Trump says the election was rigged… when he didn’t win an Emmy

Everyone has been abuzz the past few days about Donald Trump, and his surrogates (Giuliani and Gingrich come to mind), claiming that the election may be stolen from him.

But what folks may not have noticed is that this isn’t the first time Trump has claimed a rigged election.

In three different years, Trump claimed the Emmys were stolen from him as well. This is a pattern with him.

First some background on Trump’s recent claims that America is, in essence, Russia or a banana republic — and we just can’t run fair elections. Here is this morning’s Trump tweet-tirade:


Then take a look at Trump’s tweets in 2012, 2013 and 2014 about the Emmys. Anything sound familiar?


And here’s more from 2013 and 2014:


Claiming that the process is unfair, in order to excuse his own inadequacies, is par for the course when it comes to Trump.

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21 Responses to “Trump says the election was rigged… when he didn’t win an Emmy”

  1. Itsatarp says:

    Is it possible Donald Trump is the only person on the planet who doesn’t know the Emmys and Oscars et al are marketing scheme? They have nothing to do with artistic merit, its all about selling a product.

  2. jsing says:

    Or he will have his own network aided by Ailes

  3. rwlorenz says:

    Let’s see, Trump thinks that the Emmy awards are the worst ever and have no credibility, and is also very upset that his show did not win. Could his juvenile behavior be any more transparent?

  4. (((B00kLove))) says:

    Hmmmm… I’m beginning to detect a pattern here…. /s

  5. Amwatching2c says:

    The donald was rejected for abusing orange spray paint and hair spray. It was the make up artists that swung the vote.

  6. Brewster says:

    Donald is mad he was snubbed for the Outstanding Reality Show Host Emmy, and who won it this year….? RuPaul! Sashay away, Donald Trump!

  7. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I totally expect it to crack, and I really pity his wife. There’s a possibility of a public breakdown.

  8. NotConvinced says:

    If Donald fell down in the woods and nobody else was there…whose fault would it be? Who rigged it?
    -Zen media question

  9. NotConvinced says:

    Women’s crotches were rigged against his attacks too. Otherwise they would have accepted his tiny hand assaults. You betcha.

  10. BeccaM says:

    Watch the PBS Frontline special on him (and Clinton). He’s been this way his entire life.

    Whenever he loses or is denied something he wants, he ALWAYS whines it’s because the situation was “rigged” against him. What’s more, he’s also had a lifetime of experience being a loser, and as a pathological narcissist, “it’s rigged” is his go-to ego defense.

    “I didn’t fail and go bankrupt — it’s rigged against me.”
    “I didn’t fail and get outmaneuvered again on this business deal — it’s rigged against me.”
    “I didn’t do so lousy on my TV show that the editors were hard-pressed to edit me to look good, thereby not winning any Emmys — it’s rigged against me.”

    What is happening though, and what’s different is his unhinged denial of reality itself is getting worse. He simultaneously says he’s ahead in ALL the polls…and follows it up by saying he’s behind in the polls because they’re all rigged against him. Says he’s winning everywhere…but that he’s losing because the entire system of American democracy itself (the majority of which is run by GOP-controlled states) is rigged against him.

    This is extreme cognitive dissonance, and his mind is cracking.

  11. KB says:

    “Alec Baldwin is boring” says the WHINER whose Apprentice is the biggest loser and the most boring show in the history of World Television.

  12. Quilla says:

    You had me at “This is performance art!”

  13. Quilla says:

    When are the adults in the room (if there are any…) going to say that Donald is not a legitimate candidate?

  14. Bcre8ve says:

    It’s all that vitamin A he snorts. (A is for Adderall!) ;-)

  15. Bcre8ve says:

    One thing that surprised me was when, after being drawn to Melania’s twitter to view that ridiculous threat of a lawsuit against the People reporter, because she definitely DID NOT exchange pleasantries with her in front of the Trump phallic symbol one day, I realized that the only thing other than vague platitudes she had there was a “welcome to twitter” message to a Dr. Lauren Hazzouri

    Dr Hazzouri, a psychologist, is also the person whose banner reads: “…from my perspective, it would be better if you stopped looking at her ass…”

    And writes this: “We react to the patriarchy. We must respond to our intuition & use our collective energy to overthrow the system. #PowerInNumbers #Feminism”

    And this: Every HS in US needs to stop requiring cheerleaders to bake for football players on game day! We are teaching #misogyny. #TakeAStand

    This isn’t a presidential election. This is performance art!

  16. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Trump won’t fade into oblivion. His over inflated self concept won’t allow it. He will become even more obnoxious. He welcomes any attention. It doesn’t matter to him if the attention is good or bad – it’s attention. I’m certain FOX news will aid him in his attention whoring.

  17. bicyclemark says:

    Im outraged… Alec Baldwin’s impression isn’t any good? This man has lost his mind.

  18. basenjilover says:

    Can’t wait for election to be over and for Trump to fade into oblivion.

  19. Geoffrey Snyder says:

    I can see him complaining that his 4th grade history test was rigged if he didn’t study then failed …

  20. docdonn says:

    …and what stamina!!!!

  21. S1AMER says:

    Well, you gotta admit it: He’s consistent.

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