

    Many of the illegals filled out the paperwork and were refused, and they aren’t even sure why. In fact, they may be the spouses of legal immigrants. That happens a lot: The guy is here legally, but for some stupid bureaucratic “reason,” they won’t let his wife come. And he’s forced to be separated from his wife.

    The system almost seems arbitrary when it comes to deciding who is legal and who isn’t, and the legal immigrants know that better than anyone.

  21. Ignatz says:

    I actually think this is too bad. It worries me because it may mean that the Trump campaign is starting to listen to professional advice, and I want them to keep making mistake after mistake.

  22. Gerald Parks says:

    Well you could always use that tin foil hat …it makes a great cup …and any freeway exit can make for a great begging spot …I help from time to time.
    Here’s to seeing you soon!

  23. Yay Bubbles says:

    ok thanks. I don’t get a paid per post like you, and my ebt card won’t refill til end of month.

  24. jrrj says:

    When you have a larger vocabulary than your candidate, it’s harder to say “I was obviously being sarcastic”. She sounded too serious, therefore, they couldn’t backtrack her statements like Trump’s. For months now I can’t tell when he is just venting or being serious. And that lack of sincerity, seriousness, and overall ignorance has destroyed their party and possibly are two party system.

  25. jrrj says:

    Perfect. You said it all. It’s nice to read something rational in the comments section for once.

  26. mrspeel2 says:

    “Just like they will throw gays, women, whatever it takes under the bus in order get whatever it is they are trying to get, more money from the muslim brotherhood? getting rid of that pesky first amendment, after all why should physical attacks be any different than the mental wounds of being offended.”
    Excuse me but Trump’s already thrown gays, women, latinos, blacks and Muslims under the bus, and has also theoretically run them over for good measure.
    When it comes to being offended, no one has skin as thin as his. He didn’t learn that when the the heat’s too much, he shouldn’t cry, whine or take names to retaliate; he should ignore it. There will be lots of people who will offend him if he’s elected and being so sensitive will not serve our country well when he’s dealing with other world leaders who don’t agree with him.
    Hillary has never called Trumps’ children sociopaths, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she called him one because he’s mighty close to being one.
    Finally Yay Bubbles, if you had children how would you like it if they behaved like Trump? If you were a normal parent, you’d be appalled & mortified by it! Yet you’re willing to accept a person who’s the ultimate schoolyard bully as the leader of the Free World?

  27. cleos_mom says:

    WHAT? No hurricane jokes?

  28. Gerald Parks says:

    A mind IS a terrible thing to waste!

    It is clearly evident you’ve already lost yours if you think that the GOP nominee is fit to be POTUS!

  29. Julietakers2 says:

    <<l:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx510a:….,

  30. Yay Bubbles says:

    Hillary attacks trump children by implying they are sociopaths. Media zero. ZERO.

    She is garbage. Bernie supporters we the last of the best parts of the idealistic Democratic party. They really truly believed in something. The rest of you are just mindless sacks.

    It’s pointless arguing with robots. While Ray waits for the singularity, the Democrats prove it’s already here.

  31. Yay Bubbles says:

    Ah yes, brave Clinton gave us TWO DECADES OF Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    Oh the irony.

  32. Yay Bubbles says:

    yep, i have limited amount of time/money, no reason to waste it.

    9/10 of the last “outrages” of the day were proven to be garbage.

    I’ve now formed a rudimentary theory about future actuons. I predict:

    1. there will be more manufactured outrages.

    2. Hillary will attack the Trump kids, media won’t care.

    3. A reporter or two, will submit false stories to Trump or a friendly media outlet AND it will won’t be researched and exposed in time, before Trump makes a statement on such a fallse news report.

    4. etc…

    Now am I f-ing Nostradamus?!?! No! It’s just logic girl.

    1. Fact is for gay Clintons gave us: don’t ask don’t tell

    2. Fact is for blacks Clintons gave us: three strikes prison terms,

    Destroying hundreds of thousands of black lives FOR POSSESSION/DISTRIBUTION of marijuana.

    a mostly harmless drug, Clinton probably still smokes, and yet they had no qualms LITERALLY destroying people lives forever, through their policies.

    Americans I hope will realize that requiring an ID in order to vote is common sense.

    American still can’t understand why millions of immigrants come over legally every year , but for some reasons Mexicans too dumb to fill out paper work and get put on waiting list.

  33. bluelight74 says:

    Missed your meds today?

  34. Gerald Parks says:

    Oh update …GOP nominee got caught in SIX more lies YESTERDAY …and HIS campaign is apologizing FOR him!

    Well …he is consistent…aka serial lair!


  35. Gerald Parks says:

    OK …Babbles?

    Willful ignorance is not BLISSful…just plain stupid!

    To be stupid is a choice!

    You’ve declared that you’ve chosen!!

    I wish you no luck …with that choice!

    You might want to make sure your health plan covers mental illnesses and depression!

    You gonna need it!

  36. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You do realize that Obama was not a senator at that time, right?

    You’re really a very, angry person, aren’t you? I understand your anger at the education system. Apparently a teacher or teachers neglected to teach you about punctuation. My teachers did.

  37. Moderator3 says:

    Yes. I do. Appprently, you are using two usernames. Bye again.

  38. Liminal says:

    Don’t see much pride in this work just garbage level rhetoric and shouting in an echo chamber.

    Stop projecting, why should some shit personal account which isn’t paid for his opinion be held to a higher standard then you, especially when you are such an unbelievable coward you actually do the childish thing of making a snarky comment to someone you block, you asked me a question you don’t want the answer too, how very pathetic.

    And for what? Pointing out the historic facts of homophobia and the erasure of it? Something LGBT advocate you are, when you call pointing out gay people are being murdered and erased from history “trolling”. Screw your echo chamber, people like you will only see people like me harmed in a sad attempt for casing the in thing. It’s a joke to call yourself an advocate when you are to scared what truths might do to your figures. If you had any decency and care for the actual issues involved you’d question the status of your so called “allies” to make you so afraid of saying certain things, you’d rather bend over backwards and castrate yourself for their benefit, because at the end of the day that is the only thing they care about, their own gain, not you’re, they are your “ally” only in words, you and your ilk are nothing more then trophies for them to use and the rest of us have to suffer it, so sorry my spur of the moment twitter account from being so tired of all the bullshit narratives being spun by the so called “left” of today, and I had the audacity to make a typo, that isn’t up to your standard, I guess gay people not in positions to have platforms aren’t entitled to a voice unless it’s approved of by a corporation.

  39. tomas rader says:

    I try to alter my paragraphs when I copy paste. U do know what a paragraph is right?

  40. tomas rader says:

    Congrats on your sex pref announcement but uncloseting is so passe in this decade. All progs are psycho victims of the stockholm syndrome .. ck out the symptoms yourself.

  41. tomas rader says:

    Don’t stop the bias and attacks … why? leading to a very pissed off landslide victory for trump and the obit for not just 16 RNC rinos but the alleged journal lust MSM forevermore.

  42. tomas rader says:

    Clinton as a senator voted to go in to iraq. Obama as a senator was absent as usual to vote. He always CYA by no opinion .. not voting. If the VAs right with 7 suicides a day from iraq vets … mangina over med opiods rx psycho pussies … We’ve exceeded thousands by now as a result of mommas boys guilt ridden morons who weren’t vetted at enlistment. She had a point but didn’t know how to defend it. Another result of our piss poor teachers and over budgeted education system.

  43. MrBlifil says:

    Clearly her marching orders are to blame Hillary and Obama for everything. Convert whichever story to a narrative wherein Obama and Clinton are evildoers who are responsible. She was simply toeing the company line. Now they are concerned about facts? Her boss is a fucking birther, for fuck’s sake, who promised his private investigators would make a shocking revelation. Fuck all of them.

  44. Stanley_Krute says:

    I just want to thank Yay Bubbles for his / her exemplary exemplification !!!

  45. Yay Bubbles says:

    keep dreaming, I ‘m going to have gocam with me day after election just so I can see all the shocked faces off ignorant walking out in a daze in californoa

  46. Yay Bubbles says:

    t does and it doesn’t. Trump has not been ‘caught’ in any factual inaccuracy of any relevance, this inability to understand relevance, proportion, perspective.

    The constant never ending attacks upon trump, all of which, for those keeping up and following up, found to be 99.000 UINTRUE.

    Known liar Hillary, attacked trumps children, the media has said nothing, if Trump were to say something similar about Chelsea, more than likely having inherited both her fathers and mothers, genetic sociopath defect, we can almost predict this fake outrage is already and calendered in.

  47. Prince Bowaa says:

    Katrina Pierson is not the problem
    The BIG BOSS is the problem

  48. Moderator3 says:

    “but this comment will be removed and I’ll be blocked”

    Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

  49. Yay Bubbles says:

    Yeah, I don’t think so, I have a pretty good gauge on the mood of various parts of the country, both conservative and liberal.

    there are many factors that you aren’t considering, because that is the problem with existing within a self-referential bubble.

    You only have ten dollars worth of lies to give out, however, I beleve that this election cycle ‘you people’ gave out 8-9 dollar already;. Every single scam outrage, has been seen for what it is, disgusting, dishonest.

    it’s now a shared cultural experience to be called racist or homophobic, even though you know that you aren’t because of the new tyranny of ‘hurt feelings’ and ‘bad words’ ….those accusations now have no meaning anymore. unfortunately.

    Furthermore, we’ve all seen how merkel is destroying germany, how France and Swednen, in the name of poiltical correctness have become the rape capitals of the earth, despite ordering all statistics gathering to be stopped and attacks coveed up, people are dumb yes, BUT YOU OVER-ESTIMATED HOW DUMB, They are definitely not this dumb.

  50. evolved human says:

    I think you have it all backwards, son. The disgust toward Trump, not Clinton, is growing with each passing day and you can just can it with the allegations that he’s being viciously attacked. People are using HIS OWN WORDS against him. Smell reality, dude.

  51. mrspeel2 says:

    “he said, “I think facts always help you, the truth always helps you and I think that’s always where we ought to be.” …”
    Too bad he can’t get his boss to understand this.

  52. Yay Bubbles says:

    I won’t research this, and won’t dig for facts anymore. THE FACT IS, the :LAST 10 “OUTRAGES” against TRUMP have all turned out to be complete garbage

    Past results do not necessarily predict future events, but I’m done with Democrats this election cycle. Hillary had every advantage to keep me as a supporter this election, but I have grown progressively tired by the ongoing dishonest….propaganda war being waged against trump.

    I didn’t EVEN LIKE TRUMP, do you understand this??? but anyone being attacked so viciously so dishonestly, no way I’m supporting her. Ican’t be the only one out there.

  53. Yay Bubbles says:

    Just like they will throw gays, women, whatever it takes under the bus in order get whatever it is they are trying to get, more money from the muslim brotherhood? getting rid of that pesky first amendment, after all why should physical attacks be any different than the mental wounds of being offended.

    I am so happy that the person I’m supporting, diidn’t throw his speech writer udner the bus, did not apologize to lying ockroach who spoke at the DNC convention, and who knows maybe he won’t throw us under the bus after he is elected, can’t predict the future

    …for trump that is. For Hillary, this will be the first president to hold office minus any meaningful checks and balances on power. BUSH/OBAMA has bastardized many of those checks and balances already,

    Rational people can on’y take so much, most don’t watch network news anymore, because it’s literally garbage

    If you enjoy being treated like a cheap whore and useful idiot, like the sanders supporters, by all means vote for hillary.

    btw. i am gay and mostly democrat, but this comment will be removed and I’ll be blocked as many so called “liberal” web sites have done already….rawstory…. etc.

    ….and you know what, not even the kooks at have evere blocked or banned me after making comments they disagreed wiith. This is disgusting behavior, and I’m not voting in this filth.

    I’m American, I believe in freedom of speech and what the Democrats have done, is to undermine these basic human rights in every meanignful way possible. THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT HANNITY / RUSH / BECK and the rest of the far kooks did to Obama when he started first year as presdient.

    but now, it’s 20 times worse, there is no media criticism of hillary whatsoever, the daily show has become a hole, you know what kind, not funny, just angry ifgnorant…

    anyway, I urge all gays, blacks, bernies, former Mexicans who, OMG, filled out some paperwork in order to LEGALLY come to this country and are now Americans, and anyone else for whom the stench has grown too great toi ignore, you don’t have tell anyone, it’s a secret ballot, vote for the only chance we have of changing anything. this is it.

  54. Moderator3 says:

    That was one of the first things I did. This isn’t my first rodeo.

  55. rmthunter says:

    Maybe she can go work for Jill Stein. Just think of the possibilities.

  56. Gerald Parks says:

    Ohhh …Wait a minute…she is being thrown under the bus for….lying???
    Sheese …their nominee was caught in 4 lies just yesterday.
    At least 1… today!
    Hummm …they are gonna need a bigger bus!

  57. HeywoodJa says:

    Check the IP–it’s probably coming at you through a proxy, straight from Putin’s Donald Trump War Room!! Wonder how many roubles an hour those poor slobs get paid?

  58. HeywoodJa says:

    Anyone who has traveled to 3rd World countries recognizes that sad behavior. You see it all the time. It is born of utter desperation coupled with a complete lack of self-respect. It manifests itself in complete debasement to get what the individual needs. In the case of the prostitutes walking the streets and willing to sell themselves in poor economies so they can eat and feed their families, it’s understandable. Sad, but understandable. In the case of this woman, I can only wonder what it is she craves. Could it be FAME? Well, if that’s the case, she’s living in INFAMY. She’s like Baghdad Bob with a manicure, poor thing.

  59. Grant Saw says:

    No more bullet necklaces. It’s a shame, as she attracted her own “special” attention with her musings.

  60. Moderator3 says:

    You have been going all over the blogosphere and posting the same thing (including mistakes). That is spamming, and it will be treated accordingly.

  61. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    League of Nations? Did you ask Woodrow Wilson if that would be okay?

    I would think the president that lied in order to lead us into a war that he knew wasn’t necessary should be tried for war crimes. Now who was that? Oh yes, George W. Bush.

  62. tommy 3step says:

    Here is what Katerina should have said …….

    The Evidence is Clear, ”Its time for the International Community and League of
    Nations to file War Crime Charges
    against Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama” !

    The foreign policy of the current Administration is along
    with the Hedge fund investment community perpetuating conflicts to consolidate
    resources and generate wealth from it , and its displaying people in these
    areas and its time it stopped .

    Did the Obama Administration create ISIS to be a conflicting
    force spreading into areas of the world where resources and durable good are
    under threat of losing US dollar
    valuation and conflict gives way to US intervention to keep dollar valuation in
    place ? This Video gives some insight to the question , Pay Attention to the
    ” Leaked ” Pentagon Document ,

    I don’t care who
    these Crimes against Humanity implicate because this has to be stopped !

    ISIS is getting control of Resource and Durable Goods
    production areas in world

    WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Served On Board Of Company With
    ISIS Ties

    Hillary Obama and the Hedge-funds created ISIS for the Proxy
    War Force to control world Resources

    Hilarys Hedgefunds Perpetuate Wars around the world
    listen2her @ 1:00 Petro Co in Sussman Hedgefund

    Hilarys donor Sussman hedge fund Petro Corp to make money
    from Iraq war

    This needs to be investigated . Thank you .

  63. ANB2015 says:

    “I think it’s important to have accurate information,” Clovis said, “so as to know what not to talk about.”

  64. Sumer54 says:

    Doubling down today, without Katrina Pierson, on the $400m Iran cash delusion, ripped apart by the evening press. So much for this yen for accuracy.

    So, does that accuracy start next week?

  65. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    Well there goes the theory that Trump hires good people.

  66. RepubAnon says:

    Probably because she is a woman – had a male made such statements, they’d have found a fall girl in the Trump organization, and blamed her.

  67. BeccaM says:

    Obviously Katrina didn’t get the memo that only Donald is allowed to tell whoppers that YUGE.

  68. old_redneck says:

    Why did they dump her? Every other member of the campaign lies incessantly, including Trump.

  69. Colin says:

    I have seen a lot of hard campaigning. I have never seen such a vile bunch.

  70. woodroad34 says:

    Fungible asset

  71. jm2 says:

    the certifiable certifying a certifiable? what next? heehee…

  72. grandpamike1 says:

    “I don’t know where Katrina gets her information,” Clovis said. “Facts are important to me and I do my own research.”

    Best laugh I had in a while. They care about facts. Hahahahahaha

  73. Badgerite says:

    If the trump campaign really wanted to get somewhere they would throw their nominee under the bus.
    He is the original fact free zone.

  74. littlesuzi says:

    She was just doing what everyone in the Trump camp do. Did you just hear the misinformation about paying Iran was coming out of Trump’s mouth today.

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