Gen. Flynn cried “lock her up” for Hillary’s security violations — what about Flynn’s violations?

At the Republican convention this summer, Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, retired General Michael Flynn, led the audience in cries of “lock her up.”

Flynn wanted Hillary jailed for violating US government cybersecurity rules.

“Lock her up, that’s right,” Flynn told the cheering convention crowd. “Yeah that’s right, lock her up…. You know why we’re saying that? We’re saying that because if I, a guy who knows this business, if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today. So crooked Hillary Clinton, leave this race now.”

Not so fast, general.

A recent New Yorker article alleges that Gen. Flynn himself violated some of those same cybersecurity rules by installing a forbidden Internet connection in his Pentagon office. This, I’m told, is a major security violation that could not only get you fired, but investigated for espionage.

So if Hillary didn’t deserve to step foot in the White House because she broke the cybersecurity rules, then why should Gen. Flynn?

More from the New Yorker piece by Dana Priest:

Flynn broke rules he thought were stupid. He once told me about a period he spent assigned to a C.I.A. station in Iraq, when he would sometimes sneak out of the compound without the “insane” required approval from C.I.A. headquarters, in Langley, Virginia. He had technicians secretly install an Internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden. There was also the time he gave classified information to NATO allies without approval, an incident which prompted an investigation, and a warning from superiors.

And as you’ll see in the piece, Gen. Flynn is alleged to have violated a number of security rules that he decided were “stupid.” Among those is the charge that he disclosed classified information without approval.

Does any of this sound familiar?

As a lawyer, and someone who worked in government with Top Secret SCI clearances, I was never briefed on the “stupid” exemption to operational security. I was told to follow the rules — and I signed a document attesting that I would, under penalty of law.

Congress and the FBI must look into these allegations before Gen. Flynn steps foot in the White House.

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8 Responses to “Gen. Flynn cried “lock her up” for Hillary’s security violations — what about Flynn’s violations?”

  1. Colin says:

    What ! Investigate this true American ! Are you all insane , you liberal America haters. You and your QRFJTP allies ! Why , he only installed a forbidden Internet connection in his Pentagon office to keep in touch with his Pastor who knows he loves jesus. Just because his favorite hobby is running around on all fours with a hairbrush up his ass is no indication of the real man ! Maybe he accidentally slipped some info to NATO. So what ! This shows true head of the curve thinking ! An excellent addition to the Circus that El Presidente is currently crafting with such care.

  2. JaneE says:

    Whenever Republicans accuse Democrats, you can be sure they have already done it themselves, probably many times.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    “Lock her up” chanting was, as Psychiatrists say, projection. Don the Con and his crooked and incompetent retainers like General Flynn are true representations of the upcoming Kakistocracy.

  4. Dianetgroom says:

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  5. ComradeRutherford says:

    The Bush Administration got away with far worse and they were never punished. Why would anyone punish a Republican now? What’s changed? Who would dare do try it? Certainly no Democrat is about to do anything so foolish as to challenge the GOP.

  6. mf_roe says:

    Since when have we had a shortage of predators? The Hyena Pack has been called—-They will appear. Lucky for us the really dangerous ones are NOT about to submit to T-Dump–They will seek to replace him. Vicious animals fighting over a kill is an intimidating sight because the outcome isn’t certain. Watch T-Dump get played again and again.

  7. UncleBucky says:

    Come’ on. How can appointee after appointee be more and more corrupt than the Dump?

  8. mf_roe says:

    “Treason Doth Never Prosper………”

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