Trump’s boy Corey tells biggest lie yet about the Clinton Foundation on CNN

The Trump folks truly have a way with lies. They excel at them the way some people excel at cooking or sports. And tonight on CNN, former Trump campaign manager, and current CNN paid pundit, Corey Lewandowski did not disappoint.

Corey told the biggest lie yet about the Clinton Foundation:

“The Associated Press did the whole story. 50% or more of the donors to the [Clinton] Foundation got access [to Hillary as Secretary of State].”

And of course, no one corrected him. (You can find the video below.)

Now, not only is Corey wrong about what the AP story actually reported, but Corey is also wrong because he didn’t even realize that the AP story itself was wrong.

You see, the AP story claimed, falsely, that half the people who met with Hillary or spoke with her by phone at the State Department, or 85 people, were donors to the Clinton Foundation.

That’s untrue, as Hillary has had thousands of meetings and phone calls at the State Department, and 85 is hardly half of them. Not to mention, AP didn’t show that even those 85 were out of the ordinary. The only alleged smoking gun that AP could find was Hillary’s meeting with Mohammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is known for his groundbreaking work on microlending to fight poverty. Someone of Yunus’ stature can get a meeting with the Secretary of State without an donations, thank you very much. And then, AP couldn’t show that any of these donors got anything in exchange for their donations.

But putting that aside for a moment, Corey didn’t even bother repeating AP’s lie. Corey decided to make an even bigger lie. Rather than claiming that half of Hillary’s meetings at State were with Clinton Foundation donors, Corey claimed that half the Foundation’s donors got meetings at State.

Well, I took a quick look at the Clinton Foundation Web site, in order to find out how many donors they have — and they have a donor database. I look at the lowest donation amount, under $250, and checked how many donors there were. Here’s the number: 283,513.

So, Corey would have us believe that, at a minimum, Hillary had at least 140,000 meetings and phone calls during her 4 years at the State Department. That’s 134 meetings and phone calls per day (based on a five-day week), or 17 an hour — for four years straight.

Sure, Corey.

In any case, that’s not even what AP said. AP didn’t say that half the donors got access, it said (falsely) that half of her meetings at State were with donors, which was also incorrect.

But it really takes some chutzpah to not even settle for AP’s lie. No, Corey had to come up with one of his one.

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