Donald Trump Jr. honors 9/11 with racist, anti-semitic meme

Donald Trump Jr., the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, honored the nation’s solemn 9/11 holiday by sharing a racist, anti-semitic meme on his Instagram account.

In a post intending to mock Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about half of Donald Trump’s supporters being “deplorable” racists, sexists and homophobes, Trump’s son posted a picture of himself, his father and others with the title ” The Deplorables.”

In that image is a picture of a green frog — the symbol of the “alt-right,” the growing white supremacist movement that Trump’s campaign director, Stephen Bannon, panders to with his publication Breitbart.

I just copied this myself from Trump’s Instagram account:

don-trump-jr-instagram-2 Equally bad, the picture of the racist mascot appears next to a photo of the World Trade Center.


The image Trump posted also includes Milo Yiannopoulos, an “alt-right” leader who works for Breitbart.

It cannot be overstated — this “frog” is the symbol of a white supremacist movement. The same movement that swarms blacks and Jews on Twitter, in the hopes of forcing them off of social media entirely. The same movement that boycotts movies like Star Wars for putting a woman and a black man among the lead characters of the movie.

That’s who Donald Trump is pandering to. And that’s deplorable.

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71 Responses to “Donald Trump Jr. honors 9/11 with racist, anti-semitic meme”

  1. mary_martinez_92 says:

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  2. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You do realize that my statement was a joke, right? if you want to see racists being racists, go to Breitbart.

  3. NotConvinced says:

    On the internet racists can be racists without getting an ass whoopin’.

  4. John Dough says:

    scary group here

  5. YeahNo says:

    Used in this context, and knowing this originated on 4chan’s /pol/ board… this Pepe is most definitely racist.

    Anyone who knows anything about internet culture would be a fool to deny it.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    The UAW is run by bureaucrats, mostly social democrats who are not part of the left. How could they be, they’re Democrats and Democrats are the enemies of workers, just like Republicans. The difference is that Democrats lie more.

    Democrats, especially the Clintons, have a long history of anti union activities. Both Democrats and Republicans oppose the prosperity that came with the huge union victories in the 1930’s and forties. Their bipartisan attack on unions began with Nixon’s wage controls in the 1970s and continued under Carter whose anti-union deregulation of Ma Bell, railroads and trucking destroyed hundreds of thousands of union jobs.

    “Teamster membership passed the two million mark in 1976.Deregulation of the trucking industry began in 1980, which created a steady decline in Teamster membership. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s attacks by business and government, along with economic globalization, severely impacted the labor movement, and the Teamsters.” (3)

    It continued under Reagan who resorted to more old fashioned methods, directly busting the Air Traffic Controllers as an example to all unionists. It got worse under Bush and Carter tried to push us off the cliff with NAFTA (4) and two bill deregulating predatory lenders. Bush2 continued to attack unions and push down wages and Obama has become the worst union buster of them all, effectively nullifying 80 years of gains by the UAW.

    Nothing will solve the Clintons current Long Depression and Obama’s massive, long term underemployment and low wages except the creation of a worker’s state. The rich have seen a recovery but for workers there is no recovery. It’s an obscenity that the rich, the looter class lives in unimaginable luxury while people are quietly starving all over the country.

    (1) “ Easterling told the Subcommittee on Communications that 150,000 jobs had been lost at AT&T and the seven RBOCs since the break-up.”

    (2) “The railroad industry demonstrated little competence as management; they just savaged their work force. In 1980 there were 458,000 organized workers on the Class 1 railroads. By 1994 there were only about 200,000. And those 200,000 were working for less actual dollars than they were working for in 1980 under deteriorated work rules.”

    Report: NAFTA Has Cost 683,000 Jobs—and Counting – To date, 682,900 U.S. jobs have been lost or displaced since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect in 1994, a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study finds.”

    The Clintons fought for and signed the two Republican deregulation bills that caused the crash of 2007-08. You and your Republican brothers and sisters wrecked the economy.

    First was the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act or the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 which repealed the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 that prevented the consolidation of commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies. Then he fought for and signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 which permitted predatory lenders to issue financial products known as over-the-counter derivatives. Clinton championed and signed both which unleashed predatory lenders, caused the housing boom, which went bust which caused the current Clinton depression and caused mass layoffs and the financial crisis. (Some from Wiki).

    Democrats voted overwhelmingly for both, and Sanders voted for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000.

    Democrats are the enemies of the working class. So are Republicans.

  7. pablo says:

    so tens of thousands use Pepe, but 5 white supremacists use it, so it’s now a nazi emblem?Sounds legit.

  8. Doug105 says:

    The UAW endorsed Hillary Clinton for president because she is experienced and focused on job security. Our country needs an experienced voice that understands the complexities of multinational economies and how they impact American workers, their families and communities.

    There were two excellent candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both would have promoted and supported policies that are good for UAW members and working families. Our labor union did not rush to judgment on the endorsement. We have talked to the candidates who sought our endorsement. We waited to let the primary process run its course. But there does come a time when we have to unite. That time is now.


    Secretary Clinton received over 3 million more votes in the Democratic primary and over 1 million more votes than any candidate overall. This election is important to our members and their job security, and it is in the best interest of our members and our nation to unify behind Hillary Clinton, who will help improve the lives of working men and women and their families.

    The Republican Party is uniting behind Donald Trump who has said workers make too much money and he would push for lower wages for UAW members. How can a candidate convince UAW members they should make less money for their hard work? Making America great again isn’t done by lowering wages of workers. That’s the wrong kind of leadership.

    When you take his statements at face value, and you watch the circus that has been the Republican primary, you wonder about his temperament at a time when our members and all working men and women need global leadership to save their jobs and livelihoods.

    Secretary Clinton understands that an economic plan must raise incomes for hardworking Americans. This includes strengthening the federal minimum wage and supporting the Obama administration’s expansion of overtime rules to include millions of American workers. UAW believes the right to collectively bargain is essential so that working men and women can improve their living standards, provide for their families and build a strong middle class. Secretary Clinton supported the UAW as an original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act and stood up against attacks on collective bargaining when we needed her. She believes that equal pay, paid family leave, earned sick days, and affordable child care will improve the lives of working families.

    UAW stands behind the candidate who has the clearest path to win in November and who will work to improve the lives of working families across the nation. A house divided cannot stand. One party is already uniting behind Donald Trump who said he will push for lower wages. If we want a different outcome, unity matters.

  9. Duke Woolworth says:

    That saved me hours of Photoshop time. All the eggs in one basket. No eggheads, though.

  10. goulo says:

    Wait, your point is that Pepe didn’t start out as a white supremacist meme, and only later got repurposed as one? Well, sure, I agree with THAT.

    But insisting that Pepe is not NOW a white supremacist meme is like insisting that the swastika is not a Nazi symbol, because the swastika was a Buddhist symbol long before the Nazis appropriated it.

  11. RPDC says:

    I think my grandmother has a better understanding of how to internet.

  12. Carlos Eduardo says:

    Idk where you’re getting these things, but I’m neither of those. I’m a dark skin Hispanic inmigrant, who wants to live in a country without corrupt politicians, and where the law is applied equally across the board. I’ve been around trump rallies/ other trump supporters, and I’ve never experienced any of your so called racism. Trump stands for American pride and justice, economic and educational freedom, as well as great national security.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    I’m not your friend – I’m an unswerving opponent of the racists, union busters, warmongers and antigay bigots who run your party and the party of Trump.
    It’s not for nothing that Hillary Clinton is known on Wall Street as “Lady Klynton Kissinger Sachs.” The consistently war-hawkish Clinton is the quintessential power-elite and ruling-class insider. She was minted and socialized at such ruling-class institutions as Oxford, Yale Law, Rose Law, the Wal-Mart board of directors, the Democratic Leadership Council (dedicated to pushing the Democratic Party further to the corporate-friendly right during the 1980s and 1990s), the White House (eight years as a highly policy-empowered first lady), the globalist Clinton Foundation, the CFR and the U.S. State Department. She and her husband “operate in … a world awash in money and connections … [a] very privileged place,” as The New York Times’ Carolyn Ryan recently said. She is the candidate of campaign finance and of (exorbitant) speaking-fee choice for Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, the CFR, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Robert Rubin and the rest of the nation’s transnationally oriented corporate and financial aristocracy—including a remarkable number of pinstripe Republicans who do not trust the “unhinged” Trump.

  14. ericxdc says:

    your personal comments are, frankly, disgusting, my friend. You have no sense of proportion, let alone decency. I thank god each day that you are, indeed, an outlier.

  15. ericxdc says:

    He’s not black. He (or she) lies. That’s all he/she has: lies and hate. It’s just not gonna work for him/her.

  16. ericxdc says:

    You are not black. We both know you lie. What you are, is despicable, pathetic, racist, anti semitic, American-hating F***. Get psychiatric help. Soon.

    But black? HAAAAA! Sure you are.

  17. Littlefoxpaws says:

    Anti-semetism: A dangerous misunderstanding of equality in a which a non jew foolishly concludes the god-given privilege of ethnic and racial solidarity to be his.

  18. Bill_Perdue says:

    Your personal comments are are wrong headed as your rare ‘political’ comments. You aren’t worth replying too. End of discussion.

  19. Doug105 says:

    I see you still reject reality.

  20. Bill_Perdue says:

    Trump is just as much a racist, Islamophobic, union bustering warmonger as H Clinton, which is why pro-union, antiwar, anti-racists reject both.

    ”The only reason that a dangerous, white-nationalist, uber-narcissist and
    Breitbart-wielding hatemonger like Donald Trump—with his bombastic promise to
    “make America great again” partly by restoring lost U.S. industrial supremacy—is even still in shouting distance of Clinton is that millions of working- and middle-class Americans know in their bones that she is part of that great dark cancellation, foreclosure and enclosure.”

  21. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    It’s on the internet, so it must be true.

  22. Doug105 says:

    It’d didn’t start as one, doesn’t mean they can’t start using it that way.

  23. goulo says:

    Well, golly, if one particular webpage doesn’t mention anything about white supremacy, then there must not be any connection!

    Wait; here, have some more Google:

  24. pablo says:

    Pepe the frog is not a white supremacist meme.

    How long have you been on the Internet? Google is your friend.

  25. Bill_Perdue says:

    “The harrowing reality is that the only thing standing between handing control of the Executive branch to a wildly ignorant, racist demagogue with a fondness for the authoritarian world is the second-most-unpopular presidential nominee in the history of modern polling. (The most-unpopular candidate is Donald Trump, though the gap between the two is narrowing.) That Clinton is viewed as the near-equivalent of Trump, a grotesque buffoon who has committed what would normally be considered a campaign-defining gaffe at a rate of approximately once a day for 15 months, required the convergence of several factors.” Jonathon Chait in New York Magazine

  26. goulo says:

    Interesting article about an alt-right press conference:

  27. Houndentenor says:

    Western values? Racism, sexism and antisemitism are your ideas of western values?

  28. Houndentenor says:

    Since when has Aravosis been “left”. He’s a little left of center. And yes, if you follow him on twitter you’ll see alt-right goons throwing antisemitic slurs at him even though he’s of Greek descent. Not that reality matters to the far right.

  29. Houndentenor says:

    Nothing you’ve written makes me think any more of Alt-Right. Trolling is deplorable regardless of the goals or aims. Yes, there are people on the left that are ridiculous but Milo and company do everything they scream about the left doing. So what’s the difference?

    I’m a classically trained musician. I spend my time studying, teaching and performing from the Western classical music tradition. Of course some of the best performers in that tradition these days are from outside it (especially people of Asian descent). Does that make me a liberal or a conservative? Whatever leftist grumblings about the “canon” have disappeared from our field at least a decade ago. I realize there are pockets in academia where some of this nonsense still goes on but with the field of academia shifting rapidly from tenure to adjuncts-for-hire, that’s dying quickly.

    The racism, sexism and anti-semitism of the alt-right crowd is well on display. Claiming later that it was actually parody or some other tactic is bullshit. Maybe for a few. Milo is just a well-paid troll, after all. But do the thousands of people who doxx someone know that it’s not for real? I doubt it. Milo is playing with fire and when he’s burned with that fire I will laugh loudly and publicly as it happens.

  30. BrianWPB says:

    I think most of mainstream media fails to grasp what the Alt-Right is – both conservative AND liberal. It doesn’t exist in a Republican – Democrat dichotomy.

    Milo, the unofficial leader of the movement penned a pretty good breakdown of who and what the “Alt Right” is and helped me understand it. It’s worth a read for anyone actually interested in learning about the phenomena, which has morphed beyond anything any original intent was back when the phrase was coined.

    Indeed, a huge part of Alt-Right is trolling. Lots of trolling. Trolling the left, especially. Like making a meme of Taylor Swift as a Nazi so that a left leaning website will declare that Taylor Swift is a neo-Nazi icon, and then laughing about how stupid everyone is for believing that back on Reddit. Or literally starting a fake rumor that “white people are boycotting the latest Star Wars movie because Finn is black… and the laughing at how stupid “PC media” is for running with the rumor as an example of white racism. Honestly, if you don’t understand the humor of Reddit types, you will never understand the Alt-Right.

    “White supremacy” isn’t a goal, but certainly “not being a self loathing white” IS probably requisite to membership. (In his piece, Milo admits that some members may have a white supremacist or nationalist attitude, I don’t really see it as any different that the various racist Latino or black nationalist organizations hitching their wagon to the Democrats. These type of identitarian groups always try to find a home anywhere they can in the absence of sufficient numbers to start their own party. Certainly any white nationalists will find disappointment in a movement personified by a an effeminate gay British Jew with a sexual penchant for black men.)

    I would say that supremacy and protection of “western values” IS one of goal of the movement. That, and backlash against political correctness. And maybe that’s “racist” to some who may feel guilty about being part of Western Civilization or who engage in cultural relativism and fetishize multi-culturalism, but it shouldn’t be.

    Western civilization SHOULD be celebrated and protected. Classic liberals, those concerned with the effects of “multiculturalism” on progressive goals (such as gay rights, women’s rights), etc…. all have found some good things in the movement.

    Long after Trump loses the election the Alt-Right will be around to influence politics.

  31. David Greenberg says:

    Prove you’re black you jackass. Just saying it doesn’t make it so. Go back to fox news where you can play with the rest of your asshole buddies.

  32. JeffSmith says:

    No Ivanka in the picture, because in Trump’s world, women aren’t considered significant.

  33. goulo says:

    Re: right-wing trolling and harassment. I just saw this about the “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli:
    Shkreli heckled Hillary Clinton and yelled, “Go Trump!” and “Why are you so sick?” as she exited the building

    Shkreli posted a Periscope video of the debacle and later tweeted, “I enjoyed screaming ‘why are you sick’ and ‘go trump’ at @HillaryClinton. Get well soon bae!”

  34. goulo says:

    Although I must sadly agree that trolling and harassment (whether or not racist per se in some specific cases) seem to have become common western values, I don’t see anything admirable about them.

  35. Ericakvargas2 says:

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  36. PAG says:

    Agree, but one correction… he’s not a kid. Grown azz spoiled racist just like his pappy… that’s what else is!

  37. Tara Payne says:

    First how is this racist? They really are grasping at straws. Secondly, the left only wants to play the anti-Semitic card when it fits them. All other times they hate Israel and pro-liberal Jewish globalist westerners.

  38. Anwedie says:

    Memes are now racist. There is no end to the lefts stupidity. Go back to your safe space, the internet is where monsters dwell and it’s definitely not safe here for you kids.

  39. ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~ says:

    To confirm that someone has pneumonia a doctor has to do a chest X-Ray, when did Hillary get a chest X-Ray? The media was with her the entire time, they would have known.

    Why was lying crooked Hillary bent down in that little girl’s face if she is sick with pneumonia?

  40. DoverBill says:

    What would make a person feel good about posting shit like this?

    Yo baggers… paging all baggers…feel free to chime in?

  41. FooBar says:

    a cartoon frog is racist……….got it. you people are fucking gonzo-style nuts.

  42. Baal says:

    Deplorable was the correct word (although somebody tweeted the description “shit crabs” which works well also). The way to describe the number is arguable. Basket? A steaming pile? An extravagance? An exaltation? A gaggle?

    Who actually cares? We know what they are and they comprise a substantial portion of Trump’s diehard supporters and we know that Trump is playing to them every chance he gets.

  43. woodroad34 says:

    In case anyone missed this…Trump is the biggest liar in this political campaign (it used to be Michelle Bachman, but she’s out now). And Hillary tells the truth more (the only one who tells the truth more is Obama). Republicans…you just can’t trust ’em.

  44. woodroad34 says:

    It is….that phrase was being used for ‘W’.

  45. Mike Holt says:

    You left wing socialist traitors are really clutching at straws, aren’t you? What a load of rubbish this article is. When you lack the facts, attack the man….but you can’t even do it very well.

    Do you understand the concept of irony?

    The fact is, ISLAM HAS DECLARED WAR ON US. 9/11 was the declaration. Every “lone wolf” attack, every suicide bombing that kills innocent people, every rape, every freedom islam is steadily eroding, is the fault of every single one of you left wing socialist idiots. The day is coming when the whole world will rise up against islam and the socialists. It’s already started.

    You’d better run. You’d better hide. Because there will be no mercy for those who have tried to destroy our nations.

  46. William Baez says:

    Don’t bother to answer, yes, you are retarded.

  47. William Baez says:

    Is the person who wrote this retarded?

  48. thecoffee king says:

    lol you retards are online talking about a green frog claiming it represents “racism” it’s a green picture of a frog from 4chan your children use it all the time if they’ve ever used the internet. No wonder the ass is falling out of the Clinton campaign Trump is giving speeches about policy and Clinton crew are complaining about a cartoon frog.

  49. Kenster999 says:

    Thanks for the link, I was wondering what the background was.

  50. fry1laurie says:

    Remember the 2012 election, when President Obama said “you didn’t build that” about businesses who need government to build basic infrastructure like roads and schools, and the GOP convention was nothing but “Oh, yes I DID build that”? I would have loved to have seen this year’s convention if Hillary had made the “baskets” remark before then. Dozens of speakers, hundreds of delegates, each carrying a basket and saying, “There’s nothing deplorable in here.” Hilarity.

  51. Joe Joseph says:

    9/11 jokes are just plane wrong

  52. John Smith says:

    Dumb As A Trump is beginning to feel like an old saying.

  53. Demosthenes says:

    Hillary Clinton was spot on: the Donald, his vile campaign manager, and millions of his followers are deplorable racists. The Tweet from Donald Jr. using alt right symbolism proves it.

  54. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Just curious. What sentiments do you share?

  55. Quilla says:

    The kid’s a bully. Just like his daddy.

  56. Might whitey group there. With Ben “Token” Carson lurking in the back of the bus.

  57. Carlos Eduardo says:

    Does anyone know that Milo, the leader of the so called (ANTISEMITIC ALT RIGHT) Is a gay, jew who has black boyfriends? You guys are truly pathetic. The alt right stands for western values, not white supremacy.

  58. JaneE says:

    Thanks for proving her point, junior.

  59. keirmeister says:

    “I share a lot of the Republican’s sentiments about gay rights and I’m gay. What does that say….?

    “I share a lot of the neo-Nazi’s sentiments about Jews and I’m Jewish. What does that say….?”

    Now insert your comment and understand what that says about you.

  60. timncguy says:

    does anyone know whether it was a Trump supporter that created this “The Deplorables” image? Or, was it a Trump basher who created it and Trump supporters just started using it anyway?

  61. goulo says:

    In the incredibly unlikely case that you are sincerely unaware of his history, do a simple web search yourself instead of wasting other people’s time. That’s a direct challenge to you.

  62. I read it myself. Go away self-loathing troll .

  63. It says you’re self-loathing.

  64. Patriarchy Pete says:

    Show me the racist trolling and harassment. That’s a direct challenge to you.

  65. Patriarchy Pete says:

    I share a lot of the alt-right’s sentiments and I’m black. What does that say about your virtue signalling answer to the movement? That perhaps you understand fuck all about what it entails and how the movement came to be?

  66. Eric J. Baker says:

    It would probably be useful to read this Daily Beast article about how Pepe– the green frog– became an alt-right/white nationalist meme. Originally he wasn’t, at all. But over the last several years there has been a specific, coordinated effort to turn him into that symbol, which he occupies today. The article is a good read because a lot of people who may remember seeing the green frog 10 years ago may not register him as a neo-Nazi symbol today.

  67. goulo says:

    Also worth noting that Milo Yiannopoulos was even booted from Twitter for his extreme racist trolling and harassment. (And consider that Twitter historically has been VERY tolerant of letting trolls troll and harass instead of proactively doing anything about it…)

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