Trump uses Obama inauguration photo as his own

Donald Trump is using a photo from Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration as his own.

On Trump’s POTUS twitter account, the background image shows the inauguration. Unfortunately it’s the wrong inauguration. It’s President Obama’s. (Timothy Cama of The Hill first noted this on Twitter.)

How fitting that Trump’s presidency begins with a lie.

Here’s the Trump’s new POTUS Twitter feed:

by default 2017-01-20 at 12.29.32 PM

Here’s the background image on that feed:

by default 2017-01-20 at 12.29.37 PM

Her e is the original image from Obama’s inaugural:

by default 2017-01-20 at 12.29.41 PM

Here’s a zoom of that Getty image:

by default 2017-01-20 at 12.33.04 PM

And here’s the Trump photo again:

by default 2017-01-20 at 12.29.37 PM


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27 Responses to “Trump uses Obama inauguration photo as his own”

  1. liebreGabe Guterres says:

    She was not reading “crap” she stole and was reading Michelle’s Speech.

  2. Leafer19 says:

    Precisely why Trump lied about it being sunny when he was inaugerated.

  3. NotConvinced says:

    I thought her name was Melabia.

  4. NotConvinced says:

    The President used that picture to honor ALL Americans even Obama supporters.
    – Kellyanne Conway

  5. Third_stone says:

    Preposterous. No doubt you have been duped by the Russian story and have not been reading factual news.

  6. Third_stone says:

    Forget her, She is a tool, not a player. She read what she was told to read and had no idea she was reading crap. She is a victim, like you. I do not predict a bright future for that marriage.

  7. Third_stone says:

    A plagiarized photograph is not the first lie of the campaign, and places so low as to barely exist. Maybe Trump liked the part about people coming to see Obama by the tens of thousands, and people can’t run fast enough to get away from him.

  8. acmcstudio says:

    Maybe he will plagiarize the ACA.

  9. Badgerite says:

    The Clintons have never needed to “steal furniture”. You are either seriously gullible or a troll. Liars? You want liars? Okey dokey.
    Wait and see what happens to Medicare in this country and watch the Orange Grifter it into law. trump lies more before breakfast than most people do their whole lives. And he does it in plain sight.
    By the by, that was the emptiest parade route and the saddest group of “revelers” I have ever seen. Not much joy in the country over this turn of events. Not must at all.

  10. Badgerite says:

    He and his people claimed it was something other than it was. And they did so to give a false impression of the country’s reaction to him as POTUS.

  11. Badgerite says:


  12. DCinDC says:

    Trump always lies. Get use to it. Propaganda galore is a coming.

  13. Marionfford says:

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  14. kurtsteinbach says:

    He’s the Cheeto Orange, Oompa Loompa! Try to keep it straight. . . LOL! ;)

  15. kurtsteinbach says:

    It seems plagiarism run in the Trump family. I guess Don, the Con learned it from his wife, Melanoma. . . .

  16. Russ says:

    Try using a real news source. Those stories were exposed as fake decades ago. Where were you?

  17. Debi Warford says:

    They are, in fact, both of those things, and they are the ones who tried to steal furniture from the White House at the end of their stay.

  18. ComradeRutherford says:

    No, the Clintons are not liars and thieves.

  19. Debi Warford says:

    I believe you’re thinking of the Clintons.

  20. Debi Warford says:

    Seriously? It’s a stock photo. Are you telling me you’ve never used a stock photo?

  21. Houndentenor says:

    It doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t fucking matter. And the press who should call him out on this shit is too scared of losing access to do more than just casual mention it once or twice in passing. Hunker down.

  22. rabblerouzzer says:

    Welcome to Da Apprentice – Da POTUS Years

  23. kartski says:

    Once he has it Gold Leafed, He’s claiming as his own.

  24. Quilla says:

    I’m still boggled people let this go on.

    I hope they nailed the antique furniture to the floor and removed all the good dishes. Liars and kleptos can’t be trusted.

  25. MoonDragon says:

    I see a pattern here. This will be the Plagiarism Presidency. It’s a form of kleptocracy, after all. I’m still boggled that they seem to be pursuing an actual kakistocracy.

  26. Quilla says:


  27. Badgerite says:

    Nicholas Von Hoffman ( WAPO reporter ) used to call Richard Nixon President Truthful. Sarcastically, of course.
    I think that fits the Orange Crisis pretty well. Geese what an fffing drama queen. Right off the bat.

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