It’s time to Resist Everywhere

I want to let you know about a new Resistance group I am partnering with and advising: Resist Everywhere PAC.

Resist Everywhere is bringing together creative and hard-hitting online and on-the-ground activists from around the country. Our goal: To make sure there are no more “safe seats” for Republicans who vote against the interests of their constituents.

Resist Everywhere’s first action will be to support populist-outsider Rob Quist in the Montana special election. Your help is vital with only a few days left to the election. Please see their message below, and help out if you can.

Thanks so much, JOHN

What did you do in the resistance?

When Donald Trump fired the Director of the FBI because he wouldn’t pledge loyalty, what did you do? When it was revealed that Trump tried to smother the investigation into Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russian spies what did you do?

When someday you are asked that question, what will be your answer?

Here’s ours:

Resist Everywhere. Every district. Every county.

Resist Everywhere PAC is fighting not only Donald Trump, but the failed model that has lost elections up and down the ballot year after year by writing off large sections of the country and the public. When we give our time, talent and hard earned dollars, we want to stand up for our values and beliefs not pad a consultants bank account. We believe that our values can win if we show-up and make the case in the places Democrats too often don’t go and with the voters we too often forget.

We’re getting started with the special election in Montana. Will you help us take back a seat from the Republicans and give Donald Trump a black eye?

Rob Quist is running in the special election on May 25 and he’s the Republican Party’s worst nightmare.

The Republicans are running a New Jersey millionaire who denies evolution and gives lavishly to the extreme right. Just last year, Montana voters rejected his failed bid for Governor. And just two weeks ago, he was caught on tape praising the House GOP bill to strip 24 million Americans of their health care to Washington insiders while he was dodging the issue back in Montana!

Rob Quist is a small businessman and an award-winning songwriter who’s campaigning across the state with his guitar and banjo. He supports Single-Payer Healthcare, Planned Parenthood, protecting Montana’s public lands, and marijuana legalization. He’s also a lifelong outdoorsman and a gun owner who’s been endorsed by the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.

You know what? That makes him right for Montana. Resist Everywhere PAC knows that every section of America is a little bit different; but that we need ALL Democrats to unite against Donald Trump’s dangerous challenge to basic American values.

Donate now to show that Rob Quist is the kind of Democrat we need.

We came close in Kansas and Georgia. This time, let’s make sure we get Rob Quist over the finish line. Let’s show Donald Trump what the resistance movement can do.

As an independent committee, Resist Everywhere PAC operates outside of the party machinery. We can be bold where the establishment is cautious.

Shake up the status quo with a donation to Resist Everywhere PAC, and help us get Rob Quist elected to Congress in Montana.

Thank you,

Cormac Flynn
Executive Director
Resist Everywhere PAC

*Donations to Resist Everywhere PAC are not tax-deductible.

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