Donald Trump Jr. still hasn’t removed anti-semitic, white supremacist meme from Instagram

Twenty-four hours after Donald Trump Jr. was informed that he posted an anti-semitic, white supremacist meme on Instagram, that post is still live on Trump’s account.

As I noted the other day, in a post intending to mock Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about half of Donald Trump’s supporters being “deplorable” racists, sexists and homophobes, Trump’s son posted a picture of himself, his father and others with the title ” The Deplorables.”

In that image is a picture of a green frog — the symbol of the “Alt-right,” the growing white supremacist movement that Trump’s campaign director, Stephen Bannon, panders to with his publication Breitbart.

But the bigger problem for Donald Trump Jr. is why, after having been informed yesterday that the frog is an anti-semitic, white supremacist meme, has Donald Trump Jr. refused to delete the Instagram post?

From Politico:

Calling the frog meme a “well-known symbol of the white supremacist movement,” Stephanopoulos referred to the company of others in the photo who have propagated various conspiracy theories.

“I’ve never even heard of Pepe the Frog. I mean, bet you 90 percent of your viewers have never heard of Pepe the Frog,” Trump Jr. told Stephanopoulos, adding, “I thought it was a frog in a wig. I thought it was funny. I had no idea there was any connotation there.”

And I just checked Instagram, and the photo of the anti-semitic white supremacist meme is still in Donald Trump Jr.’s account. Why?


Joy Reid mentioned this on her show today. And she mentioned that Donald Trump Jr. was informed of how bad the meme was, and he said he didn’t know. And sure, maybe it’s not anti-semitic and white supremacist of you to accidentally post a neo-Nazi meme to your Instagram account. But what does it say about Donald Trump Jr. when, after being informed of the true nature of his post, he still leaves it up?

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31 Responses to “Donald Trump Jr. still hasn’t removed anti-semitic, white supremacist meme from Instagram”

  1. mary_martinez_92 says:

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  2. mugwort says:

    I remember in Journalism school Reporters were suppose to be objective. Only editorialist could write from a certain POV Those were the days. Imagine news sans slant. Back in the day this refusal of Donald removing the meme even after he knew of its biased origin would of been reported Trump refuses to remove anti-semitic symbol; It would be up to the editorialists to condemn his actions. Reporters what tell what the bigoted, phoney misogynistic, narcissist did. It would be the editorial board who would write why the voters shouldn’t vote for him. Of course that would be editorialist who made any sense and weren’t swayed by his slick charm.

  3. 增达信购 says:


  4. Severn says:

    What a bunch of dumb racist bigots you people are.

  5. Phil in FLL says:

    Off-topic: Terence Crutcher, a black man in Tulsa, was shot and killed while calmly obeying orders to keep his hands up and walk toward his car, which had stalled on a highway due to mechanical failure. The videos are available everywhere, and even the TuIsa police chief said that they are “disturbing” and “difficult to watch”. In a recorded audio, the officer flying in the helicopter far above declares that the black man is “a bad dude” and “he must be on something. Hillary made a statement on the Steve Harvey Morning Show (link here). Here is an excerpt of Hillary’s statement:

    “How many times do we have to see this in our country? In Tulsa, an unarmed man with his hands in the air. This is just unbearable. And it needs to be intolerable. Maybe I can, by speaking directly to white people, say, look, this is not who we are, We have got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.”

    What will Trump’s response be, if any? Where is the outrage against Trump’s surrogates, including those who continually urge progressives to make Trump’s victory more likely by voting for Jill Stein or “None of the Above”? Those Trump surrogates don’t have to worry about being murdered in cold blood like Terence Crutcher in Tulsa… those Trump surrogates just get to tell obvious lies about their motives on Internet comment pages and then laugh in private.

  6. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    I know you can’t reply anymore, though I hope you get notifications of this post.

    You are an idiot. What do you think this article is about? A well known symbol of the alt-right, the Hitler-worshiping, basement dwelling foul underbelly of the Right-Wing, is posted on a website belonging to the son of the Republican Presidential candidate. This is fact, and a responsible, independent media would be reporting on the symbol and the faction that created it.

    That this isn’t all over CNN and NBC and CBS and ABC and Reuters and … well, every other god damned major media outlet instead of being relegated to small political blogs like this one is a slam against mass media. That they aren’t covering this and John is means John is far more independent and balanced than any of them, to say nothing of Fox News.

    But enjoy reading this while not being able to comment on it. ;)

  7. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    No. Pepe the Frog is not mainstream. Pepe is a product of 4chan, which is about as non-mainstream as you can get (seriously, an image board dedicated to Japanese animated porn, shock posts, and whackjob conspiracy theories is not mainstream!). There was an attempt to take Pepe mainstream a while back (Katy Perry tweeted the frog once), but it resulted in a backlash against ‘normies’ that took Pepe from a fun-loving character in a webcomic into the stupid darkness of nationalism and racism.

    So. Pepe is NOT Mainstream. The 4-Channers made sure of that.

  8. 增达信购 says:

    丙申年(猴)八月廿十 2016-9-20

  9. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    The alt-right acknowledges Pepe is one of them in the video here: Remember they won’t admit to being racist, but they sure like white people just like them.

  10. Timothy Aghan says:

    Really? Geezus I never heard of pepe the frog until this.

  11. ComradeRutherford says:

    And the Media will make sure this can only make the Don go up in the polls.

  12. ComradeRutherford says:

    The Drumpf family has always been nazi-supporting white supremacists. The Don’s run for office has always been about the mainstreaming of those hatemongers. The GOP has long secretly sought their support through code words, like ‘Southern Strategy”, what The Don is doing is making the secret support of the GOP public.

  13. SFExPat says:

    Thank you, Quilla, for the correction/education! (Srsly, no snark intended.) And I neglected to look up “Fraktur”.

  14. Donnakbach says:

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  15. DoverBill says:

    Why would he as he is obviously proud of it?

  16. Jimbo Jones says:

    John, there isn’t a meme more mainstream than Pepe the Frog. You’re making yourself look like an idiot here.

  17. Houndentenor says:

    Everyone independent or even moderate finds him revolting as do quite a few conservatives. You may have noticed the conspicuous absences from the GOP convention.

  18. Moderator3 says:

    You go girl!

  19. Moderator4 says:

    He doesn’t have a choice about that, I looked at his commenting history, and he is now banned.

  20. BeccaM says:

    BTW, Trump’s medical letter from the other day is probably a complete fabrication.

    Although the Buzzfeed article calls out the colonoscopy, none of the other specific dates mentioned line up with Trump undergoing medical tests and thus being unavailable.

  21. Moderator3 says:

    What she said.

  22. BeccaM says:

    The media treating Trump as if he’s not a despicable monster, a man not with the temperament of an unruly child with untreated ADHD, but just an outrageous celebrity political candidate is how we got into this mess in the first place.

    It is the truth that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are absolutely GIDDY about the prospect of a Trump administration. It is not a lack of objectivity or independence to report this is the case. In point of fact, it would be a dereliction of duty if journalists like John Aravosis glossed over this facet of Trump’s candidacy.

    It’s the truth to inform people that Trump is a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic narcissistic madman who has no business being elected to any office, never mind the Presidency of the United States. Telling the truth is what most journalists used to do.

    Now then, kindly fuck off.

  23. Quilla says:

    “A lie is a good thing”

    And Fraktur is the go-to script for the Nazis. :)

  24. Quilla says:

    Welcome Trump Troll! Would like some whine with that cheese?

  25. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Say what? Are you talking to John? He’s upfront about his politics. I don’t always agree with him, but that’s life. I do agree with him about Trump.

  26. hardtruths says:

    If you were independent you would not be against of for Trump; you would inform. Now wonder the vast majority of Americans do not trust you.

  27. SFExPat says:

    I don’t know Latin but that quote looks like “greed is good!” to me.

  28. BeccaM says:

    I’ve been following your Tweets out there, John, and noted you’re hammering on the birther issue — kudos for that.

    Another thing worth remembering: Until yesterday, when Trump uttered his empty one-sentence declaration that Obama was born in the U.S. — and then IMMEDIATELY followed it up with a blatant lie that Clinton had started the whole thing in ’08 — Trump’s last “official” position after Obama went ahead and released his long-form birth certificate (something not normally done at all when such proof is required for official documentation), was to declare the certificate a fraud. Trump further claimed he had iron-clad proof it wasn’t any good, and then went on to call into question Obama’s academic achievements.

    And in a familiar refrain, Trump suggested hackers should commit cyber-crimes to obtain this information.

    Trump didn’t end anything in 2011 or 2013 or even 2015. Until yesterday, Trump refused to back down from his racist claims that Obama wasn’t a citizen. That he wasn’t a Christian. And that he hadn’t truly earned his degree. Every one of those claims was wrapped in racism.

    It’s actually good this weekend to see the media finally beginning to use the L-word in reference to what Trump just did. Trump lied about everything he’d said and done over the last 8 years, and then tried to pin the blame on someone who’d never done what he did.

  29. Quilla says:

    Trump motto (and family butt tattoo written in Fraktur font): Mendacium Est Bonum

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