Lobbyists and Wall Street have taken over Trump transition team

It will come as a surprise to no one that, in spite of Donald Trump’s promises to the contrary, lobbyists and Wall Street are all over the Trump transition effort.

According to a Trump organizational chart obtained by Politico, top corporate lobbyists from tobacco, energy, insurance, and pharma are in charge of key elements of the presidential transition.

But first, let’s start with Trump’s likely choice for Treasury secretary — a Goldman Sachs alum from Wall Street. Yes, Wall Street will once again be in charge of the Treasury Department.

And now for the other lobbyists taking over the Trump transition:

A tobacco company lobbyist is in charge of finding staff and planning initial policy at Homeland Security.

A lawyer lobbyist, with clients including Visa, Big Insurance, Big Energy, GE, HSBC, PFizer, and PhRMA is in charge of Department of Labor.

A Dow Chemical, energy lobbyist is at the Department of Energy.

A beverage and corp insurance lobbyist is at Agriculture.

A former copper industry lobbyist is at Interior.

This is what you get when a Republican wins the presidency. Even when it’s a Republican like Trump, who claims to be anti-establisment. They lie. The worst of the worst will be taking over the the entire federal government. People like anti-LGBT hate group staffer Ken Blackwell, who is heading up all of domestic policy transition. Or Alt Right leader Steve Bannon to be White House chief of staff.

Elections have consequences. Very bad consequences. And at some point soon, you’re going to see why many of us were saying that “the lesser of two evils” is still pretty darn good. You haven’t experienced the greater of two evils. And now you will.

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