Trump campaign was warned Megyn Kelly was facing death threats, “didn’t much care”

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly tells Anderson Cooper that the threat level was so high during the campaign, in terms of threats against her, that she had to travel with security to protect her and her kids.

But that’s not all.

Kelly says Michael Cohen, a lawyer with Trump’s organization (whose claim to fame was repeatedly asking CNN’s Brianna Keilar “says who?“), had retweeted a tweet saying “let’s gut her,” about Kelly.

This was, according to Kelly, “at a time when the threat level was very high, which he [Cohen] knew. And Bill Shine, an executive vice president at Fox called him up to say ‘you gotta stop this.'”

Kelly continues: “We understand you’re angry, but she’s got three little kids, she’s walking around New York,” Kelly says Shine told Cohen. “And he didn’t much care,” Kelly told Cooper.

“And what Bill Schein said to Michael Cohen was, ‘let me put this in terms you’ll understand. If Megyn Kelly gets killed, it’s not gonna help you’re candidate.'”

I found an article at the time that copied the text of the tweet:

Donald Trump and his allies have escalated a feud with Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly, with top deputy Michael Cohen retweeting a tweet from an account named “surfersfortrump” that said, “#boycottmegynkelly @realDonaldTrump we can gut her.”

I said it during the campaign — the people Trump has working for him, especially the men, are creepy as hell.

One wonders if any of the Trump brigade could actually pass a security clearance background check.

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