Trump supporters: Tens of millions of Democratic votes in cities don’t count

In an effort to deflect attention from Donald Trump’s abysmal showing in the popular vote — Trump is now 1.9% behind Hillary Clinton in the popular vote, giving Clinton a 2.5 million vote lead — Trump supporters are now talking about how much “better” Trump did when you look at a map of counties across the US.

And in fact, when you look at the county map, it appears that Trump just slayed Clinton.




Here’s an enlargement of that county map that Trump supporters are sharing:


At first blush, that’s a heck of a red map. But then, when you think about it, the map doesn’t make sense. How could the map be so red when Hillary Clinton beat Trump resoundingly in the popular vote?

The answer: Counties don’t have equal populations. (There’s also a separate problem that the map is wrong, it’s not a map of the counties that went to each candidate.) According to 2015 census estimates, the smallest county in America is Kalawao County, Hawaii, with a population of 89 people. The largest is Los Angeles County, California, with a population of ten million (10,170,292). LA has 100,000-times more people.

Trump supporters would have you believe that the 89 people in Hawaii have an equal aggregate vote as the 10 million people in LA. (Obviously all people in a county do not vote, but the numbers are still useful for comparison sake.)

The goal is to not only minimize Hillary’s unprecedented victory in the popular vote — no winning presidential candidate in American history has lost the popular vote by as much as Trump has — but to minimize Democratic voters overall. The suggestion is that if you’re from New York or California, or perhaps Chicago too, you don’t count. You’re not worthy. You’re not a real American. Sarah Palin started a lot of this talk back in 2008, but the Republicans have been dividing up the country between real and non-real Americans for decades. Most people forget, but before 9/11, the GOP hated New York City too. (And forget about San Francisco.)

And now that a plurality of Americans have voted AGAINST Donald Trump, and for Hillary Clinton, the Republicans are beside themselves — Donald Trump is beside himself — in an effort to legitimize a victory that isn’t.

It drives Donald Trump crazy that he lost the popular vote by historic proportions. Don’t ever let him forget it.

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