When Trump says “fake news” he’s schilling for Russia

Donald Trump went off again this week about “fake news.”

He did it, inappropriately always, during a Black History Month commemoration.

What you might not have realized is that every time Trump rants about “fake news,” he’s doing the bidding of the Russians.

Here’s my short take:



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4 Responses to “When Trump says “fake news” he’s schilling for Russia”

  1. Kenster999 says:

    I’m enjoying the Lights of Zetar on the left-hand side of your video :)


  2. Badgerite says:

    It couldn’t be any more obvious now that what was restraining Vladimir Putin and Russian military action in Ukraine was a Democratic president being in office. The minute Putin knew he would face no repercussions from militarily attacking Ukraine he wasted no time. And he seemed to know that right around the time of the Putin/puppet phone call between the White House and the Kremlin.
    John McCain excoriated President Obama for putting sanctions on Russia over their hacking of he US election that McCain considered insufficiently tough. The Trump Monster just lifted those sanctions, that McCain considered insufficient , without a peep from McCain or Lindsey Graham or the GOP. So look for more interference in American elections and politics. So long as it benefits the GOP, there will be no enforcement of the law or any political push back from this crowd. Party first. GOP first.
    And the GOP has acquiesced in Putin’s recent attack on Ukraine. I don’t care what Niki Haley says at the UN. And I don’t care because it is rather obvious Putin doesn’t care and the only reason that would be the case is because he knows it is just for show and there will be no risk to him of any real push back from the United States. Our NATO allies have to wonder if they can count on America.
    From what is going on right now , It would seem that they are right to worry.

  3. Bill Kenny says:

    That would be “shilling.” “Schilling” was the pre-Euro Austrian currency.

  4. UncleBucky says:

    Sounds like treason…

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