Trump visits Louisiana flood after Governor said “stay away” — risks disrupting disaster relief

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump swooped into flood-ridden Louisiana today for a photo opp after the governor of the state asked politicians to stay away for at least two weeks.

It is common knowledge that immediately after disasters you don’t want presidents — or anyone else with serious security needs — visiting, lest they disrupt the disaster response by sucking away resources for their political photo opp.

Here’s what the governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, had to say this week:

He said a visit from Obama, which would require heightened security and road closures, would be a drain on resources as the state still works to respond to the flood.

“Quite frankly, that’s not something I want to go through right now,” Edwards said. “I would just as soon he wait a week or two.”

But that didn’t stop Donald Trump.

UDPATE: The Hill has more from the Governor, telling Trump to stay away:

The governor of Louisiana is telling Donald Trump to stay away from the state if he only intends to show up for a photo-op and leave.

“Donald Trump hasn’t called the governor to inform him of his visit,” Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) said in a statement Friday morning. “We welcome him to LA, but not for a photo-op.”

The governor’s office added that if the Republican presidential nominee is interested in helping flood victims, he should “consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund” instead.

A further update, per CNN, Trump donated a bunch of ‘goods’ to the relief effort, which is something you should NEVER do. This is exactly what Romney did in 2012. While an amateur might think you don’t “stuff” to disaster relief, you’re supposed to donate money.

And I quote from the Red Cross Web site:

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

Like Mitt Romney in 2012, when Romney tried to take political advantage of Hurricane Sandy, and ended up impeding disaster relief, Donald Trump parachuted into Louisiana today, with his Secret Service army in tow, to get a series of photo opps at the expense of the local relief effort.

Fortunately, unlike Bush under Katrina, the Obama administration’s FEMA has acted quickly to respond to the disaster, as Louisiana’s Lt. Governor Billy Nunsgesser noted to NPR:

NUNGESSER: I tell you, I can’t be more – FEMA has been on the ground, has been flying around with us every day. Craig Fugate was down here giving answers to the governor. So the team effort for this – I’m very proud of the way the whole team’s working together. The National Guard, the sheriffs, the volunteers – neighbor helping neighbors. But FEMA has been on the ground and has really done a good job thus far through this disaster.

I can’t tell you – there’s been a whole huge change since Katrina in the response, in wanting to get people on the ground. They’re on the ground already, meeting with people at the shelters, getting the information. And as you know, after Katrina, it took a long time. So they’ve gotten a lot better. And things are really working well so far.‎

That’s how you act presidential. Not by flying in for a photo opp that disrupts disaster relief. You act presidential by actually providing relief to those affected by the disaster. And President Obama is doing just that.

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89 Responses to “Trump visits Louisiana flood after Governor said “stay away” — risks disrupting disaster relief”

  1. Kenneth Darby says:

    The Red Cross is a Joke. They have one of the lowest percentage of giving verses what comes in. And actually Trump donated a lot to the area. How much did the Clinton Foundation give?

  2. Moderator4 says:

    We agree. You may not appreciate just how much we agree. Between personal attacks and spam, as well, there are often times when we are kept quite busy. :-)

  3. Fred Scuttle says:

    Fair enough! Just wish people would engage in a civil debate. Once it gets to name calling and personal attacks it shows how weak a position is. Have a good day!

  4. Moderator4 says:

    We wound up banning pyrophilia, as well. We don’t always announce bannings to the rest of you.

  5. Fred Scuttle says:

    So one comment is bad… And the user gets banned. Pyro’s comments are extremely inflammatory and much worse…, and he’s allowed to stay with a warning that he ignored with he next comment? To quite Joker from Batman: “This town needs an enema!”

  6. Moderator3 says:

    His comment was not appropriate, and that was addressed. You also need to moderate your comments. You are entitled to believe what you believe, but you don’t need to insult those who believe otherwise.

  7. pyrophilia says:

    besides even if he Did exist: I would SPIT in your Gods EYE.

  8. pyrophilia says:

    and your god? Is a psychotic delusion. nothing more. SEEK MENTAL HELP.

  9. pyrophilia says:

    Did I mention Hail Satan?

    Because seriously Jesus never existed.

  10. mardijohns says:

    There has been no criminal activity…they have not been charged or convicted of ANYTHING! But the Clinton Foundation is guilty of fighting to reduce the cost of AIDS medicine and provides life-saving vaccines for children who would otherwise not get them. But maybe you are homophobic and don’t even appreciate that.

  11. mardijohns says:

    He could have gone there to unload a truck…or actually done some physical labor…..but that would be beneath him. He didn’t even help after 9/11 or ‘7/11’ as he called it. But HE DID apply for the $150,000 that was given out to help businesses that were affected during the 9/11 attacks. The money was earmarked for ‘small businesses’. Trump admitted that his business was not hurt by 9/11 but he queued up for the relief check anyway.

  12. mardijohns says:

    I wonder who alerted the media to have their cameras there…for the total of 48 seconds that he helped unload Play-Doh…..looks like a photo op to me…..and ‘many people’ are saying this. Believe me.

  13. mardijohns says:

    Naw….we don’t bail. We just realize that we can’t fix stupid.

  14. mardijohns says:

    Just as he planned. But many people think it is wonderful for him to provide ‘play-doh for the homeless’. If I am ever homeless, I will find a corner and hold a sign that reads: Will work for Play-Doh.

  15. mardijohns says:

    Many people are saying that. A measley hundred grand is all he could kick in? And he is worth billions! Hell, Taylor Swift gave a cool million.

  16. mardijohns says:

    Uh…I believe it was handled just fine. But I bet they were wondering where to put all those cases of Play-doh…donated to people without homes to sleep in, much less a place in which to do crafting with clay.

  17. mardijohns says:

    Yes. He appreciated getting the media coverage but he asked Trump NOT to come for a photo op but he did anyway. He asked him, instead, to write a generous check to flood relief. The Red Cross asks people to donate money rather than things…because ‘things’ have to be sorted and cleaned to be dist. when there is a shortage of man power to go around. Obama did what he needed to in order to get the relief agencies activated. And more importantly, Obama respected the request of the governor. But still….you just gotta bitch. If he had come right away against the governor’s request…I am sure you would have bitched about that too.

  18. Some people say the check hasn’t yet cleared….

  19. Us Liberals already knew there was flooding; The Weather Channel was covering the details.

  20. Moderator4 says:

    Goodbye, Houdini50. You are banned.

  21. Randy PeQueen says:

    Who said anything about donating money? Lot’s of people send money. My response is obviously to the claim that Trump was not here for a photo op. I clearly stated that he never ‘visited and brought help’ in the past and it’s just as clear that I did not say he should have. You have validated my point. Quoting you … “He was not running for president then”… He did it this time because he’s running for president. Photo-op. Duh.

    So check your predictable Trump bias and learn how to discern simple context before you display your lack of reading comprehension.

  22. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Well, bless your heart.

  23. Houdini50 says:

    why on earth would he keep employees working in such an unsafe area? I’d have laid them all off too..locked the doors and gone about my business. Nothing say he has to keep people working. No need getting people hurt unnecessarily. I might have done the exact same thing he did. Why does it always come down to hate trump because of: ……..? You people really need to stop listening to the MSM…the have you all brain washed. I watch on tv no news what so ever. I refuse to listen to the bs and hateful mind set and brain washing that’s going on ….I suggest you do the same thing and quit being brain dead.

  24. Houdini50 says:

    and you are one huge POS too. Anyone that would vote for killary K. Klinton has no brain at all…actually brain dead completely. It would be like Obammie sitting in the oval office one more term. That’s a fact that is undeniable. YOu can’t think for yourself because you choose to listen to MSM instead of the american people. You watch the lies in the polling numbers and believe them because you are brain dead and cannot think for yourself too lazy to do your own research. You are a very sick person…you need mental help maybe a rubber room to stay in for a couple of years to get the bs out of your head and get a new brain installed.
    all I can say is shame on you. I pray you can get past Jesus when the last day comes..I don’t think you can. You are so full of hate it’s sickening.

  25. Houdini50 says:

    ah but you are dead wrong in that thinking. Donald Trump did in fact donate a ton of money to the Katrina effort when it happened…of course he didn’t go there in person and why should he? He was not running for president then. He is now…and again spent money to get the people of LA some resources to help them get by until things get settled down and reconstruction begins. So, check your facts out before you open the old pie hole

  26. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Aw, what’s a matter, you? You get smacked down by the Moderator team and now you’re crying about it like a petulant six year old?

    Here’s a hint, trolikins. Bolding the occasional word in a comment isn’t yelling. It’s emphasis. It draws your eyes over to the word I want you to see. Like @Moderator4:disqus told you, there’s a difference between bolding or CAPSing a single word in a sentence to draw emphasis, and SHOUTING your entire comment. The former is considered good netiquette. The latter…is not. :).

    As for your silly ‘mine is bigger than yours’ reply? All my friends from Louisiana are in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs. They’re rather…busy right now getting their lives back in order after the flood, and have better things to do with their time than entertain a disqus troll. So sorry. ;)

  27. Moderator3 says:

    Of course, you haven’t seen anyone else targeted. You’ve only been here for a few hours.

  28. Richard Murrison says:

    Well lets see . Trump brings a simi of relief to the flood victims and Obama plays 6 days of Golf . What a piece of shit your sight is.

  29. K Garrett says:

    You should be happy that anyone is commenting..

  30. K Garrett says:

    Actaully I’ve never been on any of these articles and some of the comments here doesn’t seem to me that I want to come back. I don’t see any of you targeting anyone else.. typical..

  31. Moderator3 says:

    You’re going to want Mod 4 back with you. I’m very concerned about you flooding the blog with comments this morning. I’m very close to hitting the ban button.

  32. K Garrett says:

    Oh my mistake that’s not a clown that’s a joker.. Mine is still scarier..

  33. Kenneth Darby says:

    Actually The Governor thanked Trump for bringing attention to the area. Are lies the only thing you liberals know?

  34. Moderator4 says:

    Bolding a few words in a comment is not the same as bolding the entire comment.
    (Just as writing a word or two in all caps is not the same as writing the entire comment in all caps.)

  35. K Garrett says:

    That’s what liberals do when they have no other argument..they bail. Have a good day!

  36. K Garrett says:

    Oh yes occupy.. I remember those paid for hire idiots..

  37. K Garrett says:

    You know we all have friends in Louisiana and ours is telling us different.. I know how about I meet you down there. I’ll bring things from my friends and you bring yours..

  38. K Garrett says:

    @moderator4 can you let Opinionated Cat Lover that bold is also yelling..

  39. walterhpdx says:

    I’m not going to respond to an ad hominem attack, so instead I’ll just wish you a good day.

  40. K Garrett says:

    Ask those Sandy victims how long they waited..three are still homes of those who never got help.

  41. K Garrett says:

    That’s right. Trust me

  42. K Garrett says:

    It’s more Democrats just trying to cover for each other. I think they are in a race to hell. Liars and thieves ..when someone steps up to help and it’s not their political affiliate they lose their stupid heads. Hey idiots it’s not always about politics..this is about people. Once you figure that out you can rejoin the human race.

  43. K Garrett says:

    Again that belongs to the current administration. So how long did those people wait.? Christie had to threaten idiots to get off the beach while odummer vacationed. How long did those people wait for government help some never did. All the money that was promised where is it..the current administration LIED to those ask where was Trump where were you. Where was your president..

  44. K Garrett says:

    You are a tool.

  45. K Garrett says:

    Oh yes because they are there right away. It takes almost a week afterwards for them to mobilize and finally get help in there. I live in a flood zone and went through multiple floods and do you know who is first to come help..neighboring towns. People who can get there not those who want to sit back and draw up plans. Right after the water goes down is when you need someone. I see most of you don’t know what you are talking about.

  46. K Garrett says:

    If that is how you see it then it’s your sinister mind thinking that way. Maybe that’s the problem with your liberal thought process, it’s broken.

  47. K Garrett says:

    That’s BS the current administration has demonstrated it can not handle any disaster. Hell they can’t even handle a mob blocking the roadway.

  48. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    If you are already there, help. If you are not in the area, donate money to the Red Cross. Their experience with helping during disasters is vastly more than anyone else’s. They are quite efficient. They even bring in laundry facilities on trucks. Sometimes, clean clothes can raise a person’s spirit, and are necessary when dealing with infants and the elderly. The Red Cross can offer temporary shelter, food, and water to a wider area than individuals can. Individuals can even get in the way of the Red Cross. America is not ***ked, but the people need to work with others as they were taught in kindergarten.

  49. Moderator4 says:

    Do not use all caps in the future. It is Internet shouting, and any further all-caps comments will be deleted.

  50. spideysplat says:

    So in and emergency we shouldn’t help each other and let the government get to it when they can? No wonder America is so fucked…..

  51. Cookie says:

    What a bunch of crap! Trump never asked for ANYTHING from Edwards. He went to comfort and aid the PEOPLE not him. Nothing was disrupted, and he brought his own staff. Leave it to the liberals to malign a good act.

  52. Jake Jack says:

    Which mumbo jumbo only means, “We can’t put food and clothes in our bank accounts, so we don’t want it. Give us money, that’s much better.” I can’t believe people actually fall for that. Are you really that dumb? There is not, and will never be any gov. entity that can do things as well as or better than PRIVATE CIVILIAN INDIVIDUALS donating time and resources.

  53. gypsyluv says:


  54. Mercer II says:

    Obama had different thoughts about Bush not being on the ground

  55. Darf Nader says:

    You know the Daily Mail is the National Enquirer of the UK, right? You might as well be posting news about Batboy’s whereabouts.

  56. walterhpdx says:

    But a lot of people won’t understand what the Governor wants or says. They’ll see Trump going to Louisiana as “caring about the people” instead as a publicity stunt.

  57. Trump: Fame Become Defame for Republican Donald J Trump read more

  58. Brent Hull says:

    laughable soros puppet site

  59. Cyndi Romero Strother says:

    Yes, and you still didn’t retract your statement about Edward’s telling him not to come. I wouldn’t give up my day job for a job in reporting, if I were you.

  60. Cyndi Romero Strother says:

    And WHY is it only TRUMP past keeps being brought up?? People are so BLIND to the Clinton’s criminal activity that was in their past AND CONTINUES to today??

    Now to address your question, if it WAS a photo opportunities, why did he do so much IN PRIVATE??? You check into the private meetings with INDIVIDUALS who were victims of the floods, or the churches he met with who were planning relief efforts. No, you won’t find THAT covered by the media. Our local stations were there when he landed and when he met the truck of supplies he donated, and their parent companies, being the upstanding entities that they are (GAG) passed it along to larger audiences. You can spew your HATE as much as you want. It won’t change the truth that we need TRUMP in the White House.

  61. Doug105 says:

    And more tRump supporters heard from.

    Washington man stabs kissing interracial couple, cites Donald Trump when arrested

    “He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest,” police said

    Unfortunately for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, two different violent criminals on opposite ends of the country reportedly held superficial links to the troubled candidate’s campaign while carrying out their attacks this week.

  62. Randy PeQueen says:

    Go to the Red Cross website. It explains that they don’t want that. BUT, if Trump didn’t come for a photo op then answer this …….. Why is this is the first time he’s EVER visited and brought help to any disaster EVER? He didn’t do it for Katrina, Moore Oklahoma, the Virginia and Carolina floods, Hurricane Sandy, Ivan, all the tornadoes that destroyed whole towns etc………

    If it wasn’t a photo op then why has he never done it before?

  63. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    No, trolikins. I was one of the first that complained when Bush did fly over the Katrina area. Because it was the same crap that led to Brownie doing a heck of a job…which was the real problem. Contrast that to now, and the Advocate (Baton Rouge’s newspaper) prints that politicians in State Government <a href="; are happy with FEMA responses so far, and this article itself states that Governor Edwards is happy with Obama (and Clinton and Trump) staying away and not making this disaster into their photo ops.

    But hey. I don’t expect to convince you. I’ll just keep talking to my friends in Louisiana….

  64. Cyndi Romero Strother says:

    Get your facts straight, Jack! Edward’s did NOT tell him to stay away. He said he wouldn’t give him the time of day since he didn’t go through the governor’s office. Last I heard, people are free to visit Louisiana. And Mr Trump did not come for a photo opportunities. He came to BRING HELP TO VICTIMS!! More than I can say for Obummer, KilLIARy OR YOU MEDIA JERKS!!

  65. jason1978 says:

    Did you fail to read the Red Cross website quote: Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

  66. jason1978 says:

    After Hurricane Sandy in Atlantic City tell me what Trump did? AC made this guy loads of money with his casinos. Trump’s casino in Atlantic City layed off employees and gave them unpaid leave because the casino was going to lose alot of money due to the hurricane (aka lose tourists). Many of these people who were out of work lost homes or were injured during the hurricane. This is how Trump acts when he is not running for president. When a photo op is not needed. Other criticism was directed towards him following 9/11 when he visited ground zero with a massive entourage of security which caused alot of hassles for the police and rescue efforts.

  67. Rainey says:

    Interesting I bet you were one of the first to complain when Bush didn’t flew over Katrina area hmm seems I remember OBama making the same complaint about not actually getting his feet on the ground

  68. Rainey says:

    Fema sucks! They stopped many from being rescued by the good citizens donating thier time! This is apparently a liberal rag! I’m sorry while the country is struggling to go out and play golf and vacation and essentially ignore it is definitely not Presidential! Nor is Hilary’s concern about her donor parties! Thank you Mr Trump you are the only one who behaved in a presidential manner! Some one who cares for the people!

  69. Demosthenes says:

    Meanwhile, on the NBC morning show today the coverage of the Donald showing up uninvited to Louisiana was very positive for him and noting the criticism of Pres. Obama for not coming. NBC stated nothing that the state’s governor told the Donald (and Pres. Obama) to not show up. As usual, the MSM can’t provide even 5 seconds of context.

    They must want a close election for ratings.

  70. BIGMOFO says:

    Wow, what a pos article written by a pos hack on a pos site…. Another pos libtard.

  71. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    Oh, so it’s Obama, crowding into a disaster area with his entourage of secret service agents, press secretaries, briefers, and assorted other Presidential level dignitaries, hogging news time, making this all about him and not about the affected people on the ground. Oh right. That only happened in the parallel universe between your ears, where a normal person has a brain. Here in the real universe, that’s Trump and not Obama, and Obama’s staying away and letting the people he hired to take care of disaster maintenance do their job without the distraction the President of the United States would bring, at the request of the governor of the state.

    Trolikins, you’ve gotten your 15c. Now, go away.

  72. redstatelady says:

    Which his visit shows he has. Now do you want to degrade the truck loads of supplies he brought and handed out?

  73. redstatelady says:

    No, that would be Obama.

  74. redstatelady says:

    I am embarrassed by governor Edwards comments. And appalled that this report is so obviously biased. You don’t donate goods, you only donate money? Tell that to the Louisianians who received these good with much gratitude. It is obvious this writer can’t admit that Trump’s visit was not only a good thing for those who lost everything, but much appreciated by those that have been ignored by “he who can’t get off the golf course” and “she who can’t tell the truth.”

  75. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    The best part are the dipwads that are claiming that “liberals” whined that President Bush did not visit Louisiana sooner after Katrina which is bull shit. The complaints were that the federal response to Katrina was a too slow and the people in charge of the federal response were more interested in how they looked on the news then is saving lives.

  76. Larry Nicholas says:

    fist i`d like to say trump asked reporters to stay away , said he did not want it to be a photo op. he just wanted to help. dont try and spin legitamate good intention. mean while obama reportedly played some more golf and hilliary took several naps. i guess we see there priorities pretty loud and clear. to think obama had the audacity to call busch out for not doing enough for Katrina victims. yet ignores this for a week. i guess there were not any muslums down in LA. just regular americans suffering, let they wait and die like the veterans do.

  77. Zorba says:

    Sorry, Mike! I should have given a trigger warning!

  78. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Oh Lord, that’s a horrible picture. I’m afraid of all clowns. Trump is just as frightening.

  79. Zorba says:

    Yes. It’s always all about him. Always.

  80. Zorba says:

    Scary clown!

  81. 2patricius2 says:

    Cause with Trump, it’s all about him.

  82. Sally says:

    Money? Trump doesn’t give anyone money. He holds phony fundraiser so he can collect YOUR money to give some of it away to HIS causes (like Sarah Palin and Franklin Graham and so many others.) But his own money? Ha. That would require Donnie to have a heart.

  83. Colin says:

    And at least someone is giving credit where credit is due. I cant wait to see how the wingnuts slam his efforts anyway. As far as Trump is concerned , I didn’t used to be afraid of clowns. Thought they were fun. But nowadays I am becoming increasingly frightened of them. Specially the ones who wear orange hair.

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