Trump campaign CEO’s Web site attacks Wash Post reporter for being Jewish

The Web site of Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, criticized Washington Post reporter Anne Applebaum today, in part, because she’s Jewish.

In an article criticizing Applebaum for writing and warning about the growth of the far right globally, Breitbart attempted to tie Applebaum to George Soros (another “Jewish” boogeyman of the right), the United Nations, the City of London (that happens to have a Muslim mayor — the Alt Right (the new breed of white global white supremacists) hates Muslims almost as much as they hate Jews), and other “Jewish conspiracy” stereotypes.

You’ll recall, that Trump campaign CEO Bannon bragged this summer that Breitart is now the “platform for the Alt Right.”

Here’s what Breitbart had to say about Applebaum:

[Applebaum’s husband] Sikorski desperately wanted to replace Baroness Catherine Ashton as EU foreign affairs spokesman. This bid died with the exposure of the Civic Platform corruption. This turn of events ended Applebaum’s dream of being Poland’s first Jewish-American first lady.

And hell hath no fury like a Polish, Jewish, American elitist scorned. Following the fall from grace, Applebaum began utilizing her global media contacts, disbursing heavily curated and obfuscated “facts patterns” meant to construct an anti-democratic global news narrative depicting the new democratically elected Law & Justice government as far right fascists and illiberal anti-democrats.

Breitbart threw this in for good measure:


Twitter has become a cesspool of white supremacist hate, and Breitbart knows it. Applebaum, being Jewish, is a prime target for their anti-semitism. Just 30 minute ago, Applebaum was tweeted a picture of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels accompanied by a quote slandering Jews. So it’s no wonder she is forced to block people left and right on Twitter — we all are forced to, and Breitbart knows it:


Welcome to America of 2016.

Now go vote.

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10 Responses to “Trump campaign CEO’s Web site attacks Wash Post reporter for being Jewish”

  1. Szczepienia says:

    Sikorski never gonna by president of Poland, if he open his mouth not many people take him serious.

  2. PattyJM says:

    This year we have two candidates who are unpopular. One is clinically insane. The other has been the topic of AM talk radio and Fox TV since Bill was first elected. As a result many Americans think of her as untrustworthy. Not my view but that of the propagandists.

    Its likely that voter turnout will be historically low. Please, for the love of the country push your friends, family, co-workers to actually go out and vote. Sitting at home is likely to give us a Trump presidency.

    I certainly do not want this lunatic to get anywhere near the nuclear football.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. ComradeRutherford says:

    How long after Trump is sworn in before he orders the mass incarceration of every Jew in America?

  5. Sally says:

    He said that? Today? The man is unhinged. He’s about as Christian as Satan…in fact, he’s surrounded himself with the most evil people in this country…the ‘best people.’ We’d better stop this maniac before we find ourselves arrested and building our own concentration camps.

  6. woodroad34 says:

    Two Winston Churchill retorts come to mind (one slightly revised, one apt enough without revision–the names, however have been changed):

    Appelbaum to Breitbart: ‘My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and jewish and you will still be disgustingly ugly and amoral.’


    Appelbaum being told that Breitbart is on the phone–but she happens to be in the restroom at the time:

    “Tell him I can only deal with one s**t at a time.”

  7. BeccaM says:

    Um, John? It’s not an accident.

    This is who they are now. Who their leader wants them to be, because that’s where he is himself.

  8. mary_martinez_92 says:

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  9. mary_martinez_92 says:

  10. mary_martinez_92 says:


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