Trump inaugurated while under investigation by 5 US agencies (video)

Happy inauguration day, everyone. Yeah, not so happy.

There actually is some good news in the middle of the madness. The NYT has confirmed that several federal agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Department, Treasury and the Director of National Intelligence are investigating Trump’s staff for possible illicit ties to Russia.

The Times reports that the investigation is based on “intercepted communications and financial transactions” involving those around Trump and the Russians.

As part of the growing AMERICAblog response to the Trump presidency, I’m working on a new Russia project with, doing a series of quick video updates about the growing scandal over Russia’s interference in our election, and growing evidence of Trump’s collusion with them.

This is my first video, discussing Inauguration Day and this news that several US and foreign intelligence agencies have been investigating Trump and his staff for most of 2016!

Hope you enjoy, and please share this video liberally. It will help me do more of them :) below is the video, and then below that is my commentary on this issue.

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First off, how the heck are we only hearing about this now? This investigation started last spring. No one told us. The FBI had no problem giving us a daily blow-by-blow of the investigation of Hillary’s email server. But the investigation of possible wrongdoing, and even treason, surrounding Trump’s staff? Crickets.

Now, can Trump just come into off and kill the investigations? Yes, at least the ones coming from the executive branch – meaning, the federal agencies. But Trump can’t stop Congress from investigating (though, obviously, there are serious concerns about whether a Republican congress will conduct a fair investigation of Trump’s suspected wrongdoing).

But, if Trump tries to kill the investigations, all bets are off. That would be interpreted as an admission of guilt, and many (me included) would take it as an admission of treason. I think you’d see a groundswell of support for both Trump’s impeachment and criminal prosecution.

So while I don’t see things getting better for a while, these are treacherous waters Trump is entering. And we’ll be be waiting.

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