A rare moment of civility and humanity between Hillary and the NC GOP

In a rare moment of civility — and humanity — Hillary Clinton and the North Carolina Republican Party exchanged kind words on Twitter over the horrific news that someone last night firebombed a GOP office in the state.

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used the crime to further his angry political agenda, Hillary Clinton expressed horror at the attack, and gratitude that no one was injured.

Trump first accused Hillary of being behind the attack, then only later thought to express any thoughts to the safety of the local party officials.


In fact, no one knows who committed the crime. And it’s worth noting that in the past, some of these political crimes have been hoaxes intended to blame the other side. So it’s best, and safest, to withhold judgment — unlike Trump, who yet again took advantage of a life-and-death crisis in order to make it all about him.

On the brighter side, what was particularly touching was the response Hillary got from the NC GOP:

north carolina GOP

It may seem like a small thing, a tweet of only eight words. But in today’s climate, when Donald Trump is talking about the election being stolen, and his supporters are discussing whether to take up arms should he lose, the North Carolina GOP’s tweet touched a very good nerve for many. Though not all.

The responses to the NC GOP’s tweet were a mixture of praise and vitriol:

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I think you’ll be hearing more about this tweet over the next 24 hours. It’s illustrative of the way politics used to, and still can, be.

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4 Responses to “A rare moment of civility and humanity between Hillary and the NC GOP”

  1. Someone posted a nice comment about this on my Facebook page:

    This is what governing is suppose to look like, what it use to be like before Fox News and hate radio. I grew up in a mixed family of democrats and republicans and they argued policy but they respected each other’s views and indeed relished making their points and possibly winning each other over to theit viewPoint. There was no question that they both loved this country before the party they voted for they went to war in WW2, Korea and Vietnam today it is craziness you can’t have a rational conversation with the irrational. I am so glad to see this window of light, of what it could be. I as a democrat am appalled and horrified about what happened in the NCGOp office and I am very glad no one was hurt. Thank you Secretary Clinton for reaching out and offering your thoughts and prayers and good wishes and Thank you NCGOP for seeing them as such and accepting them in the spirit they were meant. We are better than this, we are better than what this man has brought to the surface.

  2. goulo says:

    Man, some twitter users (e.g. the 3rd one in the list, Nope) seem very prone to 1984-ish “2-minute hate” mode. :/

    Sucks that politics has become so extremely polarized. Supposing that this attack is probably exactly what it appears (i.e. that it was done by an angry anti-Trumper, and not by a pro-Trumper as a false flag operation), it’s especially sad to see an anti-Trumper descend to such dangerous evil illegal tactics (which are also politically stupid, as this just makes “the good guys” look bad and strengthens the resolve of Trump supporters and strengthens their persecution complex).

    (Of course there’s a third possibility, that it was just done by someone who doesn’t really care very much about politics but enjoys violent trolling…)

  3. Golgafrinchan_Ark_B says:

    I and my husband are also greatly relieved that nobody was harmed!

    Was this a GOP office or a Trump campaign office? The article seems to say GOP while Trump himself tweeters “our office”…”because we are winning”. He not only makes the bombing about him, but makes the office his own?

  4. NotConvinced says:

    Has anything happened in the last year that wasn’t all about Donald? Depends on who you ask…other than Donald.

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