Nazi-saluting “Alt Right” conference closes with attack on Jews

The so-called “Alt Right” — a group of white-nationalist racists with a cultural affinity for the Nazis — just held a conference in Washington, DC to celebrate Trump’s election.

If there were any remaining doubt as to just how anti-Semitic and Nazi-friendly the Alt Right is, the reports from this conference put that discussion to bed.

Watching a video of the conference’s main speaker, below, you see numerous audience members rise and give the Nazi salute at various times. Who does that? Nazis do that.

alt right conference DC nazi salute alt right conference DC nazi salute

Then there’s the use of terminology the Nazis used to demonize their enemies, such as the press — the “Alt Right” uses that too.

And finally, the attacks on the Jews. The NYT reports from the conference:

But as the night wore on and most reporters had gone home, the language changed.

Mr. Spencer’s after-dinner speech began with a polemic against the “mainstream media,” before he briefly paused. “Perhaps we should refer to them in the original German?” he said.

The audience immediately screamed back, “Lügenpresse,” reviving a Nazi-era word that means “lying press.”

Mr. Spencer suggested that the news media had been critical of Mr. Trump throughout the campaign in order to protect Jewish interests. He mused about the political commentators who gave Mr. Trump little chance of winning.

“One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem,” he said, referring to a Jewish fable about the golem, a clay giant that a rabbi brings to life to protect the Jews.

Mr. Trump’s election, Mr. Spencer said, was “the victory of will,” a phrase that echoed the title of the most famous Nazi-era propaganda film. But Mr. Spencer then mentioned, with a smile, Theodor Herzl, the Zionist leader who advocated a Jewish homeland in Israel, quoting his famous pronouncement, “If we will it, it is no dream.”

The Times goes on to report that at one point someone in the room shouted “Heil the people! Heil victory,” and the room shouted it back at them.

If it walks like a Nazi and talks like a Nazi…

Folks, this is not normal. This is a level of hatred and intolerance that I don’t recall seeing in my adult life, other than from the religious right directed at LGBT people — and even then, the religious right was still careful about openly embracing the Nazis. Donald Trump’s incoming chief strategist at the White House, Steve Bannon, bragged that his web site Breitbart is a platform for the Alt Right. In normal times, that kind of admission would make you persona non grata in any administration, Democrat or Republican. And it certainly would disqualify you from working in the White house. But in Donald Trump’s America, flirting with Nazis gets you a shrug and a promotion.

In the LGBT community, we learned long ago that two strategies were necessary for gaining and preserving our civil rights: educate people who are willing to listen, and (metaphorically) beat the bejesus out of the rest. We in the gay community took no prisoners. Whether it was the Mattachine society and others who dared protest in front of the White House 50 years ago; people with AIDS and their allies who joined ACT UP, Queer Nation and so many other people’s movements in the late 1980s and beyond; or the tech-savvy bloggers of the 1990s and 2000s who up-ended gay-, and then lgbt-, advocacy, using technology to empower the people — our movement was never shy about what we wanted and what we expected.

And it worked. A lot of people have noted that one of the most successful communities and causes of the eight years of the Obama administration was the LGBT community. And I really believe it’s because of our strategies and our tactics, our fearlessness and our tenaciousness. It’s a lesson other communities, including the Jewish community, should heed and emulate.

The Trump administration and its allies in the Alt Right have made clear that in their new America, Jews, people of color, women and the LGBT community are now all fair game. It’s our job to tell them in the strongest possible terms that they’re woefully wrong.

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13 Responses to “Nazi-saluting “Alt Right” conference closes with attack on Jews”

  1. ProgressOne says:

    “The so-called “Alt Right” — a group of white-nationalist racists with a cultural affinity for the Nazis”

    The alt-right covers a large range of people and most have no sympathy at all for the Nazis. It is a mischaracterization to say they all have a cultural affinity for the Nazis. KKK types and neo-Nazis are just a small corner of the alt-right. Anyone who seriously does a Nazi salute is simply a kook.

    “This is a level of hatred and intolerance that I don’t recall seeing in my adult life, other than from the religious right directed at LGBT people”

    That is a pretty nasty thing to say about the religious right. Please give examples of mainstream people on the religious right directing hatred toward LGBT people.

  2. Grant Saw says:

    The American Naltzies have begun their nonsense. Trump will feed those ugly beasts, I’m sure. Haven’t they heard that it’s not healthy to feed their hate?

  3. Hallie7 says:

    Something the history books left out: “Nazi” is derived from “Ashkenazi” Zionist Jews. And DNA has proven zero DNA to true (blood Jews) Semitic Torah Jews which were sacrificed by their own (non-blood; converted Jew) Zionist leadership. Here are the real Red Cross death records of WW2 which were locked up by the Soviet Zionists in Germany until 1979, when translated by Americans (who were the Allied Forces with Great Britain so they had nothing to gain by this admission).

    Another source of true history is from a prominent NY wealthy Jewish businessman in the inner circles of Wash DC during 1890’s- 1960’s. First hand account and very revealing speech. Transcript + video of it

    A real eye-opener for those with courage. We all should research for ourselves, and when we find some suppressed information like this , we understand how history has been hijacked. No side of any issue is 100% right – so we must be courageous to examine how our beliefs were fed to us. Imagine being a daughter who finds out her own father was the proven rapist/murderer of her own best friend. This takes enormous strength of character as the conflict of good and evil play out in our own heads. Take time to diligently research.

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  5. alia says:

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  6. Colin says:

    LOL. They are so stopped up , a trip to the Loo might do them some good.

  7. HandsomeMrToad says:

    Well I’m a Jew and one of my favorite authors is Primo Levi (author of Survival in Auschwitz; his story is amazing–he survived because he was a chemist!) BUT these same folks supported Ronald Reagan and both Bushes, and didn’t get much for their efforts. Trump could be scamming them as he has scammed everybody else.

  8. Badgerite says:

    And here I thought they were raising their hands to be excused to go to the bathroom.
    Sicko shit.

  9. Badgerite says:

    Shannyn [email protected]
    “Calling the Nazis the Alt-Right is like saying Jeffrey Dahmer was an Alt-Chef.”

  10. emjayay says:

    They are wannabe Nazi fanboys. In the context of the US, white supremacists. Yes, alt-right…who TF invented that? It’s a (um) whitewash.

  11. quax says:

    Can we cut it with this hip ‘alt-right’ terminology now and just call them Nazis?

  12. Houndentenor says:

    I’ve talked about the racism from the right that is communicated through dog whistles but the level of racism that’s been exposed this year has shocked me. I’m not even sure how to respond. Moderates and traditional conservatives don’t seem at all concerned about this. WTF?

  13. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I feel sick.

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