Tell Donald Trump to take his damn intelligence briefing

TIME magazine just revealed that Donald Trump is still refusing to attend his highly-classified daily intelligence briefings that every President-elects receives in order to prepare him to be ready to defend the country on day one.

Please sign the petition below — or on this page — and join us in demanding that Donald Trump attend these vitally-important briefings.

The President-elect receives the same daily spy briefing that the President himself receives. It’s called the President’s Daily Brief (or PDB), and according to the Washington Post, “is designed to provide a summary of key security developments and insights from all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, as well as an update on covert programs being run overseas by the CIA.”

Donald Trump, unlike his predecessors, is refusing to regularly attend the briefings. Trump doesn’t trust the experts, so he doesn’t want to hear from them. For example, Trump told TIME magazine that he still doesn’t think Russia interfered in the US election. Trump thinks the entire US intelligence community was rooting for Hillary Clinton, and that’s why they concluded that Russia was attempting to hack and hijack our democracy.

Enough is enough. It was one thing when Trump was playing these country-bumpkin games while running for president, but now he is going to be president. America can’t afford Donald Trump’s intellectual ennui and conspiratorial distrust of people who know a lot more about foreign policy than he does. We expect our president to be ready on day one to defend America. And Donald Trump isn’t ready, and won’t be ready, if he continues to refuse even the most basic efforts to educate him about the threats America faces.

Donald Trump needs to understand that the presidency isn’t a licensing deal where he can lend his name, then walk away with the cash. It is a full-time commitment. We need a president who takes the job seriously, and Donald Trump does not.

Please sign the petition below demanding that Donald Trump take his daily intelligence briefing and be ready to defend America on day one.

Mr. Trump, the presidency is not a licensing deal; it is a full-time commitment. We need a president who takes the job seriously, and so far you are not. You must start taking your daily intelligence briefing so that you will be ready to defend America on day one.

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