Hillary Clinton’s real record on LGBT rights

There’s been a lot of recent talk by Trump supporters, and some millennials, about how Hillary “isn’t very good” on LGBT rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was there in the 1990s, working on LGBT rights in Washington, DC., and I’m going to share some LGBT history with you.

In a nutshell, Hillary rocks on our issues.


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20 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s real record on LGBT rights”

  1. Houndentenor says:

    What happened was Bill was asked a question he likely hadn’t given much thought to. Would he lift the ban on gays serving in the military? At the time this was a big issue in the gay press and not much of anywhere else. Gay soldiers had been serving during the first gulf war and then when it was over they found themselves discharged. No benefits, no pension and in some cases were asked to reimburse the government for the cost of being at one of the military academies. So he made a promise and to his credit he didn’t roll it back a day or two later as politicians usually do. And then when he took office that issue pretty much derailed his first term. So he worked out what he thought was going to be a reasonable compromise. It turned out that DADT didn’t please either the anti-gay crowd nor gay people. It was a huge mess. I do blame Bill a bit for all that but he was trying to do the right thing and then got hit by a supermajority in congress. The leader of the anti-gay senators was Democrat Sam Nunn. We didn’t even have a majority of Democrats on our side. It was ugly and it was painful and a lot of older gay people are still a little burned by the whole experience. But younger gay people need to understand the whole story of what happened and not just a tag line with a couple of bad moments for gay people during the Clinton years. A lot of good things happened during that administration as well.

  2. Phil in FLL says:

    Bill Clinton first promised that he would allow open service in the military in response to a question at a town hall event during the 1992 campaign. The public at that time was overwhelmingly against open service in the military, although today the public is overwhelmingly in favor of open service. Bill Clinton started the conversation, and at the time, he was definitely swimming against the current.

  3. Houndentenor says:

    1992 was a weird race. Clinton was in third place at one point. Perot was a huge wild card and it was hard to know what was going to happen. In the middle of that I remember Clinton openly reaching out to gay voters and even making promises to us. No nominee had ever done that before. In fact others had actively avoided it. They might have met with gay people privately but they didn’t do it in the open. I remember thinking that if Clinton lost we’d get at least part of the blame and it would be at least 20 years before any Democrat so much as said the word “gay” again. But he did win. He did a lot for us. Maybe not as much as we’d have liked and he bungled a few things (that was more naivete about how organized the anti-gay crowd really was). No one had ever appointed out gay people to jobs before. (Remember “that damned lesbian”???) And then in 2000 Gore and Bradley were both trying to appeal to gay voters in the primaries. And it’s been onward and upward for the Democrats since then. It stated with the Clintons.

  4. Phil in FLL says:

    DADT and DOMA were laws passed by Congress, not informal policies or executive orders. Presidents don’t pass laws; Congress does. A president’s veto power is only relevant when Congress doesn’t have a veto-proof majority. During the 1990s, the Republicans in Congress wrote and passed DADT and DOMA. Furthermore, there is no one anywhere, not even among the commenters on this thread, who does not admit that the Republicans in Congress had a veto-proof majority when they passed DADT and DOMA. They had a veto-proof majority, and they let both Bill Clinton and the American public know it. That is a matter of record. Look it up.

  5. Moderator4 says:

    And here’s three. You’re on a three day time out.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    Here’s two.

  7. Moderator3 says:

    That’s one.

  8. Bill_Perdue says:

    Maybe a ban on personal comments by Democrats and others would be in order.

  9. Moderator3 says:

    This is a polite request for you to stop engaging Bill. I don’t have a request of Bill, just a reminder. I don’t think he wants a timeout this close to the election.

  10. Bill_Perdue says:

    Same old, same old.

  11. (((GodWatchingYou))) says:

    “Vote different just to…vote different! Who cares if the ideas are sound or feasible, just vote…different! Why not? Idiot/Moron 2016!”

  12. Bill_Perdue says:

    Same old, same old.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    You’re dead wrong. They Clintons are our enemies and they were when they gave us DADT and DOMA. Your defense of the Clintons DADT and DOMA is not based on fact.

    I understand that you feel you have to support the Clintons for whatever reason but you end up supporting their bigotry. Your defense of the Clintons DADT and DOMA is not based on fact.

    Clinton championed DADT and DOMA and signed both. Democrat Clinton, a closet bigot, gloated about signing DOMA in this ad he placed with redneck christian radio stations: “Protecting religious freedom. It’s the foundation of our nation.When the Justice Department went after a church to gather the parishioners’ tithing money, the government was stopped cold because President Clinton overturned the government’s policy and protected us. It’s not the only time he’s defended our values…President Clinton wants a complete ban on late term abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger or faces severe health risks, such as the inability to have another child.The President signed the Defense of Marriage Act, supports curfews and school uniforms to teach our children discipline.President Clinton has fought for our values and America is better for it. Paid for by Clinton/Gore 96

    When he was the CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder, explaining the later disgust with Obama’s betrayal in California in 2008, noted that “One reason the Rick Warren thing is a big deal is because, after Bill Clinton, the gay community is unusually sensitive to getting the shorter angle of presidential triangulation. It is hard to overstate the optimism and excitement that gays and lesbians felt in 1992. But the optimism deflated spectacularly after “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act, not to mention President Clinton’s sneaky 1996 ad boasting about DOMA, which aired only on Christian radio. Clinton was willing to say the word “gay” in public and appear in black tie at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, but, in the eyes of the gay political community, his commitment to gay rights vanished both times it counted most.”

    Openly gay in the ’90s, Rachel Maddow felt no support from the Clintons http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2016/02/openly-gay-in-the-90s-rachel-maddow-felt-no-support-from-the-clintons/


  14. Bill_Perdue says:

    You Democrats deliberately refused to pass ENDA or something like it for the last 40 years.

    Obamacare is a fraud that gives the insurance companies control. Same old. Same old. Socialized medicine is the only answer.

    AIDS funding was increased becasue the public and the LGBTQ communities demanded it and so did the medical community.

    Your Clintons gave us DADT and DOMA.

  15. (((GodWatchingYou))) says:

    Yep, definitely a moron.

  16. Which same old results are those? Trying to lift the ban on gays, trying to get ENDA passed, trying to reform the health care system, massively increasingly AIDS funding, appointing the first openly gay ambassadors and confirmation-required federal officials? The Clintons opened up the US political system to gays and lesbians, welcomed us and made us an equal partner. If that’s the ‘same old” thing, then I want more of it.

  17. You clearly didn’t even bother watching my video before responding. Hillary stood with people with AIDS in 1991, when the world hated and feared them. She and her husband were with us in 1992, and made us a principal part of their campaign, when such a thing was unheard of. I’m sorry, but that comment about “decades of rabid bigotry” is historically inaccurate, and simply bizarre.

  18. Bill_Perdue says:

    I proved what I had to say. You proved that you have no real reply.

    On November 8, 2016 vote for Socialist Action, vote for good referendums and if there aren’t any Left candidates write in Chelsea Manning or join the majority in sitting it out.

    Americans’ Desire for Third Party Persists This Election Year

    The majority of Americans, 57%, say a third major U.S. political party is needed. This is similar to the last three years but a departure from the prior two presidential election years, 2008 and 2012, when Americans were evenly divided. http://www.gallup.com/poll/195920/americans-desire-third-party-persists-election-year.aspx?utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_content=morelink&utm_campaign=syndication

  19. (((GodWatchingYou))) says:

    “rabid anti-LGBTQ bigotry”
    You sound like a moron.

  20. Bill_Perdue says:

    H Clinton has a decades long history of rabid anti-LGBTQ bigotry which her last second rebranding will not erase. So does Trump. Both are enemies of the LGBTQ communities and neither deserve the support of people in our communities.



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