President Trump will decimate LGBT rights

Donald Trump thought it would be cute this past weekend to hold up an upside-down rainbow flag hand-scrawled with “LGBTs for Trump.”

Trump has for a while now claimed that he’s not only great on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, but that in fact he’ll be even better for the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Donald Trump’s administration will be a disaster for LGBT people. From marriage equality to trans bathroom rights, Trump is against our community, and will appoint judges and administration officials who will undermine our rights every step of the way.

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I did a Facebook Live chat today, detailing why Donald Trump will be no friend of the LGBT community. Let me also add a few links to some of the issues I discuss in the video:

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14 Responses to “President Trump will decimate LGBT rights”

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  4. Bill_Perdue says:

    I have much the same history as you and a different perspective on the utility of engaging in electoral activity.

    As socialists see it, elections don’t result in changes in policy no matter who wins. Trump and H Clinton have substantially the same politics – war, racism and attacks on workers and although they may have tactical differences both appeal to rightists and disaffected workers and their post election politics will be thoroughly rightwing.

    (This is likely to be something you’ll agree with. “A new scientific study from Princeton researcher Martin Gilens and Northwestern researcher Benjamin I. Page has finally put some science behind the recently popular argument that the United States isn’t a democracy any more. And they’ve found that in fact, America is basically an oligarchy.

    Comparing the preferences of the average American at the 50th percentile of income to what those Americans at the 90th percentile preferred, as well as the opinions of major lobbying or business groups, the researchers found out that the government followed the directives set forth by the latter two much more often. It’s beyond alarming.

    As Gilens and Page write, ‘the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.’ In other words, their statistics say your opinion literally does not matter.” )

    Socialists have used electoral activity to jumpstart the fight for a decent minimum wage, for the BLM movement and to push for organizing the unorganized. Those policies will lead inexorably to the further division and decline of the Democrats and Republicans. That aside, we’re not reformists, and don’t think that real reforms are possible.

  5. PattyJM says:

    We have needed a viable political party and a forth and a fifth and… For more than 36 years congress has done very little for the 40 hour a week folks. TO working people, yes, as the tax burden has been shifted onto our shoulders.

    Running a candidate for the presidency won’t do it. The legislature is make up almost exclusively of Republicans and Democrats. Both parties will consider her or him to be a threat to their domination of the country. They will do everything possible to block each and every proposal.

    Do you know how the conservatives got to the place where they have so many congressmen, senators, governors and other elected officials? The answer is that they started with people running for school boards, city commissioners, sheriffs and everything else from dog catcher to mayor. These races are easier to win than the governor or other state wide offices. From there you can build and make political capital.

    One of the very few things about being 70 is that I’ve lived through some significant historical events. The Civil Rights struggle and the Vietnam war being just two. Along the way I’ve seen some things you won’t read about in history books.

    Have you ever heard of stealth candidates? These were people who ran without ads or TV commercials. They built a base mostly from the Christian community and churches. Come election day their people would turn out and march lockstep into the voter booth. Because they focused on that one group and kept a low profile elsewhere. Other local politicians sometimes were stunned when that conservative community candidate won. By keeping their heads down that way they avoided having their right of center views from being examined. Everyone thought the race was between Bob and Sally – but then right-wing extremist George got the job. This was a common tactic in the early 70s.

    From that political base they were able take state houses. And so on up to the presidency.

    All I am saying here is to run for whatever local position is open and that you are qualified for. You will be establishing support for progressive people moving up. Eventually, like 40 or 50 years you might become senator from the (state). They played the long game. We have to as well.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    The corruption charges against both are true, as are charges of racism, union busting and anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

    That’s why “The majority of Americans, 57%, say a third major U.S. political party is needed. This is similar to the last three years but a departure from the prior two presidential election years, 2008 and 2012, when Americans were evenly divided.”

  7. Bill_Perdue says:

    The Democrats, principally the Clintons and Obama, guaranteed the passage of Prop 8, imposed DOMA and DADT on us and refuse to pass ENDA. Trump will be just as bigoted.

  8. goulo says:

    Yeah, that’s a bizarre hypocritical cognitive dissonance about Trump supporters which continually amazes me. Any kind of corruption by Clinton clearly disqualifies her as president and means she should be thrown in jail (or worse), while any kind of corruption by Trump just proves how clever he is to beat the system and what a good practical businessman he is. How they think someone who got rich exploiting and ripping people off, including ordinary workers, is somehow going to now help the ordinary people is a mystery to me.

    FWIW I think it’s pretty clear that most people with huge amounts of money and political power are corrupt to some degree – it seems to go with the territory, and everyone has some skeletons in their closet… So for better or worse it sometimes seems in practice one has to acknowledge it and move on (I’m disappointed in Clinton’s private email server, but at least I acknowledge she screwed up instead of trying to defend it as showing how clever she is like Trump supporters seem to do for their candidate) as long as there’s not too much corruption. (Or vote idealistically for a third party whom one (probably falsely alas) believes is free of corruption to protest the “business as usual”. I can respect that, but in this case, it seems too important to me that Trump and what he represents (threatening to sue or jail political opponents and journalists; explicitly wanting to torture prisoners and kill families of terrorists; blatant pandering to the worst racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism and crazy conspiracy theories in his base; blatant know-nothingism and impulsively making shit up; etc etc) be clearly decisively voted down.)

  9. Houndentenor says:

    The argument against Hillary Clinton is corruption. But Trump is far more corrupt. I just don’t get what anyone ever liked about Trump. He’s revolting and always was. And I certainly don’t know why anyone thinks he’d be an even okay much less good president.

  10. MoonDragon says:

    The most dangerous aspect of a Trump presidency is the people who will justifiably feel enabled by it. Be it white supremacists, tribal evangelists, xenophobic isolationists, magical thinkers, or paleoculture warriors, even though they represent only a fraction of his followers, they are energized by his success to attack people of color, LGBT individuals, persons who base their world view on empirical evidence, and anyone who chooses to live in a world that has progressed beyond the 18th century. When his actual policies fail to address their wants, they will, with his encouragement, direct their anger further at all the “others” among the American people. The danger isn’t just to LGBT people, it’s to all of us.

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  12. rmthunter says:

    If you’re going to stand up for civil rights — anyone’s civil rights — you need to have some sort of principles, some sense of what’s fair and just. Trump doesn’t have that.

  13. goulo says:

    Trump seems to have successfully tricked an awful lot of poorer people into believing that – despite being very rich and hanging out with all kinds of elite people and living a life of absurdly excessive luxury, somehow he himself is not one of the elite, but is a regular ordinary guy.

    He seems to have successfully tricked an awful lot of the Christian right into believing that – despite obviously knowing nothing about the Bible or Christianity, being an arrogant bully and a serial marriage trophy wife chaser etc etc, somehow he is a suitable Christian candidate.

    But I’ll be really surprised if many LGBT people fall for his pitch to them, similar to many women and non-white people not buying his BS pretending to be on their side. :)

  14. Badgerite says:

    $30 is pretty pricey for a t-shirt. Does it have gold on it? Does it have Mike Pence’s picture on it?

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