Boycott New Balance over their embrace of Trump, criticism of Obama

The New Balance sneaker company announced that it is heartily embracing Republican President-elect Donald Trump. The company added that it’s no great fan of President Obama.

You know what, it’s been a bad enough week already. I for one have had enough.

New Balance’s VP of public affairs said in an interview on Wednesday that “the Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with President-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.”

New Balance is a longtime foe of the TPP trade pact. Nonetheless, it’s odd that New Balance thinks that’s enough of a reason to wholeheartedly welcome a racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobe.

New Balance announced this “right direction” at a time when Trump has announced that he’d like Alt Right publisher Steve Bannon to be his White House chief of staff, and Trump has chosen a member of an officially-designated anti-LGBT “hate group” to run his domestic transition policy, which could set Trump’s agenda for the first 100 days of his term.

Forgive us if we don’t agree with New Balance that racism, sexism, anti-semitism and homophobia are the “right direction” for America.

Enough is enough. Join me in promising to cross New Balance off your Christmas/Hannukah list. Tell New Balance you won’t be buying their shoes until they back off their criticism of President Obama, and their embrace of President-elect Trump:

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