Trump picks anti-LGBT hate group to run domestic policy transition

Republican president-elect Donald Trump has picked a member of an officially-designated religious right “hate group” to run domestic policy for his presidential transition.

Ken Blackwell, the former secretary of state of Ohio, and current senior fellow at the officially-designated anti-LGBT “hate group” Family Research Council, will be in charge of coming up with Trump’s “First 100 Days” of domestic policy.

The Family Research Council is so anti-gay and so anti-transgender that it several years ago ago earned the title of “hate group” from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Blackwell’s appointment means we can expect Trump to single out lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans for discrimination in the early days of his administration.

ken blackwell

Source: Robert Rock, Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at the Family Research Council.

So much for Donald Trump holding an LGBT rainbow flag (albeit upside down) during the campaign, and early telling us to “ask the gays” how pro-LGBT he is. The gays already knew that Trump would betray us, as the GOP establishment always has. (Trump called early on during the campaign for the overturning of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.)

To appreciate just how outrageous, divisive and offensive Trump’s selection of Blackwell is, let’s dig a little deeper into Blackwell’s background and the FRC’s.

First, Blackwell, who compared gays to arsonists and kleptomaniacs:

“I think homosexuality is a lifestyle, it’s a choice, and that lifestyle can be changed,” Blackwell said in response to the question “Is homosexuality a sin, and can gays be cured?” according to published transcripts. “I think it is a transgression against God’s law, God’s will.”

He continued: “The reality is, again…that I think we make choices all the time. And I think you make good choices and bad choices in terms of lifestyle. Our expectation is that one’s genetic makeup might make one more inclined to be an arsonist or might make one more inclined to be a kleptomaniac. Do I think that they can be changed? Yes.”

Now a bit about the Family Research Council. I’ve written so much about them, let me share of the stories that best explain just how hateful and dishonest this group really is:

How FRC head Tony Perkins once reportedly paid the KKK $80,000.

The time FRC disseminated debunked Nazi-esque “science” about LGBT people.

The time FRC called for gays to be jailed.

The time FRC smeared Chelsea Manning.

The day FRC’s Tony Perkins got owned for lying about LGBT people.

The time FRC said gays would send Christians to ‘death camps.’

The time Chris Matthews destroyed FRC’s Tony Perkins.

Oh, and FRC is responsible for inserting language about “curing gays” in the GOP platform this year.

You can read much, much more about the dishonesty and hatred the FRC shows towards the LGBT community here.

As I predicted yesterday, Donald Trump is going to be the typical bad Republican on steroids. He’s not going to be pro-gay. He’s not going to unify the country. He ran on a platform of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. And we should take him at his word.

The appointment of Ken Blackwell is all the proof we need that the real Donald Trump is just like the real GOP: intolerant.

Speaking of which, where is Peter Thiel? Is he just another pretty face, or does the openly-gay Thiel give a damn that Trump is openly cavorting with gay-haters?

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168 Responses to “Trump picks anti-LGBT hate group to run domestic policy transition”

  1. GK says:

    I agree. That’s exactly the point that I was making. Thank you.

  2. lapin.grove says:

    WHAT he claims and what he does to grieving families is NOT in any way Christian.BUT you take that up with him.

  3. lapin.grove says:


  4. lapin.grove says:

    How childish of you.

  5. lapin.grove says:

    She also took boat loads of money from the Saudis.. who actually KILL gays.

  6. lapin.grove says:

    Exactly! They call a group of ladies who do good work for veterans and are in no way political , radicals too.

  7. lapin.grove says:

    Just do what he says: STOP CAUSING TROUBLE WITH LIES!

  8. Abby Paden says:

    Awww ????

  9. Achy Breaky Dance says:

    Now you know how normal human beings feel when we see someone like you.

  10. lp54 says:

    Did you realize the “official” designation is from a racist, bigoted, black supremacist organization? No?
    Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just using inflammatory rhetoric the way they do. Here’s an almost even-handed look at the controversy.

  11. SPM says:

    Here is the real anti-LGBT fanatic, and Clinton gave him pride of place in her rally. Thank god Trump was elected.

  12. Nelson Kerr says:

    They exit only to harm a specifics minority

  13. Nelson Kerr says:

    If he is not h anti-hyspannic way does he call people born in Indiana Mexicans, and say that that disquilfies them from doing thier jobs,?

    IF he is not anti- LGBU why is did hy pick an anti-LGBT fanatic as VP and a paid professional bigot to head his domestic transition team?

  14. Nelson Kerr says:

    Trump is a fascist who picked a jackass who single group to and harm, and did so for decades , as as his VP. Then he picked a paid bigot to handle his domestic tradition team, and Trump himself is a religions bigot, And openly bigoted even against US born Hispanics even federal judges

    What planet do you live on?

  15. Moderator3 says:

    Sir, yes sir!

  16. citizen says:

    Did you really just tell people that Trump is going to “single out” certain people “for discrimination?” Seriously?? Can you just stop?
    Honestly. How can anyone not see how ludicrous that statement is?
    This is absolute tripe, designed to instill irrational fear and stir anger over things that aren’t happening. Seriously. Just stop it.

  17. Aaron says:


  18. maggie X says:

    Do you have a link to the article from Politico? I can’t find it there–Fox News doesn’t mention it. You’d think CNN would be all over this.

  19. GK says:

    Counterargument: F**k cops.

  20. GK says:

    I’m sure you would agree that Fred Phelps’ clan is a hate-group? Well, a man in a nice suit who doesn’t use foul language is no less hateful, whether he claims to be a follower of Christ or not.

  21. Elly51 says:

    Officially designated as a hate group by whom? The SPLC has no official authority.

  22. Stephen K says:

    Funny that none of the mainstream media has reported what you claim is true. No one from Trump’s transition team has announced this guy as part of the transition team.

  23. Moderator3 says:

    Norm Coleman was the sore loser.

  24. cubperson says:

    He had a house and senate for 115 days. You seem to forget that Al franken couldn’t take office until the sore loser republican that ran against him claimed he won. So get your facts straight. You are such liars.

  25. Bill_Perdue says:

    Anyone who pretends that they US is a democracy has no clue.

  26. Bill_Perdue says:

    As they would have or did under Carter, Obama and the Clintons.

  27. Bill_Perdue says:

    H Clinton = Trump and the Democrats = the Republicans. They’re equally right wing and the only real differenced between them is that the Republicans don’t bother lying the Democrats lie and confuse some people.

  28. Bill_Perdue says:

    Bill Clinton caused the crash that began in 2007-8 by promoting and signing NAFTA, gutting and the deregulation Acts of 1999 and 2000. He also promoted and signed DOMA and DADT. He’s a walking, breathing, bigoted disaster.

  29. Bill_Perdue says:

    The US has a capitalist economy and a capitalist ruling class whose policies are administered by the Democrats and their brothers and sisters the Republicans.

  30. Bill_Perdue says:

    Ask saucetin

  31. cubperson says:

    Who gave out tax cuts in the middle of a war. Who did not put the costs of the war in the budget? Who crashed the economy? Who did nothing to fix the problem.

  32. cubperson says:

    Trump won’t last 4 years. He will be impeached.

  33. cubperson says:

    These policies are passed by congress. So blame the republicans.

  34. cubperson says:

    The enemy of the country is the idiots who voted for trump. The country is screwed.

  35. cubperson says:

    Ever hear of social security, medicare, insurance pool? I assume that when you become eligible for them, you will turn them down.

  36. cubperson says:

    So why do you read them?

  37. Debra Diroll says:

    Abandoned by the ruling elite and they vote in one of the elite. Trump will fail as president and they will wonder what happened.

  38. Debra Diroll says:

    America is socialist. This is why we have roads, schools, fire departments, police departments, etc. Educate yourself.

  39. Debra Diroll says:

    So, they think being gay is a choice? Give me a break. Keep your religious nonsense out of our government.

  40. SPM says:

    Trump isn’t anti-LGBT, he is just picking a straight black guy as opposed to a man-hatng lesbian-feminist hate cult activist who would only represent a tiny extremist minority within the American people – which has be the standard Democratic has been the standard policy of the SJW left for decades. It simply isn’t necessary for all appointees, all power, and all policies to reside in self declared “professional victim group” which are more often anti-democracy “cry-bullies” and hate groups

    Trump has never been anti-LGBT, and many of his supporters and friends are LGBT including Elton John, Milo Yiannopoulos,
    Trump and Rubio also attended the two month anniversary of the Orlando terrorist shooting, while the DNC/Clinton gave the islamic terrorist’s like minded father pride of place behind Clinton at one of her rallys.

    and the Clinton controlled mainstream media/propaganda wing spun this as Trump insulting the LGBT community by his presense

  41. goulo says:

    And you think Southern Povery Law center is “far-left fascist journalist”?

  42. goulo says:

    No, very unfortunately, Trump won. The system is what it is, however strange and stupid, for better or worse, and it clearly defines how the presidential election is won.

  43. goulo says:

    Go spend some time in a socialist country before you rail against what you don’t know. “Socialism” encompasses a lot more possibilities than just the Soviet Union-style dictatorship you seem to be imagining.

  44. Boo Roc says:

    That was me that erased my own post because I noticed that I misspelled a few words so I had to delete it and repost it with the correct spelling.

  45. Boo Roc says:

    Not True if you look it up in 2000 when Bush won the Electoral Votes over Rommney Trump said that the system is rigged that there should be no Electoral College Voters because it takes away the democracy of the American people. He said Congress should get rid of Electoral Voters, and make who gets the majority votes the winner. This is coming from Trump’s mouth. You could argue with me until you’re blue in the face, and we’d still have the same opinion that we have. Since Trump has been elected there have been reports of the KKK having a parade on December 3rd in Trumps honor, people writing racist comments on walls, and elementary school kids disrespecting Hispanic and Black students. Do you agree with how these people are acting?

  46. Nancy45 says:

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  47. Moderator3 says:

    Buh bye.

  48. Alan House says:

    They think you only have rights if you are or support Soros causes….causes of chaos and disruption.

  49. Alan House says:

    Yeah like Trump’s people are going to be all PC about it and disclaim every single one…, we don’t have time for that. He’s President….get used to it. (remember that libs?)

  50. Alan House says:

    To expose your sorry ass of course…..why, you have a problem with exposure, idiot?

  51. Moderator3 says:

    Bye. Don’t let the screen door hit you in the butt on your way out.

  52. Carnot Antonio Romero says:

    Is THAT where you left your car keys?

  53. Carnot Antonio Romero says:

    A flag held upside down is typically a distress call.

  54. Annie M says:

    I don’t believe this is true. It is not on any of the regular TV stations, CNN or the mainline newspapers. Someone picked the most crazy hated person and is trying to rile people up more than they are already. Will not be looking at AmericaBlog anyhmore.

  55. Al Rapp says:

    Linda most of the Skandanavian countrys are socialist they have a VERY high standard of living and health care

  56. Susan Benton Emery Satterfield says:

    Yes. It is a hate group. It is that because it is leading the group to denounce gay Americans. Black Panthers were listed as a hate group. Do you not read anything. I am still perplexed how God slows people like you to dictate who should be hated. I am saddened you the chance for your hate to flourish now that Trump is a leader

  57. keith says:

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA.

  58. keith says:

    I can only hope that it is true. Great pic. We need someone with traditional values. I am tired of the LGBT community bullying us to support that which by nature is unnatural.

  59. Moderator3 says:

    Comment edited by moderator due to racist comment. Commenter is banned for the same reason.

  60. Jim Todd says:

    Tell me. Which president declared war on Iraq and spent funds we didn’t have?

  61. Jim Todd says:

    That’s what happens when you have to clean up the previous president’s mess.

  62. angry_professor says:

    Ken Blackwell IMHO is the second or third worst election fraudster in the last half century, and would be prosecuted and probably convicted if anyone in this country really cared about voting rights. He caused Ohio to install electronic voting systems that could easily be rigged to flip hundreds of votes at every polling location. He was invested in the companies and in the fraud. It was decisive in reelecting George W Bush in 2014. So his role here is different but totally consistent. The first or second worst: Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris, Florida, 1999-2000.

  63. Andrea Woodworth Dalo says:

    ok. Fair enough. this is the article that I am seeing all over facebook that’s stating this as fact. Let’s hope Politico retracts it if it’s not true and the sites that posted it in error will follow with retracting and deleting the incorrect information – that’s if accountability is still important in the media which many people are starting to doubt and this is why.

  64. Moderator3 says:

    The websites are not copying this article. They are all referring to an article from Politico.

  65. Moderator3 says:

    You do realize that anyone can edit their own material?

  66. Andrea Woodworth Dalo says:

    Here is the Press Release from the transition team website. I see Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn as well as Peter Thiel listed as two of 16 members of the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee. hmm – Kenneth Blackburn is not listed in this. Perhaps it is true, but I can’t find any information that says this is true other than lots of websites copying this article and saying it is true. If Kenneth Blackburn is NOT running the domestic policy transition team as stated in the TITLE of this article will “American Blog”and writer John Aravosis correct the record?

  67. bkp100 says:

    Have you watched your Obama in action? He blamed Bush and the Republicans for the first six years of his failures, non-stop. He’s *still* blaming the Republicans for the failure of Obamacare. Dem pundits and “journalists” (and I use the term loosely) are blaming the current rioters on Trump. They blamed the violence at Trump rallies on Trump (until of course it was revealed by WikiLeaks that the DNC and Soros HIRED professional inciters)…

    The real irony is Obama had a Dem House and Senate his first two years… and he was STILL blaming failed legislation that came out of those years on the Republicans…

  68. Juan Olivier says:

    I do, I have something called logic that is why I do not fall for this far-left horse shit.

  69. bkp100 says:

    Perhaps you should counsel all those others on the left that seem to feel those that voted for Trump should be attacked and pummeled.
    Trump didn’t say he wanted to pull out of NAFTA. He said he wanted to renegotiate what is most definitely a lousy deal for America, as well as the lousy deal with Iran, as well as kill TPP, which WOULD BE a lousy deal for America.

  70. cubperson says:

    She won the vote.

  71. bkp100 says:

    Trump rejected the KKK ‘half-heartedly.’ And, you know that exactly, how…
    I’ve seen the publications (from the Left) that say Trump didn’t reject the KKK fast enough. And, in those same publications they pontificate how Trump was looking for an escape hatch out of the campaign. And, we all know how *that* turned out…

  72. cubperson says:

    They are highly respected for revealing organizations l FRC. Look up their site.

  73. Juan Olivier says:

    Yes by a far left organization called Southern Poverty Law Center. So as I said does not mean because far-left wingers calls something a hate group that it is a hate group for everyone.

  74. Juan Olivier says:

    Yes a far-left organization.

  75. Juan Olivier says:

    Southern Poverty Law Center is a far-left organization, think before you post.

  76. cubperson says:

    It took trump a long time to reject the KKK. And he did it half heartedly.

  77. Juan Olivier says:

    Southern Poverty Law Center is a far-left organization.

  78. cubperson says:

    I don’t think you get it. But you will eventually.

  79. Juan Olivier says:

    The only idiot here is a degenerate that think I need papers just because my name is Juan, no wonder everyone think you people are degenerates.

  80. bkp100 says:

    Who cares what party the KKK threw? Trump and his campaign REPUDIATED the KKK’s endorsement. Or did CNN not happen to report on that… Big surprise.
    Oh, and for the record, Clinton pursued the BLM endorsement, over the biggest law enforcement union in the country. Now what’s wrong with THAT picture?

  81. bkp100 says:

    Said, heard, would have, etc… Point is the Republicans aren’t the ones out in the streets, rioting, destroying property, and repudiating a legal, Constitutional election. And, yes, the Republicans DID have to deal with the same disappointment in 2008, AND 2012. No riots… no calls to petition the electoral college… no handing out crayons and play-doh and expansion of “safe spaces.”
    Bottom line, the Dems, who espouse multi-cultural, multi-perspective inclusion, are all full of BS when it comes to living up to their lofty lip-service liberal declarations…

  82. bkp100 says:

    Google has been known to “malfunction” in favor of the Left, historically. Care to debate that too?
    How about paying attention to the actual picks Trump is making, rather than the Leftist blogs, rumor-mill, and talking points.

  83. Moderator4 says:

    Then why are you still here, reading this?

  84. Boo Roc says:

    Trump’s supporters at a Pence rally said that if Hilary won the election then they would have a revolution against the government. You can’t blame one for it when the other side said they would have done it to. That’s called being a hypocrite. You know damn well if Hilary won the election you’d be there protesting too.

  85. Boo Roc says:

    Yes, but when you have the KKK, and other racist groups throwing a parade in honor of a certain presidential elect something is wrong with that picture.

  86. Boo Roc says:

    On Democrats as usual trying to say that Trump being elected was their fault. Republicans can never fess up and admit that they made a mistake. They always want to place the blame elsewhere.

  87. Boo Roc says:

    They claim that they’re hate groups also. But when people discriminate biased on someone’s sexual orientation that’s also considered hate.

  88. sean c says:

    Obama is the only U.S. president not to preside over 3% GDP growth
    – Americans below the poverty line up 3.5%
    -Real median household income: down 2.3%
    -Food Stamps — 46 million:up 39.5%.
    – home ownership: down 5.6%
    -National debt — . $19.19 trillion: up 80.5%
    -NYC employees born between 1985 and 1996 earn roughly 20 percent less than their peers a generation earlier

  89. sean c says:

    you know this how? can i borrow your crystal ball?

  90. sean c says:

    one name- PETER THIEL!!!!

  91. Bill_Perdue says:

    The enemies of working people and people of color are Democrats and Republicans, christers and islamists.

  92. Bill_Perdue says:

    Can you get us invites to her inaugural.

  93. Bill_Perdue says:

    What’s the weather like in Foggy Bottom tonight?

  94. AggroFemme says:

    Look at the blogroll at the bottom. Crooks and Liars
    Daily Kos
    Dan Savage’s Slog
    Glenn Greenwald
    Huffington Post
    Jack and Jill Politics
    Kevin Drum
    Political Wire
    Raw Story
    Rude Pundit
    Talk Left
    Taylor Marsh

    All HRC bias sites. They have been perpepuating this shit from the get go.

  95. Linda Tew says:

    First of all the southern poverty Center is biased. They label anyone or any group a hate group if they don’t fall in line with their agenda. You know like in socialist countries, everyone must believe and think the same? They labeled them a so called hate group because they promote traditional marriage, which is their right.

  96. Linda Tew says:

    Vote socialist you say? Go spend some time in a socialist country before you recommend what you don’t know. I enjoy my freedom.

  97. Linda Tew says:

    Are you kidding? You are actually saying that the family research center is a hate group? Oh because it’s a CHRISTIAN organization right? Wow you aren’t bigots at all ate you? How do you classify CAIR, BLACK PANTHERS, BLM? I can not understand how anyone that even tthinks there is a God could read your crap

  98. saucetin says:

    Block Beel Perdu

  99. bkp100 says:

    No dumbass… Blackwell has no such associations WITH TRUMP. Who did you say took their stupid pill??

  100. Charles says:

    Well aren’t you an arrogant ray of sunshine. Just a thought. If there is to be unity in our country, wouldn’t it be wise to not treat an ideology as inferior to another? You do know that titles are not proprietors to ideals and when people live by titles with such absolution they show how truly narrow minded they are. By the way, there is nothing wrong with being able to express bias and indifference. Forcing others to conform to another’s personal view or opinion of socio behavior is an infringement on rights and makes your previous assessment a hypocrisy.

  101. Chris says:

    This article is 100% false and the author should lose all credibility. Don’t believe me? check out the press release, his name is most certainly not on there.

  102. Bill_Perdue says:

    Democrat/Dixecrats voted for this:

    In 2018 vote socialist, vote against the twin right wing parties of Democrats and their Republican brothers and vote for good referendums.

  103. Koda B. says:

    What does that statement even mean nigga how much meth did you smoke before logging on?

  104. ftw says:

    They wanted change they say. Change for the sake of change alone with no regards for what you change into is rarely a good idea.

    They where angry and felt betrayed and abandoned by the ruling elite. That may be right, but I can not help but wonder how they will feel four years from now. I do not imagine they will be better off. Where will that anger focus?

  105. Stephen Zeigler says:

    here’s the real story…not the propaganda One note, does not the writer recall Hillary was against gay couples/ of course she is for it now. She is like the weather, you never know what it’s really going to do……….

    Gregory W West
    Yesterday at 4:23pm · Fayetteville, NC ·

    People call Trump a racist, yet Trump again selects a person of color for a very important position to lead his domestic transition team. Ken Blackwell, an African American politician from Ohio that once ran for governor of the state is now a major player in Trump’s transition from president-elect to president.
    Blackwell is an interesting pick for Trump because he sits on the board of Club for Growth which spent millions as part of the Never Trump movement. Blackwell had also served as an undersecretary for Housing and Urban Development and also US ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. He is also a senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

  106. Phil in FLL says:

    You are lying, bkp100. Every bio page for Ken Blackwell on the Internet mentions that he is a Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment with The Family Research Council, an organization identified as a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Family Research Council’s website devotes a special page to Ken Blackwell, who it calls a “Senior Fellow” for its organization. Here it the web page:

    And yet you write that “Blackwell has no such associations.” Did you take your stupid pill this morning?

  107. gizmo da great says:

    The working class voting against its own best interests on the false premise that the best way to protect their livelihoods is deporting all illegals, building a wall and engaging in economic protectionism/withdrawing from NAFTA. Emotions trumped reasoning and knowledge. I feel terrible, because I believe the very people that turned out for Trump are going to suffer the most under him.

  108. Sammie12 says:

    yes.. can we get an update?

  109. Moderator4 says:

    You do realize that this is a blog, not the government? If you do not like the way this (privately owned) blog is run, you are welcome to go elsewhere, or (here’s a novel suggestion) , start your own blog and write whatever you want.

  110. edbreyer99 says:

    If this appointment isn’t true then should the article be updated/removed? Otherwise, credibility is lost.

  111. NewsFeeding says:

    looks like it was wrong. I don’t see Blackwell’s name on here. Lets hope it stays that way lol.

  112. bkp100 says:

    Aravosis, you really are race-baiting dumbass… Blackwell has no such associations. According to the Dems, if you’re black, and conservative, by default you’re a racist… It’s people like you, and articles like this that are DIRECTLY responsible for the sound bite vacuums out there rioting and vandalizing… Proud much?

  113. Amber says:

    Not true. I saw this article and then spent probably 2+ hours googling to try to find a legitimate source that has this information & guess what?! There is none. His Transition Team has been created & all names have been released. Guess whose name isn’t on it? Ken Blackwell. THIS is why people are rioting- nonsense like this, that floats around, sheeple buy into it without doing any research whatsoever and people go ape shit for no reason at all!

  114. Kraken04 says:

    Why so anal? Is it because you people can’t take criticism from an opposing side? Man liberals are pussies.

  115. Kraken04 says:

    Ladies and gentleman. Socialism in Internet form.

  116. ashlayne says:

    Thanks. I can’t wait until every American and refugee can feel safe. :)

  117. ashlayne says:

    Thank you. Really. It’s good to see things like this going around. :)

  118. Matt says:

    Your desire for the country involves killing and torturing your countrymen, you pathetic bigot.

    Ours involves making life better for everyone, even ignorant swine who are scared of anyone different than them.

  119. Mickey says:

    This is all speculation.. The article is riddled with contempt.. Sheesh.. Sit down silly pants and let somebody else be gay for awhile..

  120. NewsFeeding says:

    I feel ya, I guess I was more thinking like the media hyped up that he ran as a racist or that his supporters are as well. I did look up some stuff and lawsuits from him going back all the way to the 70’s, that’s some shadiness.

    I think this whole election was more of a F-u to the establishment and life time politicians. I would like to believe that the majority of those who voted against Hillery did not do so to be racist or bigots or anything negative like that. I truly believe most did it to upset the status quo. I do not like seeing any group of people sad or in fear over this. That part makes me sad. I did not see this side effect of the election coming.

  121. Moderator4 says:

    Immortal Illumined, you might want to put a snark tag on such comments. At least, we think this is snark, since it appears to be.

  122. Moderator4 says:

    He is now banned from this blog, Trish Young.

  123. Moderator4 says:

    You might want to dial back the ad hominem attacks, but Vader Hater is banned, at any rate.

  124. Moderator4 says:

    Good-bye, Hater. You are banned.

  125. Vader Hater says:

    Why is that? I have my desires for the direction of the country, while you have yours. That does not make me wrong anymore than it makes you right. Get it? We’re allowed to have opposing viewpoints. When the protesters stop to think about how they are desperate for equal rights, they are protesting to overturn the result of my equal right. Quite a contradiction, wouldn’t you say?

  126. Joe_HTH says:

    You’re a loathsome scumbag and an ignorant swine.

  127. The Wickerman says:

    I’d hate to see what you think is “too far left” as you also say Trump is “not racist”, when that’s been proven in court.

  128. Vader Hater says:

    I’m assuming you are talking to me. I believe my ability to communicate is adequate for even the most liberal minded snowflake to understand.

  129. Trish Young says:

    I’m in NC and WE LOVE YOU TOO! I know our map doesn’t show it, but all that red comes from ignorant, self hating hicks who are too stupid to realize that they were always going to keep their guns but now they’ll lose their healthcare and food stamps. They voted against themselves and I can’t wait to laugh in their faces. We will stand up with you, beside you and FOR YOU!

  130. Trish Young says:

    Don’t worry sparkles, I won’t take away your illiteracy ? TURMP!!!

  131. Vader Hater says:

    I’m the one who takes away the dreams of the liberal cry babies. :) Don’t try to take away what is mine.

  132. Koda B. says:

    kill yourself.

  133. Koda B. says:

    go away, who even are you

  134. cubperson says:

    You are an idiot. Look it up. By the way Juan, if that is your real name, carry your papers.

  135. cubperson says:

    All of trumps appointments should be stopped until garland is appointed.

  136. cubperson says:

    The candidate won. Clinton won. Trump lost.

  137. NewsFeeding says:

    I’ve seen articles saying from “a document obtained by politico” but I’ve yet to see anything official from Trump or his campaign. That’s what I mean, like we have a ton of articles all quoting the same stuff, from a “leaked” document that we can not verify. I’m not saying it’s true or not, just feels more like people trying smear him and stir up some fear and hate. I hope he doesn’t pick Blackwell, nor anyone else that would cause fear and hate:(

    Lets hope he keeps the too far right and too far left out of his administration.

  138. Phil in FLL says:

    Following are links to news articles within the last 24 hours from the Columbus Dispatch and that confirm the information in John’s blog post. Here ya go:

  139. NewsFeeding says:

    Where does Trump say he appointed this guy? Like is there an official list of his appointees? or is this just more people trying to stir up hate and divide us more? I’m honestly just asking, b/c I have only seen speculation of his appointees, and nothing official yet.

  140. Ave Caesar says:

    very good choice Donald !

  141. TomL says:

    This is a blog post, not an “article.” Blogs have personality, and yes, slant, concepts with which you may not be familiar.

  142. MissyNguyen says:

    he only ”said” that in a fake meme that your dumb ass decided to believe.

  143. Jkb says:

    What a slanted article

  144. Vader Hater says:

    Sweet! Good job TURMP!

  145. Phil in FLL says:

    The lapel-button graphic below is a statement of determination to support civil rights in the face of opposition, which certainly includes voting. To include such a graphic in a comment that advises LGBT voters note to vote or to vote for “None Of The Above” (and thereby enable conservative Republican victory) is just plain sick. (See the comment downthread.)

  146. Phil in FLL says:

    Please ignore trollish comments advising readers not to vote Democratic in the 2018 midterm elections. That advice is rightwing Republican poison. The only restraint on Trump will be a new Congress in 2018. Street demonstrations have a positive function in the sense that they can affect public opinion, which then translates into votes at election time. But if protests and demonstration do not translate into votes in the 2018 midterm elections, those protests and demonstrations are for naught. Don’t listen to Americablog’s resident conservatroll. Vote in the 2018 congressional elections and put some reins on Donald Trump.

    Edit: Actually, it would be heartening if a few more readers took the time to object to the trollish “Don’t Vote” or “None Of The Above” BS.

  147. Bill_Perdue says:

    Sanders is just another Democrat and should be rejected.

    THis election will be like the last few elections – 1/3 boycotting, 1/3 D and 1/3 R.

    H Clinton was rejected by millions of Democrats who saw through her. ”The only reason that a dangerous, white-nationalist, uber-narcissist and Breitbart-wielding hatemonger like Donald Trump—with his bombastic promise to “make America great again” partly by restoring lost U.S. industrial supremacy—is even still in shouting distance of Clinton is that millions of working- and middle-class Americans know in their bones that she is part of that great dark cancellation, foreclosure and enclosure.”

  148. redmjoel says:

    1. Black Lives Matter rejected Sanders as well.
    2. More than half of the people who voted rejected Trump in favor of another candidate.
    3. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. That hardly makes her unelectable.

  149. Immortal Illumined says:

    the west coast will never betray you….i promise….we are all going to work harder….

    don’t forget, in the 80s the only safe place was the city of SF…..that has changed….ONE LOVE

  150. Ashley Em says:

    Your ignorance is pathetic. Do some intellectual reading and research. As a side note, isn’t this the organization that was championed by reality tv star and pedophile family Christian white man Josh Duggar?

  151. Immortal Illumined says:

    typical GOP, like trump said, they are the dumbest of people….that’s why he ran as one

  152. Immortal Illumined says:

    to deny LGBT’s freedom….strip gay marraige, institute Gay Therapy and
    allow religious discrimination……praise god….time to deny
    marijuana, take away health care, ban the muslims, build the wall and
    kick the mexicans out, and take away women’s health options…….don’t
    forget about letting religious institutions have the ability to
    descriminate based on fairy tales and bring back the bible in schools!
    all while starting wars or as chump puts it “bomb the [email protected]#$t out of them” around the globe! WHITE POWER!!!! DONT BE ALL

  153. debbit55 says:

    If you people weren’t spouting hate every single breath here, this might be of concern. Your hate is broader and deeper than anything I’ve read.

  154. Bill_Perdue says:

    Trump is going to make even more hateful appointments and policies because the Democrats nominated an unelectable rightwing candidate who was rejected by millions of radicalized youth, including BLM and former Sanders supporters who abandoned him and the DP when he, as expected, abandoned them in favor of another Clinton.

    Last night the demonstrations continued, spread to new cities and seemed to be larger. Built by social media and networking with cells, they are remarkable for their spontaneity, solidarity and the breadth of communities and movements involved. The base of anti-Trump forces will grow even larger as it becomes clear that he cannot make good, and doesn’t want to make good, on his promises.

    The natural instinct of the demonstrators is absolutely correct – to build a mass movement around every right step of the Trump regime, and there will be many. Mass action is the way to win. Bogus involvement in the DP attempts to reform it or the RP are the way to lose.

  155. Phil in FLL says:

    I can see some Democratic filibusters in the Senate down the road, specifically against bills allowing anti-gay discrimination and far-right Supreme Court nominations. 2017 is going to be very messy, and I predict that the 2018 midterms are going to be similar to the 2006 midterms when Democrats took control of Congress for the first time in a long time.

  156. Phil in FLL says:

    John didn’t say, “the Family Research Council is a hate group because I say it is.” This is what he said:

    The Family Research Council is so anti-gay and so anti-transgender that it several years ago ago earned the title of “hate group” from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    You can educate yourself and discover that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a nationally respected advocacy group that has been working on civil rights since 1971. The Southern Poverty Law Center is not, as you put it, “some far-left fascist journalist.” Think before you post a comment.

  157. Timothy Love says:

    ^^^^Do you even know who the Southern Poverty Law Center is??

  158. Badgerite says:

    trump! (snort) trump is going golfing. A lot of golfing. The powers that be in the Oval Office now are Steve Bannon and Mike Pence. (Think Darth Cheney only more so. A lot) I can’t even imagine how foreign policy and military decisions will be arrived at in this administration. Who makes the decisions?
    The President Trump Monster. He doesn’t know anything about anything and doesn’t want to.
    Bannon? Pence? Pence has next to no experience or grounding in either of those. The general themselves? The Secretary of State on their own initiative? Jesus. God help us.

  159. petewestcentral says:

    Build a gay wall around DC. How can we do that? I’ve sent contributions to Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal. Tomorrow there’s a meeting of local Democrats and later a meeting of a gay group. I’m connected by six degrees of separation to the person who has some know-how. We need to be unified and strong and build a huge gay wall around Washington.

  160. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You’re correct. That’s not how that determination is made. Do you know how that determination is made?

  161. Juan Olivier says:

    Thankfully a group is not a hate group just because some far-left fascist journalist says it is.

  162. Heidi Rechteger says:

    Since Trump really doesn’t know what’s going on I suspect this pick was suggested by Mike Pence. And Blackwell is one of the authors of the 2000 stolen election.

  163. ohmary says:

    Google Blackwell and the Ohio 2004 election. He was the Secretary of State and he is the reason Ohio was called for Bush. Lots and lots of suspect stuff went on.

  164. Ryker says:

    No big deal

  165. Abby Paden says:

    Sick to my stomach.

  166. ashlayne says:

    Sorry, but for someone to betray you, you have to first think they have your best interests at heart. I think we in the LGBT community have seen this coming since Tuesday night. Who we do mostly feel betrayed by is the 49% of the country who decided they wanted a bigoted demagogue to run the country.

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