Trump accuses CIA of partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency

Donald Trump today accused the CIA of being part of a partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency.

That’s treason.

And it’s nuts.

It’s the equivalent of the CIA trying to overthrow our own government. If Trump really believes this, then a lot of folks at the CIA are looking at jail time.

This is the farthest out Trump has gone in his ongoing repudiation of America’s intelligence community. Just a few days ago, when the CIA reported that the Russians had interfered in the elected in order to get Trump elected, Trump responded by claiming falsely that the CIA was responsible for pushing us into war in Iraq.

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the Trump transition team said in a statement late Friday. “The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and “Make America Great Again.'”

In fact, George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld (at the Pentagon) were responsible. It was Rummy who centralized intelligence at the Pentagon so he, like Trump today, could ensure the intelligence came out the way he wanted it to.

Here are Trump’s tweets from this morning:


Trump explicitly calls the CIA analysis on Russia a “conspiracy theory,” and he suggests that the timing of the CIA is further proof that the CIA is lying.

First off, the timing is easily explained. It takes time to gather the evidence and reach a conclusion, and I suspect the intelligence agencies, and President Obama himself, felt they would be undermining the election, and Trump’s candidacy, by announcing this kind of bombshell right before the election.

Unlike James Comey’s FBI, it seems the CIA, and our sitting President, have scruples.

And it’s not just Trump. “Coincidentally,” Trump’s former foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, who was always too cozy with Russia, is in Moscow today. Page just told an audience that the US government may have been behind the DNC hack, and set Russia up to take the blame. Per a NYT reporter in Moscow:


There is a much larger problem here. Donald Trump is a Russian apologist, who continues to surround himself with top staff who are Russian apologists, and who is now actively undermining America’s top intelligence experts because they’re telling himself something he doesn’t want to hear.

At the same time, Trump is outright refusing to attend his daily intelligence briefings because they’re boring, and more likely, because he was briefed on Russia’s efforts to interfere with our election and didn’t want to hear it. So the briefings ended, and Trump handed them, and the guts of the presidency, to his religious right VP Mike Pence.

And this weekend we hear that Trump plans to hand the State Department over to a certifiable “friend of Putin.”

Where does it end? And when does it end? Has Donald Trump, in five short weeks, managed to turn the Republican party in to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kremlin? It sounds outlandish, but things have already gone too far. During the campaign, we worried about Trump’s bizarre alignment with Russian foreign policy goals over American best interests. But we figured he wasn’t going to win, so no harm no foul. But now Trump is our incoming president. And he’s about as close to a TV villain as you can get.

Fortunately, a few Republicans — though only a few — are voicing concern about Trump’s apparent and inexplicable allegiance to Russia. McCain has spoken out, as has Graham and Rubio. But Jesus, where are the rest?

cia wall of stars

The”Book of Honor” lists the names of 54 CIA employees who died while serving their country. The names of the remaining 33 employees must remain secret, even in death; each of these officers is remembered in the book by a star.

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17 Responses to “Trump accuses CIA of partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency”

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  3. woodroad34 says:

    Republicans are very good at investigations (*snark*) Where’s the investigation this time?

  4. woodroad34 says:

    Didn’t the republicans use the CIA to hack the Senate Committee’s computers while they were investigating charges of torture during Shrub’s administration?

  5. rmthunter says:

    There is nothing they could present to Trump that would change his mind. Or, I should say, his public reaction.

    And he’s going to undercut anything they present to anyone else.

    And I very much doubt they’re going to be willing to release a lot of this — it’s not only the conclusion that’s sensitive, but how they got the information, which is perhaps even more so.

  6. mf_roe says:

    tRUMP is a narcissist and therefore incapable of dealing with accountability.Challenging his policy and action regarding Russia will drive him into a course that even the slimiest repug want be able to support. Supporting Dinky-Pinky against Obama and Clinton was easy for his legion of knaves and fools, but siding with him against the intelligence complex will COST BIGLY.

  7. ComradeRutherford says:

    Yes, anyone that disagrees with Trump’s worldview *must* be a partisan hack.

  8. Demosthenes says:

    Why the over the top reaction to Russian meddling? Donald Trump seems to have a lot to hide.

  9. woodroad34 says:

    Just those tweets from Trump above, show there might be something to the hacking. He’s clueless about truth, he’s clueless about honesty and he’s clueless about governance. It’s only the truth when things go for him and it’s a conspiracy theory if it goes against him. He’s always right and when he’s not, it’s someone else trying to harm him. Cart the incompetent loon away

  10. brel1 says:

    Let’s just hope the CIA has some irrefutable and compelling proof that will be unquestionable. Doesn’t the NSA know all? This should be a piece of cake.

  11. Badgerite says:


  12. Cannoliamo says:

    I support
    an investigation into collaboration between Comey and the Trump campaign
    with regard to both Russian intervention and the Hillary emails. NSA /
    CIA should examine all phone calls and emails from or to Comey over the
    past year. If he was acting prejudicially to the election outcome,
    those facts should be both revealed and considered in light of any
    criminal statutes.

  13. Badgerite says:

    Mine isn’t an argument in favor of Saddam. But it would behoove us to be honest as to why the invasion happened and not pretend that it was something it was not.
    It was a war of choice. Pure and simple. And it was outside of international law. An illegal invasion, as it were. The WMD ruse was just used to try to make it seem legal by hooking in the UN mandates about WMD and potential noncompliance as a justification under international law. IMO, that is the only reason the CIA went along with it. To cover for what the Bush administration had decided to do anyway. And the Bush administration invaded because all other methods of removing Saddam had failed and the sanctions regimen, which was part and parcel of attempts to oust Saddam, was leaking like a sieve. It all goes back to the first Gulf War and the less than satisfactory outcome in terms of American aims. They didn’t want to topple the regime, but they did want to topple Saddam. And all their efforts at accomplishing that had failed to that point.
    In that instance, the issue of WMD in Iraq, the US intelligence services were not wrong so much as they were politically manipulated. And that is something that the Trump Monster promises to do again. Manipulate intelligence for political ends. And that never ends well. Not for the country, anyway. Maybe for Putin. Short term.

  14. Quilla says:


    Operation Iraqi Liberation…

  15. Badgerite says:

    Where are the others? Where do you think. Dreaming of gutting Medicare and Social Security because obviously that is much more important than national security or the Kremlin basically putting someone who couldn’t care less about national security into the White House.
    For the record, the issue of Russian interference in this election was brought up before the election which, I believe, is why about 50 former intelligence officials publicly endorsed Hilary Clinton.
    But, according to Mitch McConnell and James Comey, none of this rose to the level of concern that Hilary Clinton’s emails rose to. And now that they have decided that was just, what did he call it, a good stunt to pull before the election but not something they “really care about”, well, no harm, no foul. There was actually no real legal basis for an investigation of Hilary Clinton’s use of a private server for State emails. Because of the high standards of intent in the laws involved, it should have been left at the administrative level because that is all that could legally ever come of it.
    Comey violated the Hatch Act to tip the election to this unfit and unqualified game show host because he and the FBI apparently can’t deal with a woman in power or a democrat in power. Either way, F*ck them.

  16. Bill_Perdue says:

    The Hacking Wars are another example of the deepening partisan gulf between the two gangs of politicians that are equally dependent on and supportive of the rich.

    They are simply not important. They’re a tempest in a tosspot.

    What’s important is the struggle for a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage and all the benefits of a 40-hour work week no matter how few hours are worked.

    What’s important are the fights for socialized medicine, excellent federally subsidized housing and free education all the way.

    What’s important is the fight to end the Democrat/Republicans wars of aggression, especially their ‘pivot’ towards aggressive action against China.

    What’s important are the efforts to restore the Bill of Rights and stop Trump from murdering US citizens, something Trump expects as a right that he inherited from the Obama regime.

    What’s important is escalating the fight to end the environment damage of the Obama/Trump regimes by outlawing fracking and offshore drilling. That’s especially critical given the fact that all the tipping points leading to climate catastrophe have been passed

    What’s important is the fight to demand that the Obama/Trump regime prosecute killer cops and border police who murder people of color in increasing numbers. .

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