And unto us a child is born

So did everybody hear the Good News? Donald Trump is Jesus. Or at least just like Jesus. That is, if you listen to the Republican party, and Trump’s own incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, who is also the current head of the GOP.

You see, in yesterday’s Christmas greeting to the world, the Republican party announced that this year we had a “new king” bringing “good news.” It sure sounded like the Republican party, and Trump’s own White house staffer, was comparing Trump’s election to the birth of Jesus — on Christmas day, no less!

trump jesus

trump jesus

Then to add insult to injury, Trump’s staff compared Princess Donald to Princess Diana.

trump jesus

Oh, but it gets better. When asked what exactly the GOP was implying about Donald Trump, incoming White House communications director and/or press secretary* Sean Spicer accused the media of “attacking Christ.” (There was a bit of intrigue yesterday when the previous incoming communications director, Jason Miller, resigned under a whiff of a scandal.)

sean spicer attack christ

Um. Buzzfeed asked the incoming Trump White House what exactly they were suggesting about Trump and his election. Trump’s campaign took this as an “attack on Christ.” It’s not an attack on Christ unless Trump himself is Christ. Not to mention, where did Buzzfeed attack anyone? And what is the incoming White House communications director doing repping a deity?

The thing is, the reason so many people believed that the RNC had just compared Trump to Jesus on Christmas day is because it’s the kind of thing everyone believed Trump would do. Heck, a few days before they compared Trump to Lady Di. These are not shy people. And the response from incoming communications director Sean Spicer, who earned a reputation of being kind of a jerk during the campaign, and has done little to dispel it throughout this episode, only buttresses the impression that this is an arrogant bunch moving into the people’s house.

So rather than focus so much on how offended baby Jesus is, the incoming White House should ask themselves why so many people are so quick to believe such unbelievable arrogance of the rich guy who’s done little in his life to help anyone but himself.

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26 Responses to “And unto us a child is born”

  1. Butch1 says:

    Then, her mother the next day. :::sigh:::

  2. Meghanswager says:

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  3. nikto says:

    In a Blog entry I’ve done, I try to set up criteria for rationally evaluating Trump’s Presidency
    on a policy-by-policy basis, from a Progressive standpoint. And hopefully, without much emotion.

  4. mf_roe says:

    Off topic

    I suggest that the proper way to look at tRUMP is to use the metaphor of a vineyard. America can best be described as a vineyard with very good potential but a history of unreliable harvests. The essentials are there, the soil, the climate, the vines all have a reasonable pedigree. Yet all too often the harvest is disappointing, even at times unusable. Don the Con is just the latest crop of diseased and worthless fruit. The Fruit isn’t the real problem, the real problem is the diseased and withered roots, the sick and weak vine.

    Until we tend the vineyard, prune the offending vines, rip out the defective roots, the harvest want be worth the labor. Casting out bitter fruit will be the only thing we do until we rip out the defective roots. We have neglected tending our vineyard and it has become a thicket of noxious weeds.

    Cursing the useless fruit is fine, but culling the offending roots is the only cure.

  5. Vanessarwells says:

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  6. MoonDragon says:

    But if rubes conflate the two, who are Priebus (his name, disemvoweled, is RNC PR BS) and Kelly Ann to disabuse them of the confusion?

  7. emjayay says:

    I don’t think Priebus meant what you think he meant. The King he referred to is Christ. But of course Reince sees things in an authoritarian mindset. People like they do now wanted to make Jesus an earthly ruler but he always said his kingdom was not of this earth. (and I’m not a believer)

  8. emjayay says:

    Sorry, but he has been exactly the same ever since his days as a elementary school bully. He was raised and enabled to be an entitled bully by his low class Queens bully father.

  9. mf_roe says:

    If you accept the idea that jesus was an example of a cult leader who made promises that have never been fulfilled it makes perfect sense. Promising the return of status to a diminished population if they simply worshiped him as supreme bigly, yeah Dinky-Pinky truly sees himself as savior.

  10. Zorba says:

    I think that he has always been trellos, Demosthenes.
    And Καλή Χρονιά, my brother.

  11. Demosthenes says:

    He is morphing from a malaka to someone trellos — all the while with his tiny hands on our nukes. Perfect.

  12. Zorba says:

    So sad. :-(

  13. Zorba says:

    That’s what I’ve been wondering, Demosthenes. It may be the beginnings of dementia, or he has a far worse psychiatric disorder than even a narcissistic personality disorder.
    Either way, it does not bode well for our country.

  14. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    OT: We lost Carrie Fisher. Can 2016 get any crappier?

  15. Demosthenes says:

    I agree. Press conferences won’t occur in the traditional sense unless and until Don the Con wants to skewer an “enemy”. He will never respond to questions with the truth under any circumstances. He’ll just lie and not care about corrections. Facts are irrelevant to the Donald and his administration of Deplorables.

  16. 2patricius2 says:

    “Unto us a child is born.” A narcissistic, pathological, hateful little whiny baby man.

  17. mf_roe says:

    tRUMP has arrogantly mounted the Tiger and has begun to realize that all the easy targets are GONE. No Clinton to set up as a threat, No Obama left to call a threat. Certainly no Democratic Party to vilify as a wellspring of treason.

    Dinky-Pinky is a bully and he has run out of enemies that are unable to resist. Press conferences are always exercises of targeting what you are working against. Since his only real agenda is pillage he will have to start openly threatening his victims. Those victims aren’t very smart but even the stupid feel the pain when they get kicked in the teeth. Explaining his actual plan is THE VERY LAST THING Don the Con wants to do. He isn’t mentally impaired, he is a coward who realizes that the only victims left have no other option than fighting back.

  18. Demosthenes says:

    Trump’s de facto “First Lady” Ivanka will surely try to hide his dementia as well. It’s probably why he refuses to give news conferences.

  19. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Nancy covered up Ronald’s decline for quite a long time.

  20. Demosthenes says:

    “This is why the republican party is lost.”

    Yet we are stuck with them in charge of the entire federal government. God help our country.

  21. Demosthenes says:

    The Donald is clearly suffering from early onset dementia. It’s why he brings his evil spawn to all his meetings. The stress of the presidency will accentuate this mental collapse, and even his hiding from the media (no news conferences since July) won’t let this decline evade public notice for ever.

  22. goulo says:

    That Sean Spicer tweet is such blatantly nonsensical demagoguery. As if wondering whether Trump is being compared to Jesus is somehow an attack on Jesus…?!

    Apparently the logic is that if you even MENTION Jesus in any way, then it is an attack on Jesus. So by Spicer’s logic, the Republicans’ original announcement mentioning Jesus was also an attack on Jesus… :)

  23. kurtsteinbach says:

    And the world is now laughing at the GOP, Trump, and the United States for electing this buffoon. Thanks a lot GOP. Anyone who is this delusional needs to be in a mental institution. . . .

  24. brel1 says:

    I still can’t understand how people believed every smear against Hillary and could not believe any truth about Trump.

  25. woodroad34 says:

    This is why the republican party is lost. They have no sense of reality or maturity. There was a neighbor who brought over their spoiled littlle 4 yo, who, after receiving one present from us, demanded another; then he grabbed hold of his mom’s boob and started singing “I love butts”. That little kid had more maturity than Donald trump.

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