Jill Stein goes on pro-Russia rant, calls election interference “conspiracy theory”

Green party leader Jill Stein, who received 1% of the vote in the 2016 election, published a tirade of tweets last night calling Russia’s interference in our election a “conspiracy theory.”

Stein is no stranger to saying things that would put a smile on Vladimir Putin’s face. In December 2015, Stein went to Moscow, had dinner with Vladimir Putin, then publicly criticized US human rights policy, while not saying a word about Russia’s horrific abuses. That earned Stein a stern rebuke from the Russian Green Party.

When I wrote about Stein’s apparent hypocrisy in failing to even mention Moscow’s treatment of journalists (Putin has them killed), LGBT people (Putin has used neo-Nazi groups to kidnap and torture them), and human rights activists, Russian state media rushed to Stein’s defense.

And now, Stein is publicly claiming that Russia’s interference in our election, an established fact, is a “conspiracy theory.”

There is zero evidence to suggest that Hillary created the Russia story. In fact, it was US intelligence, and the intelligence agencies of US allies, who first got wind of Russia playing games back in 2015. From Bill Moyers’ timeline of the Russia hack:

September 2015: An FBI special agent contacts the Democratic National Committee to report that at least one DNC computer system had been hacked by an espionage team linked to the Russian government. The agent is transferred to a tech-support contractor at the help desk, who did a cursory check of DNC server logs and didn’t reply to follow-up calls from the FBI agent.

Late 2015: Britain’s spy agency GCHQ became aware of suspicious “interactions” between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence operatives. Over the next six months, a number of western agencies from Germany, Estonia and Poland share more information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians.

But that didn’t stop Stein from again claiming Russia was innocent:

No, Stein doesn’t hang out with Trumps. She hangs out with Putins.

Photo of Jill Stein at RT anniversary dinner with Putin and Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn in Moscow, December 2015.

That’s Putin on the left in the red tie, and that’s Stein on the right in the grey sweater. This is the same dinner (the same table even) that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn attended. NBC has an even better photo from the event, you can see it here.

I will never understand why some on the far left have such a soft-spot for Soviet and now Russian dictators.

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132 Responses to “Jill Stein goes on pro-Russia rant, calls election interference “conspiracy theory””

  1. Renata says:

    Funny how fluent she is in Putin-speak.

  2. Renata says:

    Given the circumstances, it is not the fault of the US that Gorby was naive…I get it Trump is payback for Yeltsyn… It was Kissinger who doled out advice… Not clear why Russia continues to listen to that guy… But I do remember that Bush Senior worked very hard to keep what was left of the USSR together. He even went to Kyiv and tried to plead the case for Ukraine not to declare independence… Ukrainians were royally pissed and it was a scandal.

  3. nikto says:

    Maybe Putin’s KGB took out Seth Rich to cover up the leak?

  4. nikto says:

    And it is tragic to hear of America’s role in Russia’ problem, led, back in the 90s, by the Clinton Administration’s “advice” to Russia, when US consultation was sought to assist in the transition to a new economy. This 28-minute show explains some vital parts of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7HwvFyMg7A&t=580s

  5. Moderator4 says:

    We ban people who engage in ad hominem attacks and clog the blog with endless comments saying essentially the same thing over and over.
    And speaking of ad hominem attacks and nasty name-calling, you are guilty of that, and you are banned.

  6. truthguy says:

    So you ban voices that disagree with the narrative, thats first step to fascism Democrats and Republicans two sides of the same coin

  7. truthguy says:

    And and by that statement I know that Democrats are facist athoratarians. Fuck you, you Junior Nazis I’ll resist you wherever I go

  8. misterlinguister says:

    you can sleep like a log but you are still guilty of treason

  9. GeorgeMokray says:

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity”

    Don’t think Ronbo was the worst but that person had the passionate intensity aspect down pat.

  10. Renata says:

    We are trapped by big money… and given that Putin has a personal fortune of 200 million, it looks like we have landed in Putin’s doo-doo

  11. Moderator4 says:

    He can no longer answer you, GeorgeMokray. He is banned.

  12. GeorgeMokray says:

    Yes, tried is the operative word. Tried to talk with Jill and she talked right over me without listening, tried to work with the local Greens and they went on vacation.

    I have learned that if I want real change, electoral politics is a poor way to get it. Direct action, especially direct economic action, is much more effective and quicker.

    Vote, yes, campaign, yes, but don’t expect a candidate or legislation to change your life.

  13. Moderator4 says:

    You have been doing nothing but blog clogging, as well as frequently throwing insults around.
    We have been very patient with you, but enough is enough. You are banned. Good-bye.

  14. ronbo says:

    Stein was the person calling for investigation. Clinton had walked. Now anythiing Stein is Russian trolling? Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  15. Badgerite says:

    Go away, troll. Actually it is true.

  16. Badgerite says:

    Go away troll.

  17. ronbo says:

    “Tried”. Operative word.

    Stein is an accomplished physician of over 25 years. If you wan’t a packaged politician, try Lieberman, Feinstein, Schummer, Clinton, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Harris, etc….

    If you want change, you must work for change. You don’t get it with a DNC/RNC clone supported by the establishment media is of, by and for the 1%.

  18. ronbo says:

    Please display the evidence behind your theory. Mods aren’t being paid to mislead. Are they?

  19. ronbo says:

    Assange recognizes what most of us already see Renata. Hillary is the most unpopular politician in history and sinking (as we see her email trail of lies, deceptions and corruption).

    Some Democrats are just bad news. The way to identify them: economic policy… is it TARP-style trickle-downers? Are they deregulators? Are they privatizers?

    Most people dislike her policy well before they dislike her personality. Her private actions are not in align with her public statements. Lawyers can walk that line, by training and experience.

  20. ronbo says:

    Note that the DNC refused to allow inspection of the hardware, systems and people… Things that make you go hummmm.

  21. ronbo says:

    It means that a registered Democrat, Clinton, created a truly awful historic moment. In addition to the Syrian mess, Hillary also destabilized the region, as did GWB, by assassinating the rigid, harsh leadership in Lybia that maintained some stability in the region.

    It’s not a magic “D”. Some “Democrats” are just bad news. Endless war is a corporate profit-center.

  22. ronbo says:

    The biggest voter-supression tactic… “single-payer will never, ever come to pass”. Hearing Democrats cheer when Hillary proclaimed her corporate intent was the moment when this FDR Democrat lost all hope.

  23. ronbo says:

    We are trapped by the two political parties – that are amazing similar on policy but quite different on their platform. We have registered Democratic candidates calling for “pragmatism” which means republican policy. Just look at ACA. By adopting the Republican position, President Obama moved the Republicans further right!

  24. ronbo says:

    Policy: NAFTA, out-sourcing, trickle-down TARP, secret, unreported Trickle-down Fed Res bailouts, DOMA, DADT, cuts to welfare, corporate-focused insurance, suggested cuts to Social Security, Cuts to welfare, increases in corporate welfare, endless wars for endless corporate profits.

    I’m not sure which policy is Republican, since the Clintons’s entered politics.

  25. keirmeister says:

    Whatever your statement actually means…Is it somehow supposed to support the idea that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are no different? Or that Jill Stein is better?

  26. keirmeister says:

    That, to you, is bullying? I asked simple, basic questions that probe into the ludicrous notion that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are essentially the same. How telling….

  27. GeorgeMokray says:

    I DO know Jill Stein. Tried to help with her first campaign. Attended at least one Green Party conference. Found them to be terribly disorganized and politically inept.

    Thanks for making uninformed assumptions about who I am and what I believe.

  28. ronbo says:

    How does a grain gathering tool and a hammer, represent the “mafia”?

    I’d say that a group, the DLC, that decides to hijack a national party and engage in Reaganomics (trickle-down, privatization and deregulation) is the mafia.

    Over 80% of Democrats DEMAND single payer, and the true mafia insisted, “single-payer will never, ever come to pass.”

  29. ronbo says:

    Jill would be considered to hold Democratic values, except the Democratic party has been hijacked to demand: trickle-down (TARP 1. TARP 2, FED bankster giveaway) privatization (prisons, education, government services) and corporate/financial deregulation (repeal of Glass-Steagall).

    Since you say that you don’t actually know Jill Stein or what she has accomplished AND you judge her by your own measure – without facts, I’m wondering, with logic like that, did you first quit the Republican party or are you straddling both parties like Hillary, Bill, Lieberman Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris,etc…?

    When Hillary mandated that, “single, payer will never, ever come to pass”, where you cheering with the rest of the Sheeple? That ain’t no Democrat.

  30. Renata says:

    Putin pretty much told you that Russians– not under his orders, of course– but it might have been patriotic Russians who did it. YOu must be pretty dense not to understand that he is enjoying his victory.

  31. Renata says:

    Other than being weaker and smaller, pray tell what precisely is the difference. Stalin is still the hero; secret prisons are filled by political prisoners; authoritarian leader (the son of Stalin’s cook); Christian symbols replaced commie symbols–all the rest stayed the same.
    People still are manipulated and held in check by propaganda and have no freedom.
    It’s not the Party officials who live high on the hog, but it’s Putin’s cronies. People lived in poverty then and live in poverty now, while about 100 Putin cronies own most of the country’s wealth that was created by Soviet people who worked hard for some 70 years…

  32. Renata says:

    Don’t hold your breath. At the G20, Trump publicly acknowledged Putin as the alpha dog.

  33. Renata says:

    Except Putin has been eliminating all those in the know, including 4 cyber-security guys, who are now sitting in Russian jails and one was found dead in his car.
    Curious, why a Kaspersky cyber-security guy would be arrested and charged with treason in Russia…What does he know?

  34. Renata says:

    Not difficult to do. They are all in the WH now… That “Hillary swamp” is resting comfortably in the Trump WH. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  35. GeorgeMokray says:

    Known since before her first run for MA governorship as the Green Party candidate. The Green Party, at least in MA, doesn’t have a clue how to organize in my observation and experience.

  36. ronbo says:

    David Brock signed a lot more checks on this site.

  37. ronbo says:

    So you’ve never heard of the Green Party?

  38. ronbo says:

    It’s hard to track rumor and innuendo and hate.

  39. ronbo says:

    “Alt-left” is a term of, by and for Republicans. Otohara, are you a republican or just hate the left?

  40. ronbo says:

    They were being paid to support Hillary. Correct the Record, by John’s shady friend, David Brock is a smear team.

  41. ronbo says:

    Clintonites are not rational.

  42. ronbo says:

    Jesus. The people in Syria don’t agree. But they are dead now.

  43. ronbo says:

    Clintonites choose to attack the left so that we will be forced to move right with them. They just don’t understand.

  44. ronbo says:

    “single-payer will never, ever come to pass”

    That is why 44,000,000 people CHOSE not to support Hillary.

  45. ronbo says:

    That is not true. Stick with the truth. Or did the Russians make you write that?

  46. ronbo says:

    Follow it to Hillary and her Insurance Corporate funders on Wall Street.

  47. ronbo says:

    ACTUALLY, Hillary came down hard AGAINST single-payer and lost. AGAINST SINGLE-PAYER!?! IDIOT!

    Did the Russians make Hillary say those stupid, unpopular words? She swore, “Single-payer will never, ever happen.”

    Good choice s/

  48. ronbo says:

    She did; however, pass the answers to Hillary and lost her $$$ gig. Hillary paid her twice as much as CNN.

  49. ronbo says:

    Go bully someone else, some place else.

  50. ronbo says:

    John’s trolls will say and do anything for Hillary.

  51. ronbo says:

    How many of John’s people are being paid by David Brock to post these nutty comments slandering Stein? Keep up the fight for Hillary… she is sure to spoil a couple more elections.

  52. TheAngryFag says:

    Jill Stein, and the Green Party as a whole, are just plain STUPID. You don’t build a viable third party in this country by simply running some whackjob every four years (in Stein’s case this is her second time on the ballot as she ran in 2012). They simply think they can go from 0 to the Oval Office.

    When someone tells me they voted for Jill Stein I tell them to hold up a fist. The number of fingers they have extended, 0, is the number of Green Party members in the US Congress. Then I tell them to take the other hand and again make a fist. The number of fingers extended on the second hand is the number of governors and state legislators the Green Party has in elected office. Then I tell that person to take both of those fists and punch themselves for being stupid and voting for Jill Stein which was a vote for the Whiny Little Bitch.

    For the best analysis, check out Dan Savage’s EPIC take-down of Stein on his Savage Lovecast, episode 500 at about the 20 minute mark.

  53. Eloisebterry says:

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  54. nikto says:

    You are displaying rigid, manichean thinking.

    No one despises Trump, or the GOP and its policies, more than I do.

    But you seem to automatically put me on Trump’s side, in response to any disagreement.

    But if Trump (in desperation for a distraction, or to “succeed” at anything) goes hardcore against Russia, turns the military loose, you’ll have a new hero, wont’ you?

    perhaps you’ll be creaming your jeans watching the missiles go off, just like Brian Williams and Chuck Schumer?


  55. nikto says:

    Boris Yeltsin was incredibly corrupt, and permitted foreigners to loot his own country (including Americans).

    Russia and the US have a messy history that goes BOTH ways.

  56. nikto says:

    You sound as if you really need to see Putin as an existential enemy, rather than a rival who must be negotiated with care and firmness, which he certainly is.

    Are you ready for a new $2-3+ Trillion military buildup in response to the Russsian “threat”? That’s what our military and Neocons want.

    Are you in agreement with them?

    If so, then you must have cheered when Trump fired those missiles into Syria in April, just like Chuck Schumer.

    That would bring you closer to Trump than I could ever be.

    Do you mean, “the liberal, democratic west” as represented by American Oligarchs like the Koch Bros and Sheldon Adelson?

    And do you really see Saudi Arabia as a moral ally, and do you support the joint US-Saudi bombing of Yemen?

    Sounds like you are ripe for conflict with the ‘evil empire” Ruskies.

    kinda’ reminds me of the GDubya WMD days in the early 2000s.

  57. nikto says:

    Then again, if America and the allies had to face Germany without any help from Russia, how might that have gone? Maybe the same way, but it would have been a WAY different experience for America, that’s for sure.

    But the point about Ms Brazille was her confusing today’s Russia with the old Soviet Union, which is either a silly error, or current Neocon languaging.
    Take your pick.

  58. ajmcclary says:

    She is indeed a medical doctor. She even went to Harvard Medical School.

  59. truthguy says:

    I’m not concerned with a voting bloc that cant do their own research an lacks the cognitive ability to make sound decisions on their own , more than likely those people shouldn’t be voting anyway. you see democracy rely on one fatal flaw , it expect the people participating in it to be well informed and educated. It can not function when placed in the hands of morons and when you live in a country where 1 in 4 people believe the sun orbits the earth you will never have democracy you will have the rule of the mob. so don’t blame me that your countrymen are a bunch of fucking idiots That should have no say in how we are actually governed.All I can do is try to work within that system to help make the best possible decisions. Sorry that you have such high hopes for the nation of dopes. instead of blaming me and 1% of the population who actually participated in our democracy maybe you should blame the whopping 90 million eligible citizens who decided to sit their fat ass’s at home with there thumbs up their ass

  60. sword says:

    Is Jill Stein a practicing medical doctor? I have a PhD and have always felt that putting ‘DR’ in front of my name would be an affectation (except in a class room situation). I have never trusted anyone who consistently calls themselves ‘doctor’ when they have a PhD.

  61. keirmeister says:

    Of course you sleep comfortably. Denial creates a barrier of safety from the discomfort of realizing you’re so far off the mark as to be laughable.

    Obviously Hillary shares some blame in here defeat, but you seem to conveniently ignore other factors. Are you saying voter suppression didn’t happen? The James Comey announcement? Fake news in social media? Free Trump press?

    Honestly. Take whatever you believe Hillary did wrong in her campaign, and compare it with all of Trump’s (mis)behavior in the campaign. That double-standard doesn’t bother you? Does that outrage in the slightest? But Hillary is such an evil person that you sleep fine knowing our democracy keeps getting fucked with.

    As I said, depraved.

  62. truthguy says:

    I most certainly can I will not be guilted into altering my choice. sorry you can’t get past the two party clown race. if you really cared you’d call your party out for the bullshit it’s pulling with this Russia nonsense and just admit you lost because of Hillary Clinton and nothing else. I sleep very comfortable with my decisions,

  63. keirmeister says:

    To be blunt, you cannot utter this drivel:

    “enjoy your trump presidency it doesn’t bother me because I knew what to expect, the same as I would get under a Clinton presidency ”

    …and talk about “morals” at the same time. That statement you made betrays a fundamental depravity. Essentially you are saying you are too blind to tell the obvious differences between Trump and HRC, and you don’t care if the country burns while you play the “long game”.

    BTW, it’s been a few decades for that long game to come to pass. To borrow a phrase, when does this future begin? Today? Or is it always tomorrow?

  64. truthguy says:

    lol I’ll my goal was never to elect a president since I knew that it would be Trump or Clinton, my goal was to make my party national recognized and thus building the base. the plan of action is called the green new deal, which is basically FDR’s new deal updated for the 21st century, switching to green energy, universal health care , withdrawal from the never ending and vague war on terror, Retraining the work force to function in new industries, reinstating the glass stegals act. etc etc etc. see we know how to play the long game. everyday our base grows more and more because the younger generations are tired of the red/blue game . As for you sorry that your morals and logic have become secondary or even non priority when you vote. anyway enjoy your trump presidency it doesn’t bother me because I knew what to expect, the same as I would get under a Clinton presidency more bullshit but at least trump doesn’t try to pretend he’s on your side.

  65. Badgerite says:

    Here’s a question for you. If Hitler had not had to divide his forces between the Eastern front and the Allied forces in the west, do you think Russia would have been able to fend off Hitlers assault on Russia? I think that is an open question. Stalin almost lost you your country. We would prefer that rrump and the GOP not lose us ours.

  66. Badgerite says:

    Just to jog your memory some. One of the features that most defined the Soviet Union was the KGB. The authoritarian nature of the Russian state.
    Or to borrow the Karl Marx phrase, the “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Who was a card carrying member of the KGB who opined that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst day of his life and a catastrophe of the 20th century? That would be the Chekist Vladimir Putin.
    All he has done is dispensed with the socialist economic veneer of the old Soviet Union while making an alliance of the state and the more corrupt mob elements that always operated in the old Soviet Union.
    It is the same foe it always was, without the socialist messaging and central economic planning and economic control. Now that same control is exerted by the corrupt elements that have always exerted control. Just substitute “oligarchs” for “party elites” and you’ve got the Russia of today.

  67. keirmeister says:

    A couple of things:
    1) Who, in your opinion, had the “best plan of action?” What was that plan, exactly?
    2) If us Democrats keep losing, what are your candidates doing? Where are they? I don’t see them leading anything.

    Unless, of course, your candidate was Trump. If that’s the case, then obviously you didn’t choose the candidate with the “best plan”.

    See the logical fallacy?

    If you didn’t vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate, then you voted for someone with better ideas than the former (which ain’t difficult), but worse at winning elections than the latter.

    In which case…have fun losing again in the midterms and 2020!

  68. fairiedust says:


  69. Badgerite says:

    Uh huh. Boris Yeltsin, in 1994, called Russia the “biggest mafia state in the world”.
    As it was during it’s “communist” incarnation. There were always channels between the Russian state and the Russian mob. Putin just decided making that arrangement more structural could enhance his own power and further his Chekist aims. Both in Russia and abroad. “Chekist” equals police state, BTW.

  70. Badgerite says:

    Even Bernie Sanders admits now that he and Stein were used as wedges to to peel votes away from Hilary Clinton in key districts in swing states. I wonder who provided the Russian propaganda campaign with the information to target those voters so precisely? Hmmmm. Who would have a motive to do that?
    The difference was that Sanders was not a willing and compliant stooge who positively carried water for the Kremlin in this. Stein clearly was.
    And she is now complaining about “lock her up” as if it had been applied to her.
    Interesting. She is still putting out the Kremlin line. Somehow the person who was victimized by that line, Hilary Clinton, is now supposed to be victimizing Stein because Mueller is looking into the part she played in Russian intelligence calculations.
    And she clearly did play that part. Wittingly or otherwise. And given that she is supposed to be a Harvard graduate, she cannot possibly be so stupid as to not know the part she played in the Clinton electoral loss.

  71. Badgerite says:

    Maybe it was that “400 pound guy” in his bedroom in New Jersey that trump was talking about? Get real. If possible.

  72. truthguy says:

    Lol Democrats you guys sure know how to win people over. No green party member voted for Clinton because she’s a corrupt corporate puppet.we don’t vote for the lesser of two evils we vote for the candidate with the best plan of action, you poor dopes can’t seem to get that through your little head, have fun losing again in the midterms and 2020

  73. carlkrause says:

    You’re very gullible arent you. That isnt a question.

  74. carlkrause says:


  75. carlkrause says:

    You just use Republican, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and Russian talking points I guess huh.

  76. nikto says:

    Ms. Brazille did take World History at some time, right?

  77. nikto says:

    Replying to my own post, I must add Donna Brazille to the list of professional political operatives unclear on Russia not being communist anymore.

    As a former “cold-war kid”, I find this damn creepy.


  78. Moderator4 says:

    Most of them are lame. What can we say?
    That does not mean we want to encourage them, however.

  79. Renata says:

    Here is the answer… that’s Putin version of reality and that’s one of the reasons he wanted her gone. She also insulted him by publicly comparing him to Hitler, as did Merkel and Prince Charles.
    So Putin got revenge by throwing Britain into turmoil with Brexit, he got revenge on Hillary and now he will go with all he’s got after the German election…

  80. Renata says:

    Where you brain dead when Putin’s FAKE news hit google, facebook, etc. and made real news difficult to access. Funny, all that fake news seemed to reflect Putin’s talking points… So, do try again.
    Google finally apologized… Interesting Google guy was in Russia that summer. Just saying… For a company that promised to do no harm, they certainly did harm during the US elections.

  81. Renata says:

    Money is always a good start. Hate of Hillary is another reason…

  82. Renata says:

    Didn’t Assange reach out to Junior to help him just three weeks ago?

  83. Renata says:

    “Putin stealing election by himself?” No one claims that. He had plenty of willing help in the US.

  84. Renata says:

    It is time to follow the money.

  85. Renata says:

    Do tell… Funny that the Commie Stalin is now Russia’s greatest hero.
    Putin substituted Russian Orthodox symbols for Communist symbols but forced the country to remain the same. First the Commies stripped the citizens of their rights and forced them work for the State and now Kremlin cronies are allowed to do the same.
    They rob the Russian populace blind and poor brainwashed Russian cheer it all on.

  86. Renata says:

    You did and are doing what no American Patriot would do. So do tell, where do your loyalties lie… in Putin’s pocket?

  87. nikto says:

    Other people may be thinking about it too much as well.

    On TV in recent months, on CNN and MSNBC especially, I have heard on SEVERAL occasions military-types/talking-heads who actually said the word “Soviet”, or even (1 time) “Soviet Union” when they were clearly talking about present-day Russia. No one batted an eyelash or offered a correction.

    But hey, maybe they got confused by one of those t-shirts.

  88. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    Stein is just an ignorant piece of shit who is using the ill-informed members of the green party to sell her books.

  89. John Dilinger says:

    Yes, pretty sure he did. Seven years ago, Russia Today called WikiLeaks “public enemy number one”.

  90. John Dilinger says:

    Yes, the sad thing is, hacking of elections WAS deemed normal for a very long time. No major news stories about it that I can remember… Only when Donald Trump was elected did a major craze to connect Russia with anti-Clinton candidates emerge.

  91. John Dilinger says:

    Except I’m not Republican.

  92. John Dilinger says:

    Jill Stein used Putin to help Donald Trump? LOL…

  93. John Dilinger says:

    Hillary Clinton interfered in Russia’s politics by sowing a rebellion against Putin a number of years ago. So what do you expect?

  94. John Dilinger says:

    It certainly would change our whole perspective on who the main enemy is. There hasn’t been any evidence produced that Russia is the principal threat, OR that their interference was more significant than in previous election cycles. Seems like there was an agenda set down against Russia during the Obama/ Hillary years that wants to continue.

  95. John Dilinger says:

    Julian does not lie. He has no reason to do so and continue doing what he does. What’s in it for him? He’s not getting any money out of it.

  96. Houndentenor says:

    I guess not. I got the email notification from whoever that was that was trolling me. Thanks for deleting it. Although I was all that offended. It was too pathetically lame to be offensive. I swear these days it’s like the trolls aren’t even trying that hard any more.

  97. John Dilinger says:

    You obviously know nothing about WikiLeaks. They are on the opposite side of authoritarianism. Julian’s views are well aligned with those of Cornel West, Ajamu Baraka, and others in the US Green Party.

  98. JKJ says:

    To add, I’m not so upset with Putin for doing what we have arguably done. Putin is going to look out for Russia’s best interest. That is his job.

  99. JKJ says:

    Many countries spy. We spy. But the point is we would never encourage others to spy against us, turn our back on them spying on us, or ignore the fact that they spied on us.

  100. JKJ says:

    You trust Assange? The whole idea behind Wikileaks is that the source of material given to it must remain anonymous. He is going to do his best to obfuscate the source of the leaks. That’s his job. I

  101. JKJ says:

    Because the hammer and sickle is easily associated with Russia (via USSR) and recognized as a symbol of an authoritarian regime.

  102. Stinger says:

    You f uck dogs.

  103. Moderator4 says:

    Not entirely stopped. ;-)

  104. nikto says:

    It will only be obvious when there is EVIDENCE.

    Sorry. Can’t help it. I’ve served on several juries, and the Judge’s instructions (to decide on Reasonable Doubt, or not, based ONLY on evidence) must have brainwashed me.

    Maybe our legal system is wrong, eh?

  105. nikto says:

    JMO, but I think it’s a bit lame when people use the hammer and sickle logo to symbolize Russia, when that symbol represents the communist party, not Russia.

    Russia hasn’t been communist since the early 1990s, so this may be misleading for folks who are less-aware of their history.

    Anyway, I thought a bear was Russia’s symbol. Why not use that?

  106. nikto says:

    Sure doesn’t look like it.

  107. Brathor says:

    Julian Assange has no credibility at this point. He seems to have a pro-Authoritarian, pro-Russian agenda. Show me the Russian wikileaks about the many abuses we know to be happening there, and then maybe I’ll change my mind.

  108. Demosthenes says:

    It’s obvious Jill Stein was funded by the Russians to split the vote on the left to help Trump win. She is as much a Russian puppet as Trump.

  109. nikto says:

    Yes, the election was hacked. But the principle election larceny was committed by old masters at the game:


  110. nikto says:

    IMO, too many folks are staying intentionally naive on this issue.

    1st—-Yeah, Russia did some shit, but so did other agents.

    I have researched this extensively, and I have concluded the 2016 Presidential election was a fraud alright, and Hillary would have been elected without this fraud occurring.

    But the perpetrator?
    That is where I differ.
    Russia’s role, IMO, was far less-significant than the principle party involved.

    Here’s who ACTUALLY stole the 2016 election, and how it happened (sorry it it’s not as sexy a story
    as Putin stealing the election all by himself):


  111. Houndentenor says:

    I was an undecided voter until around the first of March last year. My state’s primary wasn’t until March and there wasn’t really any need for me to decide any earlier than that. I did a lot of reading of the candidates’ websites, watched their speeches and the debates and then made a decision. Even asking the simplest of questions about either Hillary or Bernie got my head bit off by someone. It was a nasty election from start to finish and I remember thinking as I stood in line to vote last November that both parties needed to do some soul searching. That’s not going to happen, unfortunately. Everyone has doubled down on something at this point which does not bode well for anything being better in 2018 or 2020, and what I fear is that even more people who aren’t hardcore supporters of someone or something will stay home than usually do.

  112. Otohara says:

    Now I know. The alt-left sites were breeding grounds for bots – the uber-progressives agreed with the articles & hateful misleading bot comments. I was called a Hillbot – didn’t even know what that meant at the time. I’m just sick & still very angry about what happened.

  113. carlkrause says:

    Yeah, Jill Stein and Putin used each other to help Donald Trump win the election.

  114. carlkrause says:

    Sounds like Republican talking points meaning when they try to make what happened with the Russian interference seem normal. “well everybody does it” “Well, anybody would have taken that meeting” etc…

  115. carlkrause says:

    Wikileaks is a Russian operation so why would you believe anything the asshole who fronts for them say’s.

  116. Houndentenor says:

    You mean the Russian bots have stopped dropping by?

  117. Houndentenor says:

    And I trust his word on that because? Or maybe that’s true and the Russians dumped the emails through a third party and he’s telling a half truth (which is still a lie, btw, just a more cowardly one). The fact that other countries may have been involved doesn’t really change anything.

  118. keirmeister says:

    I wasn’t originally a Hillary supporter…then I read up on her, did my research, and the choice was clear. She was clearly the most qualified of any politician running for the office I had ever seen.

    But I kept hearing about this Jill Stein person; so I gave her the same level of investigation. It was clear Stein was simply loony and unqualified. For the life of me, I still can’t understand why certain Liberals bought the Right-Wing narrative of Clinton and were so easily swayed by Stein. I always felt we were better than the Republicans when it comes to using facts and objectivity when we make decisions, but we are all vulnerable to prejudices – and apparently I was no exception.

    And here we are again, making the same mistakes we made when people somehow thought Ralph Nader had any business running a country.

    So, as Republicans have known for a long time, hatred is a powerful thing; and if you can create enough hatred in someone and harness it, you can get them to do whatever you want. We fell into the trap again.

    Because…well, y’know, her emails.


  119. John Dilinger says:

    Hey Intelligence committees! Are we cherry-picking Russian fingerprints out of a handful that includes OTHER countries as well? Julian Assange stated that multiple countries were involved in the hacking of our election, and neither the DNC nor Podesta emails were delivered to WikiLeaks by a State party.

  120. John Dilinger says:

    Only credible evidence that’s materialized is that the Russians had their fingerprints on some local voting apparatus (as per the leaked NSA document)? Seems like the same old typical interference that MANY countries do every election cycle.

  121. John Dilinger says:

    Reminder that Jill Stein ran a campaign against Obama in 2012. Did she do anything differently this time around?

  122. zelduh says:

    I’m (still) with her. Not with Russian hack, Jill Stein!

  123. Otohara says:

    Now that Hillary is gone it’s must be sad for the alt-left media to have so few discussions on the woman many chose to vote for instead of Hillary. There was a time when Aravosis articles on this site would get hundreds of Jill nyet Hill pledges. Funny thing after the election those folks have dropped off Disqus radar.

  124. Stanley_Krute says:

    Have any journalists tracked the Stein $$$ flow vis-a-vis Russia ?

  125. GeorgeMokray says:

    From observing Jill Stein over the years, I can tell you she hasn’t the vaguest clue how to organize a grassroots political operation. Last time I tried to talk with her I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and decided then that she was no longer worth my time. Cordial person, competent musician, friend of friends, but she is a total bust as a politician.

  126. chadingo says:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  127. MoonDragon says:

    The equivalent of the flea with an erection floating down the river, demanding that the drawbridge be raised.

  128. Quilla says:


  129. Niblet58 says:

    I guess she got another check from Putin yesterday afternoon….

  130. URstandingwhere says:


  131. GumbaJ says:


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