New GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore wants to make gays illegal

Roy Moore, the new Republican nominee to be US Senator from Alabama, wants to make gay people illegal.

We need to stop Roy Moore.

Donate to Moore’s progressive opponent, Doug Jones. And help us take back the Senate, and our country.

That’s only a small taste of just how bad Moore is. Moore is the candidate of former Trump White House “Alt Right” publisher, Steven Bannon. Moore is a religious right nut, and has a history of disobeying federal courts when they rule against his Christianist agenda.

And just last night, Moore won the GOP primary in Alabama, and will be running against progressive Democrat Doug Jones in a special December election.

Moore thinks that God is the only source of our law, and that God trumps the Constitution. Moore calls Islam a “false religion,” and claimed that many communities in the US live under “Sharia law” — they don’t. As a result, Moore is the darling of Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Seb Gorka, and loads of evangelical religious right leaders like James Dobson and Franklin Graham, who never met a radical Republican he didn’t embrace. (Graham has no problem with Trump — enough said.)

And just two years ago, Roy Moore said, on camera, that he thinks homosexuality should be illegal:

Moore served twice as the chief justice of the Alabama supreme court, and was twice removed from the job. The first time because he refused a federal court order to stop displaying the Ten Commandments in front of the court building. The second time, harkening back to the good ole days of southern racism, Moore ordered state officials to refuse to obey the Supreme Court decision invalidating laws banning same-sex marriage.

We need to stop Moore.

Donate to Moore’s progressive opponent, Doug Jones. And help us take back the Senate, and our country.


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