Did Trump let the Mexicans tell him he couldn’t raise Old Glory?

Oh say can’t you see.

Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress was the first to notice that when Trump spoke in Mexico today, alongside the Mexican president, there was no American flag on the stage.

The Mexican flag was prominently there, but the stars and stripes was MIA.


Trump and the Mexican president speak in Mexico City. The Mexican flag is there, the American flag is not.

Then one of my Twitter followers uncovered this photo of then-presidential-candidate Obama in Israel. And what do you know, the American flag was right behind him.


Excerpt of an image from Getty Images.

A number of Trump supporters claimed that this wasn’t fair. Trump, they said, couldn’t get an American flag because he wasn’t a US government official. Whereas Obama was a US Senator when he visited Israel, thus he got a flag and Trump didn’t.

Good point, I thought.

Then another Twitter follower sent me this image of private citizen Mitt Romney in Israel. And what do you know — our flag was still there!

Excerpt of an AP photo of Romney in Israel.

Excerpt of an AP photo of Romney in Israel.

You might recall how snippy Trump supporters on TV got when they didn’t see enough flags on stage during the first night of the Democratic convention. So, make not mistake — they started this flag race.

So why wasn’t there a flag on the podium in Mexico City today?

It’s possible the Trump people simply didn’t think about it, though that’s insane — when you’re running for president, and are on stage doing a press event with a head of state, you bring a flag.

Or, the Mexicans wouldn’t let Trump raise the flag. Which is a really interesting, and troubling, possibility. The Republican presidential candidate let a foreign government tell him when and where he was allowed to fly the American flag.

Think about that one, and just imagine the uproar had Hillary let a foreign government dictate her use of Old Glory.

And just as importantly, Trump couldn’t even negotiate a flag at a press conference. How is he going to renegotiate NAFTA?

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