Sign the petition, thank President Obama one last time

As President Obama leaves the presidency after 8 momentous years, it’s time we all gave him and his wonderful wife Michelle a heartfelt thanks.

Sign the petition: Thank President Obama for a job well done.

Among the things President Obama accomplished (courtesy of the Washington Monthly):

1. He saved the economy from imminent collapse.

2. Passed health care reform, giving 20 million people insurance.

3. Passed Wall Street Reform.

4. Negotiated the Iran nuclear deal.

5. Got the Paris climate deal signed.

6. Killed Osama bin laden.

7. Ended combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

8. Bailed out the auto industry.

9. Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and put the full force of the US government behind marriage equality.

There’s much more: putting two more progressive on the Supreme court, protecting DREAMERS from deportation, normalizing relations with Cuba, establishing carbon emission limits on power plants, boosted fuel efficiency standards, and on.

When President Obama took office, America was on the brink of economic ruin and we were roundly disliked around the world. Today our economy and our image are sound, our air is more clean and our people are more free.

Sign the petition: Thank President Obama for a job well done.

For that, and so much more, let’s thank President Obama one last time for all that he’s done, and will hopefully continue to do.

In these trying times, it’s nice to know what a real president looks like. Thank you, President Obama, from us all.

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14 Responses to “Sign the petition, thank President Obama one last time”

  1. doug dash says:

    Funny, that’s where I am headed, Puerto Viejo Limon on the Caribbean side. I live in Upstate New York and have decided not to go through anymore winters.

  2. Drumpfy says:

    I’m in Costa Rica to escape the inauguration, and as a New Yorker I can relate to the desire to hole up in an enclave of like-minded souls. Doesn’t do anyone any good. But I’m also holding my fire until terrible things actually start happening.

  3. doug dash says:

    I am glad you feel very proud. I also like what Obama has done. However, my negatives feelings of where this country is far outweighs any positive feelings. For the time being I am all done with my involvement politically with this country. Changing the mindset of this country is like pissing in the wind. I will be sitting out the next 4 years on a South American Beach. I don’t know how much time I have left as I am starting to get get old now and feel I would like to try and find people in this world who are happier. I want to live a simpler life.

  4. Drumpfy says:

    I feel proud of what Obama accomplished, and his era will stand out as a high point in governance compared with the schitshow we are about to embark on. Go out there and bring change instead of expecting others to do it. Get involved locally.

  5. doug dash says:

    I did not blame everything on Obama. I fault him for not paying attention to the DNC. I would bet you a dollar to a dime that Obama himself has some deep regrets with regards to what shape he is leaving the Democrats Party in at the end of his eight years. As a lifelong Democrat it is pretty hard to feel good about anything right now including what Obama has accomplished during his tenure.

  6. Drumpfy says:

    I’m not saying any of that. I started this discussion pointing out the stupidity of your blaming everything on Obama, and pointed out other issues, including weak leadership at the DNC and historical trends. There are many others. Hopefully you can move forward understanding that there are many complexities that brought about our current situation instead of just writing “thanks Obama!”

  7. doug dash says:

    So why bother to have elections. According to you the Democrats can run things for 8 years and then we will just let the Republicans have a wack at it for the next eight years. How about all of the down ballot politicians? Democrats have been getting creamed at all level of government including State and Local elections. Obama said himself that the shares the blame. He had no interest in messaging. Where does the buck stop? According to you Democrats share no blame in the disaster that has befallen us.

  8. Drumpfy says:

    I thought this was all Obama’s fault? I know it’s hard for you to understand but power changes between the parties constantly, and any review of history will show you that. 12 years Reagan/Bush, conservatives / 8 years Clinton, liberals / 8 years Bush, conservatives…. etc. The Congress has flipped back and forth just as much. Go look it up.

    You acting like one party just completely died on the vine just says something about your myopia. So spare me, chicken little.

  9. brel1 says:

    Crying a river. Evil has taken over. Why do these commenters want to blame the Democrats when the Republicans are the ones who cheated and always cheat. Get a brain.

  10. doug dash says:

    As long as Democrats have voters like yourself who are unwilling to recognize the serious shortcomings within the Democratic Party history will repeat itself. The republicans are solidly in power. You just can not say that the DNC does not share any blame.

  11. Drumpfy says:

    Obama didn’t run the DNC. The problem with Americans is that we are constantly shortsighted to the point of absurdity. In 2008 Obama won and the Democrats controlled both the Senate and the house. After Obama’s 2012 win, everyone was saying the Republican Party was to a degree that the party itself actually did an “autopsy report”. How smart does that sound now? The Republican Party leads in name only, otherwise it’s a shambles ready to eat itself, split between Trumpkins and Reaganites, neither of whom like each other.

  12. doug dash says:

    Obama will be remembered as a great president and rightly so. He made the country run like a swiss watch. However, at the same time he ran the DNC into the ground leaving a big mess. Was he shortsighted? Didn’t he care? Didn’t he have the time? None of these reasons sounds like him but the facts remain that the power of the Democrat Party has been reduced to shambles under his watch.

  13. Drumpfy says:

    Oh yeah, that’s all on *his* shoulders! Try not to be a meme moron.

  14. doug dash says:

    Thanks for leaving the Democratic Party in a fucking mess.

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