Stephen Colbert “interviews” Melania Trump (video)

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was interviewed the other night by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

While Melania is typically shy of being in the public eye (though she was once a model), the Trump campaign apparently felt that they didn’t have a choice. With 9 women now publicly accusing Trump of sexually harassing and/or assaulting them, the Trump campaign felt they needed to push back with “the good wife.”

Melania is played by actress Laura Benanti, who is just a hoot. (I know her from Supergirl, but she’s big on Broadway as well.) There’s a great NYT interview with her, on how little time she had to prepare for her first Melania appearance in July:

How did the “Late Show” people think of you to play Melania Trump?

When I was on in March, promoting “She Loves Me,” Stephen pointed out the resemblance. He held up a picture of Melania, and I did a sort of squinty-pouty impression of her. That was that. Then Monday, I drove down to Delaware, because Thursday is my grandma’s 92nd birthday. Tuesday morning, I was eating cereal, just thinking I was going to lounge, and then I get an email from Vinnie Favale [a CBS executive], asking will I come on as Melania and spoof her speech? And I was like: “Yes! But I am five hours way.”

So what did you do?

My mom and my sister drove me two and a half hours to the train in Wilmington, where I then studied, for two and a half hours, her speech. Much to the confusion of the man sitting next to me. Who was like, what is happening? I was listening to it over and over again, and I would repeat after her. Then I zoomed in really close on her mouth, so that I could see what her mouth was doing. I can’t even imagine what kind of a creep this poor guy thinks I am.

Here is Benanti doing Melania this week:

And here she is earlier this year, doing Melania the day after the plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the GOP convention:

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