Trump just suggested that Hillary or her Supreme Court picks be assassinated

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump joked today that the “2nd amendment” people might be able to deal with Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Courts picks.

Everyone that I’ve heard from interpreted this as clearly being a threat to assassinate either Hillary or her Supreme Court nominees.

I’d say unbelievable, but at this point, I’m speechless.

Here is Trump today in North Carolina:

“And by the way, if she gets to pick… If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is though.”

Trump’s surrogate on CNN just told CNN that he obviously meant the 2nd Amendment lobby could take Hillary down politically. Of course, Trump was talking about once Hillary is already president, so he wasn’t talking about the NRA getting involved and helping elect Trump, as Trump is now claiming.

He just joked about assassinating the Democratic presidential candidate and/or federal judges, and CNN’s anchor just let it pass, and moved on to another topic?

As Josh Marshall just reminded us on Twitter, one of Trump’s advisers has already suggested that Hillary be shot for treason.

We’ve had a long history of presidential assassinations in this country. And we’ve also had a lot of violence against judges over the past decade. This was just incredibly irresponsible, even for Trump.

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35 Responses to “Trump just suggested that Hillary or her Supreme Court picks be assassinated”

  1. Tom McLachlin says:

    ? Does deadbeat Donnie know how serious a blunder he has made ?
    ? Does anyone in the Republican party feel the earth shift under their feet?

    Inciting violence against a judge is a felony.
    The measure of whether or not the American legal system works will be determined by the outcome of Donald Trump’s trial for inciting violence against judges.

    I am not clear what American law says about threatening a political candidate with assassination, but historically, that is not how democracy worked in the USA. What keeps civilization civil is the peaceful exchange of ideas and debate, by educated adults – using words, not threats or violence.

    What Trump did wasn’t a joke, it wasn’t sarcasm, It certainly wasn’t a call to vote, It wasn’t smart or good politics. It was illegal. It was an attack on American democracy. It was evil.

    50 Republican policy makers with national security clearances disowned Donald Trump because they realize he is unfit to serve. That he does not have the temperament to be the president. They are just been proven correct.

    Donald Trump is a tyrant, unfit to lead, unfit to command America’s forces.
    Americans know this in their hearts now, but will they vote with their hearts?

  2. Badgerite says:

    I think he needs some time at ‘Shady Acres’ or something. As to Ryan’s excuses, the trump candidacy is a walking “joke gone bad”.

  3. goulo says:

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  4. Colin says:

    Propaganda my friend. That’s how we got here. decades of it aimed right at those portions of our country who never stopped hating , just hid it till it was safe to spit venom again.

  5. Colin says:

    go away

  6. Annejpatton2 says:

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  7. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Yeah. My thoughts?

    Most Republicans know that voting for Johnson helps Hillary, and realize that Johnson has as much chance of winning right now as Stein. We already have high-profile Republicans saying they’re voting Clinton. I can imagine a non-insignificant number of Republican rank and file voting Clinton in this election, just because Team Red has such a shitty candidate.

    Add to that number the number of Republicans that look at Clinton and say she’s the worst option, but who acknowledge their candidate sucks. Right now, they’re doing the math and realizing a vote for Johnson might as well be a vote for Clinton (reducing Trump’s margin so it’s easier for Clinton to win), much like we’re trying to convince the trolls here that votes for Stein might as well be votes for Trump. Get Johnson to the point where he swaps places with Trump, and we might see the mass exodus that Phil was speaking to.

    Buuut…it’s a classic chicken and egg paradox.

  8. Houndentenor says:

    There is a libertarian wing of the GOP. Some of them have already defected to Johson which is why he’s poling about 7x higher than libertarians have ever done in an election. That’s huge growth actually. Not enough to win, probably not even a single state, although it’s only August. If the crazy continues some western states might move strongly towards Johnson over Trump. It’s a longshot, of course.

  9. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Yeah. In my defense, I didn’t say this was likely. Merely that if Phil was right that Reps were abandoning their Trumpster Fire, we’d see massive moves towards him. But I did cover my ass and say it’s more likely that the shitgibbons would stick with Master Shitgibbon. :P

  10. Houndentenor says:

    You mean an actual change of winning? There’s a long way between 7% in the polls and winning, so good luck with that.

  11. Gerald Parks says:

    I am with THAT!

    This orange pond scum speaks of 2nd Amendment people …I think John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Squeaky Frome, John Hinkley, etc …all white domestic terrorist except for Sirhan.
    The attempt to determine if it was a joke or misunderstood is a fool’s errand …what matters is what some determined potential domestic terrorist “thinks” he/she “heard”.
    Even the 55+ fellow Republicans that fled that sinking ship see this dangerous despot for what he is …UNFIT for the job of POTUS!

  12. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    You’ll be surprised how many moderates, disillusioned Republicans, otherwise conservative voters who can’t stand the jerk Team Red nominated, and otherwise non-Democrats are crossing over and becoming D voters this election thanks to the Shitgibbon. And more will join us because the Cheeto-Faced Ferret-Wearer just advocated for ‘second amendment solutions’ to the judge issue (of course, he ran that back, but it’s out). Give ’em a chance of Johnson winning, and I’m sure they’ll cross over to him.

  13. Houndentenor says:

    Are there? I don’t doubt there are some, but I’ve read enough libertarian literature to know that I am NOT a libertarian. I’m also not a socialist (so no Sanders for me and especially no Stein). A lot of the country is near the middle somewhere and it’s not very far from center right (Collins, etc.) to center left (Obama, Clinton, etc.).

  14. Houndentenor says:

    It’s no wonder Obama’s approval numbers keep going up this year. Instead of approve I’d like an option of “PLEASE DON”T GO!!!”

  15. Houndentenor says:

    How the hell did our country get here. Yes, I know I hear people saying stupid shit all the time, but they aren’t running for president and they sure as fuck aren’t the nominee. Can you imagine Romney, McCain or W saying anything like that? Bob Dole or Bush Sr? Of course not. I’m not sure they’d have even thought it but they certainly wouldn’t have said it, especially not in front of a microphone. The world watches our elections. This is horrifying and humiliating. I’d like to say “we’re not all like that” but like when everyone else uses that expression the reality is that a good many of us ARE!

  16. basenjilover says:

    In video, the man with white beard behind Trump appeared to be saying wow or whoa but look at white haired woman next to him… she laughed. She must think it was amusing.

  17. Blogvader says:

    Finally, John posts something that is meant for character assassination and is actually, legitimately [email protected]#$ed up.

    Trump should be in jail for this, just like any other person would be if they did the same.

  18. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    On one hand, if this ever happened, it would allow those dissatisfied with Clinton to switch their vote to Johnson. I am not happy with her as a candidate, and I think I could live with Libertarian rule (hell, we survived Bush, we can survive many things), and I’m sure there are lots more D voters who would switch to L just because they were only voting D because the R candidate was a certified shitgibbon. Make the L much more likely to win, and the uneasy allies on Team Blue’s side might swap over to Team Libertarian (Team Yellow?). Then maybe Team Blue will have a come to jesus moment about their own liberals, and let a Sanders or Warren style Democrat have a go at it in 2020 or 2024.

    On the other? The little shitgibbon armies behind the big shitgibbon haven’t abandoned the Trumpster even as it has been filling the air with the stenches of its fire. What makes you think they’ll change now? :P :)

  19. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Every time you think this scumbag has found the absolute bottom of the barrel for abhorrent behavior, he surprises you and digs deeper. I swear. This asswipe could be featured on the evening news in bed with a live boy AND a dead girl, having Puppy and Kitten Souffle, and the f*ckers that back him would keep backing him.

  20. Gerald Parks says:

    Forgot about that one! WOW!

  21. Gerald Parks says:

    Well …THAT was some pivot!
    As the twice elected current POTUS said “The GOP/ Republican Party nominee IS unfit for the job of POTUS …and proving it …every day!”
    Can’t wait to hear the GOP/ Republican Party leadership twist their way out of THIS statement by THEIR “deep” bench nominee!

  22. Phil in FLL says:

    My guess is that a Republican exodus to Gary Johnson will now begin. What is Johnson’s national polling average? About 7%, I think? Not for long.

  23. Diane says:

    First Sarah Palin and her “targets”, Gabby Gifford shot and people killed.
    Now Trump and his remark.

  24. BeccaM says:

    Going down in history, what remains of it anyway, as America’s last President.

  25. Phil in FLL says:

    One important question is “an assassination attempt by whom?” If it’s one of Trump’s mentally unhinged supporters, the Secret Service will likely be able to keep matter in hand. On the other hand, if Trump is able to get Putin, who has much more sophisticated resources, to plan an assassination attempt, that is a different story.

    Under the circumstances, the nation deserves some response from the Secret Service. Beyond that, a grand jury may very well have the authority to investigate Trump’s suggestions to his supporters that they assassinate either Hillary or her justice nominees.

  26. BeccaM says:

    Keith Olbermann said it rather succinctly:

  27. Annie Coffman says:

    This grotesque grievance collector will also be in control of the DOJ and the FBI.

  28. emjayay says:

    “Trump’s surrogate on CNN just told CNN that he obviously meant the 2nd Amendment lobby could take Hillary down politically.” I guess him campaign repeated this bullshit. It’s obvious to anyone that he meant guns. He just said there was “nothing you could do about it”, meaning that once someone is elected president they have four years of appointing Supreme Court judges. Of course, he was forgetting that Congress also he power to “advise and consent” which Republicans have interpreted as not having hearings or a vote.

  29. Randy Riddle says:

    GOP politicians that haven’t come out against Trump – like Gov McCrory in NC – need to have their feet held to the fire on this.

    After all this man has done – the racism, bigotry, insults to military parents, and now inciting violence against elected officials – how can any responsible person still support Trump’s campaign?

    Frankly, if people like McCrory are going to tacitly support Trump, Trump needs to be a millstone around their neck all through the Fall campaign.

  30. gratuitous says:

    His campaign is now “clarifying” Trump’s irresponsible statement by saying he meant that Second Amendment people voting in a bloc would somehow stop a President Hillary Clinton from appointing judges. I’m not sure how it would work out that by losing an election, a group of voters who all voted the same way would somehow invalidate the constitutional power of the presidency. The explanation makes no sense; the original statement seems pretty clear on its face.

    I’m beyond snark on this one, though. We have a country with a long history of easy availability of firearms and a large supply of unstable individuals ready to use them for their own demented purposes. Trump’s statement can’t be shrugged off as “just a joke,” or its plain meaning explained away. No, this time Trump has to be made to apologize publicly and walk back his statement, word for word. Nothing less than that.

  31. goulo says:

    And of course if some gun nut shoots at Clinton or a judge, the Trump camp will say it was just some unrelated coincidence, and that certainly nothing Trump ever said would have encouraged such an attack… :/

  32. Badgerite says:

    The words “responsible” and “trump” do not go together in the same sentence. The ‘man’ is an unstable, unhinged, venal, unprincipled Monster. And an ignorant and cowardly one at that.

  33. Walter Root says:

    Law & order, Trump style. He needs to be replaced, stat.

  34. Quilla says:

    All right, that’s enough. It’s time for the adults in the room to take him away.

    If treason isn’t enough, certainly threatening to kill a former US Senator and Secretary of State should be.

    Arrest the bastard.

  35. PattyJM says:

    If it were anyone other than Trump who said that I wouldn’t believe it.

    Remember if this guy wins the election

    – He will be Commander in Chief of the US Military.

    – He will have access to the nuclear launch codes.

    – He will get to nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice (for Scalia) and possibly three (Ginsberg, Kennedy are both in their 80s).

    And who knows what other mischief he will come up with?

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