Is Trump planning to buy Fox News?

Last night, Donald Trump’s campaign social media guy, Dan Scavino, tweeted a veiled threat at Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Scavino’s tweet was apparently criticizing Kelly for a segment she did with Newt Gingrich, in which Kelly and Gingrich got into a bit of a fight over Trump’s sexual assault allegations. Gingrich thought Kelly was giving them too much attention. And Kelly bit back, hard. (You can watch the clip here.)

Scavino then weighed in, tweeting the following:

Dan Scavino megyn kelly tweet

“Watch what happens to her after this election is over.”

To me, that threat has at least two likely meanings:

1. Trump plans to sue Kelly after the election. Though I’m not sure for what.

2. Trump plans to buy Fox News, and make it “Trump TV.” And at Fox-Trump News, there will be no home for Megyn Kelly.

The only thing is, Fox News is the jewel in the crown of 21st Century Fox. It’s hard to imagine the Murdoch boys would give up Fox News willingly:

In addition to the more than $1 billion in profit it delivers annually, Fox News gives 21st Century Fox a weapon in talks with cable and satellite operators: Carry all of our networks, and at favorable terms, or we will withhold the enormously popular Fox News. Without the omnipotent Mr. Ailes in charge, Fox News could quickly lose its focus and become less of a juggernaut. Moreover, Mr. Ailes has no clear replacement.

Having said that, as the NYT article notes, Fox News is in limbo with the recent departure of Roger Ailes. And rather than sell Fox News, the Murdoch boys have been looking at possibly buying Sky News.

As for Trump TV, Trump has a record of licensing his name, rather than creating businesses from scratch. So it might be easier, and more likely, for Trump to latch on to a pre-existing news business — where they pay him for use of his name — rather than create his own.

Still that threat against Kelly was quite interesting, and telling. It sounds like Scavino knows that Trump has something in store for after the election — something that could affect Megyn Kelly’s career. Then again, as we’ve all learned, Trump talks a big game, but doesn’t always deliver. His threats to sue the NYT, and all the women who have accused him of sexual assault, come to mind.

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21 Responses to “Is Trump planning to buy Fox News?”

  1. cinorjer says:

    Sigh. Trump doesn’t have near enough money to buy Fox News off Murdock. Every asset he has is already mortgaged up to the hilt. He can’t even get his little fledgling station off the ground without using other investor’s money, and they all know what a deadbeat he is. His brand is ruined from this campaign. Instead of quality, his name stands for not paying your bills and being a bully and crude womanizer.

  2. BigGuy says:

    Murdoch is always willing to sell anything for the right price.

  3. BigGuy says:

    No one will sell anything to Trump unless fully paid in cash, in advance. Murdock’s not a fool.

    In some years, Fox news has earned over $1 billion. Its worth at least $5 billion; perhaps over $10 billion. Trump cannot raise $100 million in cash; there’s NO WAY for him to raise $10,000 million.

  4. Dover Bill says:

    Is Trump planning to buy Fox News?

    I hope so… perhaps he can turn it from a cesspool into a septic tank?

  5. Christian Proctor says:

    Although Trump, an extremely wealthy man, surely does not hold the capital required to buy the giant that is Fox News. It could be interpreted that these ‘reported’ plans are a scheme envisaged by his PR team to help limit the leakage of news in the future that has almost but condemned him to defeat in the upcoming presidential election against Clinton. Although in my eyes low quality journalism, the madness that surrounds the man enables this story to be considered enough to be true, I’m sure time will tell.

  6. Mimihaha says:

    I thought he and his buddy Roger Ailes were setting up shop on their own.

  7. SkippyFlipjack says:

    With whose money?

  8. rmthunter says:

    I think you’re making too much of it. It’s another empty threat from the Trump camp, as most of them are. Remember, this guy, and his surrogates, are all talk.

    As for buying Fox News and getting back at Kelly that way, I seem to remember recently hearing that her contract is about to come up for renewal and she may walk anyway. Never heard any follow-up on that, though.

  9. Zorba says:

    Yes, he may have vowed all this, but it all seems like his typical, ignorant bloviating, not to mention impeachable offenses.
    Before anyone runs for President, they ought to be required to pass a test about the Constitution of the United States of America.

  10. Baal says:

    This is a Trumpite. He could be referring to a “second amendment solution”, or more likely, just pretending to so as to throw his base more fresh brains to eat.

  11. TomL says:

    I think this is the most likely interpretation. Mr. Scavino certainly believes that “after this election is over” Trump will be President.

  12. Houndentenor says:

    1. Trump will not sue Kelly and if it does she should laugh her ass off about it on her show every day until the suit is dropped. Sue her for what? The very point of the first amendment was to protect her from being harassed by government officials who don’t like being criticized. There is no basis for a suit and any lawyer who cooperates with bringing one should be disbarred.

    2. Trump by NewsCorp? It’s not for sale and he couldn’t afford it if it were. I see no evidence that he has any liquidity and in fact seems to be propping up his own businesses with campaign funds. (Renting office space, hotel rooms, event venues, etc.) So, no.

    3. Now will Trump partner with Breitbart to start a far right tv channel through an already existing media company? That seems likely.

  13. goulo says:

    Heh, RT will then be renamed TT.

  14. keirmeister says:

    This article is ALL WRONG!

    What’s really going to happen is that Trump starts Trump TV through a partnership with RT. It’s obvious!

  15. emjayay says:

    Will his name be worth anything in two weeks? It probably isn’t worth anything today.

  16. douglas01 says:

    Not you are getting into Alex Jones territory. Trump cannot afford to buy FAUX News and Murdoch would not sell one of his crown jewels. Trump has no basis to sue Kelly and no attorney would even file such a suit.

  17. BeccaM says:

    Trump doesn’t have the billions it would take to buy Fox, nor the investors behind him who’d lend him the money to make it happen.

    You forget the 3rd alternative, John: If elected President, Trump has vowed to imprison his political foes and anyone he identifies as being allied with them. Trump’s list began with Hillary Clinton, but has already expanded to include former President Bill Clinton, HRC’s attorneys, current President Obama, current and former members of his administration…the list keeps growing.

    Donald’s also made his feelings about the 1st Amendment and the free press known. He respects neither of them at all, if anything negative is said about him.

    We’ve seen how his threats and those made by his spokesgoblins are increasingly overtly fascist. Hell, his crowd’s have been shouting Nazi “lying press” slogans at the press corps members. It’s not a leap to take this here barely veiled threat for what it’s likely intended to mean.

  18. Demosthenes says:

    The Donald can’t afford to buy an AM radio station, much less Fox “News”. His net worth (which probably never exceeded $1 billion) is dropping by the day.

  19. Phil in FLL says:

    Or Putin and his other oligarch pals in Russia. Then Fox News would become Trump-Russia-Today TV.

  20. Naja pallida says:

    He could always ask his buddy Putin for another loan.

  21. Outspoken1 says:

    Trump does not have the $$$ to buy Fox.

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