Trump tweets video physically attacking Hillary Clinton

Trump sold the Republican party out this week, twice. He needs to win back the Deplorables.

Cliff Schecter predicted in our latest podcast that Trump would win back his base by promising to waterboard ten Mexicans. Cliff was close. Trump chose physical violence towards Hillary Clinton.




Which raises a few issues. First, was Kathy Griffin really wrong to joke about violence against Trump now that Trump has repeatedly promoted violence against Hillary Clinton? (Remember, during the campaign Trump suggested that perhaps someone should assassinate Hillary.)

And second, Trump has spent all week calling for ESPN anchor Jemele Hill to be fired for calling Trump a “white supremacist.” But now Trump himself has called for violence against Hillary Clinton, a clearly sexist attack (among other things). We already knew that Donald “Grab ’em by the pussy” Trump had zero moral standing to call anyone else out for their behavior. But at what point do Republicans say enough is enough?

Then again, racism, sexism, physically mocking a reporter with a disability, and even embracing actual Nazis wasn’t enough to get the GOP to finally stop Donald Trump. So what’s a little misogyny?

The pundits assembled on CNN this morning seemed to find the video funny. They talked of Trump’s “authenticity” with the voters. Yes, Trump does come across authentic — the same way a white guy with a tiki torch yelling “Jews will not replace us” is authentic. The guy is real, all right. Nothing left to the imagination. And if you’re a hateful bigot, I’m sure you’ll applaud.

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5 Responses to “Trump tweets video physically attacking Hillary Clinton”

  1. basenjilover says:

    Anderson Cooper owes Kathy Griffin an apology for turning his back on her and betraying her. Hell, he needs a good kick and a bitchslap. Kathy has been a true friend to gays, not so much from privileged asshat Anderson. That quisling was complicit in giving drumpft tons of airtime and getting him elected. Where is his outrage for that drumpft’s violent tweet on Hilliary?

  2. Houndentenor says:

    He owes Kathy Griffin an apology.

  3. Quilla says:

    Threatening a former Senator and Secretary of State? Somebody should call the Secret Service…oh, wait, they’re totally out of money and probably don’t give a damn anyway.

    Still, catering to his “base” and not the rest of the country is good enough for me to begin impeachment proceedings. If only they’d call me.

  4. RepubAnon says:

    The pundits have been beating up on Hillary for over 30 years. Hardly surprising that Cocktail Weenie crowd were anything other than a bit jealous that they didn’t think of it first.

  5. Demosthenes says:

    While supporting the physical assault of Hillary Clinton, Trump wants ESPN to fire an employee who accurately called him a racist on her personal social media account.

    Trump is a never ending garbage dump fire.

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