Russian Greens blast Jill Stein’s silence on Putin’s human rights abuses

Two representatives of the Russian Green Party eviscerated American Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein today for her cozy relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Greens said Stein was a willing accomplice of Putin’s human rights abuses against the LGBT community, environmentalists, artists, journalists and political dissidents:

“By silencing Putin’s crimes you are silencing our struggle. By shaking his hand and failing to criticize his regime you are becoming his accomplice. By forgetting what international solidarity means you are insulting the Russian environmental movement.”

In particular, Russian environmental activists Yevgeniya Chirikova and Nadezda Kutepova criticized Stein for her recent trip last winter to Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Russian state propaganda organ. The event included a dinner at which Stein sat at the same dinner table as Putin.

At the same dinner table was seated Donald Trump’s military adviser, retired-Gen. Mike Flynn. Flynn was seated directly next to Putin.

Photo of Jill Stein at RT anniversary dinner with Putin and Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn in Moscow, December 2015.

Photo of Jill Stein at RT anniversary dinner with Putin and Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn in Moscow, December 2015.

Chirikova and Kutepova particularly noted that during her trip Stein didn’t not even mention Putin’s horrific record on human rights, particularly as it pertains to political prisoners, environmental activists, artists and journalists.

It should be noted that Stein did mention human rights in Moscow, when she was criticizing the US.

The two also criticized Stein’s failure to bring up Russia’s relatively-new and draconian anti-LGBT propaganda law.

I had written a few weeks ago about Stein’s trip to Moscow, and within a day Russian state media came to Stein’s defense by publishing an attack on me.

Here is the Green Party activists’ letter to Stein:

Dear Dr. Stein

We are writing to you in the spirit of green values and principles, which include fighting for a sustainable future, defending the environment and human rights, and engaging in international solidarity. We are also writing to you as eco-activists, women and mothers.

In November of this year, you will face an important challenge which will have an impact all over the world, even far away from US borders. As Russian eco-activists, we are following the US presidential election with curiosity and fear. Curiosity for your democratic system and fear for the impact that the result of this election could have on our lives and the lives of our children.

As environmentalists and human rights defenders, we often support Green candidates all over the world when they run for local, national or continental election. However, we are asking ourselves if we can support your candidature for the Presidency of the United States of America. We have carefully read your program and your website and we have to admit that we are deeply shocked by the position you expressed during your visit to Moscow and your meeting with Mr. Vladimir Putin.

During the last few years, Russian authorities have continued the destruction of the rich and unique Russian environment. The Kremlin is heavily contributing to global climate change and the destruction of global biodiversity by over-using Russian natural resources and promoting unsafe nuclear energy. Corruption and anti-democratic behavior of the current Russian government has also led to negative impacts on Russia’s unique forests and natural heritage. Russian eco-activists and human rights defenders are also facing an increasingly repressive system which was constructed under Putin’s regime. The list of the victims of this system is unfortunately becoming longer and longer. Russian environmentalist Yevgeniy Vitishko spent 22 months in prison for a non-violent action. Journalist Mikhail Beketov was violently attacked in 2008, suffered serious injuries, and died in 2013. Our personal cases are also symbolic: because of our activism, and in order to protect our children, we were both forced to leave Russia and to seek political asylum in the European Union.

After your visit to Moscow and your meeting with Vladimir Putin you said that the world deserve[s] a new commitment to collaborative dialogue between our governments to avert disastrous wars for geopolitical domination, destruction of the climate, and cascading injustices that promote violence and terrorism. We agree with you. But how can this new collaborative dialogue be possible when Mr. Putin has deliberately built a system based on corruption, injustice, falsification of elections, and violation of human rights and international law? How is it possible to have a discussion with Mr. Putin and not mention, not even once, the fate of Russian political prisoners, or the attacks against Russian journalists, artists, and environmentalists? Is it fair to speak with him about geopolitics and not mention new Russian laws against freedom of speech, restrictions on NGOs and activists, or the shameful law that forbids homosexual propaganda.

By silencing Putin’s crimes you are silencing our struggle. By shaking his hand and failing to criticize his regime you are becoming his accomplice. By forgetting what international solidarity means you are insulting the Russian environmental movement.

Dr. Stein, you still have several weeks before the elections in order to clarify your position on the anti-democratic and anti-environmental elements of Putin’s regime. We sincerely hope that our voices will be heard and that our questions will not go unanswered.

Best regards, Evgeniya Chirikova and Nadezda Kutepova

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32 Responses to “Russian Greens blast Jill Stein’s silence on Putin’s human rights abuses”

  1. Theresa says:

    To those still finding this post, this has long been answered and debunked.

  2. jeff4justice says:

    Stein spoke out against war there. OMG! She didn’t address every issue while there? Well I guess I should vote for Clinton who takes funds from anti-gay donors then. No thanks. It’s amazing how my LGBT brothers and sisters demand everyone care about our issues but are willing to throw under the bus the collateral damage victims of the failed 2 party system’s endless lei-based war, poverty, pollution, and eradication of civil liberties.

  3. I’m Gay And Vote Outside The 2 Party System

  4. truckproductions says:

    lolololol good luck with that

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    Anything that interferes with the Democrat/Republican war machine is helpful but what Manning did was on such a scale and so damaging to the war machine that it deserves the term heroic.

  6. Susan says:

    Manning is no heroine, she was tried and convicted of doing the largest breech of secure information in history.

  7. Opinionated Cat Lover says:

    After all these years and the opportunities Team Red and Team Blue have created by nominating such disliked candidates, she can’t even pull down more than 2% of the vote. Pathetic.

    There. Fixed it for you. ;)

    But perfect point. With everything that Third Party candidates had going for them this year, that Stein’s support remains flat year after year is an indictment itself.

  8. ksimms says:

    Jill appeases her anti-vaxer supporters the same way Trump appeases his white supremacist supporters. It’s deplorable. Now she’s kowtowing to Putin just like Trump and Assange. While I agree with the Greens on many issues, Jill is wholly unqualified for any political position. If she really cared about the Greens, she wouldn’t just be popping up every 4 years to run for President and have her ego stroked. She would be trying to build the foundation of the party. After all these years, she can’t even pull down more than 2% of the vote. Pathetic.

  9. TJW says:

    She loves Putin who hates human rights and loves Assad therefore she too loves Assad.

  10. TJW says:

    HIllary is not a danger but thanks for repeating Fox “News” talking points like a good parrot. Want a cracker?

  11. heimaey says:

    Hillary has proven that she’s a danger so I’d rather have someone with zero “qualifications” as you say.

  12. TJW says:

    She has zero qualifications to be potus. Heck, she has zero qualifications to hold the lowest level municipal post. She is only in this race to promote herself. If the Green Party ever wants to be taken seriously they need to promote candidates from the bottom up stop running these nut jobs for the highest offices.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    The Obama regime tortured and imprisoned Chelsea Manning, a heroine for movements supporting the antiwar and LGBTQ and civil liberties movements and wants to do the same to Ed Snowden and everyone else who blows the whistle on the right wing policies of Democrats and their brothers and sisters, the Republicans.

  14. Baal says:

    I told you that because you accused me and others of red baiting. I stand by it.

  15. heimaey says:

    You told me to fuck off just because you disagree with me. No, you’re not a nice person and I have nothing further to say to you.

  16. Baal says:

    Bear in mind that red baiting is when you smear somebody simply because they currently or in the past belonged a particular organization. That is a horrific thing with a long and sordid history in the US. People’s lives were adversely affected in the most unjust way in the 1920s and in the 1950s. And I have no problem with the Green Party (in much of the world anyway), since I agree with their positions on many issues, even if a vote for Ralph Nader was objectively a vote for George W. Bush.

    However, and this is a very important point, it is not red baiting when we criticize a person’s actual ACTIONS and WORDS and, in some cases, their SILENCE.

    Maybe I am not a nice person. But I stand by every bit of the substance of what I said about Jill Stein and many of her current supporters. Especially in the context of the 2016 election, where one major party candidate is insane.

  17. Baal says:

    Point taken.

  18. Moderator4 says:

    Baal, tone it down. Disagree with heimaey all you want, but try and keep it at least semi-civilized.
    Thank you.

  19. heimaey says:

    She does not support Assad but that’s what the narrative the MSM has sold and people have bought.

  20. heimaey says:

    Nice! Thanks for telling me that.

  21. Phil in FLL says:

    Trump surrogates, your candidate just bombed on the commander-in-chief forum. Just an excerpt from CNN (link here):

    A retired army general is slamming Donald Trump’s remarks that as President he will ask the US military to come up with a plan within one month to defeat ISIS.

    “I had to ask myself, what the hell does he think we’ve been trying to do for the last 14 years in terms of al Qaeda?” Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling told Anderson Cooper on AC360 on Tuesday.

    The former commanding general decried Trump, calling his orders “simplistic” and insulting to individuals working to defeat ISIS.

    Is Trump planning to nuke the region? And aren’t are own Trump surrogates on Americablog clever to feign concern for wartime deaths. I wouldn’t count your chickens yet, Trump surrogates. Take a look at this devastating summary from Politicususa (“Trump Bombs And Delivers Historically Terrible Performance At Commander In Chief Forum”):

  22. Baal says:

    Red baiting? Putin is not a red, he is a fascist (albeit a former member of the KGB). Jill Stein had dinner with him in Moscow. At a fest to celebrate Russia Today, Putin’s propaganda arm. Putin kills journalists. He kills and imprisons his political opponents. And she used that visit and THAT location to attack the US. As yet she has said nothing critical of Putin.

    I am sorry, she did those things. And we are calling her out on it.

    I consider her dangerous for being an idiot and running for president, and taking votes away from the one person who can stop what is now the most dangerous human on the planet, Donald Trump.

    Oh screw this. How ’bout you go fuck yourself.

  23. Insipidus says:

    “Jill Stein Defends Her Decision to Meet with Putin” –

  24. dcinsider says:

    She’s an idiot.

  25. heimaey says:

    The role of demonizing Jill is easy as red baiting and its modern forms tend to scare off people pretty quickly. She has her flaws, but she’s also not as dangerous as Clinton.

  26. Phil in FLL says:

    Something tells me you don’t really care about wartime deaths. Case in point from Hillary’s challenger:

    Your genuine motives, heimaey, are so mysterious and impenetrable… NOT.

  27. the Vagenda Manologues says:

    Whoever’s paying her probably wisely split the payments.

  28. Belasaurius says:

    most attention whores go away after you give them money. Sadly, not Jill.

  29. TJW says:

    In addition to Stein’s pals’ human rights violations in Russia is his unwavering support of Assad and his chemical weapons program against his people. Her support of Putin is support of these atrocities.

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  31. 认真拜读中……

  32. heimaey says:

    Well one thing Jill hasn’t done is killed tens of thousands of innocent middle easterners so I’ll take her over Hillary. #ImWithJill

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